tagLoving WivesJackie Is Not Curious Anymore

Jackie Is Not Curious Anymore


Kimberly was my wife's room mate at college. Jackie told me that she knew Kim was bisexual. There was never a sexual relationship between them, however. Kim knew Jackie was straight and didn't want to take the chance of screwing up a good relationship. After my session in bed with Kim, which Jackie had arranged, we three got into bed together. I was in heaven as my wife and her friend began stroking me and licking my ears. I felt two hands on my cock and then two hands on my balls. Their heads moved down to my groin, continually licking.

My wife took my hard cock in her mouth and licked the precum off the head while Kim lapped up and down the shaft. My balls went into Kim's eager mouth and I felt her warm tongue lapping all over my sack. Jackie took my cock deep into her mouth until the head of it reached her throat. Backing off a little, she took a deep breath and sucked me in again. When my cock reached the back of her mouth she jammed her head down on it and took it deep into her throat. She no sooner got it in her throat when she quickly jumped up, my cock popping out of her mouth. "I can't," she cried, coughing and gagging. "I'm sorry Mike," she said. "I tried. I just can't." "Hey, It's alright," I said. "No big deal. You were doing great anyway."

Jackie calmed down and breathed easier. "I know how you love deep throat. I wish I could make you happy," she said.

"You make me very happy sweetheart," I said.

Kim stopped licking my balls and said, "give me that thing Jackie, I'll show you how it's done." Moving up toward my cock, she took hold of the base and began licking up and down the shaft. She moved her head above my waiting prick and lowered herself down onto it. Taking it in inch by inch, she lapped all around as she went down. I felt my cock pulsate as more and more of it disappeared into her mouth. Her long black hair covered my groin area. When the head of my cock reached the back of her mouth, she hesitated for a moment.

Bending her head at an angle, she swooped down on it and didn't stop till her nose was in my balls. Somehow she was able to keep my cock deep in her throat for, what seemed like, a very long time. Just when I thought I would shoot my load down her throat, she slowly began to back off, taking short breaths as she came up. She knew she had me on the ropes. She intended to finish me off quickly. Flaring her nose and drinking in air, she swooped down again. This time there was no hesitation. Deep went my cock into her throat as far as it would go. Resting her nose in my balls, my pubic hairs covering her mouth, she held me.

My prick pulsating, she began to suck hard, never backing off an inch. Feeling my sperm boiling in my balls and racing up through my cock, I blew like a volcano! Kim was getting my ropey cum shooting down her throat like a fire hose. Backing about half way and taking in air, she sucked and pulled every drop of my cream into her mouth. Jackie and I could see and hear her swallowing again and again. As I was drained, Kim did her usual trade mark, sticking her little pointed tongue into my piss hole, she sucked the last drop up through my spent cock. She then licked me clean. My wife Jackie couldn't resist the urge to taste my cum as she dove in to help Kim.

"You didn't leave much for me," she told Kim.

"Here I still have some in my mouth," Kim said. She began to kiss my wife and opened her mouth to let my cream slide onto Jackie's tongue. It was Jackie's first time she was kissed on the lips by a woman.

"MMmmmm," Jackie moaned as they continued their wet kiss. "Your cum tastes good honey," she managed to mumble, looking at me.

Having been well satisfied, I backed off and rested on the headboard, taking in this awsome sight. Continuing the kiss, Kim rolled Jackie onto her back and moved one of her long, lovely legs over her. Opening Jackie's legs with her own, she pushed her thigh up against Jackie's pussy. Jackie wrapped her legs around Kim and her arms went around Kim's shoulders, squeezing them together tightly.

Kim's hands were stoking my wife's smooth, satiny skin, taking one of her breasts in her hand and lightly pinching the nipple. Moving her pelvis upward, Jackie thrust her pussy onto Kim's body.

As their lips parted, Jackie let out a breathless cry, "Oh, my! I never knew it would be this good. You know I love your cock honey, but I'm gonna want more of this from now on." She eagerly returned her mouth to Kim's.

After another long kiss and grinding their bodys together, Kim broke the embrace.

