It Was an Accident


My cock was more than showing I liked what she was doing, “You seem to be enjoying this!” Mary said as she looked at my swelling cock.

“I’m sorry Mary but dam woman you look good!” I said to her. “Lynn come over her and get on the blanket with Mary will you.”

“Mary smiled at me, “I don’t think that is going to happen Sam. I think she is busy!”

I looked over just in time to see Tom slip his hard dick into my wife’s wet hole! She was bent over a big rock with her ass in the air and Tom had her by the hips pushing his dick into her.

“My God” I thought, “My brother is fucking my wife right in front of me!”

I had been so busy looking at Lynn and Tom as they fucked that I didn’t know Mary had moved until I felt her take my dick in her hand. I looked down at her just in time to see her take it deep into her throat! She was looking up at me with fire in her eyes as she sucked me. She pulled back from me.

“I don’t want them to be the only ones to have fun!” She turned onto her knees pushing her ass up in the air at me as I moved to her.

I went to my knees behind her pushing my face into her open pussy. My nose went into her wet hole as I sucked her clit into my mouth nipping it with my teeth then slipped back up to stick my tongue deep into her pussy hole. God she was so wet and I sucked her juices from her like I was drinking water. I went back to her clit sucking it like a small dick until I felt her start to cum!

“Oh God yes Sam suck me! Ohhhhhhh!” I held her tight to my face until she slowed down her humping. Mary was trembling in my hands like she was cold as I moved in behind her. She put her face down on the blanket as she reached back to hold her self-open for me. I couldn’t help my self and moved back to the camera taking a few shots of the sweet thing holding her self open to me, wanting what was coming next!

“Sam, Oh Sam stop please! Just fuck me! Let me feel that cock in me!”

I moved back behind her taking my cock in my hand. I put it against her open hole and pushed slipping my cock deep into her hot hole. God she was tight and hot! I had never felt heat like that and as I started to move into her I knew I would not last long! I looked over to see Lynn setting on top of Tom watching me fuck my sister in law! It was too much and as I felt Mary start to push back into me I came! “

UNGGGGGGGGG odohhhhhhhh! Shitttttttttt Mary ohhhhhhh!”

She was grunting through her own climax coming with me. She was slamming her self onto my cock as I pumped my load deep into her hot pregnant pussy! I was pulling on her full breasts holding her nipples in my fingers pushing as deep into her as I could when suddenly I came again! I had never come twice like that in my life and this time I came so hard my toes hurt! Mary pulled away from me turning as I shot the last of my seed out of the end of my dick. She sucked my dick back into her mouth taking the last of my load down her throat! She sucked me then licked me clean as she played with my balls.

Mary pulled me down besides her kissing me so that I could taste our mixed juices as we held each other both of us trembling from our climax! We lay like that for a while just kissing softly until she looked at me.

“You know you are only the second man I have ever been with and that we just don’t do this? I mean we have never done any thing like this before. I mean I don’t want you to think I am a slut!”

I pulled her to me kissing her softly as she pushed her tummy into mine. I listened to Terry grunting making the noise I knew she only made when she was coming as Tom pounded into her. “I don’t think you are a slut and as far as I know my brother is also the only other man to have Lynn.” I ran my hand over her bare full belly then reached back to cup her soft ass cheek, “Are you ok?”

“Oh yes! I just had two of the best orgasms of my life and am wondering what will happen next.” She looked over at Lynn and Tom as they walked to the blanket to set with us. “Yes I think I am more than ok!” She pulled me to her kissing me again as she snuggled back into my arm’s then whispered to me, “Yes Sam I am just fine!

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