tagMatureIt Happened One Night Long Ago

It Happened One Night Long Ago


It was the summer of 1967, that's the closest I can come to a date. I had been back for Asia for about two weeks when my uncle called.

"Hey Marty, what you gonna do tonight?"

"Hell the same thing I have done every night since I got home. I'm gonna find a bar and try to get lucky."

"Instead of doing that come over to the club."

"Come on Uncle Deacon, The VFW is for old guys."

"Come on, you are entitled to join now."

"So this is a recruiting campaign?"

"Not really, we can have a steak and a couple of beers. Then if you are bored, take off for a hippy joint."

"I guess if you don't know any better, a college bar looks like a hippy joint. Okay Deacon I will show up for a steak and a beer. That is one beer."

Eight P.M. found me at the frame building that housed the FVW. I explained to the gate keeper who I was and why I had showed up there. He called inside for Uncle Deacon. I knew Deacon was somewhere in the club because I had seen his 1958 Ford Fairlane convertible in the parking lot. It took him a couple of minutes to reach the door and vouch me in.

"Come on in we have been waiting for you." Before I could ask about the we, I stood over a table with two women. One was at least forty which seemed really old to me, and the other was closer to my own age. The lights were dim so I gave the young one five more years just for the hell of it. That made her late twentyish.

"Preacher this is Selma and Tommie, ladies this is the preacher I told you about."

"Uncle Deacon nobody has called me preacher since I got home. I wish you would stop it." The women laughed.

"Especially when meeting two women," she smiled at me knowingly. She was also the older of the women. Since it was a table nobody was paired up. I spent most of the time engaging the younger woman in conversation. That is until Deacon realized that I had things a bit wrong.

The women had gone to the ladies room in a pack, as women mostly did in those days. "David, Tommie is my lady friend. Selma is her aunt. I thought you might enjoy a real conversation for a change. So be nice and pay her some attention."

I tried to look as thought I wasn't dumbfounded. I nodded. It was the best I could do. I made a plan then to have the steak and a beer with them then split. Funny thing though I got sidetracked. Deacon started telling his tales and singing his song, even more amazing Selma matched him story for story. They talked about WWII. Deacon told his OSS stories and Selma told her Pacific war nurse stories. She had been Twenty one in 1943 so I calculated her age to be 46 or 47. She seemed way to old for me, but the more I listened to she and Uncle Deacon talk, the younger she got.

The lights were low enough so that when I danced with her the only tip to her age was the softness of her breasts. I found out that she was married and I tensed. In 1967 it seemed wrong to be dancing with a married woman. Then I learned her husband was in a nursing home, early alzheimer she said. We danced and drank Uncle Deacon's liquor till almost midnight. I hadn't noticed that the two women drank almost nothing, while the Deacon and I got plastered.

At midnight we staggered to the parking lot. Tommie drove the Deacon's car and Selma drove my old Toyota. Well not too old since they hadn't been coming into the country that long. I was still staying with my mom and dad while I tried to save some money, so Selma drove me to her house. She parked my toyota on the grass behind the house. I didn't realize at the time that it was hide it from nosey neighbors.

Truth is I worked all that out postmortem. I wasn't coming down but still going up from all the booze. If I could have thought, I would have known that I had to start down soon. It would be a slow return to normalcy.

A couple of cups of black coffee made me a wide awake drunk. Drunk enough to forget everything but the need. I had the young mans need to have sex with anything close, why Selma did it was anyone's guess.

I was able to function but just barely when she led me to the bedroom. She did not turn on the light. Probably because the harsh light would not be kind to her. Instead she pushed me onto the bed and kissed me deeply. I realized then that it was the first time we had kissed, and that we were in bed. That was a first for me. Usually I had to at least make an effort to seduce a woman.

The kiss was hot and passionate from the start. It was mind blowing, oxygen robbing, sloppy, while choking on her tongue kind of thing. She began making sounds immediately, or maybe it was me making the moaning sound. I couldn't really be sure and thinking back I still don't know. I reached for a button on her fancy silk blouse but she rose to stand by the bed. I heard the rustle of clothes and figured I better be out of mine when she finished. I managed it because I had easier clothes to shuck.

Before I knew it she was back in the bed. I had turned to my side as if to watch her in the pitch black room. She lay on the bed facing me. I was in a hurry but she forced me to go slow. She set the pace best for her. At first it was just a matter of kissing me with those breathless kisses. Then it was my hands all over her body. Tweaking her soft breasts, trying to find the indistinguishable nipples, all except for the tips which stook hard, kissing and massaging her beasts.

That night I performed oral sex on a woman for the first time. She sensed that it was and guided me though it. Making beautiful sounds to tell me when I was doing the right thing. Gasping when my tongue tip touched her clit. Encouraging me to continue when I thought I had done enough. Continuing to manipulate her hard and large clit. When she gasped and almost broke my nose while pulling me to her I realized she had orgasmed.

She pulled me up to kiss her. She ran her tongue over my lips before slipping inside my mouth. She opened her legs and tried her best to get me inside of her, but I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. Ie I was soft and it just wouldn't cooperate.

She pushed me off her with such force that I was sure she was going to jump up in disgust. Instead I felt something warm and wet surround me. The something pulled and tugged me until I had a raging erection. I tried to let her know that I was ready, but she wouldn't move. She continued to pull and stroke me with her mouth. I tried to fight her off as I got close to orgasm. I tried to warn her though the words stuck in my throat. At the last moment, I didn't care I wanted to be just here I was when it ran from me like water from a garden hose. It didn't spurt as it has always done before, it poured in a stream. She held me like that till the erection was gone, then moved up the bed to kiss me again. I tried to avoid the kiss but she followed me till she kissed me hard. I could taste the staleness of her mouth but it didn't disgust me as I expected, instead it excited me.

The little fellow came immediately to life. It wasn't the only time I could do it twice in one night but it was by far the most pleasurable. I entered her soft, warm, wet body and began to stroke her. She gasped and moved like no women I had ever met. Again her sounds told me when I was doing the right things. When she orgasmed she scratched my back so deeply that I not only bled, I still carry the scars. Then it was over. I fell asleep.

The next morning when I saw her age in the morning light, I was embarrassed. I never saw her again because I was young, proud and stupid. What would others think, I asked myself like the idiot I was. Forgive me Selma wherever you are.

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