tagIncest/TabooIt Was Meant To Be Ch. 02

It Was Meant To Be Ch. 02

byNemasis Enforcer©

Andy woke the next morning to find that he was still on Dawn and Stacy's bed. Alone and naked, the bright morning sun shone threw the window blinding him temporarily while his eyes adjusted.

He got up and grabbed his clothes from the floor, all except his y-fronts that were no-where to be found, he decided just to leave them off when he saw a note on the pile it read:

God Andy last night was great. We’re at college right now and will be gone most of the day. We will call you sometime and arrange another meeting for tonight or something.

Well you don’t know this but as I write this you look so damn cute laying on our bed like you are now, all naked and vulnerable, oh god I better stop I’m getting wet, we'll call you soon bye-bye.

Stacy and Dawn. (kiss kiss)

PS: Dawn took your pants ’coz she said since she couldn't fuck you she wanted to at least smell your cum on her all day so I think she left you the pair of her panties that she took off last night. You don’t have to wear them if you don’t want, but please by all means keep them.

Andy looked around and finally saw a pair of black panties with a big dark spot where Dawn's pussy would have been. He brought it to his face and gave it a deep sniff “god the smell is magnificent” he thought as the pungent odor of which only a woman's sex can smell invaded his nose causing him to become erect. He looked at the clock 11: 30 AM.

"No time to jack off now" he said aloud as he quickly got dressed shoving the panties into his jean pocket for future use and heading for the door.

Andy ran home and had just closed the door as Debbie walked into the kitchen coming face to face with her brother.

"Well, where were you all last night, not even a phone call?" Debbie asked in mock annoyance as she smiled at her brother. Andy smiled back his face giving his night away. "Well young man?" Debbie teased him for an answer.



"Out that’s all you need to know."

"Really well how about I find out for myself?” Debbie said as she rushed across the kitchen floor and grabbed Andy playfully, wrestling with him until they were both laughing and rolling around on the floor.

"I'll never tell you" Andy said as he tried to hold his older sister off him as she got on to his back and tried to reach into his pockets.

"Tell me and I’ll get off you Andy" she said playfully as she again tried to get into his pockets. This time Andy could not stop her and she pulled out the pair of black panties. Lifting them to her face she let go of Andy and her fell onto all fours.

"What are these Andy, where did you get them from?" she asked more seriously as she looked down at him.

Andy got a real nervous look on his face as he struggled for an answer.

"Well what are these, well, who's are these should I say?" Debbie probed, her face a bit of a scowl as she asked. She lowered the panties down to Andy who immediately tried to snatch them back, but Debbie pulled them away too quickly.

"Well?" she asked again.

"They’re Dawn's" he said quietly not making eye contact with Debbie.

"Dawn's? So you mean you two…" Debbie stopped and looked closer at the panties saw the dark stain and smiled.

"Not really" Andy said which was true. It was Stacy he had fucked not Dawn.

"Well these say otherwise,” she said as she waved them in front of Andy's face.

Andy swallowed hard and looked up at his sister who was smiling and he realized she was only messing with him.

"Congratulations" Debbie said as she hugged him and helped him up "So you finally did it, I told you it would come naturally didn't I" she said as she hugged her brother again.

"Well I wouldn't say anything was natural,” he said which caused Debbie to let go and look at him.

"What do you mean?"

Andy proceeded to talk Debbie all the way through the night’s actions, about being with Dawn and Stacy at the same time, about cumming in his pants, about Dawn not being on the pill and Stacy being on it, everything. Debbie hung on his every word, her nipples beginning to harden as her brother told her every little detail, her panties becoming wet.

"So these were the panties Dawn wore last night were they?" she asked as she held them up in both hands spreading them to get a full view.

"No, she had on a thong. Those she must have put on sometime during the night,” he said back looking at them too.

The door suddenly slammed open and Andy's mother walked in. Seeing her son sat there she instantly began screaming at him.

"Where were you all last night I was worried sick about you!" she screamed at her shocked son.

"I was...." Andy didn't know what to say he couldn't tell her the truth she would have killed him even though he was 18, his mother still held a lot of sway with him and he always did what he was told by her.

"Well?" his mother demanded.

"He was with some friends, he called to say but I forgot to tell you" Debbie said quickly giving Andy a little smile. He smiled back.

