tagErotic CouplingsI've Hidden Your Wife

I've Hidden Your Wife


"I still can't believe we're finally married!"

I smiled, glancing at my beautiful young wife. No longer were we simply playing at being husband and wife – now we truly and legally were husband and wife. Her sand-colored hair trailed behind her thanks to the airflow as the convertible, top down, wound up the mountain road. In a way, she reminded me of the female passenger in the original Outrun arcade game...or perhaps my imagination had kidnapped both my common sense and my logic.

"I still can't believe my high school sweetheart is now my wife," I noted aloud, returning my eyes from Kelli to the road. "I wonder just how often that truly happens."

Not two hours earlier, we had left the reception, stopped briefly at the house to change clothes and shower (together, of course), and then begin the ascent of the mountain to the cabin we were renting for the long weekend. We had been to this cabin twice previously, and knew just how secluded it was from prying eyes and straining ears, which was purely perfect for our desires.

Eventually, we turned off the paved road, plenty of thick dust rising behind the Miata. We slowed only for the cattle guard, then continued on the final half-mile to the cabin, breaking out of the tree line to finally spot the small cabin.

...and a very familiar car parked in front.

"Why is Jeri here?" Kelli asked aloud, voicing the very question I had. "Surely she doesn't want a threesome now on our honeymoon!!!"

I slowed and parked beside Jeri's car, raising the top of the convertible as Kelli stepped out. By the time I got out, Kelli and Jeri were standing on the porch, chatting and smiling. Jeri looked directly at me and gave me a wink and a wicked grin.

The three of us unloaded the car and brought the items into the cabin. Jeri had clearly planned well in advance to set up the cabin for us. While Kelli and I had specifically not brought any "fun stuff" with us for our honeymoon, Jeri had bought and set out for us plenty of "fun stuff." Several coils of multicolored rope were on the small table in the dining room. Leather cuffs and a wide leather collar were on the kitchen counter. A pair of chains had been secured to a support beam on the porch roof overhang. Vibrators and dildos and a tube of lubricant were perched upon the dresser in the bedroom. Several flogging devices waited atop the mantle of the fireplace. A brand-new Polaroid with plenty of film sat upon a small bookcase.

And Jeri simply wore a wicked grin.

"Isn't this a bit much?" Kelli finally asked. "I certainly appreciate your efforts and all, but we're only here for four days, not four months!!!"

"But a honeymoon should be full of fun and excitement... and not just in the bedroom!" Jeri gave us both a wink. "And don't worry about the costs," she added, reading my mind. "These are my own personal gifts to you both.

"Now you," she said, directly to me, "you need to go somewhere else for about an hour. I've got to get this beautiful babe ready for a perfect night. No," she added, reading my mind again, "I'm not going to be involved, other than getting Kelli properly prepared for you."

Five minutes later, I was driving back down the mountain, supposedly just to buy a bottle of wine. The entire trip to and from the nearest store, I kept trying to predict the "preparations" taking place. Was Jeri lacing my newlywed wife into a tight corset? Was she mercilessly teasing my longtime sweetheart to work her up into even more of a frenzy than usual? So many naughty visions passed through my mind that it was at times extremely hard to keep my focus on the road ahead.

When I at last returned to the cabin, Jeri was standing on the porch, clearly waiting for me. The expression upon her face was one of illicit satisfaction; if there had been a feather between her lips, she would have looked like the stereotypical cat who had just eaten a canary.

She would not tell me anything until I was inside and she had taken the wine bottle from me. Kelli was nowhere to be seen, which concerned me a little.

"Here's the plan," Jeri announced. "I've hidden your wife. So, your job is twofold. First, you need to find her, obviously. Second, where and how you find her, you are to take her for the first time as your wife, although how you do that is entirely up to you and you alone. Understood?"

To say I was appalled would be a great understatement. On the other hand, once I recovered from the initial shock of Jeri's plan, I saw the brilliance of it. "In other words, you're just trying to make our first time as husband and wife a truly memorable experience, is that it?"

