tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt's Rude To Stare Ch. 03

It's Rude To Stare Ch. 03


Escaping the perilous situation of H&M was a relief to Clarissa, but as soon as she saw the heavy traffic of shoppers, she realized she wouldn't be any better off. She and Catherine stood there in front of the store before joining the masses. Catherine's intention no doubt. Passerbyers in both directions and those going into the store turned their heads to look at the two girls (of course, moreso at Clarissa). It was quite overwhelming for Clarissa as it struck her now what she was going to have to deal with it. She took a deep breath and swallowed. After a few moments, Catherine motioned to her doll and the two merged into the crowd. Clarissa immediately noticed the looks. She even senses the gazes from behind on her smooth legs and ass. Being only a couple of feet from the nearest people, she was very susceptible to the gawks and the snickers. Catherine had set their walking pace very low (any faster and she couldn't walk in the heels anyways) as people moved from beside them, others took their place. And their reception of her appearance differed. It was mostly cunning smiles but occasionally groups of guys would take it further with cat calls. One of them dared to call out "How much?" How dare he?! I am NOT a whore! But as bad as the horny guys were, the age groups directly above and below Clarissa's. Parents would look in disgust as they shielded their children's eyes and pulled them away Clarissa really wanted to hang her head whenever the elderly passed by because they really brought on the death stares.

But as much as she wanted to slouch and not draw too much attention to herself, Catherine once again told her to stand up straight, pull her shoulders back and push out her chest. Clarissa lamented but did as she was told. Why even given me a damn shirt if my bra is peeking out this much?! To her controller, however, it was clear. Her bust was ready to burst out of the top at any moment. It certainly felt like it to Clarissa and it looked like it the outside world. It was scandalous and daring. It warranted attention. As they walked side by side the halls of the Toronto mega-shopping centre, Clarissa looked over at Catherine. The sparkling look in her eyes was one of great focus and confidence. At this point she didn't even have to look how her play thing was faring because she just knew. She knew it was uncomfortable. She knew it was unpleasant. She knew it because she'd been there before. She didn't have to see it. Something about this woman. I want to slap that stupid cocky look off her face right now. For doing this to me. She looked down at herself one again. The draft and cold air on her body was a lot more noticeable than before. Made sense because with a nearly open short sleeve blouse with a light and short skirt, much more skin was showing.

"Why are you doing this? This is so humiliating."

"I told you. You want to stare; you gotta know what's like to be stared at."

"But-but, you were never like this in the streetcar!" The peril in her voice was not hidden at all. "I feel like a hooker!"

Catherine laughed. "Oh Clari, Clari, Clari...you are ways away from that. But we can certainly make that happen." She winked at her in torment, knowing that Clarissa was completely powerless. Catherine knew that as much as her doll played the innocent damsel, she was captivated by the situation and by her. And THAT'S what made her stay. But for now, it was time for Clarissa's first scene in her new attire.

Catherine dug into her purse and pulled out a fist. Then she opened it to the ground and a shower of coins rained onto the mall floor. The metallic clanging of 10 or so coins caught the attention of the surrounding pedestrians who slowed and stopped to see. Clarissa looked round in a panic and then to her new "friend." She whispered an outrage to her. "Catherine! What are you nuts?! What the hell are you doing?!"

Catherine smiled again. "Why it seems I have dropped all my change. Now who will pick it up for me?" She announced to the crowd. "Don't worry people, we'll pick it up, I appreciate the help but no thank you. Have a good day!" Clarissa just wanted to cover her face given Catherine's behaviour and the fact she was standing right beside her.

"Well? Pick it all up."

"Meee?! You're the one who dropped it all!"

"Yes, but you're the one that's going to clean it all up! Need I remind you of your words outside? 'Anything'?" Clarissa looked into her brown eyes and found that cocky leer again. For such a beautiful woman, Catherine sure was evil. She sighed as she bent down at her knees and picked up a nickel.

"Ah, ah, ah..." She heard Catherine and looked up to see her motioning to her. "Bend at the waist, not the knees. It's funner that way!" Yeah, and degrading too. Why me?

