tagLoving WivesIt's Only OK When I Do It

It's Only OK When I Do It


Author's note:

This isn't my usual style, but I've done the theme a few times. This short piece was done at the request of a friend who has a certain desire, and maybe it will help him express it in some way without the embarrassment because this is a common kink.


Sandy paced across the driveway, trying hard to stay out of the way of her angry brother-in-law Marty. He was glaring across the yard, and he grunted as he stood up and marched back into the garage. She followed him in, and after he got a new can of beer from the fridge, she pushed on his shoulders to trap him by the workbench.

"Out with it, mister. What the hell is wrong with you today?"

Marty cursed, shaking his head as he tried to walk around his brother's wife. Sandy kept pace with him, her eyes set on his as she blocked his way out of the building.

"No, you're not going to ignore me, Marty. What is making you angry?"

"It's... Sorry, I'm not trying to be a butthead, I'm just in a bad mood. Not counting my speeding ticket this morning, it's also the fact that I'm staying here because I caught my wife cheating on me last weekend. I mean, you and Mike are awesome for putting me up for a while, and the tight spaces are getting all three of us a bit jumpy. There's also some stuff at work that's annoying me, and when I got denied my promotion yesterday, that was the thing that set me off. Don't worry, it's not you or anything, it's life in general. I'll just drink my beer and shut up."

She took two steps towards him and lifted her arms, giving Marty a hug while pressing a kiss onto his neck that wasn't so platonic. Sandy felt her nipples harden as her lips lingered for three seconds longer than they should have, and with only the two of them in the garage, she took a deep breath as she rested her hand on Marty's chest.

"If you want to vent, I'm here for you. You got me Marty? If I can do anything to help you out, you know where I am. Come to me for anything, and I promise I'll help."

Sandy gave him a brief and chaste peck on the cheek and walked away, leaving the man while putting a little extra swing in her step. In the reflection from the house's sliding glass door she saw Marty staring at her, and she giggled to herself while walking inside to change out of her work clothes.

Mike waited until his wife was in the house, then stepped away from the garage window to join his brother inside. He didn't react to the guilty look on Marty's face as he turned away, instead focusing on the fridge.

"Getting a little chummy with my wife, are you?" Mike asked as he got a beer. "I think I caught enough of that little scene to be rightfully upset. Aren't you staying here because you caught Zoey trying suck a promotion out of her boss' dick? And now this stuff with Sandy? Are you trying to put the moves on her because you're mad at your wife?"

"No, no, it's not like that, bro. Sandy gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, something she's done in front of you a hundred times. I'm having a shitty day, and she was trying to help."

Mike sighed and sat on the wheeled stool, leaning back on his truck while giving his brother an intense stare. Marty shifted uncomfortably, looking around as he waved one hand as if trying to catch an explanation out of the air.

"Mike, look, I appreciate you two housing me for a little bit, but if you want me to leave, just say the words. Nothing inappropriate is going on between me and your wife, I promise you."

"Have you ever grabbed Sandy's boobs? Like reaching out and groping for the sake of the fun of grabbing a breast?"

"No, of course not. That's not what we were doing in here, we simply..."

"Remember a few years ago when we still had that pool?" Mike interrupted, chuckling as he stared at the floor, pausing for a moment to give his brother time to mentally switch gears. "It was several hours past midnight, we were crazy drunk like when we were back in college, being idiots, having a blast, and at one point you picked Sandy up and acted like you were going to throw her in the pool."

"Yeah, that was funny," Marty mumbled as a faint smile came back to his face. "Mostly funny anyway, Zoey was so pissed off for a few days that it made an impression on me."

Mike grunted and nodded his head. "Yeah, when Sandy grabbed your junk to try to scare you into dropping her, every person here saw it, and she did it like ten feet in front of Zoey, and wow was she angry at her. I mean, everyone but your wife knew it wasn't sexual, if that helps. I thought it was hilarious."

"Oh yeah, now I know where you're going with this," Marty said, laughing out loud now. "We both know she did it for the shock value, and I wanted to get her back, so I asked your permission to see if I could randomly grab her boob for that same shock value. But no, I never did grab her. I almost did a few times that night, but as drunk as I was, that silly little voice in my head wouldn't let me lift a hand towards her. She never got any payback from me. It also seemed weird to me you were so casual about saying I could feel up your wife."

