tagInterracial LoveIt Happened One Summer Ch. 04

It Happened One Summer Ch. 04


To my readers: Here is the fourth chapter in the saga of David and Shauna...finally. I do wish I were a little faster at this, but I'm not planning to quit writing anytime soon. Real life does take up a great deal more of my time then it did when I first started writing, though I may have found a way to hopefully speed things along. If you've enjoyed my writing, I can only thank you for your incredible patience.

As usual, you will find no mention of condoms/safe sex here. As I have said before STD's, AIDS and such do not exist in my fiction writing. However, I would recommend caution in the real world.

All Motorcycle Club's (M/C's) and most businesses exist only in my very sick, twisted, overactive imagination. Any resemblance here to a real M/C is nothing more than an odd coincidence.

One other thing: you will find that in this and most of my other stories involve bikers and the biker lifestyle. Hey, I'm a scooter tramp in real life, what can I say?


David and Shauna entered his apartment a little after noon and were immediately in one another's arms. They kissed with scarcely controlled passion. Shauna thought. What's that saying...? It doesn't get any better than this.

His arms around her and his lips on hers had her mind drifting with sexual need.

In a flash, David pulled her t-shirt up over her head in one quick movement. The coolness from the air conditioner in his apartment caressed her bare skin and caused her nipples to pucker and harden.

"Oh, David." she murmured. Her heart was pounding inside her chest. Oh God, how I love him. Shauna thought. She felt possessed like never before. She did not notice when he leaned over and opened a small drawer in an end table and rummaged within.

Shauna was still lost in their kissing when suddenly David pulled her hands together at her belt buckle. She then heard an odd clicking noise and felt cold steel encircling her wrists. Looking down, she saw that David had hand cuffed her.

She looked at him confused. "David?"

He grabbed her by the shoulders and none too gently moved her to the hall entrance, but instead of taking her to his bedroom, as Shauna assumed, he stopped at the arch leading into the hallway. He clipped the short chain of the cuffs to a hook that hung there in the archway unnoticed until now. Her hands were well secured over her head, but not uncomfortably so. He kissed her roughly, as his hands went to her breasts and began twisting and tugging her nipples.

Shauna moaned. His fingers on her nipples set off a warm tingling coursing though her body. She was a little unsure and afraid of being so utterly defenseless. She also felt an excitement brought on by her own submissive desires. She was becoming decidedly wet which both turned her on more and frightened her. Shauna wanted to be ravaged...used as if she was nothing more than his sex toy.

"Take me David. I am yours...Use me baby." she whispered breathlessly.

David put a finger to mouth to shush her, and then removed his vest, tossing it onto a chair across the room and unbuttoned his shirt. Then he kissed Shauna roughly, then let his shirt drop to the floor, took Shauna in his arms holding her tightly.

The skin-on-skin contact as her breasts were mashed against his chest electrified her with increased need. David unbuckled her belt, pulling it off and dropping it to the floor a few feet away. Then he began unbuttoning her 501's

"This doesn't seem to be fair. I can't touch you." She breathed to him barely above a whisper.

Again, he silently shushed her, pulling and tugging her Levi's® down past her hips and down her legs leaving only her tiny panties in place. He then grinned mischievously at her, reached down and with a savage jerk, tore the panties away from her body.

Shauna was as frightened and aroused as she had ever been. To be cuffed, secured and naked before him sent shivers of desire through her. He scared her and excited her at the same time. What's he going to do to me?

As if to answer her unspoken question, David knelt in front of her and gently grasped her thighs. He lifted them over his shoulders taking nearly all of her weight upon them and shoved his face between her legs and his mouth on to her pussy. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth and sucked on it furiously.

Again, as always, the feel of his hands and lips on her drove her near crazy with desire. This older man had come into her life and quite literally rocked her world. The very first time she'd laid eyes on him; he had both attracted and repulsed her. Repulsed mostly because of the difference in their ages, at first and attracted because...she didn't know and didn't care. Now, she found the silver-white of his mustache and goatee quite appealing and very nice to look at. They were a part of him! He was perfect for her in every way that mattered as far as she was concerned.

