tagGroup SexIt's a Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day


It had been a hectic past five years. I had fallen in love twice with men who turned out to be uninspired and now I was twice divorced and had to pay alimony to the men I chose to share my bed with. They were cute but they didn't have very good imaginations or what it took to be my man.

Young muscular men had always been my downfall. Their touch was electric; their bodies were perfectly chiseled and their attention and enthusiasm for me was intoxicating. When I fucked, I wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck for hours, without any down time. The first time a man comes inside me is just foreplay for my pussy. The more I get fucked, the hornier I get.

I had fallen in lust with countless men over the last ten years. They made me feel alive. Sexually they pushed me to my limits, taught me many new positions, introduced me to their fetishes and generally made my life worth living.

The hot men of the world made me feel beautiful and attractive. They made me feel that all my hours of honing my fine features, countless manicures, buffing, hair appointments, etc. were actually worth the time and money.

When I looked in the mirror I felt worthy of the young attractive men that I seemed to attract. I'd always kept very good care of my body and features so it was easy for me to think they wanted me for me, not for my money. Even though I was close to 40 it was usually the 28 year olds that were attracted to me and that was exactly what I wanted.

I arrived at my new house for the first time in the cab of the moving truck I had hired. I had moved from another city so I had spent many traveling hours in the cab with the movers. The time went quickly because our conversations were sexually charged and stimulating. The driver was strong and had colorful tattoos and an easy way about him. There were two of them, but only the driver promised to be delicious fuck candy.

As if on cue, he turned to me and posed a question. Mr. Eye Candy stumbled in his requested.

"My friend has a lunch appointment but can I help you get moved in."

His smile was so sexy; a spark united between us. I licked my lips knowingly, holding his gaze for a minute too long. Although our pretense was him helping me move, we both walked toward the door empty handed. He closed the door forcefully, smiled at me and pulled me to him in a passionate embrace. His cock rested hard against my thigh and we began a slow rotating grind. Our tongues circled, then his hands were in my long hair and he was kissing me and pulling on my bottom lip.

He lifted my top over my head and continued kissing me while his hands kneaded my breasts and tweaked my nipples. Juices seared through me and I felt so alive. I took off my jeans revealing my black lace thong and watched him let out a slow whistle. I grinned as I watched him remove his clothing in an excited flurry.

I loved the feel of a big hard cock penetrating my pretty little mouth. Within no time at all he was wearing a condom and getting his cock sucked by my hot little mouth. When he was making noises like he was close to coming, he suddenly picked me up and threw me spread eagle on the stairs. Standing before me he pulled my torso towards him, lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and watched my tits bounce as he penetrated my wet pussy. I felt his nice, slow, deep thrusts. He looked me in the eye shamelessly as he inserted his powerful cock inside me. I saw his face contort, and his breath become rapid as he was about to cum. He turned me over then. With the swoop of his hand I felt his cock hit my g spot and I moaned my approval loudly.

Being a gentleman, he didn't release until he felt my orgasmic pulses around his cock. This put him over the edge and his orgasm erupted loudly. He pulled me up, took the condom off his cock and kissed me deeply.

"If I didn't live in another city, beautiful lady, I would come back and fuck you, whenever I could."

We would have talked more but the doorbell chimed. His co worker took one look at our flushed faces and inhaled deeply. He exhaled with a knowing smile.

Moving in, to a new neighborhood without any friends to help me settle in proved to be a lonely task. My curtains were open and eager neighbors took to spying. Some men came out and made small talk while their wives anxiously looked through the curtain. Most of the men were older than 30 and although they tried to engage my smiles and sexuality, they were not what I wanted.

The more men I met, the more disappointed I became. But it was a good thing. It would keep me out of trouble.

Within weeks of moving in I could see the women in the neighbor hood converging outside in small groups, obviously discussing the array of fine young studs that I had prearranged online as fuck buddy friends, each more handsome and sexually alluring then the next. I didn't know if the women were jealous or judgmental, but it didn't matter. This would be another neighborhood where friendships would be hard to find. I wasn't living my life for their approval and lots of sex kept me happy; very happy. Much happier than small talk over coffee. I was careful and kept myself disease free by using good quality condoms, even giving blow jobs with them on. The variety of men and experiences is what keeps me interested in life.