"You're a great kisser Jackie, but I want more of you that that," she said. Moving down Jackie's body, Kim kissed and licked all around my wife's pubic area, coming closer to her sweet pussy with every lick. As she felt Kim's tongue part the folds of her wet cunt, Jackie began pushing her hips upward, trying to get the feel of Kim's tongue on her quivering clitoris.

Kim's tongue entered my wife's juicy pussy and covered her little clitoris. She took it between her lips and gently sucked it in her mouth.

Jackie was going crazy with lust. "Waahh, Ahhh. I can't believe..., Wow, I'm cuming. Boy am I cuming," She thrashed about so much, Kim had to hold onto Jackie's ass so she wouldn't fall off.

"Still cuming...Oh, my," my wife was mumbling, her head whipping from side to side.

After licking her little pussy clean, Kim sat up and looked at me.

"I need some release, badly," she said. "You wanna fuck me?"

My cock had revived fully after that scene, but I had other ideas.

"I've never turned down a good fuck," I said, but I want to see Jackie eat you first."

Jackie sat up and looked, first at me and then at Kim, then back at me. "I suppose I owe her that, but I don't know how good I will be. I know I'll never be as good as Kim." she said.

"Sure you will," said Kim. "You're a natural. Here, lay on your back and I'll feed it to you."

Eager to taste Kim's pussy, Jackie lay down as Kim moved over her. Jackie looked up and smiled as she watched Kim's cunt, now open and very wet, come down to her face. Using her fingers to spread Kim's pussy lips wider, Jackie opened her mouth and let Kim's sweet pussy come down onto her mouth. Instinctively, Jackie began to lick all around the inside of Kim's dripping cunt. Kim's wetness was smearing all over my wife's face. Getting into it, Jackie reached up and took Kim's ass cheeks in her hands and pulled her open cunt further onto her face.

Leering at this scene, I was afraid I would cum without even touching myself. I had to get into it.

"I'm going to take that offer after all Kim," I said. I moved forward on my knees, my hard cock leading me on. Looking down I saw my wife,s smiling face smeared with Kim's excretions, her tongue lapping at Kim's cunt.

As my hard cock came in contact with Kim's pussy I heard her moan as she moved her ass back toward me. Sliding in easily, I pushed my prick into Kim's cunt all the way in up to my balls. Jackie felt my balls graze her forehead. She then began licking me as well as Kim.

Jackie was ready to cum again and Kim knew it. Kim lowered her head and began to suck on my wife's pussy once again. There we were, the girls in a classic 69 and me jamming my cock into Kim's luscious cunt.

Having waited so long, Kim was the first to cum. She groaned as her pussy juice poured down over my wife,s face. Jackie licked and swallowed as fast as she could, but much of the sweet juice ran across her cheeks. Holding Kim's vibrating clit in her mouth, Jackie sucked until Kim calmed down from her climax and relaxed, my cock still pumping into her pussy.

Returning to my wife's pussy, Kim resumed her tongue attack on Jackies clitoris. It wasn't long before my wife began bucking up into Kim's mouth and screaming that she was cuming again. Kim sucked the juices from Jackie's pussy and, again, licked her clean.

Kim turned her head and looked at me, and then back at Jackie. "Mike hasn't cum yet, Let's suck him dry Jackie," she said.

Moving off my cock with a pop, she turned around and went down on it. Jackie came up and started licking along the shaft.

"Tell us when you're about to cum Mike," Kim said. We want to drink it together."

Hearing that was like a fire being lit under my balls. My cock began to throb and pulsate.

"Here it cums girls." I warned. I felt my juices running up the shaft of my cock. At that signal, Kim and my wife both put thier lips on the head of my cock. Shazam! My prick shot a tremendous load. Cum was seeping out between their lips as they tried to drink it all in. Squirt after squirt sprung forth as they shared my cream. When my cock was spent, my wife took the head of it in her mouth and stuck her tiny tongue into my pee hole and sucked out the last drop.

"Hey, that's my trademark." Kim said with a smile. "You're doing OK kid."

After Kim left, Jackie and I talked about further adventures.

"What do you want to try next," I asked?

"You know," she said.

"Oh, I don't think I'm ready to suck a cock," I said.

"I did everything you suggested," she said, you can't back out now"

But that's another story...

To Be Continued...

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