Ivana's Desire


When Ivana Parker let her husband lead her behind the garden shed one cool autumn afternoon, she had no idea the young married couple were being watched.

Their friendly neighbor, Bill Donaldson was quietly pottering around in his garden that sunny afternoon. Through the palings of the white picket fence and dense passion fruit vine that covered the moss-covered boards, he spotted the thirty-year-old woman tending to her patch of strawberries (the wild variety!). He smiled to himself as he admired the large floppy white hat on her head and the wonderful white sundress that adorned her body. He had no idea that under her lovely, long dress she was sans underwear – her peachy, mango sized tits, complete with raw, ripe blossoms, and the magnificent, neatly shaved, womanly chasm between her thighs were shamelessly left loose under the flimsy white cotton material.

When Mister Parker greeted her with a tall glass of lemonade, the quietly spoken retiree kept about his business, digging weeds at the base of the garden. He paused, however, and stared curiously through the thick green foliage when the husband and wife team, who had been his neighbors for some ten years now, moved to the back of the shed and began to kiss. His heart raced as Misses Parker glanced around, and thinking they were alone, quickly unbuttoned her dress.

As she pulled back the lapels, Bill Donaldson could see that under the dress she was completely naked. His heart leaped in his chest.

"What the... Oh my... my goodness," his mind reeled with joy, "she's not wearing any underwear!"

Reaching down, the horny housewife unbuttoned her husband's trousers and released his erection. It sat long and hard in front of him - she gently caressed its length. It had been years since Mister Donaldson had seen another man's cock and was certainly intrigued by the sight of his neighbor's proud member jutting straight up in front of him. His balls looked large and swollen – no doubt aching with the need to have their contents released. Was Misses Parker about to receive a healthy dose of his seed?

As Mister Parker kissed his wife's neck, she pushed her chest forward, offering her ample tits to be devoured. Her husband sucked each nipple into his mouth, kissing and sucking their succulent, shapely beauty. Ivana put her hands on her husband's head as if nursing him, while she fed him her raw, ripe cones. Looking around, the gorgeous, young mother remained assured of their privacy as her pussy became wetter and wetter. Ivana Parker knew that she was swiftly losing all sense of reason and with the last of her self-consciousness assured herself that she was securely safe to be mounted. She understood her most cherished body parts were clearly on display and in a matter of seconds would be so aroused that she wouldn't care if even several of her husband's friends dropped by and watched as he fucked her – when she was in such a state she would let herself be revealed in ways which she wouldn't usually dream of!

Then, without any warning, in a moment of triumph for her neighbor, the beautiful woman turned her body sideways and unbeknown to either her or her husband, granted full frontal visual access to the entire length of her naked body! Mister Donaldson finally saw what he had wondered about for so many years - he was granted unprecedented admittance to the sight of Ivana Parker, without any clothes to cover her nude assets – he was finally privy to what she looked like naked!

"Oh God, yes..." he thought, "I can see... I can see everything..."

He swallowed hard, realizing he was shaking with the thrill of being exposed to his neighbor's bare beauty. The lips of Misses Parker's nude pussy looked swollen and flushed with desire, while her nipples stood straight out from the tips of her succulent ripe tits, thoroughly aroused from her husband sucking them. Mister Donaldson gasped as he became privy to Ivana's most treasured personal secret – her inner labia protruded magnificently from the puffy doors of her vulva – a tuft of thick pink skin clearly visible up and down the entire face of her bare pudenda. How embarrassed she would be if she knew her neighbor was now furtively admiring the treasure usually reserved for only her husband's loving gaze!

Without a doubt, Bill Donaldson could quite easily discern her jutting ridge of flesh protruding prominently from within her sacred opening and his cock raged at being exposed to such profound beauty. He imagined licking her folds of flesh and wondered how often Mister Parker helped himself to her lovely, pink banquet.

For Mister Donaldson just one word stuck in his mind – explicit. Ivana Parker's pussy looked terribly raw and overtly rude and enticing as she divulged its beauty in the back yard. This was perhaps her most prized treasure – something she always kept so carefully hidden away – yet now here she was presenting her forbidden juicy petals in all their nude magnificence. She couldn't wait to have them spread!

Ivana's husband paused her mid turn and his fingers darted straight for the sweet folds of flesh between her thighs. His index and middle fingers squeezed inside and her slippery chasm easily permitted their forced entrance. Facing the fence – the exact spot where Mister Donaldson peered through the pine boards – she looked down to see her husband teasing aside the lips of her pulsating pussy – stretching her lips agape, revealing her glistening pink essence - before feeling his way up and gratuitously squeezing her tits. Turning her back to him, she grasped the shed's outer window ledge, pushed back her bottom and offered her backside for his penetration.

Mister Parker pushed his pants to his knees and guided his erection between his wife's legs. She bit her bottom lip as his glans ruptured her vulva and he plunged his swollen, thickset, cock-shaft deep inside. The fit was perfect – his rigid member complimented the shape of her vagina wonderfully. He stopped as his pelvis met the bare white skin of her exposed bum cheeks. Filled with his length, Ivana Parker breathed intensely, her every sense heightened by being accosted. Unable to move, she receptively handed her body over to the caring hands of her husband, accepting whatever might follow – she trusted him to take care of her – to tend to her every feminine longing.

In that moment she felt so wonderfully sexy and bold – not caring if they should be caught in their most personal and private of encounters – in fact that exact thought was making her heart race faster and faster.

Her husband removed her dress and cast it on the ground beside them – he wanted her nude – he wanted her to experience the thrilling risk of being caught without her clothes to cover her naked body. He ensured she had nothing to cover her bare assets and in that moment wanted nothing more than to have someone - anyone - catch his wife being fucked in the back yard, behind the garden shed. It would be the ultimate in humiliating exposure for the beautiful young mother.

Now that she was naked, Ivana had become a part of the beauty of the garden. She wanted to run free like this – play hide and seek so that her husband could find her naked, and reward her for showing him her lovely body.

Bill Donaldson swallowed hard, his mouth dry from quietly watching the x-rated encounter that played out before him. He could see Ivana Parker's lovely long nipples adorning the face of her wonderfully juicy C cupped tits, hanging freely beneath her. She had her back arched, tilting her pelvis down to grant her husband complete access to her saturated vagina – she wanted as much cock as he could offer. Mister Parker eased his throbbing penis in and out of her wonderfully wet chasm, electrifying every nerve between them. Their neighbor witnessed it all as the pair made love behind the garden shed, completely oblivious to the intimate details they divulged.

Such was the power of Ivana Parker's desire to be seen without her clothes – to be appreciated in all her naked glory – in her most personal and primal of states – in the act of copulation usually kept hidden behind closed doors, where only her husband could see the beauty of her gorgeous feminine fruits.

Now that her neighbor had seen her naked body she had unwittingly set a new precedent for her subtle feminine form. The bar had been raised and she had tasted a new sense of what it meant to be appreciated. Having another man look on as her husband pumped her pussy into passionate submission thrilled the beautiful woman to no end.

Turning her head to the left she rested her right cheek on her hand and peered out through sleepy sexually satisfied eyes reveling in the sensation of her husband's wonderfully thick prick piercing her privates. Sensing her neighbor's watchful gaze she searched the fence and found the place that offered a view into her private paradise, deep in the back yard, behind the garden shed. She closed her eyes again, opening herself to the sweet feeling of being adored by both men. She loved that she was being watched and fucked... both at the same time.

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