tagLoving WivesJack-o-Lantern Arrives Late

Jack-o-Lantern Arrives Late


My wife's boss was having a Halloween party and of course, we were expected to show up. Now it just so happens that Halloween is my wife's favorite time of the year and she absolutely loves to dress up in costume. This year she was planning to be Salome and I was to be King Herod. The choice of costumes was my wife's but I thought our characters were a matched set to our life. My wife looked so sexy dressed in her diaphanous veils showing off more skin than I was comfortable with, yet Just as Salome knew her power over Herod my wife knew she could get what she wanted from me. As for me as Herod I had money and power, at least at work but at heart I was still just a mensch and would always do my Salome's biding. I wasn't that interested in the party but was committed if nothing else just to show support to my lovely bride. On Saturday, the day of the party, I received a phone call from work telling me of a major emergency with our mainframe and I had to go in to see what I could save from our data banks. At six, I called my wife with the bad news that I'd be stuck there probably all night. I apologized and begged her to go to the party without me. She was as pissed as I knew she would be and I told her I'd make it up to her somehow.

At ten, our mainframe completely crashed and we lost all data making any retrieval hopeless that night. All this made me staying superfluous, so I headed home. On the way I decided that maybe I should make an appearance at the party, with the hope of scoring some points with my pissed off wife. I tried to call but her phone went right to voice mail so I didn't bother to leave a message. I knew I had no time to go home across town to change into costume so I pulled into an all night drugstore. They had little in the way of adult costumes and I roamed the aisles looking for something to wear. The only thing I could come up with was a Jack-o'-lantern costume and it was easy to see why. It looked stupid and I knew I'd feel stupid wearing it but that's what you get with such short notice.

I drove straight to the party, and in the car, I put my dumb costume on over my clothes. I then walked in to a rocking party. Have you ever been the only sober person at a party? Man, it's weird, everybody was so loud, and the laughter was raucous, plus the music almost deafening. I made my way through the dance floor looking for my Salome but to no avail. Then I went out by the pool and just as I had all but given up, I saw her. As I started walking around the pool to her, I saw her talking to a man dressed in a costume that showed off his bared chest. I noticed he was well muscled and I knew my wife would love his hairy chest. I saw her reach up and kiss him. I stopped in my tracks, stunned by what I'd just witnessed, as this was no simple peck on the cheek but a long passionate embrace. I stepped back into the shadows so as not to be seen, and then sat on a bench under a tree.

Silently, I watched the couple became more brazen as their passions fired their desires. I was surprised at how boldly the man openly played with my wife's nipples as they stood out in her thin top. Although my wife was doing the same to him, she could not seem to keep her hands off his bare chest or his nipples. I wanted to go over and punch the man but feared that if I did anything that rash I would lose my wife. I could do nothing but think back to the last time this had happened. It was years ago when we were first married, she had an affair with a man who lived next door. When his wife walked in on them, it broke up their marriage but I was too much in love to leave my wife. My heart broken and my marriage in shambles I guess she realized how much pain she had brought on me and ended her affair.

I sat in the dark, watching this romantic scene, all of the pain from her previous affair rushing back as if it had never left. A voice from behind, startled me back to reality,

"I take it your came dressed as the orange hooded voyeur."

I looked up to see a beautiful Cleopatra leaning against the tree behind me.

"I'm a Jack-o-Lantern and I'm not really into watching but you see the Salome over there with that cad is my wife."

"Isn't that interesting for you see that cad is my husband. One would think that the Queen of the Nile would command more respect, although I guess Salome does have that power over weak men."

She went on to tell me this was not her husband's first dalliance and I told her of my wife's transgression.

"I tell you what sir pumpkin, why don't you buy your Queen a drink but somewhere else, I just don't want to face those people in there."

She laughed when I asked if her husband would miss her and I told her my wife didn't even know I was here and without further adieu, we left. We took my car to the nearby Ritz and sat in the bar where nobody even blinked at our costumes. We didn't exchange names as I called her my Queen and I was her Sir Pumpkin. We had our drink and then another as we commiserated on our spouses lack of tact. I told her about my working and that I was sure my wife's open display of affection toward her husband was due to my letting her down by not coming.

"But how can she say that, you came?"

"She has no idea I showed up, I told her I'd be working all night and I would have except everything crashed and there was nothing I could do at work do I left."

I went on to say I only showed up to try to appease her and thus my ridiculous costume purchased at the last minute.

"I must say you are not a very dashing pumpkin."

It was there that I realized the romance of Halloween. Once you're in costume, you're free from the everyday restraints that come from being you. I wasn't the head of a local office I was Jack-O-Lantern and free to do as I wished. I felt completely at ease with her and our conversation, which could have easily turned maudlin, was actually more of a lively banter. I was stunned when the barkeep told us 'last call' I couldn't believe the evening flew by so fast. We stood up ready to leave and yet, neither wanting to. My Queen leaned over and kissed me then asked if I would like to get a room. I started to say no but just the hint of her perfume changed my mind and instead I kissed her back then took her hand and walked to the front desk. As befitting royalty, I rented the penthouse, putting it on my company card and I'd worry about how to pay for it latter. The bellman was a perfect gentleman and seemed completely at ease with us in costume and without benefit of luggage. The suite was remarkable, and if I'd been a rich man, I'd have thought the price well worth it. We went out to the terrace and although it was late in October, it was still a balmy night.

