tagTransgender & CrossdressersIt Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 04

It Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 04


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence. This story involves a man & his new neighbors who win a bet while golfing and soon his life is turned upside down. It contains scenes of sexual relief for the neighbors and frustration for the storyteller ‘Chris’. There is some domination involved as well as a bit of wrestling. In chapter 8 his sexy 19-year-old daughter who caught Chris serving his neighbor with a blowjob begins to take charge of her panty wearing, pussy licking & cock sucking father.

Of course, it would be easy to understand the story better if you read the first 3 parts. This chapter doesn't have as much sex as the other ones - but it carries forward the domination and humiliation theme to a new level.

Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has 4 chapters and is not complete, so asking how it will end – well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now --- on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 8: Karen Takes Command

Naked, used, and humiliated – I slunk off to my bedroom where I could clean up and regroup myself. I had to figure out just what to say to my beautiful 19-year-old daughter who just used my face to clean the spunk off her crotch, and deep inside her pussy.

Tom had left – I decided to address the bizarre situation that had suddenly presented itself in our fair house.

I walked into Karen’s bedroom “Karen – I think we need to talk about what just happened.” I began.

Karen rudely cut me off “Who gave you permission to dress as a man?”

I was stumped at first – here was my own daughter addressing me with contempt. “Karen – Tom is gone – it is time to go back to normal” I stammered. I was on the defensive with her – and like a lioness she sensed my fear.

“I also don’t believe I gave you permission to address me as KAREN. I don’t approve a slut to use my first name – not without some reverence attached to the front of it --- Tom is Master – You will address me as MISTRESS.” Karen snapped at me.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I started to say when she cut me off.

“You will take off those MAN clothes immediately.” Karen pointed at me. “From now on you will either be naked in this house – or in some feminine attire more suited to your status.” She was determined to humiliate me even further – this – I had to fight back.

I grabbed at her arm twisting it to get her attention. “I am your FATHER!” I threatened her “You will treat me with respect.”

Karen grimaced – but didn’t flinch too much before gritting her teeth and replying “Respect is earned – and lost - with your actions. I don’t have ANY respect for limp dick sluts who beg to suck off other men.”

I cringed but dug my fingers deeper into her arm. “What just happened downstairs is between consulting adults. It is not meant for Father’s & Daughters.” I TRIED to reason with her. “In case you didn’t know it – Dee puts TOM in PANTIES when she sees fit and it doesn’t stop him from going back to a normal relationship when he’s not in that role”

Like she would address a small feeble child she was babysitting my daughter threatened me. “LET GO OF MY ARM THIS INSTANT – OR I WILL PUT YOU OVER MY KNEE AND SPANK YOU TILL YOU CRY!” She hissed in demanding way.

This was going downhill for me. On the one hand – being put in my place was highly erotic, and something that I fancied. But our previous relationship was crumbling – I was suddenly not the head of the household. I was losing – and like a little child afraid to admit he’s beat – I started to capitulate “Karen – you can’t be serious.” I searched out her eyes to see if she were playing – or really angry.

“You do not deserve to call me by my first name. You will not touch me without permission. You certainly will be punished for grabbing my arm – and not letting go…” She was explaining.

I eased my grip and dropped my hand to my side. Miffed – I had given in. I thought I sensed a small upturn of her lips and a gleam in her eye as she realized I had fear of the repercussions and let go.

This small act of obedience confirmed her gut reaction to our new relationship. But I wasn’t quite broken by her standard.

“I see no reason why you have MAN clothes on your pathetic and totally inadequate body. I don’t choose to ruin any of MY PANTIES – so you will have to go around naked till we can procure you some that fit.” Karen proclaimed

“That was for fun – adult amusement – what Tom and I were doing. What we have – as a father and daughter is real. I can’t be anything other than your father – it is the only role I know.” I pleaded.

“Well get ready to learn a new roll – what did Tom call you – PUSSY SLUT?” She sneered at me – “Do you realize that Dee and Tom thought I was going to be submissive and enjoy being their plaything. So where on earth do you think they got that idea? They figured like father like daughter. Well, I don’t want to play those games – I am an adult. I refuse to be someone’s TOY. But you – oh yeah, you relish crawling on the floor and begging to suck Tom’s fat cock. You licked up his cum from my pussy, and I am sure you have done the same to Dee’s pussy. How REPULSIVE! You are a SLUT, and you admitted that you are Tom and Dee’s slut – in front of me less than an hour ago – you willingly slurped up Tom’s cock making it hard for me to fuck while your own pathetic dick peaked out from your crotch.”