So Clarissa walked around in the immediate area picking up all the loose change. In one area there are at least a cluster of six coins laying flat on the ground so she had to stay there for an extended period of time. In her nervousness, it proved difficult to get a good hold on them. Her fiddling caused her whole body to wiggle, which of course meant a nice sight for all passing by. The brunette could feel her bottom being hiked up to her waist effectively giving the crowd the best upskirt they've ever witnessed. As Clarissa carefully manoeuvred around in her bent position, she lamentably made herself aware that there were people at either side of her taunting her. Although she couldn't see them, she just knew they were mocking her with their eyes. Please just go away people. But they didn't. If anything they became involved. One male traveling with his buddies passed by, slapped her left cheek, and kept going without even looking back. Clarissa lips formed an "O" in shock and surprise. One hand went up to caress her stinging butt, but she quickly realized that it was best she didn't do this. All the while Catherine stood a few feet away with her arms crossed just looking at her doll in action. She saw the desperation in Clarissa's sluggish and sloppy movement. She tried to get this over quickly but Catherine knew this made things worse for her. And better for her own self to watch.

As Clarissa worked on a tiny cluster of three coins, in her periphery she saw the long tanned gams heading toward her. She was getting tired from this moving around and her doubled position didn't help her out in terms of getting blood and air to properly circulate. As Clarissa dug a dime off the ground, she looked beside her to see a pair of familiar heels beside her. "Keep doing what you're doing," she heard. Then she felt two hands grab her exposed backside. What is she doing?! Noooooo! Indeed Catherine had brought herself into the scene and grabbed hold of her buttocks. Groped too now. Great. Catherine treated it as natural. She massaged her cheeks quite naturally not even displaying a crum of the great excitement in her. She added to Clarissa's discomfort by tugging on her exposed thong and pulling it into her crack. She addressed the crowd who was witnessing this all occur. "Don't worry folks, she likes it." She was rubbing in the situation with both the fabric and the words. From her lowered position Clarissa heard the gasps, the laughs, the whistles, the cheers, and of course, the dirty name calling. Catherine moved from her position and allowed her to get the final coin, a nickel by the railing. She grabbed it stood up and leaned with her back to it. Catherine opened her purse and she dropped the change in.

Red in the face and slightly winded she addressed her tormenter. "I can't believe you just did that!" She looked at their following who had yet to disperse. She snapped at them. "STOP STARING AT ME! GO AWAY!" She looked back at Catherine who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Her doll moved closer to her and spoke with a quieter yet still intense tone. "I have been more HUMILIATE than I was just now." Catherine continued her mind games by failing to say anything. The two just stared at each other off to side as a couple of people still left from the show.

"Well?! Say something?" She panted as she demanded something, anything out of her commander. Catherine's smile widened into a full laugh. Clarissa was puzzled by this enigmatic girl. She began to stroke her face and play with her face. "Oh Clary, don't lie to me. I know you loved it." Loved it?! What?! "I know you enjoy being bent over, with your ass exposed for everyone to see and then my MAGICAL fingers dance along your backside."

Clarissa kept her glare on the woman. "Oh relaaaax. Fine. I know you're a bit upset..." Yeah a little... "So just to show you I'm not a total bitch..." With that Catherine unbuttoned her blouse once more finishing what she started on the streetcar. Clarissa peered into right at her cleavage. This girl is unpredicatable. First toying with me, and now this? Catherine parted her shirt so she was exposed just as Clarissa was. Noticing that she now ganrnered a better reaction from her doll, she smiled. "I see you like me now."

"Come here, my dear. I wanna show you some thing." She wrapped her arm around her and let her to the railing looking down on the lower level. Below hundreds of beings gathered in the food court, outside stores, around the fountains. Both of them rested their elbows on the guard as the slouched over to watch below.

"You see all these people Clarissa?" She did. Packs of young girls all with multiple shopping bags from Zara and Abercrombie & Fitch. Couples strolling along hand in hand. Guys sitting by checking out all the ladies who had come out along. "They're all horny. They all yearn for excitement. So we give it to them."

"By whoring yourself out? There's a word for that: freak."

