tagNonHumanIvanovs Ch. 03

Ivanovs Ch. 03


Hello, here is the continuation of She Wolf. You may need to read that series before reading this story. None of the characters in this story is real. So please read and then relax.

I want to thank Overstar for taking time to edit this chapter. Any mistakes found throughout the story, are no reflection on the gentleman that edited this story. Please do not allow any errors you may find to detract from the story.

Also I'd like to thank Navaura, MizT, and Donalde for beta reading this story for me. Also Boneams, thank you for your words of encouragement.

Chapter 3

"Cantar, you need my help? Give me one reason I should lift a finger to help you?" Thomas demanded. This girl was the bane of his existence. She made his life a living hell. To escape her, he moved to another continent.

"Listen, Thomas. I know I was a bit mean to you, but-" he scoffed.

"A bit mean. Really, that's what you call emasculating me, being a bit mean. Look, Cantar, what do you want?" he stared at her stunned. She had no idea how much she hurt him.

"I need you to analyze something. Do you still have your lab?" she asked as he stood staring at her speechless.

"Cantar, I am already doing important research on other things. I truly don't have time to entertain you. Now if you don't mind, I want you to leave." He insisted.

"You know what Thomas, folks in hell want ice water but they are shit out of luck. Now I know you despise me and really I could care less. I need your help. I will not leave until you listen." She took three vials from her bag. Thomas looked at them and then looked at her.

"Where did you get those? If that is what I think it is, then it's extremely dangerous." Thomas explained, his voice so low and still that Cantar froze. If he saw the bottles and reacted like this, then she had to know what was in them.

She took a deep breath and regained her composure. " Can you tell me what it is?" she asked, realizing what he'd said. Thomas was stock still. He wanted to refuse, but she seemed desperate.

The part of him that was raised to be a gentleman could not abandon her. He picked up the vials and said, "Come with me Cantar. This won't take long." She followed him to the laboratory in the back of his home.

"Now, if my suspicions are correct, one drop of this substance will destroy a full grown plant in seconds." Thomas stated. Donning a pair of latex gloves, he had Cantar to stand aside. Very gently with decisive precision, he took a small drop of the gooey substance and transported to the dark soil of the plant. Within seconds the leaves turned brown and the entire plant disintegrated right in front of them.

Cantar gasped. Whatever was in that vial destroyed a perfectly healthy plant, and her mother had been feeding father this for decades. Her heart pounded. She's been poisoning him. She's trying to kill father. She had to know.

"What will this substance do to a vampire, an old one?" she asked, fearing she already knew the answer.

Thomas looked at her, and took the rubber gloves off, disposing of them quickly. He then removed his glasses. As much as he despised Cantar, if someone was using this substance on another vampire, then it needed to be stopped. "Cantar, what is going on? Tell me."

"My mother has been feeding this to my father for decades. She told me it was protein and I believed her. But I learned that she has poisoned both my sister in laws and they can no longer carry a child. So I took the vials to see if my suspicions are right. She's been poisoning Daddy." After she said that, she sat on the nearest chair trying hard not to cry. Thomas stared at her dumbfounded.

"Cantar, if she has given him this for decades, then his life ends the moment he stops taking it. He will die if he does not drink her concoction. There is not antidote, and I cannot create one because the compound would be to explosive. I'm so sorry." He whispered, wishing just this once that he could be the hero. "However, this is not what she gave your brother's wives. There is a plant that is believed to cause miscarriages. It grows in the Amazon. If I can get a blood sample from them, I can test it to see if they have traces of the plant in their systems. " Cantar looked relieved.

"Really, can you hurry?" she gasped, relieved that maybe some good could be salvaged from this, "I'll tell my brothers." She stopped. The only one that listened was Kale, but even he might doubt her this time, "Thomas, come with me. I can't explain all of this and he'll understand you. You are a scientist, so he might believe you." She pleaded

Thomas looked thoughtful and answered, "Ok, but, we must hurry. Can you alert them that I am accompanying you? I don't want to deal with aggression. Male vampires are extremely aggressive when another male encroaches on their territory."

Cantar called Kale. Kale, I found out something. I have a friend. He can explain. Can I bring him to your home? she queried.