Leaning forward and smiling at his brother, Mike scooted closer to his brother. "To be honest, I really didn't care if you did. Hell, if it was going to happen, I would have wanted to know in advance so I could be there for it."

Marty shook his head. "What? How drunk were you?"

"That's not even the thing. I don't care Sandy that gave you a couple little lovey-dovey kisses a few minutes ago. Even a few years ago at that party, I would have been fine seeing you fucking Sandy, with one finger up her ass, your other hand on one boob, then sucking on her free nipple. Or, you know, an awkward one-handed grab over her bikini top."

"Umm... Mike? How drunk are you right now? Did you even hear yourself? And what would Sandy say if she heard what you just said?"

"I brought it up for a reason, and it's because we've got a little secret. Sandy and I are swingers. In the few years since we got into this lifestyle, I've watched her get fucked at least thirty or forty times by about a dozen guys, and she has been right there in the same room while I got between the legs of around the same number of women. She's even had a play parter of ours pretend to be an executive of another company, and set it up so I would use my lunch break at work to cum in her ass in my office, with Sandy taking pictures of the whole thing. So no, I wouldn't have cared of you did something like grab Sandy's boob one time."

"I need another beer," Marty whispered.

He walked a lap around the yard before coming back into the garage to sit near Mike, and neither of them spoke for several minutes.

"If even half the stuff you told me is true, why would you tell me? And why now?"

Mike smiled and shook his head. "Well, I figured I had to say something soon. You've been here for almost a week, and I wanted to get this chat out of the way because we're having some friends over next weekend, and that would be an awkward way for you to find out. Besides, you needed a distraction from the stuff going on in your life. Hey, did you want me to see if Sandy will give you a blowjob real quick right now? She's really good at them."

Shaking his head and laughing, Marty chugged the rest of his beer. "My brain is kind of blown at the moment. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what you just said, I never expected to hear anything like that from you."

"Or you could wrap your hand around her tit, then get your dick blown, whatever. Hey, I just heard the door open so I think she's coming back out. Let's ask her what she thinks."

Sandy held three beers as she walked into the garage, giving her husband a worried expression as she looked between the two men. She took a step back before Mike stood behind her, putting his arms around her waist.

"Why do I get the feeling that I walked into something I shouldn't have?" Sandy whispered.

Mike kissed his wife on the neck, then crouched as he grabbed a handful of her skirt and pulled it to the floor. Sandy gasped and twisted away from Marty, the beers in her hands preventing her from being able to cover up.

"What the hell Mike?" Sandy hissed, then turned in a circle to hide her bare crotch with her husband's body. "Damn it, now your brother can see my ass too, but it's too late now. You know I don't like being exposed in public."

"You're not totally exposed, not yet," Mike chuckled.

He grinned and pulled down her strapless halter top and bunched it around her waist, his smile growing wider as he reached for her bare breasts, teasing her nipples as she whined in pleasure.

"You're still not naked, not technically," Mike whispered, watching the other man's eyes glued to his sister-in-law's expanse of skin.

"Mike, why did you do this with your brother right here?"

"It's fine, don't worry, I told him about us and our upcoming party where he's going to see tons more skin than this, so I thought now was a good time. Look at him babe, he's smiling for the first time in days."

Sandy laughed lightly as she shook her head and turned around to face Marty. "In that case, I guess I can stop pretending to be so upset, even though I'm nervous to be outside like this. Don't think this means that you can take my clothes off when ever you want to though."

"That's my right as your husband," Mike said in a firmer voice, looking at Marty. "It's only OK when I do it, that's one of our rules for our bedroom playtime."

"Ummm, I hadn't thought about doing that, but yeah, sure. It wasn't like I was thinking if I see you almost naked once, I could force you to do it on a whim. So this upcoming party... Mike, you were talking like I'd be there for it or something. Isn't that kind of assuming a lot about both me and your guests?"

"First things first," Mike said with a smile, taking a beer from Sandy. "Remember that thing we were talking about a few minutes ago regarding the pool? The offer is still open if you want to take it. Before you get a new beer and get your hands cold, that is."

"What thing?" Sandy asked, then smiled as she watched Marty's arms rising. "Oh, now I remember. Feel free to play with me any way you want, I like my boobs getting some lovin."