Catherine laughed. "Oh Clary. You're too good. We are hardly the freaks." She pointed across the panorama. "They are. Remember what I first told you?" She did. It's rude to stare. "It's rude to stare. You see, everybody thinks we're the ones who put on the show. We're the caged animals. We're the ones without the shame. Yet, think about it Clarissa. We capture people when they can't help it. When they just can't hold back that holler, or that scowl, or that ass slap." That last thought brought memories of what she just went through.

Catherine continued. "You see, whether we make our intentions blatant like just now and in the store or whether we're more in cognito and less obvious, like me in the streetcar and us at this very moment..." Clarissa clued in that people must've been looking at their backsides as they peeked over the balcony. "And hey, even if we're a little over the top, it's all the same. People will let themselves go because they think 'Hey, they don't care so why should I? and 'They want the attention!'"

Clarissa thought about it for a minute. Suddenly Catherine was making a lot more sense to her. Yet it turned her impression of her upside down. She thought this girl was out to play the dominatrix, calling all the shots, and humiliating her in the process. Yet, here she was making a statement. Interesting.

"You see those guys over there?" Catherine pointed to two guys sitting on the edge of the big water fountain listening to a story by their buddy standing above them. Judging by his hand gestures and their reactions it was a very animated tale. "I want you to go flaunt yourself. Get them going. But keep your cool. Don't get them too attached."

Clarissa pondered this. After what she'd been through, she didn't want to objectify herself any more. Yet after what Catherine had told her perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea after all. With a look of concerned she gulped and nodded.

They took the escalator down. This time Catherine made no efforts to degrade her friend if only because she knew Clarissa was well aware of how she would be received anyways. The whole way down she looked in the direction of her targets just trying to plan out how she would do this. Wow, am I gonna do this? Breathe, Clar, breathe. From behind her Catherine smiled above her as she looked down at her doll. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Catherine told her meet her back at that spot once she finished.

As she walked nearer and nearer, uncertainty still filled her head. How would she pull this off? What would Catherine say? What would the guys say better yet? Yet, one foot in front of the other she was going to do this. With several feet to go, the boys paused from their socializing with each other and turned their heads to stare at her as she made their way to them. The two seated gentleman were about 25 year old, good build, really jocky aura about them. Their standing black friend was slightly skinnier but still young and healthy. Their mouths hung loosely with this broad waltzing to them. Clarissa looked at them and then at the fountain and knew what to do. She walked right up to one of the seated guys and emphatically out one foot on the fountain's edge thereby giving all three males a view of her smooth and exposed legs.

"Hello boys...nice day we're having eh?" She tried to put on her best sultry voice. Her audience just stood there awestruck. She ran her hand down her leg as she spoke. The guys remained glued on her leg and how it stretched in its position, making her tiny skirt ride up. The man nearest to her no doubt was trying to sneak a peek and Clarissa knew it. She dabbed her finger in the water and continue. "I really love fountains. How the water cascades down and settles into a pool below." She now ran her damp hand along her leg making it shimmer with moisture. "And at the bottom of that pool millions of shiny coins just glimmering though the water, signifying a million little wishes casted." She grabbed at her shirt and adjusted it for the guys. Wow, Catherine was right. Then she lifted the chin of the nearest guy who had been focussing on her exposed thong the whole time. She looked him square in the eyes with her brown pupils. "But boys, I seem to have forgotten my purse and I want to make a wish too." She again fiddled with her top and wiped a touch of water on it. "What will ever do?" She said as she winked.

The boy standing immediately dug into his denim pocket in a frantic stupor. It was really funny to Clarissa to see them scrambling like that. She did that. If Catherine intended her game of exhibitionism to be about power relations, then Clarissa kind of liked it. The boy fished out a quarter and handed it to her. "H-Here, hope it's good" He nervously mustered out. Clarissa licked her lips and mouthed a thank you. Then she turned to the pool, looked into the surface and flicked it in. "Opa!" she exclaimed. She turned to the trio who were practically drooling. The boy below still hadn't moved his eyes from her crotch.

Abruptly she swung her leg off the ledge and tidied herself, cutting the show short for the guys. "Well, boys, time to go....See ya around." With that, she turned in stride and walked away, not even looking back once. If she had she would've seen the guys high fiving each other over what they just witnessed. Making it back to the escalator, she was greeting with Catherine nodding her head very approvingly. "Very nice. I liked what you did there. Led them on but yanked it right from them. What you wish for?"

