tagIncest/TabooIt Started with the Holidays Ch. 02

It Started with the Holidays Ch. 02



November quickly turned into December, and it got colder. The house was poorly insolated, so sometimes, I had to hang blankets on the door to the laundry hall so it would keep the heat in. I'm glad my mom wasn't sleeping there. She used to, before it was just the two of us. We had attempted to bring in a little extra money by having someone rent the room in the kitchen, and since the laundry room bedroom was the coldest room, my mom took it. Of course, I had to make sure to hang the blankets. She wasn't going to do that.

Nothing had changed since our thanksgiving fling. Nothing. She was still demanding, we still didn't spend even a moment together if we could help it. The cats were allowed to eat off the table, and mom and I would retreat to our separate bedrooms to eat during meals when we were both here. The living room had only been used that thanksgiving day. Now it sat there, gathering dust again. Cats free to climb all about the furniture. But if all these walls could talk.

It looked like the only one that had changed was me. I felt so strange. My mother had counted on the fact that when I got drunk, I'd forget what happened to me. I would lose control like some of those girls on freaky movies that get raped after drinking too much. And she was wrong. Drinking wine only enhanced my horniness. I didn't keep my balance very well, but I did remember where and who I was.

And my mom had had sex with me that night.

It's funny. Since that June, after I'd heard her masturbating so loudly, I wondered who it was about. I wondered now if it had been me she had been thinking of. And I also wondered what sparked her sexual desire for me. Were we spending too much time together? Should I think about moving out? I needed a girlfriend of my own. Of course, now, all I did was go on my laptop to find videos of mothers and daughters fucking each other's brains out, like mom did to me that night.

Sometimes I got so horny thinking about it. But I had no desire to masturbate. I was a little prudish when it came to sex, and I guess not having someone else there made me feel uncomfortable with pleasuring myself. As if by having someone else there, it made my pleasure valid. This was different. Being alone and masturbating was forbidden to me. I don't know why. But thinking of her got me so hot.

When I did think about our little affair, and I wasn't horny, I often wondered why she had done that to me. Why she had had her way with me like that. I was her daughter for crying out loud. Was she mentally ill beyond my scope of help? Or was she sane? I had consented. So was I sane, or was I mentally ill? I wanted to think we were just two lonely, horny ladies who really wanted to get off that night. We had talked about boyfriends, girls, sex, and one thing had led to another. That was all. But she had let it get so carried away.

And the way she expressed herself. Moaning and saying such naughty things. It seemed like she was enjoying herself. So why stop? Or why not just talk about how we both felt? Was she scared? Was it just her and I having sex, or did we actually make love? If we did, what could that mean for our relationship? Maybe, if I loved her like she wanted to be loved, whatever she was thinking in her mind would vanish. She would no longer try to be such a know-it-all, or bossy or just all-around bitchy to people. Including me. Maybe I was her reason for leaving the drugs and wine. Well, no. Maybe not the wine. She had been so hot and horny that night. If I were to continue having sex with her, I'd want her to be just like that. If it took her getting drunk to do it, I say go for it.

What was I thinking? Did this mean I wanted a relationship with that woman? I hated her mannerisms. The way she was quick to yell when she didn't get her way. The way she lounged around the house and didn't really do much, leaving me to do all of it when I came home tired from work. The way she just thought she knew better than everyone. But her body, even for an older woman was so sexy. So arousing when I thought about it. She was good in bed. I like going down on her, and I liked it when she'd gone down on me. And the way she was so taken with my breasts. I liked it. Feeling her hands all over them, and her mouth. I think if she had a dick, she'd fuck them. The way she expressed so much joy at spanking my ass like that. She'd also promised me a sixty-nine, and a turn to worship her breasts. And believe me, I wanted to do it. I loved her body. So what was the deal?

I had a life to lead. I had work to be doing, and Christmas was coming up soon. So I'd just have to put it out of my mind.

Things resumed as usual that Christmas Eve. We got into three different fights, one where she actually yelled as loud as I've ever heard her yell, and told me that I was being ungrateful. That I needed to get my act together if I wanted to keep living there. So what was wrong that night? She kicked me out of the kitchen and I wasn't allowed to help at all for Christmas dinner. So I went shopping.

