Linda Brooks sat on the couch in her den reading Good Housekeeping. She had the stereo playing the Grand Canyon Suite. Outside, the wind was blowing the branches of a tree against the house. From the lower level of her tri-level house, the voices of her husband's poker pals occasionally interrupted her concentration.

It was Saturday night. The Saturday night poker game had been a feature of her thirty-seven year marriage to Tom. Like every wife, Linda had a short list of things she would change, if she could. She liked all the men who came to play poker. She did find some of their remarks about women offensive. Some of Tom's comments were a tad boorish.. Two in particular both vexed her as well as struck her as funny. Whenever Tom referred to a man being with a woman for sex, his statement is, "I'll bet he tore himself off a nice piece of ass." Linda had sex with six men before she married Tom, as well as sex with five men since. Her ass had not been torn or otherwise mutilated, thank you.

The other was Tom's reference to himself as three-hundred pounds of dynamite with a six-inch fuse. Linda confided to her sister that if Tom was as inaccurate in his measurement while constructing buildings that he worked on as he was in measuring his own cock, then somebody was being shorted thirty-three percent.

For the sad fact is that Tom had little to start with. Now weighting just over three-hundred pounds, the fat of his pubic area all but hid what cock there was.

Linda being over-weight herself did not help matters. It had been twenty-years since Linda had a man in her that produced mind shattering orgasms. It wasn't Tom either.

All that is history. She is a content woman. Tom is a good husband. He encourages her to have the very best. That in turn puts us slap-dab right on the doorstep of another problem. Tom does not enjoy foreign travel. She got him to go to Hawaii. She got him to go to Canada, and Mexico, plus three cruises. But Europe was not on his horizon.

Last April, she and her sister, Tracy set up a trip to Italy, with both their husband's blessing. They were to leave August tenth. Linda prepared for the trip by walking an hour a day. She lost nine pounds, so she was an even one hundred, sixty pounds. He legs had firmed up. He ass, always small and firm, really looked nice in her new slacks. Even at age sixty, she retained her attractive face. It was her stomach that she was embarrassed about. It did stick out. She tended to ignore her breasts, a trait not shared by men who got a peek of them when she wore a low cut top.

On August eight Linda's phone rang. "Linda Brooks. Hello."

"Linda, I've got very bad news. Bill's mother is dying. Bill has told her that we will come stay with her. I can't go on our trip. I have already phoned Globus travel to get my refund. Sorry. What will you do?"

"Tracy, all that I have thought about for the last few months in Italy. I'm going to go. "

"Will Tom let you go alone? After all you are a sixty year old woman. You had better come up with some way to alleviate his fears about your being alone. You could join a tour, or hire a guide."

"Tours are out. I just do not like being jounced around in a bus, or having someone else pick out where I should spend my time. What is this guide service that you mentioned?"

"I read about them in a travel book. It is a local person who makes some extra money showing persons like yourself the local area, shops, sights, and night life."

That sounds wonderful. I'll phone Globus right away. Sorry that you will miss the trip. Bye for now."


Linda phoned Globus. Jane Homes, the manager, agreed to set up a local guide for her. Jane, who had her coat on to go to lunch approached a new girl, Cindy Brown.

"Cindy, here is Mrs. Brooks' file. Phone our agent in Rome, Philippe Vardone. Tell him that she desires a guide for her stay. I will not be back until next Wednesday."

As soon as Jane walked out, Cindy phoned her boyfriend. It was an hour later, when she hung up.

Fingering the Brooks' file, she tried to remember Jane's instructions. She dialed Philippe. The phone was answered by his son Ronald. "Vardone Travel."

"Yes, this is Cindy in the United States. I have a woman by the name of Linda Brooks who will be arriving in Rome on September tenth. She needs a local person to accompany her during her stay."

Cindy did not know that it was common for wealthy women traveling to Europe to request a male escort to guide her, as well as provide sexual excitement. The magic words are, if that is what you desire, is to request an ESCORT. If you desire only a guide, then your request is for a GUIDE.

Ronald, being a stud, assumed she wanted the former, so he asked, "How many days will the lady require an ESCORT?"


"May I ask how old this lady is? Also how old an escort she desires?"

"She is sixty. Any age would be fine. I would guess that she is mostly interested in how good they are."

Ronald took that last comment to mean that this woman desired a suave, hung, stud. A close friend of his fit that bill.

"Please tell your client that a Tony Carone will meet her plane."

Due to the phone connection, plus Ronald's Italian accent, Cindy thought that he said, Tonya.

