tagLoving WivesIt Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 04

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 04


Sandy was a few minutes later getting home one night. I saw that "I'm so horny and need to get fucked " look on her face. I knew something had happened at work. She rushed over to me while I was sitting on the couch and pulled me into her arms.

"I need you to fuck me right now!" Sandy exclaimed!

"What got you all worked up?" I asked as I started helping her out of her clothes.

"I will tell you Mikoli, but please fuck me first!" Sandy moaned as I grabbed on to one of her magnificent 38DD breasts with my mouth. By that time my dick was hard and ready. I reached down to feel Sandy's pussy and was not surprised to find it hot and extremely moist, so I shoved my finger in as she groaned that familiar groan.

"I need your fat dick in me not your finger!" Sandy cried out to me as she lay down on the couch, pulling me down with her. "I'm so horny, I need to cum now. Please fuck me and make it hard and fast."

I rose up and pushed the shorts I was wearing down past my 6" erection. I lined it up with Sandy's pink opening and slammed it home in one stroke. I started pounding her pussy with all I had.

"Yes! Yes that's what I need!" Sandy was grunting out as I pounded her. "Fuck meee ohhh yess fuck meee! I am going to cum on your big, hard dick!" Sandy cried out, grunting, moaning, and thrashing around under me.

The signs of her impending orgasm were coming from her.

"Don't stop, I'm so close!" Sandy loudly exclaimed. "Harder, faster make me cum!" Sandy urged me as she bucked her hips up as I plunged my dick down into her.

She went rigid as her orgasm overtook her. I continued to fuck her while I looked down at her. Those glazed eyes, red flushed cheeks, and heaving breasts as she came where enough to send me over the edge. I rammed my dick home one last time and emptied my balls into her hot, wet pussy. I continued slow, gentle strokes as the intensity of our orgasms started to ease. I pulled out as my spent member shriveled. We lay down on the couch and snuggled up in each other's arms.

"Tell me what happened tonight at work!" I said to Sandy after our heartbeats had slowed.

"I'll tell you everything, Mikoli. Give me a minute and I'll be right back." Sandy told me.

"I'll go and wait on you in the bed." I said to her.

Both naked, we started up the stairs. My dick started to twitch as I watched her big round ass swaying as she walked, her hand holding her panties to her pussy to keep our mixture of juices from dripping on the carpet. She went into the bathroom which was at the top of the stairs

. I went around the corner to wait in our bedroom. I lay on the bed and waited for my big, beautiful wife. (Sandy is 5'7" tall, wears size 20 clothing, and has those gorgeous breasts that I love.) As Sandy came in the bedroom door I rose and met her with a big, sloppy kiss.

"I love you." I whispered as I slid past her on my way to the bathroom.

"I love you, too." Sandy replied.

After using the facilities and cleaning myself up a little, I joined Sandy in our bed.

"Okay, tell me. And don't leave out anything." I said laying next to my wife.

"Chris stopped by again tonight!" Sandy started. "He's been stopping by every night since we fucked last week. I've been putting him off."

"Why?" I asked. "You know I'm okay with you fucking him again."

"I was still feeling a little guilty about what happened." Sandy whimpered. "The thought of fucking him again turns me on so much, sometimes it scares me. I promised I would control myself, but I don't know if I can. Tonight Chris was so nice to me. He kept telling me how beautiful I am and telling me how much he enjoyed fucking me and how much he wanted to do it again. I was getting so hot from what he was saying that it was all I could do to keep from taking my clothes off right there."

"It was close to closing time and Chris was the only person in the store. I went into the shelves to straighten up a little. Chris eased up behind me. He reached around me and grabbed both my breasts with his hands. He started kissing and sucking on the side of my neck. You know how that drives me crazy."

Yes, I knew very well.

