Juvenile Intervention Legislative Lesson

Given that truth can be stranger than fiction, one could extrapolate that it can also be more perverse. For example, the state I live in recently enacted legislation to wit: The custodial parents of juvenile delinquents may be sentenced to jail time for the actions of their children. Newspaper commentary at the time of passage glossed over the letter of the law, with comments from its authors that only extreme cases of neglect would fall under the purview of the statute.

Case in point, a sleepy bedroom community where the recently divorced mother of a frequently truant daughter and a new state statute meet tangentially. When an exasperated and litigious school councilor, in concert with an overextended police department youth aid officer conspired to curb the sixteen year old's proclivity for truancy. Mother and school having long ago exhausted the conventional avenues of counseling and grounding had begun searching for alternative solutions. Convinced that the bond; or rather lack of it, between mother and daughter was the root of the discipline problem. Being precluded by law from bruising the child's posterior another tact inspired by the new statute was embarked upon.

Day after the latest infraction Mr. Hanson summoned Mrs. Grant to school to discuss the most recent truancy of her daughter. Upon entering the office she was greeted by Mr. Hanson and Officer Delaney, a discussion followed. The minutes of that meeting are missing from the case notes of both Hanson and Delaney, but what followed has been collaborated by several witnesses.

Mrs. Grant with her hands cuffed behind her back was lead from the room to the gymnasium and introduced to the health and hygiene instructor where a brief meeting ensued. Mr. Hanson and Officer Delaney immediately exited the area. Mrs. Grant emerged from the office seconds later with the addition of white athletic tape wound around her head covering the mouth and chin. She was escorted to a seat on the bleachers by the hygiene instructor, her ankles crossed and taped together.

Within minutes Officer Delaney and Mr. Hanson returned with Mrs. Grant's daughter in tow. Officer Delaney picked up Mrs. Grant, hoisted her over his shoulder and the foursome exited toward the parking lot. Officer Delaney and Mrs. Grant left in his unmarked car and Mr. Hanson and juvenile female in Mrs. Grant's tan sedan. Three quarters of a mile and five minutes later they parked Mrs. Grant's sedan in her garage and Officer Delaney's unmarked car at the curb.

From this point on the only witness account we have is that of the juvenile female, whom we shall identify as 'JILL' for ease of discussion. Bear in mind that the points of view of the other parties have not been forthcoming for reasons known only to themselves.

Mrs. Grant was deposited on the sofa-couch in the bungalow living room by Officer Delaney and a small sound was emitted by her at the time of impact. JILL was lead to a chair opposite Mrs. Grant and directed to sit. Mr. Hanson recited the dates and times of JILL's truancies and behavior corrections that had been attempted with less than optimum results. He said a new kind of 'therapy' was indicated and they were going to be the first.

Briefly stated; they were going to inconvenience her mother physically until JILL agreed to amend her behavior. As the available methods for inconveniencing JILL yielded less than satisfactory results and new legislation seemed to indicate that 'therapy' applied to her mother could be sanctioned by statute.

Officer Delaney then sat down next to Mrs. Grant, proceeded to roll her over his lap and paddle her posterior with his hand. After several seconds Mr. Hanson commented that JILL seemed to be enjoying the procedure as she was smiling. JILL says she stopped immediately. So did Officer Delaney. Mrs. Grant was set upright, then Mr. Hanson and Officer Delaney left the room for a brief conference. Mr. Hanson returned to the room and whispered something to Mrs. Grant while Officer Delaney went outside to his car, returning with several plastic strips.

Mr. Hanson:

"I see we've piqued your interest, let's see how much endurance she's got. I'll bet you really hate her guts, don't you. Well, all you got to do is sit there and watch. We'll work her over real good. We'll punish her until you tell us not to. She'll suffer for you; not just emotionally like these past months, but physically. Physically we'll bring her to tears and screaming. Screaming; well, we'll all be glad she's gagged. You may say or do anything you wish to her without fear of reprisal. But consider when we leave she may retaliate. Do you understand? Officer Delaney please remove Mrs. Grant's outerwear."

Her blouse was opened up and pushed back along her arms, her skirt unzipped and pulled down her legs, along with her slip. Her elbows were then pulled together and fastened with a nylon tie-wrap. Mrs. Grants eye's got moist and you could see her ribs pressing against her skin. Handcuffs were replaced with another tie-wrap after the blouse was removed. Mrs. Grant yipped when the nylon strap was pulled tight.

Mr. Hanson:

"JILL is there anything you want to say to her? No, well Officer Delaney let's take it up a notch if you please."

Mrs. Grant was placed on her stomach and feet secured to her wrists with another two tie-wraps. She was then propped back up on the couch and the link strap shortened until Mrs. Grant's back arched and her breasts began to peek around her brassier. Tendons in her thighs and neck became more pronounced and her breathing considerably labored.

Mr. Hanson:

"How about now JILL. Any remarks? No, well Officer Delaney another notch if you'd be so good sir."

Officer Delaney went into the kitchen and returned with a hand full of rubber bands and a big zip-lock freezer bag. He took the plastic bag and pulled it over Mrs. Grant's squirming head and proceeded to secure it to her neck with rubber bands. Whatever Mrs. Grant had been screaming into the gag stopped shortly after the second band was put in place. The inside of the bag began clouding up with humidity and it became difficult to see facial features.

Mr. Hanson:"We estimate she was two minutes of air in that bag. Any comments?"

Ninty seconds later Mrs. Grant cried out softly, began to convulse and started to fall sideways on the couch. JILL leapt from her seat and began tearing at the plastic bag, eventually pulling it off of Mrs. Grants head. Mrs. Grant was gasping and sobbing, her whole body shuddering.

Mr. Hanson:

"Tell you what JILL, anytime you want this to happen to your mother just blow off one of your classes or assignments and Officer Delaney and I will be happy to continue her therapy. Your homework assignment for today is negotiating with your mother. Good luck to both of you."

Officer Delaney and Mr. Hanson departed the residence about 4PM, leaving the bound and gagged Mrs. Grant in the care and custody of her daughter. To date no further information on this event has been forth coming.

Respectfully submitted - Watcher #288

This observer has made four follow up telephone calls to the residence, but have yet to talk to anyone but Mrs. Grant's daughter. To date JILL's school attendance and participation has been very good.

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