Jackie and Artie Ch. 01


Shrugging, I said; "I can't, so I guess we're just going to have to accept each other the way we are."

"Can you do that Artie? Can you really accept having a wife who's a tramp?"

"You have to promise to be totally honest with me. You can't keep any secrets; I have to know everything about this part of your life."

"I'll try, but that might be difficult for me."

"Why? Don't you trust me?"

"I do trust you Artie."

"So why can't you be honest with me?"

Jackie stared at her feet. She was silent.

"Jackie, you can trust me and total honesty is essential if this marriage has any chance of working."

Slowly nodding, she said; "I know, it's just that sometimes I can be kind of adventurous. Sometimes I can be so adventurous that I'm ashamed of myself later. Artie, I've done some really bad things"

"Have you ever hurt anyone?"

Jackie looked at me. "No, never, absolutely not!" But then she hesitated. After a second she said; "Maybe you."

"Because you lied to me and cheated on me?"


"That's not what I meant. That's a separate issue and we're working that out. What I meant is have you ever hurt anyone. Have you intentionally injured someone? Were you a thief or a con artist?"

"No nothing like that."

"So you really haven't done anything that was bad."

"You're telling me that if it's between consenting adults and no one is getting hurt, it's not bad."

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

"I believe that too, but the commonly accepted norms of our culture are a bit more rigid than that."

"You mean like attitudes about husbands who allow their wives to date other men."

Jackie laughed. "That's exactly what I mean."

I smiled at Jackie. "We're adults, we get to set our own moral standards and I think both of us have strong enough moral compasses to be able to do that prudently."

Grinning, Jackie shook her head and said; "Artie honey, how was I ever lucky enough to find you?"

"As I said, we complement each other perfectly."

"Yes we do and I am very curious to learn more about this cuckold hot wife life style you've been talking about. You said there were web sites."

"Lots of them."

"I'd like to look at some of them and you mentioned stories."

"Yes I did."

"Could you show me several of your favorites? I'd like to read them."

"I will; but when I do that I'll be revealing quite a bit about my secret side."

"Is that bad?"

"I'm still worried about how you're going to react to some of what you're going to learn about me."

"We're going to have to trust each other."

"Right now I'm the only one doing any trusting."

Slowly nodding, Jackie said; "Okay, do you have any suggestions."

"Maybe you could answer a few questions first."

"You mean about my secret side."

"That's right."

"Why don't we start with one."

"Okay." I thought for a moment and then I said; "You just told me that you've done some things that later made you feel ashamed."


"What's the most shameful thing you've ever done?"

"You mean sexually?"

"Of course."

Jackie grinned. "You're asking for the big tuna right away. Maybe we could start with a little easier question and gradually work our way up to that one."

"I'm sorry, of course you're right. It's just that you mentioned it and now I can't stop wondering."

"I understand, it's all right; in fact I'm the one who should be apologizing. That admission had to be a real bomb for you. I'm sure you're imagining me in all kinds of outrageous situations. I'll tell you everything, I promise I will; but if you don't mind I'd like to build a little more trust before I answer that question."

"Okay, I'll be patient."

Jackie smiled. "Can you think of an easier question?"

Smiling back, I said; "Sure, I have lots of questions."

"I'm certain you do." And then Jackie sighed. "Artie, I really do wish that I'd been honest with you, but if I had I'm afraid that..."

"I might not have married you?"


"And that's a valid fear. At the time, I'm not sure I was ready to accept being your cuckold."

"Your cuckold, when you say it like that I feel like I'm being awful to you."

"It doesn't have to be awful. If you're open with me and share this part of your life, I think it will be fun for both of us."

"I still don't get that. I understand how it will be fun for me. I'll be getting all the guilt free sex I want, but what about you? You told me that you don't want to play around with other women."

"If that was what I wanted, could I do that?"

"I'd be pretty hypocritical if I said no. Do you want to do that?"

"Actually I don't."

"So I don't get it."

"I think looking at the cuckold web sites might help you understand, but first you have to tell me a story. I'd like to hear about the first time you cheated on me after we got engaged. In my mind that was the moment I actually became a cuckold."

"Do you promise you won't get mad?"

