tagInterracial LoveIt Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 01

It Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 01


I'm not by any means wealthy. Nor someone who is likely to grace the cover of GQ, Vanity Fair, or appear on Entertainment Weekly. I'm just your average looking guy, in his 30's. I rent an apartment in an okay area of town. Went to college for journalism, but changed my career when I decided I didn't like deadlines, writing about insignificant things, kissing ass, and people butchering your hard work. I decided I needed something different. Completely different.

I joined the Peace Corps. Quaint, perhaps, but I just needed a change of pace. Having worked for a contractor in high school and during summers in college, I was pretty adept at construction work and could do everything from carpentry to plumbing and electrical. Skills that would be useful in Bangladesh, where my assignment would take me.

After attending all of my orientations, getting my vaccinations, and saying goodbye to the few family and friends I had, I headed for the airport, where a 23 hour flight awaited me. I was not looking forward to spending almost an entire day squished into a tiny seat with no legroom, but the Peace Corps does not fly you first class. I resigned myself to intersperse my Bengali language study CDs with walks up and down the 747's long aisles.

I was being flown on British Airways. Apparently, the flight attendants on my plane all were former models, even the older ones. I was greeted by one more beautiful than the rest as I boarded and proceeded through first class down the aisle towards the cheap seats. I stowed my luggage and sat next to a very large man who apparently had never learned that you use soap when you shower. Or maybe he just never learned to bathe... The jet was packed, at least in the coach seating section. There had to be 5 babies within 4 rows of me. I could feel a migraine approaching, and we hadn't even left the gate yet. I managed to squeeze into my seat and waited....

The plane filled up, and just as we appeared ready to depart, one of the flight attendants made an announcement over the PA system.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the delay. It appears that the flight has been overbooked. We are requesting a volunteer to give up his or her seat. Anyone wishing to do so will be placed on the next flight and will receive a complimentary travel voucher for your inconvenience."

Seeing as I knew Bangladesh would still be waiting for me, regardless of when I got there, and the idea of having a free plane ticket was certainly appealing, I jumped at the opportunity and volunteered. I grabbed my carry-on bag and walked up the gangway to the gate desk to work out the arrangements. The flight attendants thanked me and apologized profusely as I passed by them again. I couldn't help but notice a couple of the stewardesses appear disappointed that I was not going to be with them. I must admit that despite my seating arrangement, I shared their sentiments!

As I was making the arrangements with the gate agent, one of the flight attendants from the plane ran up to me. She was slightly out of breath, her medium sized breasts heaved under her form fitting uniform.

"Excuse me sir, are you Mr. Mackenzie?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Sir, it turns out that one of our first class passengers has an emergency and will not be able to fly with us today. If you are interested, you could have his seat instead."

"I appreciate the offer, but I'm with the Peace Corps, and I'm sure they won't pay for the upgrade to first class."

"Oh no sir, there would be no charge."

I thought about it for a moment. I could fly first class. Or get a free round trip international flight. I was leaning towards the free ticket.

"There is no obligation to accept, sir. But I can assure you that your trip with us in first class would be...unforgettable."

There was a certain way that she said it, and an ever so subtle gleam in her eye. I couldn't ignore it. Nor how beautiful she was. She was from a mixed background. Definitely South Asian, but as her nametag read Gabriela Gomes, there was some Portuguese in her blood as well. Her accent placed her as born in India and educated in one of the English colony schools. Was she from Goa? Jet black hair, chin length, parted in the middle. If she had bangs it would be a pageboy cut. Almond shaped eyes that sparkled. Full lips. Slender, with perfect breasts for her 5'5 frame. Her hips flared out, and I remember from walking behind her earlier that her ass could have easily been mistaken for Shakira's. Screw the round trip ticket.

"You make a hard sell, Ms. Gomes. I'm yours," I said.

She blushed and grinned. "You won't regret it, Mr. Mackenzie."

"Call me Alan."

"Okay, Alan, then follow me. And you may call me Gabriela."

Oh, I would like to call you much more than that.... I followed her onto the plane. She introduced me to the other flight attendants in first class.

"Everybody, this is Alan. He'll be joining us in first class."