As the months went by the men of the neighborhood kept trying to attract my attention while the women nervously called them back. I had been through this so many times before; human nature being was it was.

Then one day my sense of control shifted and I became totally captured by lust. I had been living in the house for six months when my next door neighbors' put up their For Sale sign. The people that viewed it looked more like business men, rather than families. There were no women around. A week later the sign was removed. The moving van came and went. Still I did not see a single person living in the house. It was Friday and I was going away to a nearby resort with one of my young fuck buddies and I still hadn't seen a soul, at the house but Monday morning was an entirely different experience.

I was awoken after an exciting primal weekend by the sun shining through the window. I had just the sheers open and was happily enjoying the view of the trees and forest behind my house. There wasn't a path there so I didn't have any fear of being observed. Sometimes after a sexually exciting weekend I would miss the feel of a hard cock inside my pussy and would spread my legs towards the forest, close my eyes, and recapture the exciting events of the previous weekend with the use of couple of well formed toys. I was just coming strongly when I opened my eyes to greet a young attractive male who was making eye contact with me.

I didn't turn away and he didn't either. I just kept riding the wave and fucking myself harder as the wave crashed into the shore line over and over again in my mind. I came over and over again, my gaze holding his, and it was fucking amazing. Exhausted and baffled I stood up fully nude and closed the curtains, assessing the situation calmly, fully relaxed from a very exciting set of orgasms.

"What the fuck!" I said out loud to an empty house as the reality of what just happened hit me.

I peeked around the curtain to see if he was still there but he wasn't. I slid on a silky peach robe and sat down in front of the television. My nipples were still rock hard through the sheer material. I didn't know what made me want sex to a dangerous degree, I just knew I loved it and thrived on it. It was my sustenance, my fuel, my energy source.

I was sitting spent and totally relaxed on the sofa. My body was stiff and sore in certain places from endless fucking all weekend long. I thought about the Italian man I had over the weekend. Rolf was insatiable. He wouldn't stop.

The time for my massage approached so I cleaned up and ventured out of the house. It was then that I noticed three, young, strong, men working in the garden next door to me. They all looked over at me at once as I walked out of the house. I felt a wave of attraction. They reeked of animal magnetism. Their strong sexual demeanor had a profound effect on my body. I could feel my clit jumping.

One of them stood up and said, "Hello darlin, it's a beautiful day isn't it".

His muscles were rippling in the sunshine. He wore just a simple white t that showed off his tats. All three men looked dangerous, and had erotic smiles when our eyes met. One had long brown hair that almost matched the length of beautiful brunette mane. Actually all three men had long hair which only made me want to fuck them more. I loved running my hands through nice long hair as I got fucked.

At that moment I wanted to fuck them all. I wanted them all in my bed, seducing me, satisfying me, taking my luscious body for their sexual satisfaction. My breathing became rapid as my gaze reached up and down their impressive, fit bodies. Their raw sexual energy was a force that rippled through me.

Being in top notch physical shape myself meant that I would accept no less from the man I was with and these men were incredibly hot. It was just then that John sauntered over to me. He was a pest; overweight and balding, but an informative pest.

"If those men bother you Jenny, just tell me, and we'll petition them right the hell out of here."

I looked at John as if he had two heads. Why would I want to have these beautiful specimens of gorgeous men out of my view? He went on to explain to me that they were convicts ready to be paroled and were adjusting to society. John told me the men were only allowed to venture out a 5mile radius from their homes. He went on to explain that many of the residents were upset with the development and wanted this criminal element out. I looked over at the men who returned my gaze with a steady sexual charged leering stare and realized what an incredible turn on they were. The man who had watched me masturbate wasn't one of the three doing yard work.

"How many men are there," I asked breathlessly, my body tingling wildly.