For now, she only concentrated on what he was doing. Her thighs rested on his shoulders. His arms were around them, reaching up and cupping her breasts, twisting and tugging on her nipples. Without any warning at all, a powerful orgasm racked through her body. Every muscle in her flexed and jumped as if an electric current ran through her. "Oh, David" she sighed. "I love you so...."

In what seemed liked an instant later, Shauna felt the beginnings of yet another orgasm building up inside her. She found herself panting and scarcely able to catch her breath. Her mind began to wander. David was easily the best lover she'd even been with. What truly amazed her was that he seemed to be so much better each and every time they made love. Being cuffed, helpless and so utterly at his mercy only intensified her feelings. She came again.

Shauna once again found herself floating in a sea of pure ecstasy. Her breathing became ragged and uneven as though she were not getting enough oxygen. Without warning, she was enveloped in a deep blackness like none she had ever experienced.

She came to what seemed to be hours later. She was lying comfortably on the bed with David caressing her cheek. "You seem to have fainted again darlin'."

"Oh my God! How long was I out?" Shauna said reaching out to put her arms around him.

"It hasn't even been thirty seconds yet. Still, you gotta quit scaring me like this, okay?"

"Oh David..." She whispered as she moved closer to him. "...if you want, I'll go see my doctor about it."

Their lips met. It was like their first kiss all over again. Concerns about her fainting and getting it checked out vanished. Her only thoughts now were getting her man's jeans off him and to getting his magnificent cock inside her. Her hands fumbled with his belt. "Please David; I need you to fuck me." His belt undone, she quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and reached inside. He was already hard and ready.

"See what you do to me?" he chuckled.

"You can't know how happy that makes me." She whispered to him as she bent down and took the thick head of his cock into her mouth. She had always enjoyed giving head to her lovers, but again, with David, it was different. She absolutely loved sucking his cock. The look in his eyes, the little noises he made. Her desire to please him was overpowering. Whether this was part of her newly discovered submissiveness, she neither knew nor cared. David was her lover now and with a little help from whatever deity may exist, he would that for the rest of her life. For Shauna truly want to spend the rest of her life with him.

She carefully worked her way down until she had taken his entire length into her mouth. Her tongue moving side to side slowly to increase his enjoyment. She found that if she held her head a certain way, she could easily take in his full length without hitting her gag reflex.

David let out a soft groan. He then grasped her body and as if she weighed almost nothing, lifted her and positioned her on top of him with her moist pussy only inches above his face. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, reached around and spread her pussy lips as wide open as he was able. He then flicked his tongue over her clit and down the whole length of her slit. He sucked her clit into his mouth and like their first night together bit it...hard.

The bite hit her like a lightning bolt. The pain, then the pleasure. She trembled for a moment then started coming immediately. She took his cock out of her mouth and held it's hardness to her cheek. "Oh, baby, you make it impossible for me to suck your cock when you're doing that."

David simply grunted, held her tight to his lips and bit her again.

She came again. It baffled her that in the less the three days that they were with each other, each orgasm she had always seemed more intense that the one before it. Not that she was complaining. She would be rather silly to complain about being as happy as she'd ever been.

She managed to extricate herself and turned to straddle David. After raising her body up a little, she firmly grasped his shaft and slowly lowered herself down onto it. Shauna shuddered as David's cock filled her. He felt so good inside her, so...perfect? Yes, perfect. At least to her, it felt perfect. She continued downward until she had him all inside, then slowly at first, began to rock her hips. He grasped her by the hips and held tight.

Shauna quickly learned that if she rocked a certain way, she could bring the head of David's cock in contact with her g-spot. She shuddered and came again. "Oh David, I love you so much." She whimpered.

"And I love you very much as well, my darling." David grunted as he jackhammered his cock up into her. To him, he had found his perfect match. Age be damned, race be damned...he was in love with this younger dark skinned beauty and nothing else mattered. Even the contrast of their skin colors only seemed to make them more suited for one another to him. David had become determined to make Shauna his ol' lady...officially. He wanted her to be his in every way possible.