"I made Chris stop even though I didn't want to." Sandy continued. "I told him if he would wait on me while I closed up we could fool around. He offered to help me so I could get done quicker. I remembered you warning me about having him in the store after hours, after all I don't want to lose my job. I explained it to him and promised him I would hurry through closeout. Chris was waiting in his truck at the front door. I told him to pull over into the back corner of the parking lot. He wanted me to get in the truck so we could go somewhere else, but I told him no. If he wanted me again, he needed to do as I said or I was going home."

"Chris said okay so I walked over and stood beside the kerosene tank. My pussy was already leaking in anticipation. When Chris stopped and turned off the truck, I walked over and opened the passenger side door."

Chris reached up and turned off the interior light and I sat down as he came around to the passenger side of the truck.

We started kissing each other and let our hands roam. He was squeezing my tits through my clothes as I rubbed his cock through his jeans. His right hand went down and started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. He pushed my blouse and bra up over my breasts. He started licking and sucking on my nipple while still rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans so I could play with his cock. It was so hard. He started begging me to go with him somewhere so he could fuck me. I kept telling him we couldn't while jerking his cock. He kept asking me why we couldn't leave. I asked jf he had any condoms and he said no, I told him that was why. He got angry because we didn't use one last time but I told that I can't afford to get pregnant and my pills won't be effective for another week or so."

"Wait," I interrupted. "When did you go back on the pill?"

"I went to the doctor last week while you were at work."

"How come I'm just now hearing about it?"

"I didn't think it was a big deal. We talked about it last week after Chris left, remember?"

"Well yeah. I didn't expect you to act that quick, though."

"You told me I didn't have to stop fucking Chris, didn't you?"

"Yeah. I guess I did."

"What do you mean 'you guess'?" Sandy was almost screaming at me! "Have you changed your mind all of the sudden?"

"NO! I was just surprised. See how hard I am from what you were just telling me."

"Good because Chris is coming here tomorrow to fuck me."

"What! You know I have to work tomorrow." I exclaimed.

"It is fairly self-explanatory, Mikoli." Sandy giggled. "To get Chris to stop begging, I promised him he could come here tomorrow and fuck me."

"When tomorrow?" I was upset, though I didn't really understand why.

"He's coming by about eight o'clock." Sandy stated.

"But I'll be at work then. I thought we started this so I could watch you get fucked?"

"Can't you get just as excited with me telling you about it?" Sandy purred in my ear. "From the way your dick is reacting, I think you can. Please let me do this tomorrow, Mikoli. PLEASE! I will make it worth it when you get home."

"Okay! You win. You can let Chris fuck you here tomorrow while I am gone. He better not be here when I get home from work though. Plus you have to tell me everything and I do mean EVERYTHING!"

"Enough talk. My pussy is ready to be fucked again!" Sandy proclaimed as she pulled me over on top of her.

I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit.

"Stop teasing and fuck me!" Sandy moaned.

With that I slid my dick up into her wet pussy. I started out with long, easy strokes, bending down to catch one of her beautiful breasts in my mouth. After a few moments, Sandy urged me up off her breast.

"Fuck me harder! I need it harder!" she implored me.

With that I rose up, put her legs up over my elbows, and started pounding her pussy. In that position she was spread out wide and I could really drive my dick into her. What with her story, the memory of her being fucked last week, and my imagining her getting fucked again tomorrow; I did not last long even though we had fucked earlier.

Sandy had to have been at least as turned on as I was. After my first few spurts up in her, she started making those oh-so-familiar sounds as she started cumming. I pounded her pussy and just held there as she arched her ass off the bed one last time.

I lay down on my side; pulling Sandy with me. As I started to doze off, I thought of something.

"What about condoms?" I asked Sandy.

Sandy murmured from her almost sleep; "They're in the car. I stopped at the all-night drugstore on the corner. I'll bring them in tomorrow."

A tiny spark of doubt flashed in my head right before I dozed off to sleep. I worried about what this freedom would do to our marriage, if I has started something that would get out of control. I knew that I had started this and hoped I could deal with whatever happened.

To be continued...

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