"Exactly." Jeri stepped toward me and kissed my cheek, which was not an unusual act between us. "I've hidden her somewhere on the property around the cabin. So go find her and consummate your marriage. I only wish I could watch!"

In a way, I wish she could watch as well. I hugged her tightly, whispering my thanks for her thoughtfulness into her ear, then headed outside.

"No!" Jeri called out, stopping me. "You should be naked for this!"

She had a point. So I came back to her and stood before her. "Then perhaps you should undress me," I suggested.

Jeri kissed my cheek again. "Sorry, not this weekend. That is reserved for your newlywed wife. But I am going to make sure that you are completely nude – except for some shoes – before you walk out that door to go searching for your better half!"

In very short order, with the final rays of daylight fading from the sky and the stars sparkling in the east, I was walking au naturel, roaming the property to try to find my wife. There were six acres of fenced-in property to ensure near-total seclusion, and it could conceivably be daybreak before I finally found my precious Kelli.

I must have been roaming for nearly an hour, for the waxing moon had appeared above the horizon when I finally heard a soft, frustrated moan coming from the grove of trees to my right. I paused, and shortly heard that same frustrated moan again. Following the sounds, I very nearly tripped over my own wife.

In the darkness of the grove of trees, I could just barely discern her silhouette. She moaned again, and I could just faintly hear the buzzing of a vibrator – a vibrator which was clearly buried within her. I knelt beside my wife, and using my eyes, my ears, and my hands, I realized her predicament.

Kelli was on her side on the hard-packed dirt, her lengthy hair in a ponytail. Her forearms were lashed together behind her. She wore a collar and open-cup bra, with her nipples clamped and their connecting chain strung through the D-ring at the front of the collar. More rope had been used to form a tight breast bondage which also pinned her upper arms to her torso. Still more rope secured her legs together, wrapped at several points along her legs. My wife wore heels which had been secured by thin ropes to the main ropes binding her legs. And to top it all off, she was gagged, a hard flat piece over her mouth making me suspect that a fake phallus filled her mouth, providing something for her to suck on as she was forced to endure the incessant buzzing of the anal vibrator held in place by the thin crotch of her thong.

"I've found you at last," I whispered, kneeling by her head and stroking her hair. "Now I suppose that I should finally claim you as my wife. Would you like that?"

Moaning around the gag, she nodded.

I thought for a moment. "All Jeri said I had to do was find you, and I have, and take you here, which I will. But I'll give you a choice: slow and romantic and free of all that bondage gear, or rough and painful and still bound. What's your preference? Do you want slow and romantic?"

She shook her head in the negative, which somewhat surprised me.

"You want me to be rough with you?" She nodded. "Still in your bonds?" She nodded again. "While I hurt you?" She nodded vigorously.

"Very well," I said, rising. In the darkness, it took a few moments to locate a fallen stick, lengthy and thin. Then I returned to my bound young newlywed wife, rolled her roughly to her front (and enjoyed her groan of pain as the nipple clamps impacted the hard ground), and hauled her up so that she was kneeling with her back to me as I knelt behind her.

"This is going to hurt you," I growled menacingly into her ear, "more than it's going to hurt me."

The gag muffled her cries nicely, which was somewhat of a pity, as I have always enjoyed hearing her scream, whether in pleasure or in pain. I took my time battering her bound breasts, striking her quickly, relishing the sound of the stick splitting the cool air, enjoying the sound of the impact of stick with skin, and savoring the sounds of pain seeping around the gag. The best sounds coming from my wife were produced when the stick struck the nipple clamps themselves, causing the clamps to bite even more fiercely into her tortures areolas for just a brief moment. Securing her ponytail in one hand and exerting enough force to pull her head back and expose what little of her neck is not protected by the collar, I knew that the pain was slowly increasing for her, noted nicely by the subtle change in her muffled cries.

"I'm definitely enjoying this," I admitted in her ear as I set the long thin stick aside. "Are you enjoying this, sweetheart?"