Shauna quite suddenly picked up speed on David. "Gonna come!" She grunted out loudly. Her breathing was ragged. She slammed her hips against his wildly. "Oh Baby..." She whispered "...I'm gonna come...Please come with me. Ple-e-ea-a-ase!" So filled with him and all the sensations of the friction they were generating, she lost all conscious control over herself. Her desire to please him was actually becoming desperate. The muscles of her vagina gripping and squeezing David's throbbing cock, willing him to come and spurt his seed inside her. She wanted it...needed it! There was no way for her to explain in words, that when they came together, they were for that brief moment in time...truly one. She then felt his cock swell and then the lava hot spurt of his cum hit directly on her g-spot.

It was as if every single muscle of her body seized up at once. A seemingly pain filled grimace covered her face. Her mouth was working completely of it own accord. "Fuck! Shit! Oh, fuck it... fuck me...FUCK ME! She bellowed. Her orgasm seized control of her mind. For the umpteenth time in the past few days, she swore to herself, that this was the most intense orgasm of her life. Her cum sprayed out of her pussy, soaking them both...and the bed. Blissfully, it seemed to last for hours...or even days. She neither knew nor cared.

Unlike the previous times, she did not faint or pass out. Instead, she collapsed atop him like a puppet whose strings had been suddenly cut.

Moments later.... "I can't...." She panted "...I can't stop coming, baby." She felt her own juices still oozing out of her. It must have been the orgasm from hell. Or actually, from heaven her dizzy mind reasoned. Then, emotion took over her conscious mind and she unaccountably began weeping.

"Shauna, babe, what's wrong?" David asked very genuinely concerned.

Through her tears, she said. "No matter how many times I tell you I love you or how I try to show you how much I love you, it's just not enough. It makes me feel inadequate."

David nearly laughed. "Darlin', you have it backwards. It is I who am unable to explain the depth of my love for you. You complete me in every way, my love...even that doesn't come close to expressing how I feel. Shauna, I can only tell you that I am deeply in love with you and hope it is enough"

She kissed him, a long tender loving kiss. The love she felt for him again swelled up within her and threatened to bring tears once more. "Oh, David. I am yours...completely."

After a while, they got up, showered, changed the sheets on his bed and lay back down to relax for a while before Shauna had to go to work. "David, Wanzta told me that I have some sort of test or initiation thing coming up in a couple of weeks so I can 'officially' be your ol' lady. Do you know much about it?"

David hesitated before answering, "That would be the weekend of the 24th, right? Damn, the girls certainly aren't wasting any time. They usually wait a long while. It seems that they must really like you. My last ol' lady had to wait nearly six months. This initiation thing not required, babe. Only if you want to be a part of us...The Defenders that is."

"If that is what it takes to be a part of your life, count me in." She told him. "I mean it when I say I'll do anything!"

"You know the old saying...Be careful what you wish for? Well, be careful."

"We've not been together four full days, and yet everything about us feels so right to me. I want to be with you, always. If that means becoming a Lady Defender, then so be it."

"It's not just me, darlin'." He told her. "You really have to believe in the Defenders and what we do. We all about military veterans and their families. Many consider us to be a bunch of 'radical right wing nut jobs'. You would need to be supportive of not only me, but also all of this country's military, past and present."

"Oh, I love all our boys in uniform," Shauna said.

"Boys and girls, babe. Mustn't forget the ladies."

"Of course not!" She giggled

"You don't really want to get on Duckie's bad side, do you?" David laughed.

Turning serious, Shauna asked. "Is there anything you can tell me?"

"No, and I wouldn't if I knew. The Lady Defenders have their own by-laws and rules. It's hard to explain...they're a part of us, yet separate. I will not interfere."

"Okay, baby." She answered resigned to whatever fate brought to her. She was a little apprehensive, but determined to prove herself worthy of this man she had come to love.

They lay there relaxing and occasionally dozing lightly until just before five p.m. Shauna reluctantly got up, then she put on a bit of make-up and got ready go.

"Come by the bar later?" She asked.

"Undomesticated equines couldn't keep me away, darlin'. It'll be later, but not late, okay?" David said as he got up himself and dressed. He walked her to the door and kissed her tenderly.

"Undomesticated equines?" She laughed lightly, rolling her eyes.

"Sounds better than wild horses, eh? See you down there later? Love ya!" He kissed her again, and then released her.