"Oh really? Then whose are those knickers in your hand Andy?" his mother asked. She pointed to the panties he had just taken from Debbie before their mother came in, Andy looked at them and back to his mother.


"They’re mine mum. Andy was just going to put them in the washing machine for me when I sat him down to ask him something, then you walked in" Debbie interrupted him, their mother gave him a deep unconvinced stare then nodded and walked off through the living room and into the garden.

"Thanks" Andy said to Debbie as she put the panties into his pocket.

"No problem Andy, and don’t worry I won’t ever tell mum about what you did you can trust me, I‘ll do anything for my little brother" Debbie said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Andy had noticed she had put a lot of emphasis on the word 'Anything' but soon let it slip from his mind. As he went up to his room to get a shower and to put on a fresh pair of pants, he put the panties under his mattress and lay down for a while thinking about Dawn and Stacy.

A loud shouting of his name woke him; it was his mother dinner was ready. He looked at the clock and it was gone 2 PM, he must have fallen asleep while thinking of last night’s antics. He quickly got off his bed and went to the dining table where he was met by entire family; mum, dad, and sister, he got some wicked looks from both parents and a really loving one from Debbie.

It had always seemed like the two of them against the world, what ever had happened they had always stuck together. Debbie had dumped many a boyfriend for Andy because they would either make fun of him or do something mean to him. She’d had a few fights with girls who picked on him when he was younger and she always covered for him when he was in bother with their parents, even if she knew he had done something wrong.

Their parents on the other hand were always shouting at him. His dad worked in a high power job and was used to getting things done when he said so, no arguments, and no complaints. Their mother was much the same, one of those overbearing mothers who were always worried sick that her daughter would come home pregnant one day or her son would get a girl pregnant and both ruin their lives. That was why they both still lived with them, their mother and father always told them they could stay at home as long as they wanted and until they finally met a good partner (e.g. a partner they approved of, preferably picked by them) and moved out into their own homes.

Andy was always doing what he was told and he always had throughout his life, he knew nothing different, but along time ago, Debbie had said enough and done her own thing. Their parents had given up trying to control her and concentrated all their efforts and anger from Debbie's outward ways on to Andy. When he was younger he had dreamed of just leaving one day, walking out and living with someone else, but that dream was from a long time ago and he had since come to realize it was harder than that. There was no way could he afford a house and since he had no job or college education there was not much chance of leaving.

Debbie could have gone along time ago if she had wanted; she was never told what to do and if she wanted to go out and sleep with strangers she would. She had tons of qualifications and could do any job, but for now she was happy to stay with Andy. The reason was that she wanted to keep him safe and to try and convince him to stand up to them, she knew if she left he would never get out ‘till they were dead. He needed to be looked after and she was the only one who would.

Andy and Debbie sat on one side of the table, their mother and father on the other. Giving him dirty accusing looks, he just sat and ate in silence not looking at them just at his food.

A conversation eventually started and their parents said how they were going away for a week on Monday. Their dad had apparently got to go to Vegas to sort out something or other and since their 22nd Anniversary was next week they were going to stay for the week, leaving Andy and Debbie alone, this was joy to Andy's ears, a week of doing what he wanted, not being told what to do, living his own life for the first time ever, he couldn't wait.

Dinner ended and Andy was asked what he was doing for the afternoon, he said he was just going out to meet friends and would be back for tea.

His mother told him to be back by 6:30 PM as he left by the front door.

Andy called around his friends but no one was coming out. He’d known they wouldn't be but he’d had to leave the house for a little while at least. He was gone for about an hour before walking back in, his dad was back at work now and his mother had gone to get some shopping, Debbie was no where to be found.

Shutting the door Andy went upstairs to his room. On his way he heard Debbie, she was in hers, the door open quite widely letting quite a lot of noise come out.

Andy was just going to walk past like normal but he heard something that made him stop. A loud moan came from Debbie followed by another, curiosity overcame Andy and he poked his head around the door what he saw shocked him.

