It's Just Wrong: Mothers and Sons 02


"Great!" exclaimed Gary. "Let's get started."

"Patience Gary," said Howard. "Before we begin, I'd like to lay down some rules. There can be no cheating and no stopping. Each mother and son couple has to be having sex until the son climaxes. I'd like you to start off with mothers on top; then we'll switch around. If the sons are still going we'll do another position. Remember, the son that lasts the longest will win twenty thousand dollars."

"Where are we supposed to do it?" asked Joe, glancing around.

"Garry," said Howard. "Go out and grab two cots from the back room."

Gary nodded and hurried out. He came back, wheeling two folded cots behind him. He folded them out one by one. The cots were rather narrow and were several feet high.

"Thank you, Gary," said Howard. "You can stay there and make sure no one is cheating."

Gary was all too happy to oblige.

Joe was the first one to jump on the cot. He flopped on his back, his cock throbbing with excitement. Jessica stood next to him, her nipples were visibly hard. She looked at Howard as if awaiting a signal.

Tommy sighed and carefully lay down on the cot. Suzanne stood slouched and motionless, her eyes peering up at the stack of cash in front of Howard.

"Great. Now, does anyone need any lube?" asked Howard, pulling out a small tube from his briefcase.

Both the women shook their heads.

"I can't believe you got them to do this. You are a genius," whispered Robin leaning over closer to Howard.

"Suzy, looks like you need to get Tommy ready," said Gary pointing to Tommy's limp cock. Suzanne looked over at him as if not understanding his words.

Gary nodded towards Tommy and Suzanne's eyes followed. After about half of a minute of hesitation she bent down next to Tommy, looked at his cock, which was lying on his belly, and winced. Carefully, she reached out and, with two fingers, lifted up her son's cock. Awkwardly she began stroking it. Tommy shut his eyes tightly and laid still.

"Do you need some help?" laughed Jessica, pitifully eyeing her opposition.

"I think I can manage!" snarled back Suzanne. She shifted her fingers and grabbed Tommy's cock with her hand.

Howard watched Suzanne intently – she had a detached look in her eyes.

Slowly, but surely Tommy's cock began to stiffen. Suzanne's strokes were slow but firm. Her hand was moving further up Tommy's shaft each time. She moved her hand all the way down and bared her son's purple tip.

Tommy's cock was completely hard now. It was about nine inches long, but wasn't overly thick, which could have made it look longer than it really was. Thick, blue veins were clearly visible through Tommy's pale skin. His testicles rested lazily between his legs, looking like a miniature sack of potatoes. Suzanne's hand wasn't moving and she seemed to be staring right at his cock head. Suddenly, she got a frightened look in her eyes and drew back her hand. Tommy's cock pulsed before her, like it had its own heartbeat.

"Okay, looks like the sons are ready. Moms, assume your position!" announced Howard.

Jessica, who was eyeing Tommy's cock with a cocked eye, just shrugged and stood up on the cot. She stepped one leg over Joe, standing over him. Joe's eyes were immediately glued to her shaved pussy. Jessica squatted down and sat on top of Joe's stomach, placing her hands on his chest. Her son's cock was pointed straight at her tight looking ass. Howard realized that her pussy was now touching her son's skin.

Jessica turned her head and looked back at Howard. "I'm ready!"

Suzanne was still kneeling next to her son.

"Suzy?" asked Howard.

She shook her head slowly and stood up. She was nervously chewing on her lip. With a deep intake of breath, she placed her hand on the cot and swung a leg over her son's body. She brought her other leg up on the cot and remained on all fours, as if afraid to make contact with her son.

Howard couldn't take his eyes off of the sight. Suzanne's deep red pussy lips were slightly parted and her insides seemed to twinkle in the light. Just above that he saw a dark hole that was lodged between two meaty ass cheeks.

Howard adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat. "Okay. On the count of three we will begin. One... two... three!"

Jessica didn't waste any time. She lifted her hips and positioned them over Joe's erection. She snatched up his cock with one hand and began directing it into her pretty, pink snatch. She tried pushing it in, but she didn't seem to be moist enough. She rubbed his cock along her lips a few times and tried sticking it in again. Inch by inch, her son's cock was sliding in. When it was about half way in, she took her hand off and lowered hips onto him completely.

"Aah!" Joe let out a moan of pleasure.

"Don't you dare cum anytime soon!" said Jessica sternly. She lifted her ass up a little and then dropped her weight back down. Then she shifted her hips for better positioning and began riding Joe's cock slowly, as if warming up to it.