They gathered around me to introduce themselves, all with the same charm, affection, and gleams in their eyes.

First was Halle Berry's twin sister. Okay, she wasn't related. However, Ms. Jolie Marceau sported the same body, right down to the close cropped haircut, as Halle did in the James Bond movie Die Another Day. Sheryl O'Riordan, in her mid-fifties, had a strong resemblance to Catherine Zeta-Jones. The exception to this was the breasts that strained at her blouse, which must have easily been in the D if not DD range. And I could have been mistaken, but I thought I saw what could have been the outline of nipple rings! Finally, a young gentleman named Miles. I've never been with, nor considered being with a guy, but I could see how others would find him attractive. He had the quality of a model, and was mixed as well. Most likely Asian with European or American ancestry. Very androgynous in appearance, and at the right angle could have easily passed for a woman.

Gabriela took my arm and escorted me to my seat. I relaxed in the luxury of first class while the plane took off. Once we were at cruising altitude, dinner and drinks were served. Throughout the meal, the flight attendants kept coming by to see if I needed anything or just to chat. They were all flirtatious throughout, which made it hard to not...um...become hard. Every time they would rest on my shoulder or clutch my arm, I felt goosebumps, especially when they would occasionally stroke my forearm. This was all so subtly done that none of the other passengers noticed. Throughout all of this they managed to get my life story out (hell, they would have easily had my wallet out as well if they asked for it). Even sexual innuendoes made it into conversation. Again, no one else noticed. In fact, I observed that they made sure to not draw attention to themselves by chatting up the other passengers, albeit about less...intimate matters.

At one point, I asked Jolie how they deal with always traveling and how it impacted on their social life. None of them had boyfriends, and Jolie laughed when I asked her specifically about whether she missed not having one. In a southern French accent, she purred "No, we manage to make do quite well in that regard"

?????? She left to attend to another passenger, leaving me intrigued and a bit aroused. Damn, this was going to be a long flight.

Sheryl stopped by a little while later and asked how my girlfriend was handling my Peace Corps assignment. I told her that it wasn't a problem, seeing as how my last girlfriend broke up with me a year ago when I told her I was joining up. Sheryl's face initially expressed sympathy, then morphed into warmth.

"She apparently didn't know what a good thing she was giving up," she said with a delicious Irish lilt. "It seems such a shame that you'll be alone for the next two years."

She leaned over my seat to take the dinner tray of the gentleman asleep beside me. As she did so, she dropped a spoon into the seatback pocket. She leaned forward across my lap to retrieve the spoon and pressed her breasts pressed into my forearms. So much for fighting to control an erection... She reached down, dragging her tits across my thighs. I felt her nipples harden and confirmed that, yep, she did have them pierced. I tried not to look, but her ass strained against the skirt and even though she had 20 years on me, I knew that image would provide plenty of fodder for jerking off later in the bathroom.

As she moved back, her right breast brushed up against my cock, and I knew there was no way she couldn't have known I was hard. And I could have sworn that I heard her sigh and gasp slightly. She stood up as I tried to cover myself. Too late. She glanced down into my lap and I noticed her pupils dilate and her nipples were much more evident.

"Oops" she breathily said. "Sorry...to have...done that."

I took a chance and said "I'm not."

As she turned to walk away with the dishes, she bit her bottom lip and I could have sworn I heard her say "mmmmm...I'm glad."

Yes, definitely going to be a very long flight! I saw Sheryl motion to Gabriela, Jolie, and Miles to join her in the galley. They all disappeared behind the curtain and I heard some heated murmuring. Great, I'm busted. I'm going to get tossed off the flight. Or arrested. Or fired. Maybe all of the above?

After about 5 minutes, they left the galley, each glancing at me, and continued attending to the passengers. Gabriela approached me with a serious look on her face. I'm sure I was red. I know I was perspiring. Here it comes....

"Mr. Mackenzie, I have a problem in the galley and I was wondering if you could kindly assist me?"

Done. I'm done for.

"Sure" I gulped. I stood up and followed her. I could have sworn she was putting a little extra sway in her walk to show off her ass. I shouldn't have looked but I couldn't help it. Sure enough, my eyes rise off of her shelf-like bottom to find her looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Busted. Totally busted. Definitely done for. She pulls the curtain aside and asks me to step in. I do and she follows, closing the curtain. She turns to me. Here it comes....