Shauna left David's apartment and hurried to her own to change into her work 'uniform' which consisted of a white tank top with the Cheers logo on the front and a extremely short blue denim skirt. She was getting ready for work. Right at the time she was ready, Sheila arrived. She entered Shauna's apartment, took one look at her and stared.

"Damn, girl...you're actually glowing."

"I'm happy," was Shauna's short and simple reply.

"I can see that," said Sheila. "Getting laid on a regular basis will do that for a girl. Are you still with the same guy? That old one?"

Shauna rolled her eyes, "Of course! I don't sleep around like some." That was a slight jab at Sheila who did have a bit of a reputation along those lines. Problem was Sheila didn't really care. With that, off to work they went.

It was Saturday night and things were getting pretty busy. Shauna and Sheila were joined behind the bar two other women. Tish, another lovely black woman, a bit thicker than Shauna, but easily as attractive. And Kimmy, a stunning Korean woman with long glossy black hair that nearly every man in the place wanted to take to bed.

A small-time local band named Crystal Image played classic rock on the stage. They would never make the big time, but they were good for local talent. There were a few couples on the tiny dance floor moving with the music.

A couple of times, Shauna could have sworn she had seen her 'ex', Keyshawn watching her. This both surprised and annoyed her. It was a bit of a surprise because she knew that Keyshawn despised Cheers and rock music with a passion. And it was an annoyance because she had broken up with him a few weeks before and yet he seemed to turn up a lot around her. She remembered that he did not take the break-up well. What the hell did he expect? She had caught him in her bed fucking that other woman, then tried to act as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But, after reflection, she couldn't be sure she actually saw him there. He seemed to vanish after each time she thought she saw him. I'm just being silly. What on earth would he be doing here at Cheers? He hates this place.


Keyshawn ducked back into a dark corned near the exit. He was sure that he had been spotted. For the time being, he preferred to be unobserved while watching Shauna. At the very least, he didn't want anyone to know it was her that he was watching. He had no idea yet what form his revenge would take...but it would take place. Unbidden, an idea started to form in his mind. He looked at her long and hard.

Something was different about her. At first, he couldn't quite put his finger on it, and then it came to him. She was happy. Really happy. This baffled him. How could she not be with him and be this happy? All his girls would do virtually anything for him. Of course, he had to smack them around a bit when they got out of line, but that was just the normal thing to do, wasn't it? Just exactly what the fuck did she see in this loser she was screwing now anyway? This was something for him to think on for a while. He quietly slipped out the door and was gone.


At about 9:30, Shauna looked around and saw Tiny and Bo-Bo come in. They noticed Shauna right away and gave her a friendly wave. There was a momentary lull in activity, so she went out from behind the bar to greet them. Tiny enveloped her small form in a hug. It never ceased to astound her that for all Tiny's immense size and obvious strength, he could as gentle as he was.

"How ya doin' little bit?" He said grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Hi Tiny, I'm great. How about you?" Shauna looked up at him.

"Dead-Eye will be here shortly. I just talked to him."

Shauna beamed, "Good. Even though it's only been a couple of hours, I miss him terribly."

Bo-Bo chuckled, "You really do have it bad, don't you?"

Shauna shrugged, "I can't help it. I love him."

At that moment, David arrived. He stepped up to them, grabbed Shauna in a tight hug and kissed her deeply. She practically melted in his arms. "Hey darlin'." He said ending the kiss much too soon to suit her.

"Hi baby." She cooed at him, and kissed him back with such enthusiasm that it took his breath away. "I love you, Baby." She said softly. "But, I really need to get back to work." She turned reluctantly and went back behind the bar.

"I love you too, darlin'." David said to her as she left.

Tiny gave David a long appraising look, "You got it bad, Bro. You're really in love with her, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess I am." David told him watching Shauna.

"Does that mean you're officially over The Mouth?"

"Who?" David asked jokingly. Then he said, "Look, she gave great head, but a good relationship does not live by blowjobs alone. I don't think I ever loved Minda...liked her a lot, but...love?" He shook his head. "Besides, she was always a monumental pain in the ass, remember? With Shauna, it's different. It was almost love at first sight...not quite, but damned close. I want to make her happy. I don't even know why, I just do. It's important to me."

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