tagGroup SexIt Happened One Sunday

It Happened One Sunday


Last week on Sunday after church, I didn't feel like going home and fixing lunch, so I stopped at Wendy's for a bite of lunch. As I sat there eating my chicken sandwich, I heard a female voice asking, "Charlie, where the hell have you been?" I looked up, and to my surprise, there was Ashley.

Ashley lived in College Club Apartments when I first moved to Fort Myers about three years ago. She was a dancer (translated: stripper) at a local club, but was very friendly and often sat with everyone at the pool evenings she wasn't working, and all weekend long in the days. She was fun to be around, and always had new jokes. A bunch of us regularly grilled hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill by the pool, and about every other week, she'd bring steaks for everyone (the fifteen to eighteen regulars). She was just like everyone else. She's not beautiful, cute describes her better, but she has a slender tight body. I'd moved away from College Club after my lease was up – it was just too noisy with parties going on in our building nearly every night until three or four in the morning.

Last Sunday was the first time I'd seen Ashley since leaving College Club. She was as friendly as ever and I was a little surprised that she remembered me. She asked if she could sit down and I motioned for her to sit. "Where are you livin' now?" She asked.

"Over near Winkler and Cypress Lake in a condo." I answered, "Why do you ask? Do you still live at College Club?"

"Wow, that's a nice neighborhood, and no, I'm living with three other girls from the club." She was looking not too happy.

I replied, "Ashley, you don't look too happy about that."

Ashley growled, "Naw, I don't like it at all, especially since two of them have started turning tricks and bringing some of them home. Do you have a roommate where you live?"

"For about four more days, he's in the process of moving closer to his family and work in North Fort Myers."

"Want a new roommate?" Ashley giggled.

I looked at her and said, "Meaning you? If anyone else asked me the answer would be an absolute NO!"

"So does that mean you'd have me for a roommate?"

I snapped back, "You haven't even seen the place yet, and I'm still not to sure, I really was looking forward to the peace and quiet of living alone."

Ashley was not about to let up as she continued, "Well, can I at least have a look at it?"

So, we came over to my place, and she loved it. She told me, "Charlie, I'd love to live here. It's a great place, and I know I can trust you."

I thought immediately, "But could I trust you?" I answered her, "Let me think about it for a few days. I'll call you later in the week."

She kept at me, "Give my your cell number, and I'll call you."

So, I gave her my cell number, and took hers and put it in my cell phone.

On Wednesday evening, she called, "Hey Charlie, what about it, when can I move in?"

"Ashley, I really think I want my privacy, I like living alone and not worrying about anyone else or what they are doing."

Ashley replied, "Charlie, you'll never know I'm home, I'll just stay in my room and keep quiet, besides three nights a week I wouldn't get in until the club closes. Think about it and we can talk next weekend."

"Okay, I'll think about it." And that was it until this Sunday afternoon about two o'clock.

Suddenly, I heard a loud knock on my door. I went out to see who it was, and it was Ashley and a friend of hers, Erin. Ashley is no slouch, she's about 5'9", slender with "a" cup tits, and a cute smile. Erin, on the other hand is a knockout! She's 5'11" tall, very slender, probably full "b" cup or maybe "c" cups. Her ass is perfectly pear shaped, and her nipples are puffy and large. Her pussy is shaved clean as a whistle. How do I know all this? That's where it gets interesting.

I invited the girls in, and asked Ashley what she needed. Her answer was, "We've come to convince you to let the two of us live here!"

"Convince me? How are you going to do that?"

It was less than thirty seconds and they were both stark naked and rubbing on my shoulders saying, "Charlie, let's get you more comfortable too!"

Erin began by pulling my polo shirt up over my head. I was still dumbstruck so I just raised my arms and let it come over my head and off. Immediately each one of them began sucking on one of my nipples. How could they know how much that arouses me? Ashley was using her hands to rub all over my chest and arms. Erin used her hands to undo my belt buckle and unbutton my pants, dropping them to the floor. We were all standing in the middle of the living room. Ashley moved up to kiss me, immediately probing my mouth with her tongue. I responded to her kisses. Both girls started working me over towards the sofa. We all plopped down on the couch and laughed as it creaked.

My mind was still in a fog. This was so sudden and unexpected I couldn't seem to sort out exactly what was happening, but the feelings it was producing, I loved!

Most men I've talked to over the years always dream about a three-way with two women. Even in my dreams I never pictured me with two good looking gals in their mid-twenties, all over me with kisses, hands, and rubbing their tits against me. I guess as my age got older, I dreamed about two women in their forties doing some similar things. I decided to quit thinking and just go with the flow!

