tagGroup SexIt Started As A Conversation

It Started As A Conversation


"What is your favorite fantasy, lover?" Ann was laying with her head on my thigh letting her fingers play over my soft prick and the load of cum that was all over my belly.

"That's a tough one, I've got a couple that really excite me. " My head was on her thigh and I held the end of the dildo that was still buried in her pussy. Even though she had cum twice and then had gotten me off I knew she was still wanting to cum again. The conversation was proving that. "I guess my favorite is watching you with another woman, or my joining in... " Although spent, her fingers playing with my cock brought the desire back to my groin.

She lay quietly and the fingers of her free hand began toying at the top of her slit, gently rubbing her clit. "Jon, I like that one too... but... " She squeezed her clit and I watched her nipples harden. "... the one I like is where you watch me get fucked by another guy and he cums in me... and... you and he jack off on me... " Her voice trailed off and her finger moved harder over her clit.

The thought of her fantasy and seeing her masturbate herself had brought some blood back into my flaccid prick and her fingers tightened around the shaft. "Oh yes, I like that one. Maybe as well as seeing you with another woman... "

"I'd like to fulfill that fantasy for you too, but knowing that you are watching me and getting excited... I can see you sitting there jacking off while I'm getting fucked... ahhhh... " Her finger moved faster against her hard clit. "Uggg... Ohhhh... Gaa.. Gaaa... "

I watched her finger rub over her swollen button. Pushing the dildo deeper her hips pushed against the latex cock. "And when his balls started to fill... I'd get right over you so you could see my fist jacking my cock off... "

"AhhhggghhhhHHHH... yes-s-s-s-s-s... YESSSSSSSSSSS... "

"He'd pull his cock out and finish by jacking off onto your pussy and I'd shoot my load with his... We'd cover your cunt with hot wet cum!... "

"OOOOHHHHhhhhhh... " Her orgasm slammed through Ann's body and another overtook her immediately. "GAWDDDDDDDDDAMNNNNNN... FUCKKKK... ooooHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh... " Juices flowed from her wet pussy as I pulled the dildo from her depths. Her hand fell to the side away from her red tipped clit. "So... so... good-d-d-d"

We drifted off to sleep. Through the night I remember waking and feeling her mouth sucking my cock deep. I awoke only long enough to know that I unloaded into her mouth then fell back into a deep sleep.

"That is a really erotic fantasy you have. " I sat drinking my morning coffee. Ann sat across from me in her oversize T-shirt. "When you fantasize do you ever put faces to the person?"

Ann sat quietly thinking before she spoke. "I didn't used to but over the past few times I've started doing that. " I looked at her quizzically. "I picture Ken and Carol... it really adds to the excitement of the fantasy. "

Ken and Carol, I was surprised! They were friends that we had known for years. We used to get together every weekend to play cards or go out for dinner, but as things change we hadn't gotten together for a number of months. I saw Ken off and on through any given week, and Ann would chat on the phone with Carol and they would always get together for shopping sprees. They were our age, in their early fifties, and although neither were unattractive you wouldn't consider them in anything sexual. At least I hadn't! My fantasy picture had always been of younger couples.

Ann and I, as well as Ken and Carol, had raised kids and sent them out into the world. I'm six foot and 165; balding with a salt and pepper beard. Ken is as tall as I but has probably another thirty pounds on me and has the beginnings of a 'beer belly. He and I have never compared sizes of our cocks, but when I'm erect my cock measures close to eight inches long and close to six inches around. Over the years we have seen each other naked in the locker room after a work out and all those usual things. I would estimate that when erect he is about the size of me. Ann has aged well and still has an attractive figure, even after birthing three children. Her hips broadened following the pregnancies and left a few stretch marks on her belly. Her breasts lost much of their firmness, but I still find her 38D's with the small sensitive nipples exciting. She keeps the light brown hair surrounding her pussy nicely trimmed. Carol is much like Ann, although with large breasts, that I would guess to be 44DD, she is a few pounds heavier. In jeans you can see the curve of her belly, and after three children I'm sure there are stretch marks. With her short dark brown hair and eyes that sparkle she is quite attractive.

"That's interesting. I never really thought of them, my mind always pictured a younger couple. " I smiled at Ann, and wondered aloud, "I wonder what she looks like naked?"

"I don't know honey, I've seen her in bra and panties but never naked. " Ann laughed as she knew what I was thinking. "What time will you be home tonight?"

"OH DAMN!" I had forgotten the time and I was late for an appointment with a client. "It will probably be at least 9 before I get home. I have to meet that new account today and it's a three hour drive one way. I should have left 2 hours ago!"

