tagLoving WivesIt Took Two Years

It Took Two Years


The following is a true story and is just as it happened. I have changed names to protect all those involved. A few years back, 1999 to be exact, my wife encouraged me to post the stories I had been writing to Literotica.com. Although we had known one another thirty years ago we only married four years ago. Every story that I write is based on something I have experienced or observed and then participated in. I have always believed, especially when it concerns sex, that if everyone is agreeable and it doesn't cause pain or involve children then try it.

Following one of the first stories I received an email. Most I received are sent by "Anonymous" but this one caught my eye as there was a screen name attached. It was a pleasant letter and I decided to write back. Dave and his wife Judy had been married for almost thirty years and he had been in the same branch of the service as I. Our friendship has grown to the point where we all exchange Christmas cards; have traded some of our X-rated video libraries, etc. We had many of the same interests the difference being that I had tried many things, where he had been interested and curious but had never experimented.

He especially enjoyed "Bisexual is OK" (see Literotica.com for the posted story). We both agreed that many men are curious about another cock, but there is a stigma attached and they are hesitant to explore this part of themselves. Dave and I have fantasized how if we got together with one of our wives present or both of them how we would not only enjoy the ladies but each other. Our fantasies have become so vivid at times there has been jack off sessions at the computer. Judy and Pat, my wife, although interested have no desire to participate in any three or four-some. They are curious though to see what would happen if Dave and I ever met. Living at opposite ends of the east coast our meeting in 'RL' is, or was not going to happen. That was until the day I received the following email.

Hi Jon....I've got vacation coming and Judy and I are going to load up the motor home and drive up to western New York. We figure it will take 3 or 4 days from south Florida. Is there any open sites there at the campground where you spend your summers.

I did some checking and found that there were open sites at the little campground where we stay, made a reservation and wrote him back. The next few weeks were a nervous time for all of us. Pat wasn't sure about meeting, and according to the emails I got from Dave everyday Judy was nervous also. It was agreed though that even if nothing sexual happened it would be enjoyable for all of us to finally meet in person.

"Hey Jon! That motor home towing the little car looks like it might be them."

I looked where Pat was pointing and it did have Florida plates. I jogged down towards the slow moving motor home, and recognized Dave and Judy from the picture they had send of themselves. "Hey Dave...DAVE!..we're back here. Your site is back here!" I called out.

Pat was standing nervously at the entrance to our site when I got back near her. Dave pulled into his site and her and Judy got out. We exchanged introductions and chatted for a few minutes, then left them alone to get set up and settled in. Dave told me later that their conversation was much the same as Pat's and mine after the initial meeting. That being they seemed like really nice people but not sure as to what would happen, etc. etc.

We went out for dinner that night and visited, and spent the next few days talking and sitting around the campfire. During the days we would go for a little ride and show them the sites in the area. It was spent just getting acquainted. For all appearances it was two older couples enjoying the summer. When in reality Dave and I knew what we wanted to do, and whenever we had a chance our eyes would wander down between the others legs and wonder. We did talk about our fantasies, but the girls still seemed hesitant so we didn't pursue the subject. When Dave and I were alone though, there was only one subject we discussed. We both knew that in the evenings after we had parted company and gone to our own campers, there were discussions with our wives and they were turned on by the fact of what Dave and I wanted to experience. Pat was getting off when she and I talked the same as Judy was doing with Dave.

We had finished dinner one night and I said to Dave, "I'm going to go up to the showers. The one in the camper is small and I need to move around and get some of this dirt off." I was looking at Dave but out of the corner of my eye was watching for any reaction from Pat.

"Let me get a towel and I'll go with" Dave looked at Judy. Both girls had little smiles.

"You boys have fun." They both said it almost together.

I walked in the camper to get a change of clothes and a towel. Pat followed me in, and I noticed Judy had followed Dave to their motor home. "What are you two going to do?"

I chuckled and gave Pat a hug, "I'm not sure, but am curious enough to find out....Are you OK with it?"

She leaned against me. "My pussy is as wet as your cock is hard right now thinking about what you two are going to do."