"Yes, I promise."


"Do you remember Ricky Tyler?"

"Sure, the basketball player, a tall slender black guy."

"That's right. The night after we got engaged you were studying for a test so you stayed at your apartment and I stayed at mine. About nine o'clock that night Ricky called me and asked if he could stop by.

"I didn't know the two of you were friends."

"I deliberately avoided mentioning him to you."

"I see, so you were friends."

"Yes, we had a history. We'd been fuck pals for more than a year."

"Fuck pals?"

"Now everyone uses the term fuck buddies. We occasionally got together for some amazingly hot sex. Ricky had a beautiful big cock and he knew how to use it. Artie, are you familiar with the term, size queen?"

"Sure, it's a woman who likes men who have big..." I paused and then looking at Jackie, I asked; "Are you telling me that you're a size queen?"


"I have a small cock, if you're a size queen, why did you marry me?"

"Because you're smart, sweet, considerate and loving. As soon as I got to know you I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you."

"With my small cock you had to realize that you never could have been satisfied with me."

"Honey, I love variety. Even if you had a twelve inch cock I still wouldn't have been satisfied with only you."

"I see."

For a moment we both stared at the floor. Finally, I said; "So I assume that when Ricky dropped by your apartment he ended up seducing you."

"He really didn't have to seduce me. When he called I knew exactly what he wanted and when I told him that he could come over I'd already made up my mind that I was going to let him fuck me. Artie, when he arrived I answered the door wearing nothing but my panties and bra."

Suddenly looking worried, Jackie asked; "Artie, is that too much detail?"

I smiled. "No, that's exactly what I want to hear."



Jackie laid her hand on my thigh and then she slowly moved it over until it was resting on my crotch. "You're hard; you are enjoying this story, aren't you."

"Yes I am." The combination of Jackie's touch and the mental image of her letting Ricky Tyler into her apartment while she was wearing nothing but her panties and bra had me breathless with excitement."

Fully aware of my arousal, Jackie leaned over, brushed my ear with her lips and whispered; "As soon as Ricky was inside my apartment he pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard on my lips."

"Did you resist?"

"No, I melted."

"What happened next?"

"Ricky pushed me to my knees, unzipped his pants and took out his cock."

"And you let him do that?"

"Artie, I would have begged him to do that."

"I don't understand, you'd never let me do that."

"You've never tried." Jackie paused for a second. She was thinking. Finally she said, "Artie I need to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won't get mad, at least not until we've had a chance to talk about it."

"All right."


"Okay, I promise."

"Even if you did try, I don't think I'd let you do that."


"Remember, you promised we could talk about this before you get mad."

"Okay, but why?"

"Artie I married you because you're sweet, loving and gentle. I feel safe with you, you always treat me with dignity and respect and you're always concerned about my feelings."

"All right."

"Ricky was a nice guy and I know he never would have hurt me; but in bed he could be a callous brute. He took what he wanted."

"And you liked that."

Jackie smiled. "Artie, it was so hot. He used to make me suck his cock and lick his balls and when we fucked he'd toss me around like I was a toy."

"I could try to do that."

"No you couldn't, it's not in your nature and I don't want it to be in your nature."

"I don't understand, you said you enjoyed it."

"I do; but remember, I like variety. You're a sweet, gentle caring lover. You're the man I want as my bread and butter. You're the staple of my life. Men like Ricky are the spice."

Jackie sighed, "Ricky made me do things for him that I would never do for..." Suddenly she stopped herself. She didn't finish her sentence, but it was too late. We both knew what she was about to say.

We stared at each other. After a moment Jackie said; "Artie, I've done things with other men that I've never done with you. I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry. I was never consciously trying to deny you anything. Please believe me; I'd never do that intentionally. I guess I never really thought about it. There were just some things I did with some men that I didn't do with others. Now that I realize that, I feel awful. You're the love of my life, how could I do things for other men that I didn't do for you?"

Slowly nodding, I said; "You've never licked my balls, in fact you almost never suck my cock anymore."

"That's not true! I do it all the time. I just did it..."

"Five weeks ago on my birthday." I finished Jackie's sentence.

She looked at me in horror. "No, that can't be true."