"I'm having a hard time getting this cabinet door to stay locked, and I know you've done construction. Could you help me secure it?"

Huh? What happened to the imminent, "you fondled the stewardess and the police will be arresting you as soon as we land" conversation?

"Um, okay. Show me the problem."

She leads me to a open cabinet door.

"I think it's the latch. I think it just needs someone with the right...skills...to persuade it."

There's that gleam in her eyes again. Maybe I was wrong in my assessment. God knows I hope I was! How to proceed....

"Why don't show me what you tried?"

She turns and steps up on a short stool and leans over the counter slightly to try and reach the latch, which is high up and a bit away. She gets it, but can't quite get the leverage to close it. In the process, her breasts strain against her blouse and her ass does the same to her form fitting skirt, especially when she arches her back. Uh oh. I try to ignore my dick getting hard again. Not working.

"I don't seem to have enough strength to do it by myself. Maybe if we do it together. You're tall, so if you stand behind me, you can reach over me and we can push together."

How could I decline? As narrow as the galley was, we couldn't stand side by side. I positioned myself behind her, trying so my thighs would not touch her ass. I was mere centimeters...millimeters away. I lean over her, my chest practically touching her back. On the stool, she's now almost as tall as me. I feel her hair on my cheek as I reach in. We interlock fingers around the latch.

She says "you have to push in to get it to engage."

Is she intentionally dropping these double entendres? As we put pressure on the latch, she presses her ass back against me. I am in trouble now. Whoever invented lycra deserves the Nobel prize. The skirt stretches and my cock nestles in between her buttocks. She and I both stifle a gasp, but she holds firm against me. moving her hips from side to side ever so slightly so I nestle deeper. My lips are by her ear and as I exhale, my hot breath passes over it. She quietly gasps, then groans, pressing against me harder. It's all I can do not to do the same. The latch engages and we pitch forward a bit. She loses balance slightly and the stool slides out from under her feet. I wrap my right arm around her from behind to catch her from falling. My hand accidentally cups her left breast as I hold her to me tight. Its firmness fills my hand, even overflowing just a bit and I feel her nipple hard under my palm. Damn, is she pierced too? She shudders and grinds against me, and convulses a little, her breath becoming ragged.

I lower her to the deck onto her feet and release my grasp on her tit. She remains pressed tight against me for a moment, panting, eyes shut tight. She starts to regain her composure.

"I'm so sorry!" I say. "I didn't mean to grab you...like that."

"No, no, thank you. Thank you. For everything."


She turns to look me in the eye, her chest still heaving. She grasps my biceps, feeling them. The fire and passion burn into me.

"You don't know what you did to me. I haven't come like that in a long time."

I'm speechless. I suspected she had an orgasm, but I wasn't about to mention it. She must have noticed the dumbfounded look on my face.

"What, you don't believe me?" she said. "Here, see for yourself."

She takes my hand in hers and with the other lifts up her skirt. She's wearing a garter belt and a thong. She takes my hand and slides it down into the thong. She's soaking wet! Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she shudders as she pushes my index and middle fingers slide past her pierced clit into her pussy. She removes my hand from her crotch and slides my middle finger into her mouth, sucking on it and moaning. She opens her eyes and slides the finger from her mouth. She places my index finger onto my tongue, which is now exposed as my mouth had dropped open.

"How do I taste?"

She tasted like heaven. Creamy, savory, slightly tangy and just a hint of muskiness. I don't know what I had done to deserve this, but I was silently thanking the gods, all of them, for this moment.

"God Alan, I want you. Do you want me?"

That was the stupidest question I had heard in quite some time.

"You don't know how badly."

She took my hands in hers and leaned in close. She started nuzzling my neck.

"You can have me, if you want."

Is it possible to get even harder than I was at that moment?

"I'll make a deal with you. I think you'll like the terms. Being a flight attendant is lonely, but you get very close to your co-workers. VERY close. In fact, you share everything with them."

Was I thinking what I was thinking?