Yes, Cantar, Hurry. Kale answered. Rising from bed to meet her in the library, he knew she had important information concerning mother. Within minutes Cantar and Thomas appeared. Brenwan was sleeping but awoke when Kale left their bed. She knew the situation was volatile, and she dreaded the fact that Kale would insinuate himself in the middle. She was shocked to learn of Esmeralda's treachery, and she felt horrible for Shari. However, she wasn't angry. She didn't want children. She had never discussed this with Kale because pregnancy never occurred for them.

But since he'd learned about the poison, she had to tell him the truth. Despite how she felt, she knew her mate, He'd spent his entire life trying to win his mother's love. But unlike others she recognized Esmeralda for what she was. She did not love her children. In truth, she didn't want children. She did care for Garrick, but that was because he was to replace his older brother. However, since he'd chosen to side with Gernick, her tolerance for him was gone.

Esmeralda was dangerous. She wanted complete rule, and she'd do whatever it took to get it. Brenwan heard Cantar and her friend arrive, and decided to join them in the library. When she entered, Kale was listening intently to the young man that accompanied his sister. "Hello, Cantar. Who is..." Cantar turned to face her sister-in-law.

"Brenwan, this is Thomas Macavi. He's a chemist. He analyzed the substance I found in Momma's closet. It's bad." She explained.

"Hello, Mrs. Ivanov," Thomas greeted Brenwan, "It's a pleasure to meet you. As I was explaining to your husband, the substance in the bottle is arsenic. It's deadly to humans, but harmless to vampires, unless the potency is increased. His mother has found a way to make it even more potent. She added a plant extract that causes hallucinations and dementia to vampires if taken in large quantities. The truth of it is, she is controlling your father because she has gotten him to become dependent on this drug."

"Wait, mother would not..." Kale froze. Over the last decades, he'd began to notice that father would become weak and mother always gave him a drink. No one else was allowed to drink from the goblet. Father would seem ill, then right after he regained enormous amounts of strength.

"If what you say is true, and she is poisoning father, she needs to be stopped. I... I need to think." Kale stated sitting. Brenwan moved to his side. She rubbed is shoulders, as tension built up inside him.

"Baby, it's OK. We will figure this out. If what he says is true, we will find a way to help your father." She whispered.

"Kale, daddy will die? There is no cure, no antidote for the poison." Cantar whispered, crying, her heart crushed because she knew there was no help for her father. Kale knew his father was going to die, and he'd have to go on as well. Their mother had gone too far and needed to be dealt with.

Kale angry at his mother looked at his wife and remembered, "Wait, she gave you a drink. The same drink she gave Shari. Brenwan, is she the reason we have no kids?" he asked, heart pounding.

"She gave me the same drink and said the chant, but I never conceived, Kale." She looked deep into his eyes. "Kale, I never thought about having a child. We've been mated over six centuries, and it never mattered to me. I know it sounds wrong, but if she did give me something that prevented pregnancy, I'm not mad at her. I am not ready to be a mother."

Kale stared at his wife. He never thought about kids either, but his mother took the choice from them, and that was the problem. Whether they wanted children or not, she had no right to take away the choice. Then he thought of Shari, his sister-in-law. He needed to speak with Garrick. He knew Gernick would not answer, but if he could reach Garrick, then maybe they could save father.

"Mrs. Ivanov, if you would give me a blood sample, I can test it. If I can find traces of what she gave you, maybe I can help." Thomas offered.

"Wait, what is in it for you? What do you get from this.?" She glared at Cantar. Cantar quickly jumped to Thomas's defense.

"I asked him here. Brenwan, he came because I asked him too. He is a chemist and he has spent centuries studying. Thomas has vast knowledge on many things. We all know mother makes herbal medicines. She always has. But something has changed in her. She's different, darker." Cantar exhaled. "Maybe she has always been this way, and we never saw it. I know Gernick has..."

Kale grabbed her. "Is this about him? Has he filled your head with lies about mother? She always said he despised her." He ranted.

"Stop, Kale. You know I speak the truth." Cantar whispered, hurt that Kale doubted her. "Think about it. Gernick has never deserved the way she treated him, Kale. You know that."

"Cantar, Kale, please stop! Thomas, you can check my blood for the poison she gave me right. Then let's do it." Brenwan stated silencing both her mate and his sister.