Clarissa smirked. "In due time, don't want to reveal everything do we? Plus then it won't come true" Catherine nodded and smiled again. It was a good enough answer for her. She led them to a table in the food court. The girls sat across from each other. It probably wasn't any coincidence that they were dead centre in the setup of table. Around the arena buzzed with families, couples, and friends eating and gabbing loudly, trying to hear themselves over the noise. As Clarissa took this all in, she felt something stroking the side of her leg. She looked to Catherine who stared almost lovingly at her. She is beautiful right about now. It was hard to imagine that a girl with such angelic feature could be so devious some-, well MOST of the time.

"Wanted to let you know that I'm really proud of you. It looks like you're getting it" Clarissa smiled and reciprocated the game of footsie.

"Yeah, well, I guess that makes us now a couple exhibitionist whores. I mean oops, we're not supposed to use that word are we?" She giggled. She genuinely loved this moment right now. For the first time she truly enjoyed being with Catherine. She was actually a girl right noe.

Catherine smiled back and lowered her foot off her leg. Clarissa titled her head in confusion as to why she stopped. "I want you to feel your pussy. Tell me exactly how hot you are." Just like that the fun mood to their activities was dropped. It was business again for Catherine. "Describe EVERYTHING you do and feel because clearly I can't see."

"But people are-"She tried to start with one of her complaints yet a quick glance from Catherine stopped her. It was so instinctive for her to start protesting. Although she had learned Catherine's motives, she wasn't completely comfortable with showing herself off. Yet it still excited her. This would be the proof that.

"Ok, I'm lowering my arm down to my skirt. I can feel the loose belt as brush up against it." She breathed in for the next part. "I'm lifting up my skirt. I can feel the cold air rushing to my skin." She was very nervous now. She paused for a second. With one hand down her crotch she looked around. Somebody somewhere must be look, I know it.

"Well don't stop! Continue!" Catherine ordered from in front of her.

Clarissa did go on. "I'm feeling the thong now between my fingers. A bit of it is trapped inside my, my cunt. It's kind of uncomfortable. The fabric itself is kind of wet too."

"Go on..."

"I'm moving it aside to reach my pussy." Again she broke for a second to survey her surroundings. People were looking for sure now. "I'm running my fingers through my bush. It's damp as well. I feel really excited yet scared now. I'm thinking about stopping."

Catherine stroked her face. "No, no, don't stop. You're doing so well. Pray keep going." Clarissa looked into her eyes and saw that proud, determined look she knew all too well. The smooth caresses on her cheek put her somewhat more at ease. Somehow she didn't want to disappoint herself, Catherine, and her audience of course. She gulped and nodded and travelled her hand.

"I'm, I'm now putting one finger into my pussy. I'm wiggling it around. It's wet inside too. I'm getting more excited now."

"Finger yourself."

"Ugh, I'm tickling my clit now. This is so very embarrassing. I'm hot and I can feel it in my cunt and on my face." It was true. Her face started to redden. "My clit's hard. *gasp* I can feel something coming on now."

"Keep going. One more finger. And faster."

"I'm putting a second one in. It's really moist now. I can feel the slime on my hand. I'm pumping a bit faster now. Oh Catherine! It feels so fuckin' goooood!!!" Catherine too was getting into it and began to massage her own lower regions through her skirt. "That's right my doll. It should feel good. Now, be a dear and pop another one of your buttons open."

Unconsciously Clarissa's free hand moved to her blouse and threaded the fastener through the hole. She parted the shirt and exposed her entire bra and cleavage. She ran her hand down her chest and bra out of ecstasy as her other hand continued to work on her clit. "Ooooo..." she cooed.

"Alright you can stop now." She ordered. "But wipe your juices on your chest and then tell me how that was."

Clarissa ejected her hand and with a dazed look in her eye she looked at it. Juices were stringing between her digits. She dragged them across her bust making sure to turn them over to get both sides. "That was the scariest thing I've done. Even more then the coins or the store. There were people all around us. I know they saw. I wanted to stop but I didn't. It was thrilling. I can't believe I did that!"

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