I gave her a kiss and knew that no matter what happened at the shower, that later tonight she would have her favorite vibrator working over her clit. I headed out the door and Dave was waiting for me, Judy wasn't anywhere around but I could see the outline of his cock inside his shorts. My heart was pounding so hard in my ears I could barely hear any other sound. We walked towards the showers not talking, each with our own thoughts. Finally I asked.


"Yeh, a little. How's Pat with this?"

"Quite honestly, she told me she was wet thinking about it."

Dave laughed. "Her too huh. Judy had her hand in her panties when I left."

We got to the showers and luckily there wasn't anybody around. The showers are a combination toilets/sinks/showers. At the end is one designed as a handicapped shower and was wider and longer. This was the shower I used from time to time because there was more room to move, so it was the one I headed for. Dave followed me in and I slid the catch closed in the shower door.

"You ok?" I asked. Dave stood somewhat hesitantly.

"Yes just nervous..excited..scared. All kind of rolled into one. We've talked about it and now here we are."

I laughed. "Yeh, we've talked for years, and never thought we would even met each other." I knew one of us had to make a move so I quickly took off my clothes and hung them on the little hook. My cock stood at attention and as I turned I could see Dave's cock pressing against his shorts. Picking up my soap I turned to the shower and adjusted the water flow. Stepping under I looked back at Dave. He was just hanging up his shorts, as he turned I had my first look at his cock. Pat had always said that I had a big cock, and at eight inches long with five inches around I always believed it. Watching as Dave approached the shower I could see he was as thick as me but had to be at least another inch in length. The head was long and slender and the crown seemed to blend in with the shaft with a very small rim. My cock had a more rounded head and a more pronounced knob.

I turned the soap in my hand and offered it to Dave. "Need some soap? But don't forget the old saying, don't drop the soap." I laughed.

Dave laughed along with me, "I was just thinking the same thing!....OH damn!" He stood absolutely still. Taking my soap covered hands I had taken his shaft and stroked the length, with my other hand I slowly stroked my own member. "Ohhh damn..." He stood watching my hand slide along his length.

"Feel good?" My hand moved faster. I could feel the pressure building in his balls. "You're going to cum, I can feel it." It had been years since I had done this and feeling the hard prick in my hand brought back memories. My own prick throbbed in my hand. The soap had expanded and the suds covered his cock and balls. Turning slightly the water washed the soap down our thighs. My fist continued jacking him off.

"It's damn erotic! Wish the girls...could...see this..." His hips began pumping against my fist and he reached forward, taking my cock in his hand he pulled my cock at the same tempo as I was doing his. He fell back against the shower wall, his body stiffened and the first load landed on my stomach. "Ohhhhdamnngood-d-d-d....ohhaaaaHHHH....." He continued pumping my cock as his unloaded cum onto his fist and my cock.

I watched his hand grip my cock and stroke as I jacked his load onto me. My legs felt weak and I reached out for the wall with my free hand. His cum was leaking down over my hand as his cock softened. I eased my grip and milked the end of his load. His hand moved faster up and down my shaft. I felt my balls tighten and my load travel the length of my shaft. Dave felt it too and increased his grip on my shaft, pumping faster. My hand was motionless and I held his softness in my fingers, I was going to cum!

"Cummmmmmm....." I groaned as he pulled the first load. "ahhHHDAMNN..." Dave pumped faster along the length. Cum shot over my hand and his flaccid cock. "ohhh..ohhhh..gawdddd..."

"Ohwow!...don't stop...I'm jacking you off..I'm making you cum." His fist slowed as the last of my load dripped onto the shower floor.

Emptied I leaned back against the wall. We both tried to catch our breath, our cocks hung limply between our legs. Each other's cum covered our cocks. We looked at one another and smiled.

"Damn! That was different....and erotic as hell!"

"For sure! And to quick!" I picked up the soap and began washing. "We better get moving though. We've been a while."

We finished up and headed down the path to the campsites. "Hey Jon, we need to take another shower tomorrow. That was fun, but I still haven't sucked or tasted a cock....."

"You've still got a few days left, and depending on how Pat and Judy are about it, maybe we'll be allowed to shower again." I laughed.

Judy waved from the motor home window. "We're in here! We were going to send out search teams for you guys! Thought you had drowned or got lost!"

We laughed. "No just wrinkled like a couple prunes." Dave said as we walked in.

"Yeh, I bet there is a couple small wrinkles!" Pat laughed.