"Give me a kiss and go! You know we haven't had Ken and Carol over for a long time. Maybe we should call and see if we could get together for dinner and cards. "

I laughed. "Yeh, maybe we could play strip poker!" Giving Ann a kiss I headed out the door, ducking the dish towel that was flying towards me.

Ann was laughing and shaking her head, "For regular cards! You asshole!"

I pulled the door shut and looked back in the window and laughing gave Ann a wave goodbye.

It had been a long day and I was almost home. All the time on the road had left me to my own thoughts and hard on. Finally I had taken my cock out of my pants. As I drove I stroked it and my hand was covered with precum. Even though our conversation was fantasy it did make me wonder and I knew that Ann, at some time during the day, had gone to the bedroom and masturbated. That in itself made my cock throb with anticipation and I squeezed it harder as I stroked. Picking up my cell phone I called Ann, "I'm almost home, should be there in about 15 minutes. "

Ann giggled, "OK... I've got a surprise for you... Is your cock hard?"

"It sure is! I have been thinking about our conversation all day!" I knew she was teasing me. "What's the surprise?"

"Just hurry... I love you. " She giggled again and hung up. I drove as fast as I could wondering what she was giggling about.

Pulling into the garage I put my cock back in my pants and hurried through the house. I could see a light on in the den and on the kitchen counter were empty wine coolers. That at least explained the giggles, I laughed to myself.

"I'm in here!" Ann called out as I opened myself a beer and went into the den. She was sitting on the end of the couch watching some program on the TV. Curled up in her T-shirt I could see the bottom part of her pink panties on the curve of her asscheeks.

Giving her a kiss I sat down beside her. "Looks like you have had a good day. " I chuckled and pointed to the half empty wine cooler in her hand.

Ann smiled and put the cooler on the end table. "I've had a real good day... " She glanced at the bulge in my pants. "... let me see your hard cock. " I stood and began removing my clothes. Stepping out of my pants and jockeys my cock stood rigid. "Nice cock! Sit down here and let me hold it. "

Naked I sat back down. "I like coming home to this!" I smiled.

"I talked to Carol today and they will be over tomorrow night and we'll do dinner here. " She watched her hand stroke my cock. "I found that she and Ken have some of the same fantasies... "

"Oh?" What was she saying? My cock spasmed as she continued to pull up and down the shaft.

"Yes. It was an interesting afternoon... Here I want you to watch this. " Reaching for the remote she turned on the VCR and it started to play. The picture was a close up of a cock ramming in and out of a pussy. The woman's fingers were masturbating her clit as the cock pumped harder. From the sounds both of them were close to cumming and with a loud groan the woman's hips pushed up against her fingers. The man's cock slammed deep and you could see the muscles in his legs tighten. As he began fucking his cum was forced out along the edges of her slit and ran down her thighs. It was then I realized what I was seeing.

"What the hell!! HOLY SHIT!!" I didn't recognize the cock, but the pussy and fingers belonged to Ann! The scene ended as the guy's cock slipped out of her cunt and Ann turned the TV off.

"Your cock is so hard!" She held my cock and moved over top of me. "Remember our conversation last night and this morning. "

"How could I forget! It's all I've thought about. " Ann poised over my cock and pulled her panties to the side. I could see the hair matted against the pink outer lips of her pussy.

"Carol and I talked this afternoon for a long time. She went home and fixed dinner then she and Ken had come over... it was interesting to learn they have the same fantasy... and... and... " Holding my cock she lowered her pussy down onto me until she rested against my pubic bone. "He left you a present. " Slowly she lifted off my cock until the head remained inside, then slid back down the shaft.

"OH... DAMN... OH!" Cum covered my shaft! I could feel it deep inside her and watched it coat the lips of her pussy and drip onto the hair at the base of my cock! Her cunt was full of cum! Ken had filled her with his cum!

"Go ahead lover, cum for me. " Ann moved up and down my cock, pulling her shirt over her head. Her breasts moved against my face. "That's it. Your going to shoot your hot load into me! Cum for me... mix your hot cum with his... " She rode my cock and my balls filled. "That's it! YES! Cum in my filled... used... cunt!!"

"OHHHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" I was cumming! My cock shooting load after load into her used cunt! "Ohhhhdamnnnn... "

"Suck my nipples... lick my nipples!!" I took them eagerly and began licking and sucking her breasts as my cock continued to shoot. "Lick them nice and clean. " She held them against my mouth. "He came all over them too!... suck them!"

I was pinned between the back of the couch and her breasts. I could taste the cum he had deposited. I tried to pull away but Ann held me tight. My cock emptied and her muscles milked the last drops from it and slowly moved off me and knelt on the floor between my legs.

"Would you like to see the whole movie?" She smiled up at me and turning the VCR back on leaned forward and took my spent prick into her warm mouth.

"OH... yes-s-s-s... " I looked from her to the TV screen as it started to play.

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