tagMind ControlIt's Best Not to Think

It's Best Not to Think


Michael walked into the psychiatrist's office and was greeted with, "Good afternoon, may I help you?" from a young attractive woman with dark hair and olive skin. Her full red lips smiled under her proud nose and his mind tried to refocus on why he was here.

"Um Michael Evans...I have an appointment to see Dr. Willbond."

"Yes Mr. Evans she will be with you in a moment. Please have a seat," she indicated brown leather couch situated against the wall across from her desk. As he moved from the desk he heard her call into the doctor's office on her phone announcing his arrival. He sat down on the couch and found some magazines on a side table. He found golf, car, fishing, and even hunting magazines. He started to wonder if this doctor had any female clients.

"Good day Michael," he looked up to see a middle aged red headed woman wearing a dark skirt suit, black hose and black heels. She was a busty woman and also quite attractive. Michael could only think it might make his reasons for coming to see her all the more difficult.

"Oh...um hello," he filled in after a long pause.

"Please come into my office so we can chat," she motioned to a door beyond the receptionist's desk. Michael got up off the couch and gestured toward the door in kind, " after you." She smiled with a glint in her eye and turned to walk back to her office. He followed taking a look at her shapely calves and then up to the sensual sway of her hips before cursing himself mentally to keep his thoughts more under control.

They went into the office and he saw a desk with two chairs in front of it and a couch similar to the one in the waiting area against the far wall. "Please have a seat here she gestured to one of the chairs in front of the desk. While Michael took his seat she grabbed a pen and pad from her desk and turned the other chair to face him. They sat only a couple of feet apart and Michael could smell her perfume and feel her presence which only caused his thoughts to drift and his eyes to wander to her cleavage before her voice brought him back to attention.

"So let's talk about why you have come to see me Michael," she said matter of factly.

"Well doc..."

"Please call me Vanessa," she interrupted.

"Oh...well Vanessa I think I have a problem...well maybe addiction...I don't know. I just know that I seem to get distracted and attracted more and more to pornography. I know it's a problem...I just came here to try and get some help..." he trailed off.

"That is actually a very common problem for men Michael. I have helped several patience with just such a problem. Most of them are older than you...you are what? Thirty?"

"Almost thirty-three."

"I see. Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"Yes. We've been dating for a couple of years."

"Yet you still are drawn to pornography?" She uncrossed and recrossed he legs.

"I know...I shouldn't be," he replied stealing a look at her legs after his eyes were drawn by their movement.

"So what types of things do you find yourself looking at?" she asked as she casually rubbed a hand down the front of her leg worrying at something nonexistent on the top of her hose covered foot.

Michael watched her hand move over her leg as he responded," well different things...I mean women...you know..."

"Michael you need to let me know so we can start to zero in on what it is you feel you are missing." Her hand moved slowly back up her leg and Michael's eyes followed it again. "I have an idea if you are willing to try it."

"What is that?" he asked his gaze returning to her face.

"Have you ever tried hypnosis?"

"Like you are becoming very sleepy," he said sarcastically.

"Yes, that's right."

"I mean I guess I could try anything if it would help."

"It's really quite easy to do Michael, all you have to do is listen to what I say and follow my instructions."

"I can do that."

"I know you can Michael. If it helps you can focus on something. Perhaps a spot on the wall or some motion with your eyes," her hand began to rub slowly up and down her calf. Michael's eyes followed it again. "That's good. Just let yourself relax." Her hand kept a slow steady pace.

"Just focus on letting yourself relax Michael. You might to start noticing you feel good relaxing listening to the sound of my voice don't you?"

"Actually yes," he replied.

"What color are my fingernails painted," her hand moving and holding his gaze.


"Yes they are," she said smoothly. Her voice had become more monotone with a sensual quality to it. "What color are my stockings?"


"Oh good Michael. Do you like the way my legs look in black stockings Michael?"


"Don't be nervous, you are safe with me."

"Yes I do."

"Good Michael you are relaxing and answering my questions. You are starting to get the treatment you need by trusting me."

"What color are my heels?"

"Black." Michael's eyes never left the movement of her hand. He knew the answer before she asked him.

"What is my name Michael?"


"What color are my garters?"

Michael hesitated and with her other hand Vanessa snapped her fingers," now sleep." Michael's eyes remained open but Vanessa could seem them glaze over. "You are falling deeper and deeper into to trance for me Michael. You are getting more and more relaxed looking at my hand move up and down my leg. Do you like looking at my legs Michael?"

"Yes," came the reply.

"How often do you look at pornography Michael?"

"Several times a day."

"You like to look at women in stockings and garters don't you?"


"Do you think more about having sex with them or do you like to just look and masturbate?"


"What color are my panties Michael?" Michael again hesitated and Vanessa snapped her fingers," sleep. Sleep deeply for me." Vanessa stopped rubbing her calf and sat back in the chair.

"You feel so relaxed don't you Michael?"


"You find all thoughts moving from your mind as you relax. You feel so nice and relaxed that you have started to get aroused haven't you Michael?"


"That's good sweetie. It's okay you can't help it. Now as your cock gets harder Michael you will find it harder and harder to think. Thoughts will simply disappear before they can form in your conscious mind. From now on when you begin to look at porn and your cock gets hard you will fall into trance and find your mind going blank. Do you understand?"


"Good Michael you are doing so well. You feel so good knowing your treatment is going so well but you can't help how hard your cock is getting can you?"


"When your cock gets hard from looking at porn and your mind goes blank Michael any woman can direct your thoughts. You are too weak to control your libido so you need a woman to do it for you isn't that right?"


"Feel how good it feels to have me control your thoughts like this?"

"Yes." He breathed.

"Oh that's soooo much better Michael. Now think about my black stockings and garters and go blank for me." Her fingers snapped again.

"Sleeping so deeply. Deep and empty. Your cock is hard because you are hypnotized and looking at porn and listening to my voice hypnotizes you Michael. Your cock is getting harder and more sensitive. Feel it Michael, feel it rubbing up against your underwear." The intensity of the pleasure was causing him to squirm in his chair.

"Oh Michael you want release from all this pleasure don't you? Say yes."

"Yes," he moaned.

"Oh getting even harder and more sensitive. Now when I next snap my fingers you are going to awaken Michael. When you awaken your cock will be so sensitive that the slightest touch anywhere on your body will make you cum. Your very close now aren't you sweetie?"

"Uh...yes," he whimpered.

The snap of Vanessa's fingers brought Michael back and he looked at her and was not quite sure why he was so turned on. Vanessa leaned forward," now this is a start to your treatment Michael. We have made some progress today but we will need to have more sessions together." She reached out and put her hand on his," okay?"

Her touch sent shivers all through his body. He trembled," oh god...oh shit," he cried as he felt the cum start pumping out of his cock. "Oh fuck...oh god." He tried to keep his hips from bucking and hold the cum back but the wet spot had already started to form on the front of his pants.

"Oh dear Michael," Vanessa said with apparent concern," your case is definitely going to need some more work. She reached over to her desk and pulled several tissues from a box and handed them to him. "Here sweetie, now clean yourself up," Michael was trying to look anywhere but at her," it's okay Michael nothing to be ashamed of these things happen. Just get cleaned up and on your way out make an appointment to see me again with Nadine."

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