Debbie was laid on her bed her left hand pushed into her pants rubbing her pussy, her right holding Dawn's panties on her face, rubbing the crotch into her soft skin breathing in the pungent odor. Her eyes were covered by the black material, which meant that she could not see Andy. Her moans were loud enough so that she did not hear him come in through the door. Andy looked on in shock; his sister was masturbating to a huge orgasm, using Dawn's smelly panties as stimulation. His cock was painfully hard just like the night before. He realized she must have gone looking for the panties in his room when he went out and would probably put them back when she was done, so, not wanting to get caught spying he grudgingly left her room and went down still visualizing his sister upstairs.

15 minutes later Debbie came walking down and saw Andy sat watching TV.

"Hi Andy thought you were going out?" she said as if nothing had happened and she had just been sitting around, not masturbating with her brothers new girlfriends panties. Andy of course was more worried she had caught him looking but she seemed not to have.

"Hi Deb."

"Anything interesting on?" Debbie asked as she looked out the window.

"Nah just think I’ll go up to my room for a while, see ya" Andy said as he began walking up to his room. Once there he immediately checked under his mattress. Debbie had put the panties back under there. He looked into the hall then closed his door, stripped naked and grabbed the panties from under his bed. He took a big sniff while wrapping his hand around his cock and starting a steady rhythm, all the while sniffing the panties, which for some reason didn't smell the same as earlier. He could still smell Dawn but there was also a new smell, the same sort but more tangy and strong it really turned him on more then before, both smells combining in his nostrils.

Andy had been masturbating for about 5 minutes when he heard his door creek open slightly; he stopped suddenly and looked at the door. He waited for a while to see if anyone was there but there was no one. He decided that it was his imagination and went back to his rubbing, moaning out as he felt his pleasure began to rise, it took about another 5 minutes before he splattered his cum all over his hand and stomach. Taking one last sniff of the panties he wiped up his cum with a tissue and lay quietly on the bed, calming down.

It was 7:30 that night when the phone rang.

"I'll get it" Andy said as he rushed to pick up the phone "Hello?"

"Hi Andy, I told you we'd call" It was Stacy.

"Yer you did so how's things?"

"Fine but not as good as last night!" she said sexily.

"So you didn't regret it then?" Andy asked.

"Are you kidding it was excellent, oh, and by the way Dawn went to the doctors today and got the pill, so in a month or so you can have both of us. Won’t that be great?" Stacy said happily down the phone to the exited teenager.

"Perfect, that’s what it'll be!"

"Well, when are we going to meet for a repeat then?" Stacy asked.

"Oh, I can't this week but next week we'll have the entire week alone, so I’ll call you this weekend and we'll sort it out, that ok?"

"Well I suppose me and Dawn can wait if it’s going to mean a whole week together!" Stacy said excitedly, but covering it with mock disappointment. "Oh before I forget did you take Dawn's panties, she wants to know so she doesn’t think she lost them"

"Yer I’ve got them in my room, what about mine?"

"What, your panties? I didn't know you wore them you little pervert" Stacy joked.

"No my y-fronts! What did Dawn do with them anyway?"

"She took them to college with her. She put them on backwards so she could feel your creamy cum on her tight ass all day and every time she sat down she told me how her soft ass cheeks were squidging against them. Oh god I’m getting so wet thinking about it and the smell; I think everyone could smell you on her but she didn't care" Stacy said. The mere thought of what he had just been told made Andy hard and horny.

"Stacy you better stop or I’ll have ruined another pair of pants!" Andy joked with her.

"I know the feeling, well I’d better go and tell Dawn that next week you'll be with us all week, see you then, call us!" Stacy hung up leaving Andy horny as hell and needing release, he replaced the phone and went upstairs to his room.

Once there he immediately got naked and pulled his mattress to the side looking for the panties but they weren’t there, he looked around all under it but nothing.

"Shit where are they?" he cursed as he looked.

"Looking for these by any chance?" he spun, totally naked to face his sister as she swung the panties around her wrist. "Woooo look at you, that phone call did something to you" she said smiling as she looked at his hard cock.

"Debbie…err" Andy quickly looked around for something to cover himself with, finally settling on a t-shirt which he held around his waist, then he looked back at her blushing.

"So my little brother's a panty sniffer is he?" she asked.

"NO, yes, no" Andy didn't know what to say.

"Come here you idiot" Debbie said as she walked towards him, swaying her sexy hips.

"What are youuuu?" Andy's voice went high as Debbie grabbed his cock threw the t-shirt and gave it a squeeze.