"Great, I have my equipment. I need you to lie down so I can draw the blood Mrs. Ivanov" Thomas whispered. Kale was silent, as his mate led the young man onto their living room.

"My name is Brenwan. Call me Brenwan." She answered as he prepped her to take her blood.


"Good morning beautiful," Thaddeus greeted Nina as they awoke the next morning. She had told him of the visit back at the compound and how distraught the vampiress was. She was furious at this Esmeralda, and her fear for Nicky and Jonathan increased tenfold.

Thaddeus assured her that Gernick would protect them. She needed to remember who Nicolette's mate was. Gernick was one vampire that you did not want for an enemy.

"She poisoned her Thaddeus. Her son's wife, just because she could." Nina exhaled. "Nicolette is going after her. I know her and as soon as she gets a chance, she's going after Esmeralda." Nina shuddered.

"Love, Nicolette is more than capable of taking care of herself. You don't need to worry about her. We have two more days before we drive back home. Let's try and enjoy our visit, OK." He asked. Nina nodded, and smiled.

"Today is Saturday, right. Gernick owes us a spa day. I wonder if he'll renege." she mused.

Meanwhile, Claus was up early, clearly concerned for Gernick. Something was going on, and it involved Gregor. For centuries Gregor hurt him. He was powerless to stop him, but still it angered the gentle man.

"Love, he knows you are there for him. He knows you love him. Claus, you're his father. Never forget that." Amerie reminded him.

Claus looked at her, and smiled. She was his, and was grateful that she accepted him. "Girl, what would I do without you? Thank you for keeping me grounded." He whispered, holding her close.


Nicolette awoke before Gernick. She took a few moments to just look at him. He was so strong and held so many secrets. She hated his father and step mother for hurting him the way they had, and what she'd done to Shari was criminal. She needed to visit her stepmother-in-law and let her know in no uncertain terms that her days were numbered.

No, you won't. Nicolette, she is dangerous. I want you to promise me that you will stay away from her. Gernick sent to his irate mate.

"Gernick, stay out of my thoughts. We've talked about this." She complained as she flipped onto her back.

"Today you and Nina have a spa day. I keep the boys, right. I want you to enjoy your time with your friend. Look I will go to the compound to check on Garrick and Shari, but I'll take the boys with me. After all I promised Nina, I'd watch them." He added.

"No, you need to care for your brother. Nina and I can go another time. Believe me we under-" silenced her with a kiss.

"My stepmother and father will always be there. I will deal with them. But I promised you today and I will keep my word." He kissed his wife. "Don't make me break my promise to Nina. I want to get in her good graces."

"Ok, alright. We'll spend the day relaxing. I want to pop in and check on Shari, and then we can go to the spa." She begrudgingly agreed.

Gernick smiled. His wife was amazing, so protective of her loved ones. He had a moment of regret when he thought of how he'd hurt her, but Nicolette looked at him and whispered, "Baby, I forgave you. Forgive yourself." He smiled.

"I don't deserve you. But I'm so glad I have you." He whispered as he held her tightly.

"OK, Up, We have guest. You know Momma and Claus are too wrapped up in each other to get out of bed." She said blushing. Not quite used to the thought of her mother being married.

Gernick laughed and got out of bed. He immediately went to the nursery to check on the baby. Petra had yet to arrive and both boys were awake and laughing.

Gernick smiled as Thaddeus joined him in the nursery. "Hey Gernick, Daddy duty this morning," he teased.

"Yes, and today I get to spend it with these two guys. So after our women abandon us, Thaddeus, is there anything you'd rather be doing, go on. I'm babysitting and the women will be out. Claus and Amerie are traveling to the city. So you'll have free day." He stated secretly praying Thaddeus would stick around.

"Well, I was hoping to hang with you three guys. I mean you can take diaper duty, but I can stick around if you don't mind." He answered. Laughing because he knew Gernick wanted him to hang around.

"Good, sounds great. Check with Nina, I don't want her to think I'm skipping out." He added. Thaddeus laughed.

"Gernick you don't have to try so hard. Although she won't admit it, Nina likes you. It's cool." Both men laughed. At that moment the women walked in and wondered what was so hilarious as their boys reached for them. Nina narrowed her eyes at Gernick, and it was quickly replaced by concern.

"Hey, are you alright? We can cancel. I know you need to check on your brother and his wife." She stated.