It was hard to shop for her, so I shopped with her in mind. I got myself a sexy night gown that was see through, and a lacy pair of panties. If she wanted me again this Christmas, I was going to have her in awe at how good I looked. I even measured myself and got myself a push up, like I imagined she liked. The nightie was low-cut, so she'd see my breasts pretty well. I think they'd be the first thing she'd notice. I also got a really nice lipstick that would make me look really good. I was not going to be caught off guard today.

I got her a case of cigarettes, as I knew she was already almost out. And I got her a bottle of wine that she'd like. I honestly didn't need to, she'd be well stocked on wine. It was the cigarettes she needed. But it was Christmas Eve and she was too busy with the dinner. I wondered if that was why she was so cranky. I saw the case in the recycling box that morning.

When I got home, she was in the shower. I went into her room, and saw the bed wasn't made. I put the case of smokes where she normally had them next to her dresser, and I hoped she'd notice. I hoped she'd be thankful.

We ate dinner in silence pretty much. She didn't say sorry for all the fighting. She had noticed the smokes. She had smoked a pack before dinner. That's why we found ourselves in silence right now, I'm guessing. She didn't know how to say thank you. She wondered if I wanted something in return. Well, I did, but only if she did. Otherwise, I just got her the smokes just because.

"If you want, I'll get started on the dishes today." I said breaking the silence.

"No. I'll do them." She said softly. "I..., well, let's say it's payback for the smokes you got me. I was pretty cranky. I guess that's what I was missing." She said bitterly.

That was as close to an apology as I was going to get. So I didn't push it.

"I'm going to do them tomorrow." She said softly.

"Do you have the day off tomorrow?" she asked looking hopeful."

Yes." I said hopefully as well. "It's weird. I have tomorrow off, and I work from the twenty-sixth to the thirty-first. Then the first is national hang over day, and I have that off." I said sighing. "Our schedule is weird."

"Yeah. Sounds like it." She said as she finished her plate.

"It was good food, mom. Thank you."

"Yeah. Sure. It was all right."

"I'm going to go shower and change into my pajamas." I said sighing.

"Fine. I'll be in the living room, watching TV if you wanna join me for drinks after. Of course, I'll probably be plastered by the time you get here."

"I'd like that." I said hoping it led where I wanted it to.

I went and took a short shower. I made sure to clean myself as well as I could. I wanted to smell nice and feel clean all the way through. If I was getting dirty, it was with cum and sweat.

I went to my room completely naked, not caring if she got a peak at me. Then I changed into my push up, and my nightie. I put my bath robe over that, as I was sort of cold. I knew that living room was a heated room, so I changed my mind. I wanted my mom to see me when I first walked in the door.

I walked in, and she turned to look at me. I saw her mouth fall open for the slightest moment as she took me in. I was wearing my see through nightie, my see through lacy panties, and my push up bra. My lipstick was good and done up, just the right shade of pink. I wore no shoes.

"Third bottle of wine." She said as she went back to her show.

I smiled as I sat on the other end of the couch. She knew how to keep my interest. We watched all the nick at night Christmas specials and drank. I'd wanted to start out with a glass, but she told me no one cared. Of course, I left lipstick all over the wine bottle, and I wondered how that made my mom feel. Eleven came and went. Then midnight. We exchanged a merry Christmas, and that was it. My mom and I didn't decorate. So there was no missile toe to pass under at the same time and have that as an excuse to make out. We weren't big on holidays. One o'clock came and went. And my mom and I were still drinking. We'd polished off three more bottles of wine. I think I'd had a whole one, and she'd had most of the other two. The Christmas food was a good cushion to make us both not feel so gross for drinking all this wine. And then, she said it.

"You like the food?"

"Yes." I said shyly as I looked over at her.

"Let's quit beating around the bush, Rebecca. Let's have sex." She said in a commanding tone.

"Yes mom." I said without putting up much of a fight.

"I want to start off like last time. With you on my lap, making out." She said as I scooted over to her. We met in the middle. "Reapply your lipstick. I want you to make out with me and see how it gets all over my lips." She ordered.

I did as she said and put it back on the coffee table. Then I sat on her lap and we both wrapped our arms around each other. I was wrapping them around her shoulders. She was wrapping them around my waist.

She didn't waste any time. She placed her lips on mine, and our tongues intertwined. She tasted of wine and cigarettes. The taste of the smoke was sort of a turn off, but not as much as I thought. She was quiet as usual. All we could hear was our lips smacking and slurping as we made out.