Erin pushed her tits toward my mouth, and I sucked them in one at a time. As I sucked on her nipples, she moaned softly. Ashley was pushing down my boxers at the same time. Erin was obviously enjoying the attention to her nipples because she began wiggling and moaning louder. Then I felt a warmth encompass my cock. Ashley had taken me into her mouth and was sucking softly. I thought, "This is unbelievable, am I dreaming or what?"

Quickly that thought escaped as Erin grabbed both my nipples and pinched hard! That hurt a little, but the pain was quickly replaced by her massaging my nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. Erin moved down to start sucking on first one, then the other nipple. She had found me out...She could tell how sensitive I was there.

Ashley continued picking up her pace on my cock, and was sucking and bobbing more rapidly. Erin moved down to get her head under me, taking my balls in her mouth as Ashley kept sucking. Very shortly, I felt my balls begin to twitch and I could feel an orgasm about to explode. "Cummmmmmmmming," I yelped. Ashley backed off and kept her mouth right at the tip of my cock licking the tip. Erin moved up with her face next to Ashley's as my first spurt erupted into Ashley's mouth and on her face. Erin quickly moved Ashley away and took my cock in her mouth to finish me off.

I just collapsed back into the sofa and the girls looked me in the eyes. Both opened their mouths to show me they had my cum still there. They looked at each other, then back at me and swallowed at the same time.

The girls then locked lips together, mingling the remaining drops of cum between their tongues. They then fell into each other's arms in a passionate embrace. Ashley then slid down and took Erin's pussy in her mouth sucking wildly. I watched for a few minutes, then I went down on Ashley as she was still licking and sucking on Erin's womanhood. I took Ashley's clit in my mouth and began flicking my tongue over it and sucking on it. Her hips began bucking in less than a minute. Ashley broke away from Erin's pussy and lay back groaning loudly, "UUUUUhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn, Yyyyeeeesssss!" She let loose with a small stream of juices all over my face and in my mouth.

Erin pulled me in toward her pleading, "Do me now! Eat my pussy, pleasssssse!"

I obliged her request by diving in immediately. Erin was already near orgasm from Ashley's attention so in less that a minute or two, she was shuddering and gasping as she approached her climax. She continued urging me to keep going, "Please don't stop, I'm almost there."

With that encouragement, I found her clit and began sucking rapidly in and out. That's all it took for her to explode. She was bucking so hard it was tough to keep her in my mouth, so I just sucked harder. She screamed out, "Oh Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk, Yesssssss!" I was rewarded with a warming of her pussy and increased wetness. Her juices didn't squirt, but flowed from her vagina. I kept licking until she stopped me saying, "Okay! Now it tickles."

I guessed we were done, but I was wrong. Erin came back up and began kissing me again, and fondling my limp manhood with her hand. She asked me, "Did you think we were through with you?"

I weakly said, "You mean you're not?"

They didn't answer me, but Erin leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and began flicking her tongue over it. Ashley got down on the floor and got her head between my legs taking my balls in her mouth. I began to come back to life. Ashley licked on my balls as Erin kept bobbing slowly on my cock. Ashley moved down and licked the patch of skin between my balls and my asshole. I'd not experienced that in over fifteen years. I'd forgotten how erotic that was. As much as that rejuvenated me, What came next sent me over the top. Ashley moved down to begin to rim my asshole. Erin giggled as my cock sprang back to full attention.

Ashley kept after my asshole and pushed her tongue to penetrate it slightly. This was driving me wild. Erin spoke up saying, "Come up here and fuck me Charlie, Fuck me hard!"

I moved over top of Erin and she spread her legs to give me easy penetration. Ashley kept her fingers teasing my asshole. Then as I pierced Erin's pussy lips, Ashley stuck a finger in my ass. Wow! That got me going. I pounded Erin for about ten minutes while Ashley kept fingering my ass. Now she pushed two fingers in and reached back to begin stroking my prostate. It is hard to remember everything I felt at that point, there were so many feelings going on I just lost it into outer space. All I remember was exploding again deep into Erin's womb, and her squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

I told them I was worn out. Ashley said, "You still have to fuck me. Don't give up yet."

I moaned and suggested we get something to drink and rest a few minutes. We all drank some diet coke and sat naked on the couch. Ashley said, "Wouldn't the bed be a lot more comfortable?"

I agreed, and we all moved to the bedroom. We just laid on the bed relaxing for twenty minutes or so, then Ashley piped up, "Enough rest, now get over here and fuck me!"

I was still limp as a dishrag, and Ashley pushed out her lip in a pout. She then said, "I guess I have to get him ready again."

Keep in mind that I'm sixty-six years old and renewing my erection at this point was not going to be an easy task even for two twenty-somethings. However, Far be it from me to stop them from trying. Erin first pulled her body over mine, rubbing her tits over my chest, then up into my face. I thought, "What a marvelous creature!"