She leaned forward to give Marty better access, smiling over her shoulder as she pressed her naked ass into her husband's crotch. Sandy closed her eyes when Marty's tentative grasp found her breasts, and she wiggled her body to feel four hands caressing her.

"What I mean was that I don't..." Mike paused to slip one cold finger into his wife's pussy, smiling at her moan. "Errr, I meant that we don't mind if you want to stay for the party. I'm know the others are totally into both wild orgies and exhibition, so even if you wanted to sit on a chair and jerk off while getting drunk and watching, we'd all be a little more turned on for it. It's totally up to you."

"I don't know if he will like everything though, babe. Sometimes you and another guy get way too personal when you're doing a double penetration of one of us girls' holes, and Marty isn't really comfortable with that kind of stuff, at least I think he's not."

Marty bent down to kiss each nipple of his brother's wife, then took a step back to stare at her breasts swaying in his palms while Mike's hand make her body shake. He glanced at the other man, shaking his head slightly.

"Watching porn like that isn't my thing, no offense to either of you though. Simple personal preference. If I'm putting my dick into a woman, it's only OK when I do it, I don't need the competition or extra contact, thank you."

Sandy reached for Marty, stroking her fingers across the rigid lump in his jeans. She bit her lower lip as she looked into his eyes, pulling him a step forward.

"What about like this? Can Mike fuck me while I suck your cock? I like all the ways of having two men fuck my body at the same time, and sometimes three of them, or even five if I can reach out right."

Marty groaned and raised his head to face the ceiling. "I have no idea, I've never done anything with more than me and one lady. I don't think I'd be into rubbing my naked body against another dude's though. I don't have a clue how that would affect me."

"Let's find out one part at least," Sandy whispered as she pulled on his belt. "Your cock in my mouth, and Mike's cock inside of me, as long as it's between my legs, I don't care where."

Marty's eyes darted up to see Mike smiling, and it took less than three seconds for his brother's cock to be exposed to the sunlight. Sandy groaned happily when he entered her, and she opened her mouth and waved her fingers to encourage Marty.

"Is it my turn now?" Sandy giggled, her full breasts bouncing. "You both said it, so I get to. If there's more than one guy, it's fine to have your cock inside me, but it's only OK when I do it, and when you only feel me."

Mike slowed his thrusting as he watched his wife take his brother's cock into his mouth, her hand reaching down to cup Marty's balls. Marty was staring at the women stuck between them, and he cursed under his breath when Sandy held his hips and slid her body back and forth, fucking herself with the cocks of both brothers.

Marty dropped his half filled beer to the floor so he could use both hands on Sandy. One went to her chin so he could feel his cock slide in and out of her lips, and he bent to the side so he could reach her breast, pinching her nipple hard enough to make her moan. The surprise of the situation, plus the way her mouth worked his cock, was adding up to a point he didn't want to reach so soon.

"Son of a..." Marty cursed, groaning as he tried to stop Sandy's head from bobbing so fast. "Where should I...?"

"Wait, don't cum in her mouth this time," Mike said, breathing heavily as he stepped away from his wife.

Sandy whined and stood up, pouting while trying to cover her own huffing. She looked at her husband in anticipation, slightly raising her hands to question what he wanted. Mike looked around rapidly, his hand stroking his shaft, then cheered quietly while pointing to the stool he had been sitting on before.

"Babe, sit right here, lean on the truck, and spread your legs super wide while you finger your pussy. Marty needs to get a good show, and bro, stand right there next to her. Jerk your cock and bounce it off of her mouth, fuck her face a few times, then cum all over her boobs."

Marty and Mike moved immediately, and Sandy smiled widely as she followed his direction. Marty only had eyes for her, and he spread the pre-cum from the head of his cock across her cheek for a moment before she turned to him and licked it up.

"Fuck my mouth, Marty. Please cum for me, I want to taste you and feel you on me."

"Ung a fuc..." Marty grunted, stroking rapidly as he tried to capture the whole essence of his brother's wife.

He could hear the squicking sound of Sandy's pussy and clit being rocked by her fingers, and her bouncing breasts almost distracted him from her moans and the sight of her hungry mouth reaching for his purple head. Marty cried out as his body lurched forward. He caught himself on the fender of the truck, and as soon as Sandy's hand cupped his balls, he felt them erupt.