Her hands unwrapped themselves from my waist and she started squeezing on my breasts through my nightie.

"You look so sexy." She said between kisses. "I have to have you, Becca. I have to fuck you. Fuck, these tits are so heavenly. Mmm."

I wondered if she was going to have me moan or actually talk to her. I decided on just moaning and complying with her when she ordered me to do something. I was too uncomfortable yet to say much during sex. I was content to listen to her dirty talk and expression of pleasure.

"Stand up so I can hike up your gown. God I wanna feel those titties in my hands." She moaned. "I want you to sit on my lap and let me feel you up again like last time. It gets me so hot."

"Yes, mom." I said huskily as I stood and we both pushed my gown up. We didn't take it off just yet. But we pushed it up so my mom had room to get her hands up in there.

"Yeah. So sexy. Is your lipstick smeared on my mouth?" she asked as she pulled me down to her lap.

"Yes, mom." I said as I looked at her.

"Does it look hot?" she asked in a breathy tone. She was so hot and ready for sex.

"Yes." I said truthfully.

"Yeah. Fuck yeah. I can't wait to fuck you." She said as she started squeezing my breasts through my push up. "You look so hot in this bra. Such sensual tits. I just wanna lick them all over." She said softly.

She undid the bra and took my breasts out of the cups again. Her hands felt so good on my skin as she squeezed on them and rolled the nipples in her fingers. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth as we kissed. I started to grind my wet vagina on my mother's thigh. My panties didn't have a thickness to the cloth. So I knew my juices were getting on her own night gown.

"Stand up so we can switch positions." She said breathing heavily. "I want to sit on you and have you feel me up this time. I hope you like my titties as much as I love yours." She moaned.

"Yes, mom. I really do." I answered as we switched seats.

"I helped her hike her own gown up, and to my delight, she had on see through panties too. And she was shaved. Oh yeah, she was going to have a great night tonight. And so was I.

She straddled my thigh, and we began to kiss again. I had reapplied my lipstick like she asked, and was feeling it smear as we made out. I started out like she did and felt her breasts through her nightie. She was wearing no bra.

"I didn't need a bra. I want your hands all over my tits as fast as possible." She said as she read my thoughts. "I want to take my time to enjoy your titties in a bra." She said jumping as she started slowly grinding on my thigh. "Feel me up, baby girl." She moaned as she and I started kissing again. I

Squeezed and kneaded her breasts and felt the electric shock they produced in my groin. I needed to lick them. I wondered what was the big deal with breasts. Why they were such a turn on for me. Why they seemed to be such a turn on for my mom. I hoped I'd find out one day.

She ground herself on my thigh frantically as I slipped my hands up her gown and finally came in contact with my prize. Her breasts.

She tried hard not to moan out loud. I didn't know why, but my mom wasn't as vocal as she was in the bedroom when we were in the living room. As if anyone could really hear her. Which was sad, because I knew she wanted to say naughty things.

Her breasts were soft and wrinkly. Only because she had lost breast tissue as she got older and the skin had no way to firm up again. It wasn't elastic anymore. It was sexy though. I thought, for an older woman, she was sexy. Feeling her soft breasts in my hands was sexy. Feeling her twitch and jerk on my thigh was sexy. I wondered when she first found out she was this into breasts. I was too busy lost in her kissing and fondling to really give it much thought.

"Let's go to the bedroom, Rebecca. I wanna fuck." She said aggressively. "Bring your sexy lipstick. I want it on my titties as you suckle them tonight. I want a slut in my bed."

Wow she talked dirty. That got my juices flowing. She wanted me to be dirty, and I was prudish. So it was something that added to my erotic feelings.

I grabbed my lipstick and we headed to her room. The light was dim again, so I could still see her. I think she did it so she could see me in my nakedness. That was supposed to really embarrass me. But it really turned me on. Sex with my mother took me to new heights of arousal. I'd had sex with other women before, and it was never this good.

We both pulled our nighties off and tossed them in a pile. I pulled off my bra and we both pulled off our panties. She took mine in her hands and sniffed them. She tossed them back on the pile and walked to the bedroom and closed the door.