Ashley had her hand on my cock and balls, and was massaging them gently. We all stayed in that weird embrace for several minutes. Erin then looked at me and said, "Charlie, eat my pussy again, lick it clean," as she climbed over my face and lowered her womanhood to my mouth. Ashley took the opportunity to take my still limp cock into her mouth again, and re-inserted a finger in my asshole. That began to bring me back to life.

Erin kept wiggling her pussy all over my lips, and as she continued, she said, "Lick my ass now, Then fuck me in the ass with your tongue." She moved up to put her asshole in reach of my tongue.

This wasn't something I'd done more than a few times in my life with my third wife years ago, but I was willing to do anything these two women wanted at this point. I had become their slave for the day. I eagerly thrashed out at her asshole with my tongue. She moaned and wiggled more. Then I took my hands and separated her ass cheeks even more to get better access. When my tongue eased into her ass, it was amazing. She softly moved gently back and forth over my tongue. She begged me, "Put it in my ass, push it in as far as you can."

She settled over my face and quit moving to allow me great access to her asshole. When I pushed with my tongue, her sphincter relaxed and let it penetrate her asshole. My tongue felt like it went in six inches, but it couldn't have been more that about an inch and a half. In any case, She groaned loudly, saying, "Yes! Just like that, now, in and out!"

Ashley was not to be denied her fuck. I was fully erect now, and she pushed Erin off my face proclaiming, now it's my turn!" Ashley mounted me facing away form me and on top. I think that is called the 'reverse cowgirl' position. These girls were driving me wild.

Ashley bounced up and down. I reached around her and grabbed her nipples, pinching them. She leaned back to give me better access to them, and started bouncing very fast. I couldn't believe it, but I could feel another orgasm working its way through my balls. Ashley could tell I was almost there, and she kept up the pace groaning, "Uuuuuhhhhhhhggggghhhh, Oh fuck, I'm cummmmmmming!"

When she exploded, so did I. It wasn't as powerful as the earlier orgasms, and there wasn't a lot of cum, but it happened! Wow, I thought, "Three times in one afternoon!"

Ashley came up to my face and kissed me softly. Erin did the same, but she didn't leave. She spread her body over mine and continued kissing with her tongue going wild in my mouth. Then, after a few minutes of that, she leaned back. Looked me in the eye and asked, "You think its possible to go one more time? I want you to fuck me in the ass."

I was not going to say no even though I really doubted in my mind I'd be able to get it up again, but thank goodness for Viagra. When we went into the bedroom, I had taken a little blue pill, and it got me through the third time and I was hoping it would keep working for me to get my cock into her ass. Did I mention how gorgeous Erin is? Truthfully, she was beyond any dreams I'd ever had (at any age in my past) for sex with a beautiful woman. And now, here she is begging me to fuck her in the ass!

Ashley just fell back on the bed and said, "I'm going to love watching this."

Erin licked my body from neck to the soles of my feet. She came back up and took my cock in her mouth and stuck her finger up my ass. My erection was slowly beginning to come back. She looked up at me and smiled then winked at me. That was all it took, my cock sprang back to full attention.

Erin was going to waste no time. She got on top of me and guided my cock toward her sweet little asshole. When she found the opening with the head of my cock, she pushed back against me and I felt it slip inside her. This was tight! It felt so damn good, I couldn't help groaning and bucking against her body. I was fucking her ass, but I doubted there would be a climax. Then Ashley came back to the front, and started kissing Erin with hot passionate tongue kisses. Ashley was feeling Erin's tits with her hands while Erin's ass rode my cock. Ashley then bent down to lick Erin's clit as she fucked me with her ass. Unbelievably, I could feel another climax building. It didn't take long to come to the front and spew my sperm into Erin's bowels. Erin moaned as she felt her bowels fill with my cum.

Now we all fell back on the bed and looked at each other. Ashley spoke first, "Well, did we convince you?" She had a huge grin on her face.

"How could I ever get any peace and quiet if you two were here all the time? I'll tell you what, I'm gonna help the two of you find a place to yourselves. You were offering me $100 per week apiece from you, for that much, you can easily find a condo of your own to rent, or even a house. I'll help you find that place."

We went on the computer and looked on Craig's List for rentals. There were tons available. The girls they'd been staying with had them convinced they couldn't find anything for less that $1,500 per month. There was an apartment in the same complex they are in available for $850 per month.

As it turns out, just a few doors down from my place, there is a condo for rent that is fully furnished. The rent is $800 per month, and I think the girls are going to work that one out.

So, they got what they needed and I got something beyond my wildest dreams. They've both promised to visit again, but I'm not booking any bets on that one. If they move in down the block, I'm sure I'll see them again, but even a second session like this past Sunday would be anti-climactic. I can't imagine a more erotic afternoon could have ever occurred at anytime in my life!

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