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It Was Still HIS Idea


If you don't like the cuckold, fem dom thing stop reading now rather than just send anonymous abuse. To those that asked (once again anonymously) why I hate men, the title is the clue as to how stupid you looked. Thank you to all the positive and constructive negative feedback for the first part, If you can't be constructive, then just don't bother.


A few weeks had moved on since our discussion on how I should cuckold hubby, he still hadn't seen me naked and I was still unsure but in need of a real cock rather than just a battery operated one.

I asked him his ultimate fantasy and made him lay back naked on the bed and stroke himself slowly while I listened and gently ran my hand around his body. He said that ultimately I would bring the guy home and after shagging him, walk into the spare room, make him get out of bed and face the wall. He then wanted to ask me questions while he wanked, preferably with the date standing behind me describing how I was naked but he was not to turn and look. All seemed a bit far fetched to me and I couldn't see anything like that happening but I did start to get quite fruity so I stopped him touching himself and made him put his mask on. I wanted to cum and lay back as he took off my knickers. I wanted him to make me cum without using his mouth or fingers. He started rubbing me with his knee of all things but it was hitting the spot. As I got close I decided to push him a bit further, I stopped him and started to use my fingers on myself, using my most sultry voice, I told him what I was doing and invited him to wank hard and fast and he was not to stop or cum until I told him, I gave it a few strokes and said "If you cum you have to clean it up with your tongue" Perfect. He shot all over my stomach. He hesitated. I said that if he really wanted all this he would do it and he moved forward slowly. I grabbed his hair and pulled him down. Seems a little push was all he needed and he lapped it up keenly.

Afterwards he told me that he would also like to dress me for a date and see me off. This I could play with easily. That Saturday I made him run me a bath, and once I'd turned my back to him asked him to undress me. He made damn sure he got a feel of my tits as he took off my jumper and bra, then kissed my arse as the knickers came down. I told him to wait in the bedroom while I bathed, I kept him waiting some time before walking in wrapped in my towel. I dried myself off in front of him being really careful not to show him too much and then told him he could now dress me in the clothes I had left out. First was a pair of lacy black and pink French knickers and matching bra. Once in these I turned to face him and let him kiss me through the front of my knickers saying "just think, the next time they come off it will be for someone else's benefit and they will see what you can't." Then he put on my black tights and topped it off with a very short black dress and helped me step into a pair of black heels. I told him no wanking and to be in bed when I got home. I would ring to tell him I was on my way back.

What I hadn't told him was that I was out with the girls just having a girlies night out. Guys kept hitting on me but none really interested me. I don't know what I would have done if I'd liked one of them. I may well have followed it up. I went back to Sandras and drunkenly told her about hubby's fetish for me being with another bloke. She reckoned I should go for it if I could find someone nice enough but understood my reservations.

I rang home and got in about three thirty. I wandered upstairs and straight into the bedroom where he was lying awake.

"A good night?"

"Oh yes"


"Depends how you mean, but I think so."

Tell me about it?"

I took off my tights and straddled him, pulling my knickers to one side, I told him how some bloke had taken me home and done this that and the other to me. I decided to give him a treat tonight as I needed it and let him shag me. It lasted all of a few seconds, hardly surprising really so no moans from me (in more ways than one).

I told him the truth about what happened and that his reaction told me that he was really serious and our relationship had come to the fork in the road and we had to be careful how we took the turn. I told him I wasn't happy about bringing anyone home and that if it happened it had to be away on a weekend.

Next morning he was on the internet booking a weekend up north.

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