tagIncest/TabooIt Happened One Rainy Night Ch. 05

It Happened One Rainy Night Ch. 05

bySatin and Lace©

After the movie, both John and Kate decided to go to bed. She still had cum between her legs when she hopped in bed with John. John came over and became very frisky under the covers. He started playing with her nipples and kissing her neck. Kate loved the soft touch of John's hands, her nipples grew with his touch. They snuggled and touched each other for quite awhile until John just jumped on top and stuck his cock in her. He pumped for about a minute, released himself and rolled back on his side-then fell asleep.

Kate lay there unsatisfied, but thinking of how Steve pulled her into the closet by surprise. After a while, she snuck out of bed and went to Steve's room. He was fast asleep under his covers, she crawled under the covers. He was naked! Kate then saw his cock, and started to make it hard. She loved how it felt in her mouth and he tasted so good. Steve was still asleep but moaning. She took every inch of his cock, his balls and even started licking his asshole which finally woke Steve up. He thought he was dreaming until he looked down and saw blonde hair moving up and down. He grabbed her hair and head. He started to force her face on his cock, Kate loved Steve's forcefulness. She took her slender finger and rimmed his ass while slowly pushing it in. Steve's started to have a massive orgasm that Kate tried to take in with her mouth, but it was too much. Cum came out of her mouth and dripped down her chin.

Kate then said "Steve, please fuck me now, my pussy aches for your manhood." Steve had an idea. He took her by the hand to her room and told her to stand in the doorway. "Kate, I'm going to fuck you in the doorway, while dad sleeps a couple of feet away." He pushed her chest into the door frame and inserted the head of his cock against her pussy. Kate could feel that ridge almost inside of her.

She squirmed trying to get it in, but Steve said, "Want something? You will get it when I say you get it!"

Kate faintly replied, "Anything you want?" He then pushed his cock in hard and deep, to which she let out a small cry. John was still fast asleep. He drilled her-she begged for more until he filled her pussy up with his cum. She found it so erotic to be taken in front of her husband and forced up against the wall. Kate then went to her knees and cleaned him up. She loved cum! She licked every little crevice of cum from his body.

Steve said" You have become my little Cum slut." As he stroked her beautiful blonde hair.

Steve took her by the hand back into his room, "Kate you know tomorrow I have to leave for a job opportunity-It might be a long time before I come back. So tonight I want to fuck you until you can't anymore!" Steve whispered.

Kate was saddened that Steve would leave, but her pussy and body ached for his cock. Steve threw her on the bed, Kate loved it when he got rough, told her to spread her legs while he went down on her. He licked her soft moist pussy until she was begging to cum.

Steve sternly said, "You won't come until I say you can." Kate was on the edge, all she could think of was pleasing Steve. It seemed to be in the distance she heard, Steve say, "CUM NOW!"

She went into subspace with excitement. When she finally came down, Steve was holding her and lightly playing with her nipples. She wanted his cock NOW! "Steve please fuck me?" She had slid to the edge of the bed, so Steve pushed her off the bed with her head on the floor and her legs still on the bed. Steve moved over the top of her, put her legs around him and put the head of his cock on her clit. It drove her crazy to feel his warm, hard member so close to her. He leaned forward and pushed down with his cock into her moist, awaiting pussy. He started bouncing up and down with his cock just enough so the head came out so Kate could see it. She wanted to cum again but she knew she must wait for Steve to say when. He was pounding down so hard into her, Kate just kept saying" Fuck me Harder" which turned Steve on even more.

He pulled out quickly and kneeled down so that Kate would suck him off. She hungrily serviced his cock-she would do anything to suck that beautiful cock. Then he went back to the same position as before and really let her have it. In that position, Steve slowly eased up and put the head of his cock against her asshole. Kate said, "Fuck my little ass-it yours to fuck hard!" Steve eased the head in and started to build up speed. She was soo tight for his cock, but it felt so good for both. After a couple of minutes of pure pounding Steve blew his entire wad of cum in her ass. Kate also came with a fury when Steve said. It came out and ran down her stomach past her breasts right to her awaiting mouth.

They were both very spent by there lustful activity. John never woke up or ever heard a sound of there fuckfest. They Kissed again but Kate had to go back to her bed so John would not know.

The next morning came quick for Kate, she was awakened by John. He thought a good breakfast was in order before Steve left. Kate made breakfast not because John wanted her to, but for Steve. Steve was all packed and John was bringing him to the airport. They ate breakfast, almost all in silence, Kate and Steve would glance at each other. They tried to avoid eye contact in front of John.

After breakfast, Steve gathered his things to go, Kate came over and gave him a big hug and also grabbed his cock. She whispered in his ear. "This is always welcome back in my house." Steve just smiled and kissed her back because John had already gone out to the car. He was just about to leave when Kate pulled him away from the door, opened his pants and went down on him. To his surprise, he was so hard already and it took about 2 minutes for him to fill her mouth up. She gladly swallowed every drop. "Steve, now you can go, knowing your cum slut is full."

The house seemed so quiet without anyone there. It was hard for her to sit after last night. She went out to the pool to relax and try not to get depressed. She already was missing his cock when she broke down in tears. She went to get some Kleenex when the phone rang.

"Is John there?" a man's voice said. Kate replied "No he just went to the airport and won't be back until tomorrow."

"Are you Katherine?" The man asked

"Why yes, who is this?" Katherine spoke with a puzzled sound.

He replied "I'm Dean, John's second youngest son, I've been stationed overseas for the past 6 years. I know you haven't met me yet, because I couldn't come to your wedding."

"Well, John talks about you all the time and I've seen pictures. Do you want to leave a message for him? " Katherine spoke unimpressed.

"Katherine, I talked to dad and he said it would be fine to stay there until I get my feet on the ground. I was planning to be there tonight."

Kate excitedly said" Great! I'll get your room ready for you. Dean, you should know that they are expecting a big storm tonight. You never know what a storm may bring." She smiled with lustful thoughts in her mind, knowing soon she would have yet another cock to suck...

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