"Five or six," he responded. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, my nipples impossibly tight in my crop t shirt.

"Just going for a massage," I said as I watched John adjust his junk and lick his lips. His sexual need made him almost fuckable. Maybe I would fuck him one day and make him lick my cunt for hours. He seemed very subservient and I'm sure he'd be willing to do whatever pleased me.

I went for a massage and swore I had an orgasm while on the table. The attractive masseur just smiled at me as my body gave me away. Visions of the men next door and how I would enjoy them danced through my mind. The masseur did have magic hands though and although he was in a reputable sports massage facility he often massaged my tits and seemed to enjoy bringing my sexy body to an orgasmic release. And that he did.

I ventured home. When I got there I was fortune enough to enjoy some more eye candy. The long haired adonis I had feasted my eyes on earlier was still there and he was joined by the man who had watched me masturbate and another younger man. As I pulled up and got out of my car, I felt their eyes on me.

You would think I would have been very sexually satisfied by now, but my body gave me away again. I could feel their eyes undressing me, their soft lips caressing my nipples, another strong hand reaching down the front of my jeans to circle my clit. I emerged from the car in a daze. I didn't remember a time I had been so turned on. The way they made eye contact, the deviousness of their smiles, the questioning looks and oozing sexuality was the only object of my focus.

"Oh, I forgot milk," I muttered to myself as I emerged from the car. My mind was entirely not on the milk. Their gazes seemed to strip me of my clothes and I couldn't concentrate on my thoughts.

"You forgot your milk honey? I can get it for you babe. I'll be right back," the super attractive one said.

I was stunned at his forwardness but I moved forward and withstood the sexually provocative gazes of the animals that stood before me. I didn't think of their possible offences, just of the dramatic attention they were giving to me all at once. I felt an overwhelming sexual force that was taking control of me.

I fumbled with my change and realized I didn't have enough. I gave Mr. Eye Candy a ten dollar bill, while looking around him for his car.

"Thanks beautiful, I'll be right back."

He was polite, respectful and totally fucking hot. I watched him break into a jog following the curve of the cul de sac. Mesmerized I shook my head and opened the door to my house. I pulled up on my aching clit through my jeans, and massaged my hard as rock nipples the minute I was in the door.

I went and poured myself a glass of white wine and turned on the stereo to some hard rocking tunes. The half dressed men's raw, gritty nature and polite respectful smiles were an incredible turn on.

Five minutes later he returned, with a shy smile and two jugs of milk.

He handed me the change, then looked at me pleadingly as if to say, "The ball is in your court beautiful."

I was scared. These gorgeous, hot men were my next door neighbors' and I had to be careful before I made a decision to get involved. I knew the choice was mine, and that they would greedily reply, so I smiled and closed the door behind the long haired handsome young stud as he exited.

That night I slept fitfully, dreaming of multiple orgasms and the three men that I wanted to share my bed with. I again used my vibrator to ease the sexual tension but this time I closed the curtains rather than leaving the sheers open. When I woke up I wondered if they were dreaming about me too. My dreams of being with the three of them were so vivid and real, and I felt sore like I'd been fucked by all three of them.

I rationalized the soreness was likely from my wild weekend. I smiled as I poured the milk into my cereal; my clit already begging for attention. Living so sexually charged was exciting and I kept wanting more.

It seemed that every day when I went outside there were combinations of attractive men to feast my eyes on. I started to ask more and more of them to run errands for me, knowing they would appreciate the extra money. Having lots of money give me the luxury to share. Often I would give them a sizable tip.

I know they wanted to, but they never crossed the line and were sexually demanding in any way. Sometimes one of them would touch my hand while we exchanged money for errands, or a hand on my shoulder would send tingling sensations that left my skin flushed. I enjoyed the dance and living in a constant state of arousal. I began to pay special attention to gardening and would wear seductive clothing while doing so. Even though all I wanted to do was focus on teasing the boy toys that I craved, the older husbands continued to saunter over.