Cindy phone Linda to inform her that a Tonya Carone would be her companion for the duration of her stay. Linda told Tom that. Everybody was happy with the arrangement.


As Linda passed through the security gate, she observed a man holding up a sign with her name on it. She approached the man. "Hi, I'm Linda Brooks."

The man looked at her face, then let his eyes observe her body. Then his gaze again returned to her face. "I am Tony Carone. Welcome to Italy. Let us go to baggage claim."

Upon hearing his first name, Tony, Linda realized that there had been a mix-up. She made no comment as they proceeded to baggage claim, nor when they walked to his Mercedes in the parking lot. This man. This Tony Carone was not rift-raft. His clothes were expensive casual. His car, she knew, would go for seventy-two thousand, American, in the states. He had eight-hundred dollars of gold necklaces around his neck. She smiled when she saw his watch. It was a Rolex.

Not a hair was out of place. He looked as though he just stepped out of a shower. Smelled that way, too. His conversation was casual, light, intended to place her at ease. "Your first visit to our country?"

"Yes, I have been wanting to come here for years."

"I'm sure that you must be tired from your trip. Let us check into the hotel. You can take a four hour nap. Then, we can have dinner."

"Fine." was all Linda said.

As they drove to the hotel, Linda's mind was racing. Under no circumstances does this man earn his living being a guide to women such as I. This must be entertainment for him. The only entertainment that I can offer him that would hold his attention would be sex. I wonder if when he agreed to join me, did he know that I'm a sixty-year old woman, who is overweight?

She looked over at Tony, who was busy driving in the heavy traffic. He has a smoldering good looks to him. I don't know if I'm misreading all this, but I'm going to go along for the ride, as long as I can.

Tony walked up to the desk clerk. "I have a reservation for two."

Linda felt herself flush. Sweat formed on her forehead. As Tony filled out the guest form, she knew that in just minutes, she would be alone in the hotel room with this man whom she had just met.

She hyperventilated on the way up in the elevator. The bell-hop let them into the room. They were alone. Casually Tony told her, "You take a shower. Take a nap. Linda, while you are here, I prefer that you sleep in the nude. When we go out, it is more exciting if you leave your bra and panties in your suitcase. I have some business. I will come back for you at five-thirty." He kissed her on the forehead, patted her ass, and left.

He left! She had not been ready for sex. She wearily sat in an overstuffed chair. Kicking off her shoes, she sat with a bemused smile on her face. This will be very, very interesting, Linda, girl.

After taking her shower, she opened the windows to feel the Italian breeze, hear the street sounds. For the first time in twenty years, she fell asleep, naked.

She awoke to a light knocking on the door. She opened the door wearing a robe. Tony closed the door. He reached up, took hold of both lapels of her robe, pulling it from her body. She stood naked before him. He slowly walked around her, studying her. Holding his chin with one hand, he smiled, as he observed, "You have a very attractive ass, as well as an attractive bust. I am an ass man at heart." Looking her in the eyes, he continued. "Your vagina will be mine before the evening is out. I will stretch you as you have never been stretched before. Get dressed. I have dinner reservations at the club for seven. Care for a drink while you are dressing?"

Linda had several thoughts all at once. He is arrogant. He will have my vagina, will he? Yes, I guess that he will. Stretch me? I certainly hope so! "Yes, do you have brandy?" At exactly seven they pulled up before a building with no outward signs on it. Linda cast an inquiring glance at Tony.

Reading her thought, he said, "This is a gentlemen's club that I belong to. One becomes e member by invitation, only."

With a tinge of sarcasm, Linda responded, "Figures."

"Pardon me?"

"I was just saying that it is where I expected you to bring me."

As they entered the vestibule, Tony whispered in her ear, "This is Italy. The gentlemen of this club only bring to the club women who expect to be friendly to any man who approaches her. Not to say that you are obligated to have sex with a man who is unattractive to you. Only that it is customary for men to satisfy their curiosity about the contours of your ass and tits."

"Feel me up?"

"Perhaps more then that. Do not be surprised if your dress is unzipped, the top lowered, and your breasts cupped by a man while we are conversing with him. Others, may lift your dress to fondle your ass. Italian men love a firm ass like yours."

They strode into a dining room unlike anything that Linda had ever seen. All the tables were circular, with deep padded circular booths surrounding them. Each table had its own chandelier that Linda knew had to have cost thousands of dollars. The ceiling had dark oak beans crisscrossing it. The paintings on the wall belong in a museum somewhere.