I was without a decent response – her words cut into me worse than if she had whipped my ass with a crop. I stood dumbfounded. But I had not made a move to obey her either. I still was dressed in normal clothes, and I was determined to still use the name I gave her when she was born. What she was saying finally registered with me – Dee and Tom had put some unwanted moves on my little girl. “So you are mad because they tried to make you like me? I will fix them!” I threatened

“Oh, yeah – RIGHT – you are going to uphold my chastity. You – their cross-dressed slut is going to protect me. Don’t do me any favors!” She criticized “I’m sure they had the biggest laugh when they first had sex with me – you were there – as some sort of freak maid. Oh, I am sure that they must have thought that was a hoot – I didn’t even recognize my own father as their panty maid.”

“It feels right to be their slave – panty maid – cum drinking slut. But it doesn’t feel right to be that way with you – so I refuse – when you are ready to talk rationally – come in my room.” I told her and started to turn away and walk out of her bedroom.

“Wait right there!” Karen ordered me.

I continued to take the next step toward the door.

“IF you know what is good for you – you will stop right there – don’t take ONE MORE STEP TILL I SAY Other-wise.” Karen instructed

Out of half amusement – I shot a smirk back over my shoulder at this young girl ordering me to obey her – but I didn’t stop until I heard her next words.

“Dee, yes its me – I am sure you have heard what just happened over here. …. Yes, Tom was wonderful as usual. Your slut has refused my instructions. He thinks he’s a man and can wear MAN clothes around this house. He refused to obey me …. Yes, I would be glad to do that ….. Great! You can come …. I will see you in a few minutes” Karen spoke into the phone.

“You called Dee?” I asked as the fright of what she had done crept up my back and made all the goose bumps appear.

“Are you addressing me?” she mocked “If you are ready to talk rationally – you will strip out of those clothes and kneel before me – and address me properly as a slave should.”

I knew I couldn’t refuse Dee for very long – she had a way of bringing strong men to their knees. She didn’t have ANY trouble with me. I had become submissive so fast – and so eager – that it reinforced her superiority over me.

“Why did you have to involve her?” I nervously asked Karen.

“What are you afraid of – she is smaller than me.” Karen taunted. “Strip and maybe we’ll take it easy on your ass.”

“NO!” I hastily exclaimed.

“Suit yourself!” Karen spread her legs wide – put her hands on her hips and indignantly waited for me to collapse.

I heard Dee call out as she let herself into our house.

“Up here!” Karen directed.

I was nervous – visibly shaking in front of Karen when Dee and Tom came into the bedroom.

“What seems to be the problem?” Dee sauntered up to Karen and kissed her on the lips – taking a free feel of her breast while her hand roamed Karen’s body.

Karen walked close to me – pointed at my clothes “This is the problem – this slut thinks he’s a man and can dress like one.” Then she went on “He has the nerve to not address me with reverence, and to make it worse, he grabbed my arm in a feeble attempt to force me to change my mind.”

I started to speak – to explain my side – but was cut short by Dee’s hand slamming into my groin and racking my balls. “Oooooffff” I exclaimed as she took the air from my lungs.

“IS THAT RIGHT SLUT? Did you disobey her?” Dee’s eyes were tiny slits.

“Yes Mistress!” I frightfully answered.

“Hold him up!” Dee told Tom.

Tom grabbed me under my armpits and hoisted me into a standing position even though all I wanted to do was crawl into a ball to protect my family jewels from her wrath.

Dee started explaining to Karen as she unbuttoned my pants and yanked them off me. “The main thing to learn is that you are in charge. Rough a guy up a little and he won’t even consider disobeying you the next time.” Then gripping my nut sack she explained “Surely your mother told you the best way to protect yourself from unwanted male contact is to attack them where it hurts.” Then turning to Karen “Grip his balls in the palm of your hand. Squeeze with just enough pressure so he can’t yank them away. Then pull them down forcing his knees to buckle, his eyes to water, and his breath – well – just ask Tom if he can breath when I have his nuts.”