"Would you mind if I share you with the others?"

Okay, I take it back. THAT was the stupidest question I ever heard.

"You mean with Jolie, and Sheryl?" I was ready to burst with anticipation. I imagined us all getting a hotel room when we landed. I imagined many things. I did not imagine what she said next.

"And Miles, too."

HUH? Did she just say Miles? Looking at her, I saw she was serious. This was a direction I never expected to go, and I'm not sure I felt so excited anymore.

"Can't we just make it the three of you ladies?"

"Like I said, we share everything."

She must have noticed my face fall, for she pulled out all of the stops.

"I can tell you've never been with a man before. Miles is bisexual and only wants to go down on you. You don't have to reciprocate, unless you want to. You can do it even turn out the lights, so you don't have to watch. Plus when you're done, you get to have the rest of us. Think of it. A few minutes of your time with him, and no one has to know. I haven't told you what Sheryl and Jolie are like. Sheryl is very kinky. She will do anything you ask, but she especially wants you to fuck her between the breasts. She knows you like them, and she can come from just having her tits played with. Wouldn't you like that? And Jolie is normally a lesbian, but she likes to have a good hard cock fuck her every now and then. Doesn't that turn you on?"

I had to admit that those two scenarios had me thinking about it. I love tit-fucking, and Sheryl had the finest breasts I had seen in awhile. And I know it's not considerate or politically-correct, but the idea of having sex with Jolie knowing that she usually sleeps with women was a serious turn on. Gabriela continued her attack.

"I can see that you especially like the idea of Jolie. Do you like to see two women fuck?"

Do I ever.

"Would you...like to see her fuck me?"

Did I drop a tab of acid I had forgot about? This must be a dream. Gabriela...bisexual? She definitely had complete control over me now. "I can't think of a more amazing sight."

She reached down and started stroking me through my pants.

"Mmmmm.... Jolie and I sleep together sometimes. She can eat my pussy so well... You could even join us...."

This is getting unbearable. She leans in and whispers in my ear.

"And to make it even better, you can fuck me...in the ass...while she eats me...."

That did it. I couldn't hide it that I must have grown a foot when she said that. How I didn't explode in my pants, I'll never know. And as she was stroking me, she could feel me throbbing.

"Oooh, I think you'd like that. I think you'd like to fuck my round little ass while she eats me. Will you? Will you please? It would make me come sooooo hard. I know you like my ass, that you want it. I could feel it when I pressed up against you...like thiiiisssssss...."

She turned around, leaned against the counter, and pressed her ass against me, grinding. She grabbed my hands and clutched them to her breasts, squeezing them.

"Please, please, say yes. I want you like this. Imagine, you could be inside me, inside this ass...fucking it...fucking meeeeeee...."

It was a losing battle... I argued with myself. Could I do it? I had never been with a guy. I thought more about it. He wasn't bad looking, kind feminine. And a mouth is a mouth, right? It would just be a quick thing. I could pretend he was Jolie. They both had short hair....

"Stop...stop." I turn her around.

"Listen, I've never done something like this before," I say. "And why me? Why did you pick me?"

"Well first, because we all think you're hot. Second, because you are a nice guy. You're not creepy. You're well mannered and mature, and we think you'll be discrete. And third, because you won't be stalking us from a Peace Corps village. Listen Alan, we will understand if you don't want to go through with it. We'll be disappointed, but we will respect your decision. We would just ask that you not mention this to anyone."

I closed my eyes and thought for a moment. I had made a life change a year ago. I was embarking on a new direction, moving to a place I had never been, to live with people I had never met before, doing work I had never tried. Why had I never been with a guy before? I wasn't homophobic. My brother was gay, and my aunt was a lesbian, so I had grown up around it. I had gay and lesbian friends throughout college. And I recently found out that Gerald, one of my coworkers at the paper, was actually a former high school girlfriend who was transgendered and had recently had a sex change. It was a little weird at first, but I got used to the idea. So with all of these changes and great leaps of faith I was making, how bad would it be to try something new? I mean, I had never had a threesome before, nor slept with someone who was twenty years older than me, but I was eager to do that. Plus, who was going to know? I took a deep breath....

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