We looked down at all the costumed revelers still in the street. I held her in my arms as we kissed and I confessed that I'd not been with any woman but my wife. She looked at me and when she saw the truth in my eyes said that she'd only been with her husband. I then told her that I wanted her but if she wanted to change her mind, I'd understand. She shook her head so I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I undressed her slowly feasting my eyes on her nakedness and then kissed her breast as she held it up to me in offering. She lay down on the bed naked except for her black wig and crown. She looked to me like every Cleopatra I had ever seen in movies or in oil. I tore off first my costume then clothes and holding my cock in my hand I said in jest,

"Is my Lady ready for the bite of my asp?"

"Yes Sir Pumpkin, please hurry for I fear I can wait no longer," she replied continuing with our farce. I began with kissing her toes as they looked so dainty and the bright red polish made them stand out. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thighs where I could taste the juices that had leaked from her wet slit. I couldn't hold out any longer so I buried my face in the middle of her, first freeing her clit with my nose and then feasting on it. She grabbed my hair to hold me in place as she had her first orgasm and when she didn't push me away I gave her more. After another climax, she begged me to enter her so I climbed up her body and plunged inside her. She again implored me to take her and as she licked her own juices off my face, I increased my tempo like a wild man. I could feel the sweat running down my chest and pooling with hers where our bellies touched, and then it was over as I erupted deep inside her.

She held my head as I lay on top of her and then I rose up in panic,

"Oh my god I didn't use any protection, I'm so sorry, I feel like a schoolboy..."

Her kiss stopped my blabbering and she chuckled,

"Typical boy, you wait until after you cum to fret about protection. Not to worry, I stopped having babies long ago and as long as our slutty spouses haven't infected one of us we'll be OK."

I lay beside her, holding her in my arms as she held my head to her breast and we both drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the most erotic feeling, looking down I saw my Queen holding my cock and licking my frenulum sending electric shocks of passion throughout my body. She actually had a look of sheer pleasure in her eyes as she put me in her mouth. She pulled me out, leaving a long string of saliva attaching me to her. I told her how good she was making me feel as she continued to stimulate me by hand,

"Other than my husband's, I've never held a man's thing before; you just don't know how exciting this is. My pussy is just creaming, I might even cum."

She put me back in her mouth taking all of me and I could feel her nose nuzzle my pubes. I warned her I was close to coming and she stopped long enough to say she wanted to taste my cum. Her mouth was so wet her saliva was running down my shaft and while looking into my eyes she began to suck even faster. I watched her head bobbing up and down faster and faster and then I ejaculated down her throat. One, two, and then a third spasm, she swallowed it all while still keeping eye contact with me. She took my softening cock from her mouth then kissed the tip with a sigh.

My Queen refused my offer of oral reciprocation, saying she should get home. We took a shower together and made out as the hot water cascaded down on our bodies. I was lucky enough to have my work clothes with me but alas, my Queen had nothing to wear but her costume. She refused to let me take her home, saying she had no idea what kind of a mess she was going home to and she just didn't want to involve me. I put her in a cab, and we thanked each other for our night, as we both knew it would never happen again. I threw my costume in the trash and then drove home while pondering my feelings, I looked for guilt but surprisingly found none. Another surprise was the pain I'd felt while watching my wife's display with another man was now gone. Did all this justify my fling with a woman whose name I didn't even know? Maybe, yet I knew I hadn't done the right thing, but at this time I just didn't care.

By the time I got home, I had already decided I didn't want a confrontation with my wife so I walked in with a lie on my lips. After apologizing again to her for missing the party she calmly told me, I didn't miss much. Did you have a good time I asked?

"No I didn't have a good time," her emphasis on 'have' caused my brow to rise.

"The party ended early because the hostess left with some stranger dressed in an ugly orange costume of some sort. Nobody knew his name or when he arrived, he must have been a crasher or something. Anyway my boss, he is just such an ass and a poor host too, was so upset he just sent everybody home, I was home before midnight."

What could I say to that? Well, I managed some sort of a platitude, but to me all I could think was it was the best Halloween Costume party I had ever attended.

I can't say our relationship has returned to the way it was before that Halloween. I have no plausible explanation for my feelings of being cuckolded yet again by my wife in spite of the fact that I'm the one who cheated not her. We seldom make love anymore and when we do, it's more of a marital duty than an act of pleasure. While she kisses me, I think back to that fateful night and the look of lust on her face while she ran her hands over her boss's bare chest. As for me the only way I can keep an erection is to close my eyes and think of my Cleopatra.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/01/18

How hard can it be?

Get a divorce. Stupid, unfinished story.

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by Anonymous03/10/18

I believe the couples did a swap with out each others knowledge what ever his wife said about the close of the party, hence two satisfied cuckolds and two satisfied housewives.
An amusing tale.

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