Tom was holding me up – but she was pulling me to my knees by yanking on my balls. I tried to squirm and protect myself but it was useless.

Stepping to the side Dee offered my nuts to Karen. “Here – you try now.” She took them – her finger nails a lot longer than Dee’s – scratched and dug into my ball sack as she closed her fist around my nuts. Dee continued to explain and give orders. “See how it feels? He’s so weak – Tom has to hold him up. Continue to grip his nuts - now look him in the eye and tell him what you want him to do.”

Karen learned perfectly. “I want you naked – or in female clothes when in this house.”

Dee interrupted “Do you understand Slut?”

“Yes Mistress Dee” I sputtered.

“Not me – To her – show your respect to Karen. She is the one who has you by the balls.” Dee grinned.

“Yes Karen I will go naked or wear what you want.” I replied so she wouldn’t grip any tighter.

But Karen did grip my balls even tighter and relished in her firm control of the situation. Dee was giving her the courage not only stand up to me but put me in my place. “That’s MISTRESS Karen from now on!”

I grunted as she squeezed my already sore nuts “Yes Mistress Karen” Before she let go she told Dee that I had grabbed her arm. She delightfully told her that she threatened to spank me.

“What a wonderful idea. Karen why don’t you sit on the bed, and Tom bring slut over to her and throw him over her knees.” When I was bent over her lap, Dee ordered Tom “Kneel down and hold his legs – if he kicks at you – you have my permission to pinch or bite him”

I was struggling a bit as Karen began to spank my naked ass. Whap. Whap. Smack. Smack. Over and over her hand landed on my butt as it quickly went from white to crimson red. I started to whimper, and I know that tears were building in my eyes. Certainly a little of the tears were from the pain as Karen’s slaps continued to rain down on my unprotected ass. But I believe that most of what I was whimpering over was my family roll – no longer would I be the head and master of the house, I was about to become a sissy under my daughter’s rule and Dee’s guidance. Sure, I knew that I had become a maid and slut to both Dee and Tom. But they didn’t live with me. I had to go over to my neighbors’ house to be humiliated most of the time – and I still had the security of my regular life with Karen. This defining moment is what frightened me the most. Karen was becoming my Mistress.

The rest of the hour or so they were in my house, Dee explained some things to Karen to encourage her to subject me to more humiliation. My bedroom was bigger – it was typically called the Master Suite. I was to give it up. Karen, who never liked frilly female things (she was always a well-stacked athletic tomboy who looked as good in jeans and tee shirt as her prom dress) was going to take over my bedroom. I in turn would sleep in her bedroom after Tom and I paint the walls bright PINK. Karen was to eat at the dining room table – I should only eat on my knees at her feet. Our old dog kennel (cage) was brought up from the basement into her bedroom in case I was bad – and had to be contained in a cramped quarters. I was never to refuse to be put into this dog kennel. Tom thought it would be a good idea to surround Karen’s old bed with wood 2 x 4’s and make a big cage that she could keep me in while I sleep. Dee thought it was a wonderful idea and the two of us could do the construction. Though out the next hour, Dee put lots of thoughts into Karen’s mind – for the purpose of controlling me.

The ultimate humiliation was me being forced to stand upright with my feet spread one full yard apart. I was wearing a pair of my deceased wife’s panties, and Karen was being instructed to rub my penis through the satin panties – scratching my trapped balls with her long fingernails. She was being told to jerk me off. She was having me repeat things – and further sink into her domination. Apparently, Dee thought it was a good idea to let a slut like me ejaculate to both verbal and physical stimulation. Dee meanwhile was stroking Tom’s fabulous cock to its full length intending on mounting it shortly.

As I watched Dee slide her mouth up and down on Tom’s thick shaft I had to repeat stuff that Karen was telling me. Each of her comments were more compelling to show that I am submissive to everyone. “Say ‘I’m a sissy – panty wearing little boy!” “Since my small 5 inch dick isn’t pleasing anyone – I want to always use my mouth for fucking.” “Pussy boys who wear female clothes – enjoy sucking big cocks like Tom’s. They also love to lick freshly fucked pussies of their Mistress.” “Since you’re not a real woman – but a cheap slut – a female wanna’ be -- you don’t deserve any real privileges awarded a woman. Neither are you a REAL MAN – and thus don’t deserve any real privileges given to a man.”

