I used to be employed at my home-town hospital. I was the only guy in the whole department, working along side 40 women, so you’d think I’d have my chance at plenty of office pussy, well, think again. Now, these aren’t your typical women though, all older than me by at least five years, and all of whom are married and with kids or expecting kids. But, that didn’t stop me or them from flirting with each other constantly.

One such woman in particular, really caught my eye and I caught hers as well. She even told me, if I was older, she was younger, and/or she had seen me before she meet her husband, she would have been all over me. Well hearing this got me stone cold hard and every time I saw her after that, instant flag pole.

So, the forty of us work side by side for a good two years. Flirting was a daily thing and the laughs were plenty. Jackie and I exchanged many pleasing moments, yet none physical, besides the occasional hug, wink, or high five, etc. We exchanged e-mail address and exchanged many risqué e-mails. We’d write little comments about getting together, making out, or even having sex. We called it a “nooner”. Nothing ever went beyond that though. We did exchange pet names for each other to make it all the more fun and confuse the heck out of the rest of our co-workers. She was named my “bunny” and yes, that refers to fuck bunny, and I was named her “whipping boy”, meaning whatever she said, I did because I knew it would please her.

So, nearing the end of my last summer working there, I got it in my head that I had to have her and soon. And all this thinking about her, gave me one hell of a hard on. So, I headed towards the bathroom to relieve myself. As I got to the bathroom to test the door handle to see if it was locked, Jackie opened the door. I got a big smile on my face, placed a hand on her shoulder, and walked her back into the bathroom.

I locked the door behind us and turned on the light. Jackie looked me straight in the eye with a big smile on her face. She asked me what was going on, I didn’t answer her, and I just leaned in and kissed her. I kept kissing her as our tongues intertwined. My hands roamed down to her plump ass. Taking huge handfuls of her flesh, I played with her ass till I figured she was ready.

Still locked in a passionate kiss, I started to slide her scrub pants (like what nurses wear) down. I could feel her lips move into a smile as her pants feel to her ankles. Not wasting any time, I slide my hand to the front of her and began to rub her mound through her white cotton panties. I could tell she liked this, as she rocked her hips forward to feel more of my hand on her.

I took this as a sign to keep going, so grabbing the waist band of her undies; I slid them down over her ass cheeks. With her lower half naked, I began to undo my belt and the button and fly on my dress slacks. I felt her hands come to help, so I moved one hand to her ass and began squeezing again, while my other hand found her folds and began to finger her.

I found her clit, just as she finished undoing my pants. They hit the floor and she moaned. I began to play with her clit, as she tried to control herself and remove my underwear. Succeeding, she grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. Her hand was so cold, that I walked her up against the bathroom wall. Removing her hand, I leaned in. I positioned my cock at Jackie’s entrance and rammed myself in.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I mean, being married for ten plus years with two kids, I’d have thought she’d be all stretched out, but no. So, I began a slow thrust into and out of her. I still had my fingers working her clit as I was thrusting and this was all she needed as she came, moaning for her life in the middle of our kiss.

I knew I was close myself, but I hoped she could rebound quickly and come with me at the same time. I sped up my thrusts and to my delight; she started to match my thrusts. We continued like this for another two minutes. I could feel it in my toes, up to my knees, thighs, and in my balls, I was going to cum and there was no stopping it.

Two more hard thrusts and I unloaded my goods into her waiting womb. She came herself feeling my spunk spray her insides. She moaned and screamed into my grunting kiss.

We stood together for another minute, before I pulled out. As I did a string of her juices and mine stuck to my cock. I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned myself off. She grabbed some herself and cleaned herself up a bit. We both put our underwear and pants back on. I turned off the light and opened the door slightly. I couldn’t see anyone, so we walked out slowly. I looked at my watch and noticed it was ten after twelve. I turned to her and smiled. I said to her, looks like we just had our first “nooner!”

We proceed to the break room, ate lunch together alone, and then went back to work. Near as we could tell, no one was the wiser. And Jackie and I weren’t about to tell anyone what happened. In my mind though, I didn’t want to tell anyone, I just wanted to do it again and soon. Maybe in the break room…leaning her over the counter…sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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