"It is true. Even when we get into a sixty-nine position you almost never suck me anymore. Sometimes you'll kiss the head of my cock, but mostly you stroke me with your hand while I lick your pussy."

"That's because you're so good at licking my pussy. I like to be able to focus all of my attention on the pleasure you're giving me." Jackie paused. After a moment she said; "That makes me sound awfully selfish, doesn't it?"

Not knowing exactly what to say, I just shrugged.

Jackie shook her head. "Artie, I never really thought about what I was doing. Well maybe I did." She looked at me. "Artie, when I suck your cock you tend to cum quickly. When I use my hands it's easier for me to control your level of arousal."

I nodded. And then a question occurred to me. I realized that it wasn't a kind question. Jackie already felt bad enough that she'd been doing things for other men that she hadn't been doing for me, but I was still smarting from her deceit so I had to ask. "Jackie, I have a question?"


"Did you suck Ron's cock today? That was his name, Ron, right?"

Jackie stared at me. She looked like she was about to burst into tears.

Immediately regretting asking the question, I said; "I'm sorry, that was out of line."

Still fighting back tears, Jackie said; "No, you're my husband. Of course you get to ask me that question." She paused and then in a voice barely above a whisper, she said; "Yes, Ron is his name and yes, I did suck his cock today."

Now more curious than anything else, I asked; "How long have you been getting together with him?"

"About two months."

"How often?"

"Once a week."

"Do you always suck his cock?"

Suddenly Jackie's eyes flared. Throwing her arms in the air she screamed, "Yes, I do it every time we get together! I'm sorry, I'm an awful wife! Hell, I'm an awful person! I warned you that you'd hate me after you learned the truth. Look at what's happened, I've just started confessing and you already hate me." And then she started to cry.

I slipped my arm around her shoulder, pulled her tightly to me and whispered; "I don't hate you and I don't think you're either an awful wife or an awful person."

Through her sobs, Jackie said; "But I do things for other men that I don't do for you."

"Yes you do and now it's my turn to confess something."


"Hearing that excites me."

Jackie turned and looked at me with a puzzled expression. Tears were running down her cheeks. "Artie I don't understand. How can..."

I kissed her cheek and said; "I think it's time to look at the cuckold web sites."

Still sniffling, Jackie said; "Okay."

Standing up, I took Jackie's hand, pulled her up from the bed and led her back upstairs. My lap top computer was in the dining room where I'd left it when I arrived home from work with the girls. Jackie's was in her office.

We lived in a three bedroom house. While I suppose the bedroom I'd built in the basement technically made it a four bedroom house, I suspect that in the eyes of most Realtors it was still a three bedroom house.

So far our girls have expressed a preference for sharing a bedroom. Jackie and I both understand that eventually the girls will reach an age where they'll want their own bedrooms. When that happens we'll most likely have to move to a larger house. The third bedroom has always been Jackie's office and after I built the basement bedroom I moved a desk into it and it became my office. The offices are a luxury to which we've become accustomed, so I don't think either of us would be willing to give them up.

We went to Jackie's office. She sat down at her desk and started her computer. I stood next to her. While we waited for it to boot up, I glanced around feeling slightly uncomfortable. This was Jackie's private domain. Other than when it needed to be cleaned, I rarely entered it.

As soon as Jackie was on the Internet, she looked up at me and asked; "Okay, where to now?'

I gave her the address of my favorite cuckold web site. A moment later it opened up.

Giggling when she saw the cartoon figure of a man wearing a set of horns at the top of the site, she said; "Would you like to wear horns like that?"

I laughed and said; "I think I already am."

She smiled at me. "Artie, I'm getting really excited about this."

"I am too."

"I want to read your favorite stories; I want to read all of them."

"I have a lot of favorites, let's start with three." In law school, Jackie learned to be an amazingly fast reader. For her, three was an easily manageable number.


I directed her to the story section and found three stories that I liked and also felt were representative of the kind of cuckold lifestyle that interested me.

Jackie opened the first story. Just as she was about to start reading she stopped and looked up at me. "Why don't you get your lap top and sit in my leather arm chair. That way we can read the stories together."