"I saw you watching me today, when I had your girlfriends panties this afternoon, in fact that was the whole idea, she smells really great, pity she's off limits for now" Debbie said, as she started pulling his cock through her closed fingers, causing him to moan.

"It must have been great, to be with both of them, but now you have to wait for nearly a week till your next time, that’s an awful long time now you've tried sex for real" Debbie slid her other hand around Andy’s back and pulled his hand away from the t-shirt letting it drop, only to be held to him by Debbie's slender hand.

"Hhhmm this looks like it needs attention!" Debbie said as she dropped to her knees in front of Andy. Her face was only inches from his t-shirt covered cock. She let go of the t-shirt letting it fall to the floor and his cock sprang free sticking straight into her face. She looked at it lovingly before leaning her head forward and, opening her mouth, she let the purple head slide in.

"OOOHHHH GOD Debbie" Andy moaned as he felt his cock slide into her throat.

"HHMMMMMM" Debbie moaned around his cock as it hit the back of her throat.

"Oohh wow Deb, god its soooo good to have you like this" Andy admitted as he moaned from the pleasure, Debbie kept up a steady rhythm of sucking him deep into her throat then back to her lips.

While still on her knee's with her brother’s cock in her throat, Debbie undid her shirt and slid it off then unhooked her bra and removed it too, before taking hold of his cock again in her hands.

"Oh wow Deb" Andy said as his orgasm neared. He looked down at her firm breasts; they were a little bigger then when he had seen them all those years ago. Debbie knew he wouldn't last much longer and let his cock slip from her mouth before standing up to face him.

"So Andy when is Dawn going to be ready for you?" Debbie asked.

"About a month" Andy said breathing heavy "why?"

"Well I had an idea, you really like Dawn don’t you?" Debbie asked looking down to Andy's cock, which was twitching, on its own. She wanted to make him wait a while so he wouldn't cum as fast.


"Well I have an idea, why don’t you fuck me and pretend I’m Dawn?" Debbie suggested.


"Well I want you and you want Dawn and we have her panties so I’ll put them on and I will get the smell of Dawn on my Pussy then we'll fuck and you can know what its going to be like with Dawn" Debbie suggested as she picked up Dawn's panties and took a smell before dropping her own tight pants and thong, kicking them off her legs and standing naked before Andy.

"OH God Deb that would be great" Andy said as he hugged her, his cock pushing into her stomach.

Debbie smiled and pulled on the panties, they were a tight fit but she managed to get them on and fitting snug around her pussy.

"Oh god Andy they’re tight and warm!" she said as she pushed him onto his bed, laying him back and standing over him looking down threw her tits at his eager face.

"Can you smell her Andy?" Debbie asked as she lowered her pussy to his face. Andy took a deep sniff then nodded. "Good, now pull them off for me".

Andy did as Debbie asked and hooked his fingers into the tight sides of the panties before sliding them down her thighs and to her feet. She lifted one then the other as Andy pulled them off totally, holding them to his chest.

"Here I come Andy, here comes Dawn's nice pussy for you, do you want it now?"

"Oh god yes Dawn, do it" Andy growled as Debbie turned away from his face and moved down the bed giving her brother a good look of her tight ass before turning back to face him. Now her pussy was directly over his cock and as she knelt over him her pussy was now inches from his cock.

"Does Andy want Dawn now?"

"Yes he does, so badly,” Andy moaned almost whiningly.

"Then her she comes!" Debbie said as she lowered herself onto his stiff cock, sinking it all the way in, in one swift motion.

"OOOOHH Wow Andy yesss" Debbie moaned as she felt his cock go fully into her, her inner walls contracting around him giving him a tight fit. "Oohh wow hhmmm" she moaned more as she pushed up so that only the head was in her before sliding back down.

"YESSS Dawn, do it, fuck me good" Andy moaned as Debbie began moving faster on him grinding her pussy on to him harder as well as her hips.

"AAHHHHH GOD ANDY, OOHHHHHHH WWOOOOW, GOD YESS HHHMMMMM, YOU’RE SO GOOD, YESS FUCK ME NOW DEEP, OOH, OH!" Debbie screamed as she came hard. Grabbing the panties from Andy's chest and rubbing them all over her tits and face smelling them deeply.

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