The ages of the men and women ran from the twenties to the seventies. A woman approached them. "Hello, Tony, I am so glad to see you. I understand that you will be joining Flex and I for dinner."

Tony smiled, gave the woman a slight bow as he introduced Linda to her. "The is Linda, an American woman. Helen is an English woman who comes to Italy yearly."

Both women noted that their last names had been omitted, an act of discretion that both found comforting.

Suddenly, it all fit. Linda completely relaxed. This was a carefully crafted game played by wealthy Italian men, who would entertain strange women, who like themselves, had the finances to play these games. Half the women in the room were beyond menopause. Viola, as Ben Franklin said, "Doesn't tell, doesn't swell, and is grateful as hell."

Linda caught her breath as Helen smiled at a man approaching their table. "Flex" Tony said in greeting.

Flex was older then Tony by ten years, placing him around fifty, but he was one beautiful man. He cocked his head at Linda, as Helen introduced them. "First day here?"


"We will make it memorable for you, Linda."

The meal was uneventful. Linda chatted with Helen. Helen's husband was a banker in London. She described him as a stuffy older man with scant interest in sex. Linda's description of Tom was that he was a nice men, with no interest in exploring Europe. She thought it would be tacky to tell Helen that he considered himself three hundred pounds of dynamite with a six inch fuse that was really only four inches, and was wet to boot.

Their conversation was interrupted by a third man who joined them, called Peron. Younger then either Tony or Flex, he had a huge smile with made him instantly attractive to both women. "So, my friends, I see that you are hording the beautiful women all to yourselves. I wish to parade them around the room."

Both Tony and Flex got up, while each taking the hand of the woman with them. Once clear of the table, two men approached each woman. Her dress was removed. Each was now naked except for her high heels, stockings and garter belt. Linda noted that Helen had, like herself, a pot tummy. They were led from table to table. At each, the men would rise to surround them. Other then approving sighs of satisfaction, the men did not speak as each carefully ran his hands across Helen's or Linda's breasts and ass. Linda cast Helen a startled look as a hand slowly was run up her crack, with a finger probing for her vagina. Helen turned to Linda to say. "It awakens the woman in me to be the object of their attention.

By the fourth table, Linda wanted the hands on her privates. The comments to both women were all positive, such as, "Your breasts are beautiful."

Other women joined the procession. Soon at least twenty naked women were passed from table to table to be examined as objects of beauty.

By the time that they returned to their own table, Linda was ready to sit and relax. It was dark below the table level. "Sit on my lap. Linda." Tony requested.

Linda failed to observe that Tony had his cock out of his pants. He lowered her to his lap, while inserting his cock into her. She was in no position to lift herself off it. She slid down his shaft. Her eyes were wide. His mouth was on hers. His right hand had her left breast. "Relax, my sweet."

Peron joined them at the table. He ran his hands across her right breast. "It is so exciting to see a woman when she is first entered, Tony. Your Linda is three shades darker red from the excitement. Look at her nipples, jutting out, firm."

Linda took a deep breath, as she closed her eyes, while rolling her head to the side. She was in a room containing over seventy people, yet all that mattered was Tony's cock in her. "I think that I will take her now," Tony said to Peron.

Tony stood up, lifting Linda in his arms. His cock stuck out of his pants revealing for all to see just what was in store for Linda. There was a soft clapping of hands as Tony took her upstairs to a private room. He wasted no time. Clothes off, he lie on her, sliding his cock deeply into Linda. Linda could not remember ever being more ready to be entered by a man.

She opened her legs as wide as she could. Tony's ass swung in a large circular motion as he drove himself, battering her cervix, stretching her, as he promised that he would. The force of his thrusts pushed them deeply in the soft bedding, then they would rebound, only to be buried again. It mattered not. The only thing that existed for Linda was his cock. Her pussy, unused for years, was tender. But, he was where no man had been before. No woman could deny her body the explosion that built up from her toes, passing through her pussy, including her tits, and her very breathing as she shouted out, "Aaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaa, Yyyyyeeesssssssss."

It was over. Both were covered by sweat. Neither moved for several minutes. Linda passed her hand through his hair. "Thank you," She said.

"My Sweet, I enjoyed that too."

Again she said, "Thank you."

He looked at her, shrugging as he tried to determine what she meant.

"You have turned back the clock. I was not sixty here on this bed."

"In the dark, my Sweet, no woman is sixty. Tits and pussies are timeless."

"So are cocks, Tony. So are cocks."

I'm Softly

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