Jackie's office was luxuriously furnished with a set of mahogany book shelves, a mahogany side table, an enormous mahogany desk, a large padded leather desk chair and a matching leather arm chair and footstool.

I looked at her with a skeptical expression. "Are you sure?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?"

"This is the first time you've ever invited me to join you in here. I've never sat in that chair."

Jackie stared at me for a moment and then she shook her head and sighed. "Artie, I know I keep apologizing, but I am sorry. This evening is turning out to be a real eye opener for me. I really have been a thoughtless bitch."

Smiling, I said; "I think you're being a little too hard on yourself and I point out that I never objected to our lifestyle."

"What do you mean?" Jackie looked puzzled.

"Read the stories. I'll get my laptop."

I left. When I returned with my laptop I stopped in the open doorway to Jackie's office and knocked. As I knocked, my penis throbbed with excitement.

Looking up at me with a puzzled expression, Jackie asked; "The door is open, why did knock?"

In a serious tone of voice, I answered; "I think it's appropriate."


"Read the stories."

Jackie chuckled. "All right."

I continued standing in the doorway. After a moment I asked; "May I have permission to come in?"

Chuckling again, Jackie said: "Of course." And then gesturing to her arm chair, she added; "And please sit down and make yourself comfortable."

Nodding, I walked over to the arm chair. As I sat down, I said; "Thank you."

Jackie looked at me for a second and then she shook her head and returned to the story she'd been reading.

I settled into Jackie's arm chair and turned on my computer. While I waited for it to start up I watched Jackie. She was hunched over her computer reading intently. I tried to discern a reaction to what she was reading, but couldn't. That wasn't a surprise. One of the skills that made Jackie an outstanding attorney was her ability to withhold judgment while she was gathering information.

Once my computer started I opened up the same web site Jackie was on and found one of the stories that I'd suggested to her. I tried to read, but it was difficult. My attention kept drifting back to Jackie. Images of Ricky Tyler pushing her to her knees so that she could suck his cock or Ron on top of her in our bed, pumping his huge cock in and out of her cunt while she cooed with pleasure; kept insinuating their way into my mind.

Both excited and anxious, the time passed slowly. I was excited because my cuckold fantasy was on the verge of becoming a reality and I was anxious because I still feared that Jackie might be disgusted by my perverted proclivities.

Finally, after about an hour, Jackie sat up. Pushing her chair back, she turned so that she was facing me. I waited with bated breath. She smiled at me. Relieved, I smiled back.

Jackie said; "Because of the time, I only skimmed the stories."

I nodded.

She continued. "I enjoyed them. They're surprisingly well written and I have to admit, incredibly erotic."

Shrugging, I said; "I like them."

"Do you?" Jackie was watching me, carefully gauging my reaction.

Fully aware that this was a crucial moment, I took a deep breath and said; "Yes, they're my favorites."

Jackie considered my answer. After a moment she said; "All three of them describe marriages in which the husband is clearly submissive to his dominant wife. The husbands are responsible for all of the domestic chores while their wives rule their households and pursue their careers. The wives openly sleep with other men while their husbands remain steadfastly faithful. It is clear that all of the couples are deeply in love, but the husbands treat their wives like goddesses, while the wives treat their husbands like servants."

Looking at me, Jackie asked; "Is this the life you..." Halting in mid-sentence, she froze. After a moment she said; "Oh my god, that's the life we've been living."

And then looking down at the floor, she quietly said; "But I've been unbelievably selfish. While I was reaping all the benefits of this life I completely ignored your needs. You must hate me. I've cheated on you and taken advantage of you without giving you anything in return."

Looking up at me again, Jackie said; "I need to ask. Am I right? Is this what you want? Do you want to have a relationship in which I'm acknowledged as the dominant partner and you're submissive to me?"

And there it was. Jackie was offering me the choice to retreat or go forward. I was scared, but I'd dreamed of this moment for several years. I wasn't about to retreat. Taking a deep breath, I nodded my head and said; "Yes, that's exactly what I want."

"Now I understand why you knocked on my door and waited to be invited into my office."

"Yes, considering our respective positions I think it's appropriate."

Jackie smiled at me and then she was silent. I waited. After a moment she said; "Artie, your stories scared me."

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