As I watched Dee’s tight pussy stretch to the limit to take Tom’s huge shaft, I squirted my load inside the panties. Karen just smiled at my release. She now enjoyed treating me without respect just like everyone else in the room. I guess I wanted it – or deserved it. I had let my life completely change, over a simple little golfing debt. Just a month before –I was completely normal. I had my share of fantasies, and I could look at a woman and think how much I would like to fuck her. But I didn’t imagine that Dee’s power over Tom and me would one day come into my own home – my own family.

As the seed escaped from my dick filling the tight panties with goo, Karen made me lick her fingers clean – then kept dipping them into my panties to retrieve more semen for me to swallow.

***** The next day Dee had lent Tom to Karen for the construction of what I would call a cell around her old bed. Using a whole mess of 2 x 4’s we bolted them together spaced 8 inches apart. Other 2 x 4’s went horizontally across them giving them support as well as a place to tie things to. Eyebolts were screwed into the wood in quite a few places – for my future bondage. Even the ceiling had 4 x 6 wood going across it. Tom didn’t harass me since he was in panties under Dee’s rule. But Dee and Karen sure got chummy in a hurry. She was showing her all sorts of tricks to keep me under her rule – but mostly there was spanking, and humiliation to keep me from regaining any allusion of my old male self.

The worst I thought was when we finished the cage around Karen’s old bed, and I was locked into it. Dee came into the room with a dildo strapped to her crotch – rising menacingly above her belly button. She stuck it between the wood ‘bars’ and told me “C’mon bitch, I know how much you love to suck a big cock – come get this one all nice and wet – cause I’m going to slide it deep into Karen puss.”

I put my hands on the wood frame and stuck my face up to the bars so she could slide the rubber dick down my throat. Dee’s breasts thrust against her tight bra, and her biceps bulged as she started to grip my face and slam my lips tighter around her 9” toy. While my eyes were taking in this wonderful aggressive bodybuilder I didn’t realize that Karen and Tom were standing near the doorway – watching me. My performance was cut short by my daughters’ amusement. “The slut LOVES cock – doesn’t she?” Then pushing Tom toward the caged bed, “Here – go give him a real cock that will squirt a lot of juice down his throat, and Dee – why don’t you come into the bedroom and use that on me!”

Karen was stark naked, all except a pair of red high heel pointy shoes. Her main asset - her ripe breasts - stood out from her chest much larger than Dee’s did. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and the only other hair I could see on her body was the little patch between her legs. Her pussy lips were puffy – as if they were waiting to get fucked. Fucked by Dee’s rubber toy since she was pushing Tom toward me. Karen’s legs didn’t come close to the thick muscularity that Dee has, but they did look firm, inviting and sexy! My daughter was a hot number.

Dee started to walk toward the door – past her husband, Tom when she quickly turned around. “Instead of Tom automatically getting a blow job – we’ll give you a fighting chance. Lets put them BOTH in the cell – each only wearing a pair of female panties. The only rule is – each of you can not remove your own panties. But the one who gets his panties off and subdues the other – gets a blow-job.” She unlocked the cage, pushed Tom in – and locked it behind him, throwing the key on the dresser – far away from either of our reach. “I’ll be back to find out who won – and I can bet I know who’s it is.” She said winking at Tom.

Dee strutted out of the room with her arm around Karen’s waist – and as they exited the doorway I saw her hand drop to the crack of Karen’s tight white ass.

I looked at Tom – “I don’t get it – we’re not suppose to remove our own panties – but get a blow job from each other?”

“Sure – I know you want my prick --- come and get it. Take my panties down RIGHT NOW and suck my dick.” Tom hissed.

I knew I was bigger than Tom. (Well, not in every department – but at least in height and weight.) And there wasn’t anything that SAYS I had to obey him – or be his cocksucker. There wasn’t a bet – or any reason why I should have to be his pet. So I bravely – or maybe stupidly – said “NO”

His confident grin didn’t linger. Instead he swatted my face in quick succession with the palm of his hand. He wasn’t using a fist – he was slapping me, but it hurt just the same.

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