Suzanne wasn't as eager as Jessica. She had one hand placed at the end of the cot for support. With her other hand she reached behind her back and tried to grab Tommy's dick, which was standing straight up. After some fumbling, she finally got a hold of it, pulled it down and began backing her ass towards it. Her movements seemed ungraceful and she brushed the tip of Tommy's cock against her butt cheek a few times.

Howard could see a trail of pre-cum where the cock made contact.

Suzanne rounded her back and positioned her vagina closer to Tommy's dick. Her pussy was parted open and lubed up with her juices. It looked like it was ready to swallow her son's raging, purple tip. She pressed down into it and their privates made the first contact.

A slight shudder racked her body as the cock parted her inner labia and began pushing its way in. Suzanne drew a deep breath and pushed harder, still clinging to Tommy's shaft. Within a moment Tommy was firmly inserted into his mom. Howard was a bit surprised that Tommy's dick went inside her with such ease. But then Suzanne was a shapely woman and Tommy's cock didn't look that big between Suzanne's legs. Still, as Suzanne slid down along her son's dick, her dark red labia looked to be tightly stretched out.

Suzanne's pussy kept sliding down Tommy's pale, veiny cock and stopped about two inches short of taking in the whole thing. She paused for a moment and repositioned her hands for better support.

Howard really wished that he could see the expression that was on Suzanne's face at this moment or know the thoughts that were running through her mind. He glanced over at Jessie, who was beginning to bounce rhythmically on her son's manhood.

Suzanne began riding up Tommy's dick, ever so slowly. Her pussy left a long, wet trail as it slid up his meat pole. Just as the tip of Tommy's cock was about to pop out of her pussy, she reversed her direction and began sliding back down.

Howard could see from the side Suzanne's heavy tits hanging down over Tommy's face. It was a shame that Tommy had his eyes closed.

Howard looked over at Jessica and her son again. Those two didn't seem to be worrying about setting a slow pace. Joe's cock was eagerly diving in and out of his mom's juicy cunt.

"This is hot!" exclaimed Gary who was watching Jessica ride her son. Gary's face was nearly touching Jessica's ass as he watched up close.

Jessica seemed to be a vocal woman and not ashamed to hide it. She began yelping and squealing like a little girl. She looked like a fun ride – she was fucking that cock like it wasn't her sons. From time to time Joe's cock would pop all the way out of her pussy and she would masterly mount it without skipping a beat. Her platinum blonde ponytail bounced wildly and her leg muscles were flexing.

Howard could hear how wet Jessica was – sloshing sex sounds were emanating from where her son was pounding her.

"Oh! Yeah!" Joe said from time to time. He had placed his hands on Jessie's waist as if to guide her bounces. Jessica was squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples, which were now very hard.

Howard oddly noted that Jessica and Joe's coupling reminded him of a porn scene; a very hot, realistic, porn scene that provided a lively contrast to Suzanne and Tommy's quiet, slow coupling.

"How does it feel so far?" asked Howard after silently watching for a few minutes.

Gary brought the microphone next to Suzanne's mouth first.

"Okay," was all Suzanne said.

Gary moved the microphone over to Jessica.

"Phew! This is quite a work out," answered Jessica whipping her forehead.

"Jessie, you look like you're having a good time," noted Howard. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Umm. Hah! Well," panted Jessica. "I admit this is a little weird, but feels the same as any other dick."

"Are you thinking about the fact that you are having sex with your son?"

"I'm trying to think about other things. Ah!" gasped Jessica "Eek! I just can't shake the thought that it's Joe lying under me."

"Oh, that's just wrong Jessie!" laughed Gary.

"You can't shake the thought, but does the sex feel good?" Howard continued. He wanted to understand what these women were thinking at such a strange time.

"Owie!" squeaked Jessica with pleasure. "I would say so Howard. It's better than I thought it would be."

"Good to hear that, Jessie. Do you think... that you could orgasm?" prodded Howard.

Jessica stopped bouncing on Joe's cock and looked back. "I already have," she giggled.

"Wow! You have? Already?" exclaimed Gary.

"It's easy for me to cum. If we keep going like this, I might cum again a few times."

"You hear that Joe? You gave your mother an orgasm. Let's see if you can give her a few more," said Gary.

Joe only grinned.

"How about you Suzy? Any chance of orgasm?" asked Howard. Suzanne only shook her head. Tommy's cock looked well lubricated now and Suzanne was taking it inside of her more easily. While Jessica was riding Joe in an "up and down" manner, Suzanne took the approach of moving her body along Tommy's stomach, where she would slide forward and then back keeping her ass slightly arched.