"Actually, you are right, but I plan on taking the boys with me. I know, I swore I wouldn't, but I might ask Thaddeus to help while I check in on Garrick" he explained.

Nina smiled. "Gernick, that's fine. You know we can cancel-" he interrupted.

"No, no I promised you two today. Now get dressed and go. We have guy stuff to do." He rushed the women off. Nicolette kissed her mate and whispered that she and Nina would go to the compound and visit Shari first; then they'd go to the spa later.


However, at the compound, Garrick arrived at the medical center and he and Shari spoke with Kim. She explained the new regimen Shari was being placed on. She also placed Shari on straight bed rest. She did tell them their baby was a fighter, and she believed she'd survive.

When the doctor left the room, Shari watched her husband. He was so quiet, so still. "Garrick, what are you going to do?" she asked. But she knew her husband, and no one would deter him until he satisfied his blood lust.

"Don't worry, Love. No one will harm you or the baby." He whispered. Then he crawled into bed beside her and held her for a while. Soon, the nurses came in and found him sleeping as he held his wife. They tried not to disturb him, but it seemed the medication was helping and they were relieved. After the last nurse left, Garrick grumbled. "How do they expect you to rest when they keep coming in?" Shari laughed. For the first time in it seemed forever she laughed.

"Garrick, I love you." She kissed her irate mate, soothing him and reminding him that his wife and daughter were safe right now. He sighed and held her close. Soon a knock on the door interrupted their moment. Garrick and Shari called for the Alpha pair to enter.

They entered cautiously and wanted to make sure she was all right. Kim had told them of her complication the night before. Javon could see that Garrick was in good spirits. "Shari, Kim told me you are to stay off your feet. She should release you from here soon. I want you and Garrick to know you are welcomed at our home, if you chose to stay.

Shari was floored. The wolves were so gracious and genuinely concerned about her and her daughter. She looked at Garrick and noticed the humble look of gratitude in his eyes as well. "Thank you. If Shari can stay here for a while, she'll be safe while I go deal with this threat." He answered.

Shari tensed. Garrick, we must talk about this. she sent her irate mate.

Shari, I love you but they will die. I want you and the baby safe and they will protect you here. he answered.

Javon and Elise looked at each other, knowing they were communicating. Elise moved and rubbed Shari's back. She could feel the tension in the vampires. "You know, Shari, if it's not too much to ask. We can always use help watching the young ones. Besides it will give you practice for your daughter." She added smiling.

Shari smiled. She knew what Elise was trying to do and she appreciated it. She was not worried about him leaving, but if he went against the council, they would order his death. She didn't want to lose her husband. "Thank you, Madam Alpha. That is very gracious and kind of you." She answered.

Garrick smiled at Elise. Her calm presence helped put Shari at ease and for that he was grateful.

"Is it too crowded, or can we come in?" Celia and Julianne called from the door way. They had no real connection to the vampire couple, but they knew she was somehow related to Nicolette. For Celia, that was all she needed to step in and try to help. Shari froze.

The two women approached and Elise introduced them once she learned of their connection to Nina, she relaxed. "Shari, this is Celia, Nina's daughter, and her daughter-in-law, Julianne." Both women smiled at the vampiress, as Elise added, "Julianne is expecting twin girls in a few months. Everyone is excited." Shari relaxed, and got to know the two women. She found that talking to them really helped her calm down, and when she was calm, so was her daughter.

"Have you chosen names for them?" she asked Julianne, curious, but feeling a sudden kinship with her.

Julianne smiled and said, "Yes, but we're keeping them a secret to be revealed at their birth. My oldest little girl and I chose really special names for them. She swore me to secrecy, I can't even tell her daddy." She added smiling, gently caressing her stomach. Then Julianne talked about the three cubs she and BJ adopted. Shari was fascinated.

Julianne was caring for three small kids and had two more on the way; she was very brave. Shari watched her closely. Julianne was beautiful, glowing really. Shari smiled as she and Julianne shared a moment, and the two women shared a knowing smile. Garrick was astounded at how beautiful and relaxed Shari seemed as she and the she wolves talked. She was absolutely radiant.

"Garrick, let's give the women some time alone." Javon suggested as he led Garrick from Shari's room, leaving the women to talk.

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