Then the day came when my favorite, Stan, was all alone outside. It was a hot day and my vibrator was not doing the trick. I was impossibly horny and ready to cross the line. I needed a sexy hot man right away desperately. My urges were demanding.

"Can you check out my air conditioning? I'm so hot and I can't seem to get any relief."

I saw his cock rise as I spoke and pretended not to notice. I had never trusted him enough to invite him in the house before, but I needed a strong tongue satisfying my pussy, and I needed it now. I was a woman possessed, and needed someone new, and forbidden.

He went around to the outside box and then came in through the front door to check the thermostat. When Stan came into the house, my hand brushed against him and my breathing changed. He looked at me questioningly then. As he stood in front of the thermostat I stood impossibly close behind him, resisting the urge to cup his sexy buttocks with an uplifting motion, but he beat me to it. Stan turned suddenly and kissed me, pressing his hard cock into me.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me. Please don't be offended, please don't report me. It's just that you're so fucking hot."

His voice trailed away as I put my index finger up to my full pink lips then proceeded to kiss him wildly, returning his advances with intense desire. He wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me to the stairs, laying me down on the short landing pad. Within seconds he had my jeans and thong pulled down so all I was wearing was my short tee. Like a hungry untamed animal he started to devour my pussy. His tongue and teeth rapidly teased and twirled around my clit. Stan shoved two fingers in me roughly and started pushing them in and out rapidly as he licked and sucked on my clit. I rode the wave.

Closing my eyes I focused on his animal energy. My first orgasm was amazing. He kept licking and lapping and fucking me with his fingers as it came, so much so, that my second one started right after. He didn't let up and let me rest but kept drawing out my orgasm with his sexual energy and strong movements and tongue. Before he finished I released four strong orgasms that left me totally relaxed and mindless. He kissed me then, lovingly, with caring and left, closing the door behind him. I left my discarded clothing on the landing and slowly took the stairs to my bedroom where I collapsed in an elated orgasmic state of total satisfaction. I cuddled my body pillow and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning the sun rose as it always did as if nothing had happened, as if I hadn't crossed the line. As I went to run my errands, I stepped lightly onto the pavement unsure of what the reaction next door would be like. Would Stan have told anyone, or would his gentlemanly respectable demeanor continue to set the pace.

I looked at the men sitting on the benches in front of their house that morning and a flash of our hot sweaty bodies converging on my bed filled the screen in my mind. Another one of the handsome ones, Jason, rose from his lawn chair as I went toward my car.

"Is there anything I can help you with Miss Jenny?"

The look on his face was one of sincere innocence. Jason's hair was shorter and his features more rounded but he still had the strong build of the men that resided in the house.

"Sure," I said, unable to resist temptation.

I didn't know at that moment exactly how he could help me, but I had been nursing the idea of a shed in the backyard for a long time. If these beautiful young men built it, I could watch their strong muscles ripple while the sounds of drills matched my own clit stimulators and vibrators bringing me to even greater orgasmic pleasures.

"I was thinking of building a shed. Do you think Stan and a couple of the other boys would be interested in building one? We could get the supplies today."

"Sounds good. I'll go ask."

When he returned Stan was with him. He smiled at me innocently like nothing had happened and we proceeded to the lumber yard. They loaded up my truck with the materials and placed them in the backyard with a tarp over them.

The following days were an orgasmic feast. I brought the sexy men food and lemonade wearing the skimpiest outfits just to watch their eyes pop and their cocks grow hard. I'd let my breasts brush against them and would look at them seductively while our hands lingered while passing out lemonade, creating an electric charge that was tangible.

It was after one of those tease sessions that I found Stan at my door. I was determined to not do it again, to not let a man into my heart or bed again, having found solace in my fantasies and vibrators for so many years now. But there he stood, the sweat making his body glisten. His lips so full, and his hair so attractive in the way it framed his rugged face. He opened the door and pushed it closed kissing me hard and deeply. I was taken by surprise, but I loved it. My body responded and I realized I needed him inside me, desperately. Before long I was putting a condom on his well sized pulsing member.

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