"How does Tommy's penis feel inside of you Suzy?" asked Gary who walked over to look how the other couple was doing.

Suzanne stopped and looked up at Gary. She gave him the kind of look that asked "Are you serious?"

Gary looked wounded and said: "Hey, no stopping!"

Suzanne dropped her head and hair fell around her face. She resumed gliding her pussy along her son's pale shaft.

"I can't believe they are still going!" said Gary excitingly. "I would be done in the first thirty seconds."

"Well, maybe if you were doing your mom it would be different," said Howard.

"Oh, let's not go there. Bad mental image," shuddered Gary.

Howard decided it was time for another position.

"I see that both sons are doing quite well. However, moms are doing all the work. Let's go ahead and switch positions," he proclaimed. "Moms on the bottom, sons on top."

Suzanne slowly and carefully slid up, until Tommy's cock completely emerged out of her. Her vagina stayed opened for a brief second, like a deep cave, before it tightened up and closed. Her inner lips, which were now visible, looked stretched out and ruffled. Suzanne took her time getting off the cot, first setting one foot on the floor and dragging the other leg carefully across Tommy, as if not to kick his cock. When she stood up, she looked like she was physically uncomfortable. Her legs were shaking a bit and she looked spread, more than usual, around the pelvic area.

Jessica and Joe already switched positions and Joe was already inside of his mom.

"Joe, wait for them," said Jessica when Joe began to pump at her.

Joe paused and looked over.

Suzanne stood next to the bed waiting for Tommy to get up, but he just laid there.

"Come on, honey, get up," whispered Suzanne.

Tommy opened his eyes. He had a haunted expression on his face. He stood up and his mom lay down in his stead. Tom stood next to her blinking rapidly, his cock jutting out towards his mom.

Suzanne spread her legs. Her pussy lips began parting under her dark, trimmed pubic hairs and she was glistening everywhere between her legs.

"No stalling," warned Garry loudly.

Tom climbed in between his mother's legs like a zombie. Indeed, his pale skin and dark eyes made him look like one – a zombie with long cock, which looked like it was beginning to soften. Suzanne, perhaps sensing that, quickly snatched her son's cock with her hand and shoved it inside of her.

Tommy pushed his hips in and his cock slithered into his mom's lubricated hole. He leaned over her and began pumping in and out lazily.

"Come on, Tommy! Look alive! You're getting some serious pussy. I would kill to be in your place," said up Garry, trying to cheer the couple up. "Look at the big tits your mom has. Don't you just want to squeeze and suck on them? What about that sexy, trimmed bush? I'd eat it for any meal."

Howard could see under Tommy's ass. Tommy seemed to be having a problem with his erection. When he pulled out and tried driving back in, his cock would bow visibly.

Tommy increased his speed and the cot began creaking. His mom's tits were rippling in waves with his rhythm.

Jessica was moaning loudly again. Joe was frantically pounding away at his mother's snatch. His hips and stomach were noisily slapping against hers. Joe proved to have a great amount of stamina, as he was driving his dick in as far as he could, as fast as he could.

"Jessie, how's it going?" asked Gary coming over to enjoy Jessica's squeals.

"Great," said Jessica, breathing heavily.

Joe was bent over her, their faces close to each other.

"How about kissing each other?" asked Gary.

"No, that would be weird," replied Jessica.

"How about for a hundred bucks?" Gary fished out a bill out of his pocket and showed it to Jessica.

"Deal," she said and snatched the money out of Gary's hand. She wrapped her arms around Joe's neck pulled him closer. Their lips met and her tongue shot out and began twirling in Joe's mouth.

They kissed and fucked for several long moments and then Jessica began to moan.

"Oh, god!" she screamed and broke the kiss. "Oh, yes! I'm going to cum again! Here it comes! Faster. Faster. Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!"

Jessica shut her eyes and continued squealing as Joe relentlessly fucked her. She wrapped her muscular legs around her son and squeezed them.

"Mom, ouch! Easy. Not so hard," said Joe, slowing down.

"Sorry. It just feels so good. Don't stop," breathed Jessica, exasperated.

"Hell yeah, Joe! Made your mother orgasm again!" cheered on Gary. "Look at her. She loves it. Who knows maybe she'll give you some of that pussy at home from now on."

"Man that's wrong, very wrong," chuckled Howard.

"I'm close. I'm close," said Joe quietly.

"Don't stop! Fuck me good!" she cried out, and tightened her legs again.

