tagLoving WivesJ and J Ending

J and J Ending


Chapter Five—Six months later

I rode the Hog back to the campground and was soon at the RV. I stepped off and made sure that the stand was down. I had screwed up once and let it fall over. I didn't mind the scratched paint as much as learning how to stand it back up. That thing is heavy!

Then I loosened my leathers and took of the skull cap I wore as a helmet. It really was a brain bucket. (For the uninitiated it is just big enough that after a bad accident the EMTs will find my brain in it, thus brain bucket.)

My head was now shaved clean as a cue ball. My hairline was receding so fast that it just made sense. My beard was about two inches long and full. I kept the area under my chin and neck shaved as the scratching was too much for me but I liked the beard. On the rare occasion that I have had to interact with a client the beard had initially put him or her off but my staff now warns clients that I am a little eccentric. Maybe they are correct.

I went inside the RV and enjoyed the cool air coming from the AC system. I looked at my phone sitting on the charger. No flashing lights denoting a text message. Good, still nothing from my estranged wife.

I stripped off the leathers and got into a pair of shorts and a wife beater. At first the temptation to just sit and drink beer and get massively out of shape was very great but I had decided to keep working out wherever I might be. I joined a national chain of gyms and then planned my itinerary around them. I might stay up to thirty miles away from a gym but it gave me an excuse to straddle the Hog and get out and drive.

My gut wasn't much bigger than when I was in college. I could run a five K race and finish. I never win but I didn't stop and have to walk for a while either.

I could enjoy a beer after a ride without worrying too much about the calories.

I had begun to cook for myself. One of my first stops was in a city that was renowned for its restaurants and I was soon in a cooking class, learning the basics. I hate cold sandwiches as a routine and needed to expand my repertoire.

Now I could prepare good nutritious comfort food meals for one.

Yes, occasionally I would have a date. It was usually someone I met in a campground. Since most of the campers were families it was rare to find an unattached female. Also, most were older but some were still quite the eye catcher.

Overall I wasn't unhappy but also not happy either. I was content with my life. The trailer was decked out with enough tools for me to work on prototypes of new ideas. If I needed more I could contact the company and arrange to meet someone who would bring our new mobile tool shop to a nearby industrial park. We would then work on the idea for a while before we either solved the problem or shelved it again.

Yes, I had the occasional sex partner. It wasn't like the best of lovemaking I had shared with JoAnna but it beat masturbating.

While my meal finished cooking I checked my e-mails. I had not changed my work account as it couldn't be traced and my staff needed a good way to keep in touch with me. Most problems could be handled with a once a day email. If needed I could get on the phone with them but I didn't carry my phone very often while on the bike.

There weren't many messages today. Most were ads that I always got. I didn't need fake drugs or internet hook-ups so those were rapidly deleted. Then I opened the one that surprised me. It was from JoAnna.

John, I know that you told me to not try and find out where you are. I want you to know right off the bat that I am not going to ask where you are. I will honor your wishes in that regard. I will admit that when you first took off I had someone check into the airlines but he came up with nothing. You had not used your ID to take off. I felt that any other attempt would set off a chain of events that wouldn't bode well for me or my friends.

I looked at the video you left me. I have to say that seeing my attitude and actions in the video made me see what kind of witch I was becoming. I am ashamed of what I wanted to do to you and how I went about it.

I do wish that we could talk and maybe come to some kind of agreement to see each other once in a while. I miss you. I miss your touch, your warmth, and your wise counsel. I am alone every evening now and I have to admit that the thing I miss the most is your company.

First there are some things that you might not have heard about here locally since you left.

One of my friends didn't like your note that you left for me or the video that you kindly let me have. He is a judge, or more correctly, was a judge. He started an investigation for me, without my permission, to try and break the trust so I could get to the assets of the company. I suppose he did it because I had decided to sell the house and move since it was so big and empty now.

By the way, thank you for not telling the boys the real reason why you left. That was kind of you but not necessary. James figured it out when he came home one night and I was entertaining a few men from the neighborhood. He called me some choice names before he left again.

I tried to wait for him to come home again the next day but he didn't reappear. When I finally had to leave the house to go to work he must have snuck home and took all his belongings and I never got a chance to talk to him. Do you know where he is? He didn't show up for college. At least that is what the college is saying when I try to contact him through the college administration. If you know, please tell me.

Anyhow, back to the judge. You weren't kidding when you said that your attorney would burn us all with the video if we tried anything. Unfortunately some others were also harmed when it went out on social media. I would say they were all innocent but of course they weren't. We were all sharing our bodies together and we had agreed on a plan to get you on board but you were the only one that had not joined us. Husbands and wives together were in the club. It hurt no one except you.

The video hit and suddenly the judge was asked to resign his appointment. It scandalized the neighborhood. Everyone on the video was ostracized. I got hate mail and phone threats and so did many of the others. Our church asked me to move my membership to another church. What a laugh since our esteemed pastor got caught fucking one of the high school girls since then.

I am no longer the superintendent of schools. I was abruptly asked to resign after two of the teachers brought suit against me and the school district claiming I had coerced them into lesbian sex. You might have met them at Gayle and Lester's party. I thought they were on board with everything but they claimed that I made their participation a requirement for employment.