The girls were sitting in the living room chairs. Judy in a sundress and Pat in an ankle length shift. At least they were smiling and joking I thought to myself, so everything can't be all bad. I sat down on the couch and Dave went to the fridge for a couple beers. He sat down beside me and handed me one.

"I guess we've been gone awhile. There are a few empty wine coolers by the sink." Dave chuckled.

"Pat and I have been talking while you were gone, and we've had a couple while we waited for you guys." They smiled and looked at each other. "We decided that you guys were wanting to fulfill a dream, and we don't want to keep you from that...but there is a couple stipulations." Dave and I looked at each other with questioning looks. "....Pat and I don't want to take any part in it.....or be asked to...."

Dave and I nodded and answered together, "...that's not much to ask."

"Judy, wait a minute before you go on...I just thought of another 'rule'...when we're inside they should be naked. They've wanted to see each other, and besides you and I can get a show too!" Judy was nodding in agreement when Pat looked over to Dave and I. "Well?...well?..." she waved her hand at us."...get undressed...."

I looked over at Pat, she smiled, and nodded then looked towards Dave. I glanced at Judy and she was watching me intently. I felt Dave removing his clothes so I pulled my shirt and shorts off and sat naked. My cock was only partly erect and lay between my legs resting on my balls. Dave was harder and his cock was beginning to thicken and lay in the crease between his thigh and abdomen.

"You said there was another one. What is it?" Dave smiled and gave me a nudge with his elbow. "I think we can handle it."

Judy looked up from where my fingers were playing with my prick and looked over at Pat. Pat took her eyes from Dave's cock and looked at Judy. They hesitated for a second, then a small smile played across her lips and Pat broke into a grin and winked at Judy. Judy looked at both of us sitting naked. "You two have talked about how guys are always turned on watching two girls do each other, and you've questioned Pat and I about if it is also a turn on for women to see two guys do each other. Dave you know, and I'm sure you have told Jon, how much the thought has turned me on the past few days...."

".....Jon you know what it has done to me...." Pat picked up from Judy's start. "..and I'm sure you've told Dave what it's done to me...so I guess you're question is answered..."

Dave and I had nodded as they had talked, because we had done just that. Pat had always enjoyed masturbation and since Dave and Judy had gotten in she had been excited continuously and I had had the pleasure of watching her pleasure herself, and me, a number of times. Dave had shared that Judy had been much the same way. We had laughed that we both had been having to take afternoon naps because the wives were wearing us out.

"Dave when you left you know how excited I was...and you know what I was going to do....right?" Judy smiled.

"Ahh...no....yes....I think...." Dave stammered but I could see his cock was paying attention, the same as mine. Both of us had begun to harden as our minds raced ahead at what Judy was going to say. Of course, sitting naked in front of the girls, and Judy watching my cock, didn't help. Dave I was sure was having the same thoughts and feelings, as Pat hadn't taken her eyes off him playing with his prick.

"...I did. I pulled my dress up and panties down and masturbated thinking of you two together in the shower. It felt so good..." Judy looked at my fingers moving along my cockshaft. "I straightened myself up and walked down to Pat's to see how we were going to handle what you guys were doing in the shower. I had all ready thought about how I felt about it, which were positive, but I wanted to see what Pat's feelings were..."

Pat hadn't taken her eyes from Dave's growing cock and his fingers rubbing along the length as Judy was talking. Without taking her eyes away she spoke. "I was just as horny as Judy, and as soon as Jon left I got the vibrator out and pulled my dress up." She smiled as Dave's cock came to full erection and his fist began stroking. "I didn't have panties on...and I was at the peak of my orgasm when I heard a gasp and Judy was standing in the door. I couldn't stop and she saw me crash over the top...."

"Oh my gawd!" My cock too was now hard and I grasped it in my fist.

Both girls giggled. "No nothing happened, but Pat and I agree it was erotic. And we knew what you guys would think when we told you. Which brings us to the final...I don't think we can call them stipulations.....let's say 'requests'. Our final request is we want to watch.." Judy glanced over at Pat. "We've listened to you two guys fantasize for so long, we want to watch you fulfill those fantasies...."