It looked like Joe and Jessica were about to lose, but Howard decided to save the situation. He didn't want this fun to end.

"Okay, it's time to switch positions again. It's doggy-style time," he said loudly.

Joe was happy to stop. He dislodged himself from the embrace of his mother's legs and pulled his cock out. Rivulets of sweat were rolling down his face.

Tommy politely pulled out of his own mom and stepped off the cot.

"Alright, mothers get into positions. Face your behinds to me," instructed Howard.

"Phew!" said Jessica as she stood up. "That was an intense one," she added grinning at Howard. She rubbed between her legs with one hand. "I'm going to be sore tomorrow."

Jessica climbed on the bed on all fours, exposing her reddened vagina to Howard and Robin. She threw her head to bring her ponytail to one side of her face and wiggled her butt playfully. A thin string of clear, slimy liquid was drooling down from her pussy.

Joe looked almost scared and waited for the others to assume position first – using every chance he could to slow his oncoming orgasm.

Suzanne also used the time to get a breather. She was breathing quite heavily now and there was a big wet stain under where she was laying. She flipped over and lay on her stomach. Then she raised her hips, got to her knees and stuck her sizeable ass proudly in the air. She spread her legs slightly and laid her upper body on the cot, squishing her great tits.

Gary motioned to Tommy and he positioned himself behind his mother and solemnly waited.

"Joe. Go ahead. Waiting on you," said Gary, noticing Joe's reluctance.

Joe wiped the sweat of his forehead, took a deep breath and knelt behind Jessica.

"Begin!" announced Howard when everyone looked ready.

Tom looked down at his mother's ass. She was arching it up at him, like a cat stretching. Her butt and vagina were fully exposed to him. He placed his left hand on her pale butt cheek and scooted closer. With his right hand Tom grabbed his cock and brought the tip of it just inside of Suzanne's opening. He gave a quick shove with his hips, but instead of going in, his dick popped out. Tommy tried again. He positioned his cock right between Suzanne's inner labia and, using his hand, rubbed the cock along his mother's slit, testing for entry. As soon as his penis found his mother's tunnel, he thrust his hips forward. His dick must have gone in a little too deep for Suzanne's taste because she groaned loudly.

"Not so hard," she whispered, clutching to the end of the cot with both hands. Tommy pulled out a little and began to steadily fuck Suzanne. All Howard could see is Suzanne's strip of pubic hair and Tommy's balls slapping against Suzanne's pelvic bone.

Howard noticed that Joe was less enthusiastic about fucking his mom now than before. Howard knew that the boy was on the brink of orgasm. It probably didn't help that his fit mother was yelping under him like a dog in heat.

Suddenly, Joe stopped completely.

"Here it comes," he whispered and shoved his dick as far as he could inside Jessie. That move caused Jessica to pitch forward, off balance. The small cot gave way and Joe and Jessica tumbled sideways off of it. Joe began shuddering as they fell. His first spurt went inside of Jessica's pussy, but as he was cumming his cock popped out and flailed around. He shot his spunk onto her pussy, ass and stomach.

"Shit, Joe! Shit!" screamed Jessica as they fell. She tried to untangle herself from her son, as they landed on the floor. After a few seconds, Jessica managed to stand up and some of Joe's sperm rolled out of her pussy and plopped onto the floor. Every eye was on Jessie as she was disappointingly shaking her head. Her skin glistened with sweat and her pussy glistened with her son's man juice. Joe still lay on the floor – euphoric smile on his face.

"Damn it, Joe! Why didn't you last longer?" she asked.

"Sorry mom. I tried," he replied, looking like he was in bliss.

"Well, it looks like we have a winner!" stated Gary. "Unfortunately, Joe couldn't last long enough. Can't blame him with a mom like that."

Tommy was in a dream-like state, but he heard Gary announce that they won. He was all too glad, because he kept fighting his own need to ejaculate. He looked down at his mother's ass and saw her brown asshole looking up at him. He saw his cock ramming at his mom's pussy. He saw the way her pussy lips stretched over his shaft – they looked like a rubber band.

Tommy could smell a pleasant scent that was drifting up from between her legs. He took her meaty ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them, then pulled them apart. Her asshole yielded and spread slightly.

"Is it over?" Tommy heard Suzanne ask. "Did we win?"

She seemed to drop her ass slightly, as if trying to pull away from him. But she wasn't going to get away from him that easy.

Tommy fucked her faster as he felt the tip of his cock begin to melt with pleasure. He knew this was going to be a big one.

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