One of the schoolboard members told me that they could overlook the video but not the lawsuit.

Since I no longer had a job keeping the house was out of the question. It has been sold and I have purchased a nice condo close to the your business. I intend to apply for an entry level position there. I hope that with my organizational skills I might qualify for an administrative assistant position but I will take anything.

Also, somehow Jason found out about my extracurricular activities and he also is ducking my calls and texts. If you talk to him please let him know that I am truly sorry for what I have done to us all.

I know I have hurt us all. I am seeing a therapist now to try and find out why I would do such callous and dastardly things to our marriage and then to our family. You might have been correct when you wondered if the power I wielded didn't corrupt me and the same with our neighbors. We were all powerful and seemingly impervious but subsequent events have proven the falsity of that notion.

While I would dearly love to hear your voice, even better to have you hold me again, I know that it isn't in the cards. Far too late I realize what you meant to me. I stupidly threw you away for my own physical pleasure and I dearly and sincerely regret what I did to you.

I didn't hit delete. I also didn't reply. Yes, I know where James is. The boys and I had kept in contact via telephone and text messages. When James caught his mother fucking the three studs in our bed he had left and gone to a friend's house. He had called me then and there and told me what he had caught his mother doing. I then told him exactly why I had left. He was shocked but was not in denial like he would have been if I had told him up front why I had left.

He waited a few days to get his stuff and then had flown to spend some time with me. We had a good couple of weeks together. As a matter of fact it was the most we had ever been together in years. Between school, outside activities, and my work we had not seen enough of each other when he might have needed me most.

By the time we had him joining a different university he was on his own motorcycle and he was planning to go camping during every break. The plan was for him to join me whenever he could. I had already decided to route my travels to be near him at the start of breaks unless he decided different. One of the beauties of the RV life. I was connected almost everywhere I went. My satellite dish kept me abreast of current events while I was enjoying the great outdoors.

Jason and James had a good heart to heart talk before school started. Jason was going on to get his master's in mechanical engineering but was not, absolutely not, going to work for my company. We were in full agreement on that. Jason also didn't want to hear any lies from his mother so he refused to contact her. I was somewhat saddened by that. She was a good mother, just not a good wife.

I sincerely hoped the boys would heal quickly and then reconnect with JoAnna. I could see not letting her babysit when and if they started families.

Like so many others Jason had changed universities for his masters but, unlike others, didn't let his mother know where he was now at.

Yes, I did know what had happened to JoAnna and her friends. I had hired a private investigator to keep tabs on the neighborhood. When the judge started his little attempt to break the trust my investigator had let me know immediately. My lawyer had squashed the good judge quickly and completely. Only an excerpt of the video had ever been released. It just showed the good judge promoting the drugging and then extortion of me and a few other people agreeing to it. Gossip and innuendo were all that was needed after that.

By the time the dust started to settle, well so far, since it had only been six months, most of the old neighborhood was on the outs with each other. My investigator found out that the men were just into the swinging for the sex. Gee, what else is new. Anyhow, as soon as the whole sordid mess went public the neighbors turned against each other and tried to be sanctimonious. The report also stated that JoAnna was ostracized from any neighborhood gatherings but individual men still wanted to fuck her without restriction. JoAnna finally figured out that the horndogs were only into her for the free sex. They didn't respect her, just horndogs looking for pussy and ass and, I suppose, some oral thrown in.

That had all stopped when JoAnna sold the house and moved. I suppose a few would have made the trip for some strange pussy but she finally wised up and shut them down.

My investigator told me that since then JoAnna had not been out on any dates and no men were seen visiting. I paid off the investigator and let him get onto some other man's wife. There never seems to be an end to the cheating.

My old buddy, Amos, didn't seem to have fared badly from the fallout. He was single anyhow and, while some organizations distanced themselves from him for his activities, he was expected to be a playboy and man about town.

I called Harold and told him to hire JoAnna for some kind of job if he had one. She was not to get any special considerations. He agreed to hire her if she applied. I told him that it seemed that she was not wanted anywhere else. I didn't tell him about the email.

As I said before, now as I eat my simple supper, I am not happy but I am not sad either. I am content. I have my sons. I have my work. I drive where I want and will see our great country as I do so. I am healthy and maybe someday I will find someone to share it with me. Who knows it might even be JoAnna now that she seems to have found herself again. I'm not betting on it but I won't rule it out either.

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Sad pathetic willing cuck shit

Go put on your pink panties cuckboi.

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Still not finished

So open ended, will they or won't they?
Drugging and blackmailing is unforgivable, maybe the multiple sex partners could be, especially for a couple together 25 years and looking to wind down. Maybe,more...

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Okay, I tried and now I’m done because you did that ish AGAIN!

You took a great story and with the last two sentences managed to take all that hard work and toss it in the shitter!

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by Powersworder02/24/19

In chapter 1, JoAnna was an evil whore. She was fucking legions of guys and planned to drug her husband, then have some men sexual assault him so he could be blackmailed into going along with her debauchery.


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Move on fella !

The reason to not diverse is gone, his boys now know and are moving on themselves. Time for him to get his ass in gear and divorce the slut not muse about reconciliation. Consider why she's talking allmore...

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