She nodded, as much as she could given that I was still pulling her ponytail. I kissed her cheek, feeling and tasting the tears upon her skin. Her tears, her muffled cries, her ragged nasal breathing, her bondage, her pain had all greatly enhanced my arousal, to the point that I had to sheath myself inside her.

It was time to consummate our marriage, in a way that our parents certainly would not approve of even in their worst nightmares.

Roughly, I forced my wife to bend forward. With her forehead pressed to the hard-packed ground, I reached underneath her with both hands, simultaneously releasing the clamps from her nipples and causing the blood to rush back into her suckable nubs. While she screamed and certainly cried from this new, intense pain, I pulled aside the crotch of her thong and plunged deep into her hot, wet, pulsating womanhood, groaning myself from the intimate contact.

Once inside my wife, I remained as still as possible. I simply allowed her pain to create my pleasure, as Kelli's body twisted and bucked in reaction to the pain at the tips of her tender breasts. As her motions began to subside, I picked up the thin stick again and began to strike her across the upper back, renewing her pain and increasing my pleasure.

"Scream for me," I ordered. "Fight the pain and milk me."

I have no idea how long the pain/pleasure dance continued. I kept striking my wife, and she kept pulsating around me and moving back and forth upon my impaling manhood. Despite the gag, she eventually began to noticeably lose her voice, so I cast the impromptu cane, used the ponytail to haul her up on her knees until her back was flat against my chest, and used one hand to manipulate her breasts while my free hand masturbated her clitoris furiously through several orgasms, my treatment so rough that the pleasurable act was clearly somewhat painful for her according to the change in her muffled voice. And as her core quivered violently around me for the final time, I rutted into her like a primal animal, taking my pleasure from her until I vomited my love deep inside her while bellowing in conquest in her ear.

It took quite some time for us both to truly calm from the bizarre consummation of our marriage. The anal vibrator still busy working its magic inside her, I simply held her close, kissing the tears from her face even after her sobs had finally ceased. The sweat which had formed upon us both caused the night air to truly chill us, and I knew that we needed to return to the cabin soon.

At last, I released my longtime, loving companion, and began to remove the bondage, but she rolled away, and I heard a muffled "uh-uh" from her. So, I instead picked her up, carefully rose to my feet, and carried her back to the cabin with the anal vibrator still churning inside her.

"Damn," Jeri said, looking up from a paperback novel as I stepped onto the porch with my bound wife in my arms. "I wish I had a camera to have a picture of you two!!!"

I smiled and simply passed through the open door into the cabin itself. "I've already drawn you two a hot bubble bath," Jeri called out, "and I can bring you the wine, then I'll be going."

Some twenty minutes later, Kelli and I were relaxing together in the bathtub, sipping wine in turn from a shared glass as Jeri sat on the edge of the tub, regarding us both. "So, what did you think of finding your charming little wife like that?" she asked me before she took a sip from her mug of coffee.

"It was certainly a very original way to start a long honeymoon weekend," I admitted, barely able to suppress a smile. "I don't think I would have ever thought of it myself, but it was certainly an interesting event."

"Definitely," Kelli said softly, the exhaustion evident in her voice. She reached out to hold her best friend's hand. "Thank you."

Jeri beamed. "I think my job here is done." She quickly downed the rest of her coffee and stood. "I'd better get going, as I do need to be at work tomorrow to make up for missing today. I won't ask for details about what you two did out there, although from the marks on your body, Kelli, I think I have a fairly good idea" – she gave us a wink and a wicked grin – "but I definitely want details about the rest of your honeymoon once you two lovebirds decide to return to the land of daily mundane reality."

"We will," Kelli said, "I promise."

Not long after Jeri had left, Kelli was asleep in my arms. I thought about just how lucky I was to have my newlywed wife in my life, and Jeri as well. While Kelli was my perfect compliment, Jeri kept doing whatever was necessary to expand our horizons, and the beginning of our honeymoon was the best such example to date.

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What a cluster fuck

Too many questions about who these people are and why would they let Jeri interfere with their honeymoon. Worst of all - put this crap in BDSM. If he's going to torture her you might have the decency tomore...

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