"Clean off that lipstick and eat me out, Rebecca. I'm hot." She moaned. "I want to ride your face to orgasm like last time. I'm sure it won't take long. You've got me so turned on." She said as she lay at the edge of the bed with her feet spread. "Eat my cunt, baby." She moaned.

She spread her lips open, and I stuck my face in. She tasted musky, sexy, salty, sweet. She tasted thick and creamy as I plunged my tongue into the center. Right into her vagina. My lips sucked on her, and my tongue fucked her just like I knew she liked. I rubbed my tongue on her hard throbbing clitoris and she moaned.

"Oh yeah! Eat me out, you slut! Eat your mother out! Oh fuck yeah! God you do it so good! Oh yeah! Eat me out, baby girl!" she moaned as she approached her peak. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum all over your face! I'm so close, Becca! Eat me out, baby girl! Eat your mother's pussy!" she moaned. "Oh shit yeah! Like a slutty daughter!" That pushed her over the edge. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Cumming on your tongue!" she shouted.

She thrust forward and ground her vagina right into my face. I had just enough time to get a breath as she sprayed me and rode me frantically. As she did, she moaned and shouted with joy. She was so, so hot. I could literally feel the heat coming from her vagina.

"That was good." She said as she scooted back up to the bed. "Dirty whore eats good cunt." She said making me so wet. "Fetch me the double dildo without harness. It's in my closet." She said aggressively. "And fetch me your lipstick. I wanna see it all over your titties as I lick and kiss them tonight." She said as I stood up and went to the closet.

I grabbed the dildo she was talking about, and I grabbed my lipstick. At this rate, it would be gone soon. But god I didn't care. We were having fun with it. I handed her the lipstick first, and I watched her do herself up. She handed it back to me, and I handed back the dildo.

"Come and climb on top and ride me. I'm going to feel you up like I did last time." She said huskily. "I want those tits shaking in my face as you cum."

"Yes, mom." I said as I put the lipstick back and went to the bed.

I climbed on top of her and I slid the dildo into me as far as it would go. Our vaginas touched, and she let out a moan. So did I.

"Ride me, sexy slut." She said as she thrust her hips up into me making the dildo hit sensitive spots. "Bring those tits over here so I can worship them." She ordered.

I moaned as I rode her while she felt me up. First she kneaded them, then she peppered them with kisses. Then she bit them gently and sucked them. In between sucking she talked dirty to me.

"Fuck yeah. Suckin' my daughter's titties." She moaned as I rode her. "Cum while I suck these pretty tits. Cum for me. You slut. You dirty little whore." She moaned as she bit at one of them. "You like it when I sex you up." She said as we fucked. "Cum for me, slut. Cum all over my thighs and pussy." She said as I rode her. "Then I'll have you lick it off." She moaned. I jerked as she bit at my breasts and licked them. "Yeah. Dangle those beauties in my face. God they're so hot. Rebecca, you're so hot." She said as we fucked. "Don't ever forget that. I'm the only one who can fuck you good. No man can do it like me. No other woman can love your hot titties and steamy pussy the way I do. That sexy bubble butt I just wanna spank for hours." She moaned as she continued to suck my nipples. "Your hot tits are covered in lipstick. You cheap whore. You dirty slut. Coming to get hot mommy sex. Riding me while I cover your boobs in kisses and bites." She moaned as I got really close. "I can tell my slut is close." She said as I rode her faster. I was moaning as she got louder so I could hear her. "You naughty whore. Let your mommy penetrate you with a big pink cock. Letting her suck your sexy titties. Letting her lick all over your cunt. You naughty slut. Letting your old mom sex you up like a whore."

I came. I couldn't help it. I came so hard and ground so fast. I truly had never remembered sex so good. I was moaning loud and grinding all over her as my juices flowed out. I moaned as I collapsed on top of her.

"Fuck yeah." She said softly. "Sexing you up so good. You'll never want it from no one else." She said as she and I broke apart. "It's my turn to cum again. Bring me the toy with the harness. I wanna give it to you doggy while I spank you." She said as she rubbed her clit with her hands. "After that, you'll wash your tits with some wipes on the dresser. We don't want the lipstick getting everywhere." She ordered.

I grabbed the used double dildo and put it on the towel she'd set out. I dug in the closet and grabbed the toy with the harness. I came back to her and handed it to her. She stood up off the bed and came over to me as she let the dildo drop to the bed. She wrapped me up in a tender hug and whispered in my ear.

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