Staring at the sexy naked woman before him, Marty aimed his shaft lower, grunting at the feeling of every spurt of semen shooting from his cock to paint her breasts. It took almost a minute for him to recover, and with one eye half open, he stared at Sandy sucking his cock while she stared at his brother.

"Holy shit that was fucking hot," Mike said as he reached for her, helping her up so she could sit on a higher stool. "Marty, grab her foot for me," Mike ordered as he lifted one of his wife's legs. "Watch Sandy wearing your cum while I take my wife back. Babe, rub that into your boobs, use his cum for a lotion, you little slut, I can't believe I watched you sucking my brother's cock like that. I'll teach you a lesson, both now and later."

Sandy's head fell back as she withheld a scream, and Mike slammed his cock between her legs. The stool would have fallen over if her back wasn't braced on the bench and she was held up by the two men, and Marty felt himself growing harder as he stared at every part of her body he hadn't seen before. She looked at him and winked, making his mind race more than it had before.

The only sounds in the garage were of Mike slamming his body against and into his wife until several minutes later when he cursed and pulled back. With his cock free of her pussy, Mike moved forward until his balls rested on her clit, and he stared into Sandy's eyes as he stroked his shaft. He grunted once, then rose up on his toes as long tendrils of white shot from his cock to create several lines of seed reaching from her stomach to her neck.

"Holy shit that was kind of intense," Marty whispered, shaking his head as he gently lowered Sandy's foot to the floor.

"Wait for this weekend," she replied in a whisper.

Using the men's arms for balance, Sandy got off the stool and lowered herself to her knees, opening her mouth. Mike stepped forward without a word, sighing happily as his wife cleaned his cock. When his shaft softened, he pulled back and fixed his clothes, patting his pockets and looking at the driveway.

"Hey bro, this isn't how we usually play, but right now I need to ask you for a favor."

Marty pulled his cock up straight so he could fasten his jeans, trying not to be caught staring at Sandy's shining torso.

"Like today could get any weirder? Seriously?" Marty turned around to get three cold cans from the fridge, handing one to each of the other two. "I mean, yeah, sure, what do you need?"

Mike bowed his head towards Sandy, sighing deeply as he put his unopened beer on the table. "Babe, I'm sorry, I know you only got off once, but I saw what time it was a little bit ago and stupidly rushed things. The playoff game is starting in like twenty minutes, and I still haven't gone to the store for dinner. Would you mind too much if..."

Sandy squeezed her wet breasts as she stood up, giving her husband a pretend glare. "Just this once, mister. Are you sure? This isn't quite..."

"No it's not, but he's my brother, so..."

When she nodded her head, the couple looked at Marty.

"Oh come on, I know married couples finish each other's sentences all this time, but this is crazy. I don't know what the hell either of you two are talking about."

Mike slapped Sandy on the ass and took his car keys from his pocket. "Sandy doesn't like it when she doesn't cum at least four times per play night, and she hates wearing my cum for more than a few minutes, but I love that she will do it for me in the first place. We always fuck together, but this time? Well, we need dinner stuff, we're on our last beers, my DVR is full, and from the looks of things, you both are still raring to go."

"Are you asking me to do more with Sandy?" Marty asked, his shirt shifting as his cock jumped.

"I mean if you don't want to, that's one thing. But if you're interested, you should both go inside and take a shower, fuck your brains out on our bed, then shower again. Bro, I don't care if you cum absolutely anywhere in her or on her, as long as you make my wife cum hard before the game starts. If you do it right, she'll stay naked for the whole game, and she'll prove to us how good we made her feel. Of course, I'll need a good recap of your fun while we eat dinner, and if you remember to get any pictures or videos, that would be great too, or maybe we can video chat so I can hear it in surround sound from the parking lot and watch from the car's screen."

Sandy giggled and pulled off Marty's shirt, bending over to suck on his cockhead that was sticking out above his jeans. "If that's how you're going to be, I think I'm going to insist that I have a hard cock inside of me for at least half the game, and every time the TV shows the ball changing hands, I'll have balls in my hands. Or mouth, whatever. I have a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow. But hey, I'm a loving wife that does what my husband wants, and I'm happy to be his slut."

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