"Your cocks are so nice and hard." Pat spoke softly. "Don't either of you dare cum yet. We told you what happened here while you were gone....now we want to hear what happened in the shower.....in detail..." She smiled and they both waited.......

I sat stunned! Trying to digest all that I had just heard. My cock throbbed and I had to release my grip as I was close to cumming. Dave was in the same situation as me and pressed his palms flat against his thighs. His cock stood rock hard up along his stomach. I began relating all that had occurred in the shower and provided as much detail as possible. Dave from time to time would interject his feelings and add to the detail. The girls sat and listened intently staring at our cocks. It was evident they were both excited as four nipples pressed against the fabric of their dresses and their thighs were squeezed tightly together.

"Actually, all that happened," I reached over and took Dave's cock in my hand and slowly pumped. Both girls gasped as I touched his cock. "Is we jacked each other off.....like this...." Dave had reached over and we sat stroking each other. Judy and Pat stared as we stroked one another. "Everything happened so fast we hoped we would have another chance..." Holding the base of Dave's cock I bent over and took the head between my lips. His hardness filled my mouth I opened wider and felt the crown slip between my lips. My tongue circled the head and my fist stroked the exposed shaft.

"Oh my gawd!" Dave held my cock..his legs opened wider...he raised his hips to me each time I stroked up his shaft and my head went down taking more of his cock in my mouth. "Oh gawd..oh damn..oh damn...." I moved faster, enjoying the feel of the cock in my mouth. I could feel his cock swelling as I pumped his shaft. I knew he was going to cum and was trying to hold it back but I wanted his cum to fill my mouth. Raising up I could feel the cock tip against my lips, I watched my fist jack him off.

"Cum in my mouth...watch the first load shoot in my mouth..." His cock head was turning a deep purple, my hand pumped faster. I watched as his balls began to move pushing his load into his cock. I licked the head and sucked it into my mouth, my hand pumping. "You watching...you're going to cum in my mouth...." Everything else ceased to exist except for the cock in front of me. I was going to get a load. The muscles in his thighs and ass tightened trying to hold back. I licked...sucked...pumped... "Watch Dave...look..."

His fingers gripped the fabric of the couch and he lifted up towards my mouth. "I am..ohh..you..wouldn't belive what's.... oohhhHHHHHHHHHH.....MYYY.. cumm-M-M-M-M-M!!...aarrgghhhhHHHHH ....." It happened. I opened my mouth wide and his first load shot into the back of my throat. Swallowing I took as much of him deep and with my lips and fist pumped and sucked the remaining load from his spasming cock. My mouth filled with the hot salty juice and I would swallow. The spurting slowed and his body relaxed onto the couch. His cock softened and I gently pulled the entire length into my mouth before releasing it with a soft 'plop'. "Damn Jon...I never....wow..." I sat back still holding his flaccid prick in my hand. The veins stood out on my cock and it throbbed for release. Precum coated it completely. "It's my turn to return the favor..." His hand closed around me sliding easily with my lubrication. "... and for you to enjoy the show...." His head dropped in front of me and I felt myself enter his mouth. His lips closed over me below the crown and he began to suck me.

I watched him go down, then suddenly remembered we had company. I had forgotten the girls were watching. "damn...DAMN!.." I gasped as I glanced up.

Dave was on his knees beside me, his cock still dripping cum onto the cushions. He released me for only a moment, "Yeh that's what I meant." Then he closed back over my cock. I knew I wasn't going to last long before he got my load!

I stared at Judy and Pat sitting across from us. They sat watching us, on the floor were two pair of crumpled panties. Pat's dress was pulled up around her waist with one leg was over the arm of the chair. Her pussy hair that she kept neatly trimmed was matted with her juices. She held the lips open with one hand and her other fingers were working feverishly over her clit. "ohhh damn Dave-e-e-e.." My balls began to grumble as they filled. He cupped them as his other hand and mouth worked in unison on my cock.

I looked towards Judy and felt my cum enter my cockshaft, my body stiffened. Dave felt it to and worked faster on my filling cock. Judy had both legs over the arms of the chair. There was not a hair on her naked pussy. The lips were swollen and a deep pink. One hand held the end of a dildo that split her wide as she fucked herself. Her other fingers pulled and rubbed her clit. She, just as Pat, mesmerized watching Dave going down on my cock.

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