tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJackie: Tennis Shoes

Jackie: Tennis Shoes


"I'm ready babe," my wife, Jackie called from the bedroom.

Pulling on my shoes, I looked up from the chair as she entered the dining room.

She was completely nude.

"Wow, babe, you're going like that?" I smiled.

Recently, Jackie's exhibitionistic adventures were taking us farther and farther...she'd come a long way in a short time from her humble beginnings by parading around naked in the garage. And with her progression into full public nakedness...of course, the after-sex for us both was incredible.

But this was the first time she'd actually wanted to leave the house entirely naked.

"Well," she smiled, playing lightly at a quickly swelling nipple, "I've always fantasized about it...leaving home totally nude with no way to cover up. In other words, no matter what happens, I have to be naked."

Watching her talk was like watching my favorite fantasy come to life.

There, before me, stood my beautiful naked wife: her large breasts rose and fell with her breathing, which came increasingly faster as she described her fantasy.

Her dollar-sized aureole were already swollen outward from her breasts...and I noticed just a hint of wetness beginning to seep onto her inner thighs as she teased a long strand of her dark tresses with her fingers, pulling to her shoulder...she always does that when she's horny.

Cocking her head sideways at me with a sexy smile from under bangs, she stuck her tongue out.

"Don't you agree babe?" she said sweetly.

"Huh?" I stammered, breaking from the reverie that her naked body always seemed to induce.

Chuckling at my state, she jiggled her breasts...teasing my cock hard.

"I said that when we go out on our adventures, you're the only cover I need."

My heart leapt in my chest.

I love my Jackie for so many reasons it's ridiculous...and she'd just given me another one.

I've never understood how such a gorgeous, intelligent and sexually uninhibited woman like her could care so much about a lump like me. I'm nothing special...but to be honest, I've long stopped trying to figure it out, and count myself blessed to be a part of her life...especially a part of her newly found exhibitionist life.

"Babe," she said seriously, "do you think I shouldn't? I mean, do you think leaving the house naked is going too far?"

Too far?

And this is exactly what tugs at me when it comes to Jackie.

When she sets her mind to something, there's no stopping her. She carries out what she wants to the letter...and nobody can tell her otherwise.

Except of course, when it comes to me.

What I have to say means so much to her...sometimes, she's almost like a little girl seeking reassurance.

It just melts me.

"Listen babe," I said gently, smiling at my beautiful wife. "Too far is up to you. I'm with you no matter what and always will be, whether you leave the house covered from head to toe or whether you go out without a stitch....but, if it makes you feel more secure, we can bring some clothes and keep them in the car."

Shifting her weight from foot to foot, she mulled on it, as I gobbled her sweet, shaved mound with my eyes.

"No, wait!" she said suddenly, bolting into the bedroom.

I wondered what she could be up to as I finished tying the last loop.

A moment later, she reappeared wearing a pair of white tennis shoes without socks.

"There...now I'm not completely naked..." she joked, smiling at me again.

The laugh that welled in my gut was uncontainable as it spilled over...turning into a long guffaw.

"No..babe..." I managed between giggles, wiping my at eyes, "I suppose you're not totally naked now..."

Jackie grinned wickedly at the joke, and shook her huge naked tits at me again.


"I'm ready babe," I said, standing. The laughter had subsided into occasional bumps as we went through the front door.

The day was in full swing.

It was a weekday, so most of the neighbors were at work as we walked from the front porch to the car parked at the curb. It was the first time that Jackie had actually walked naked in broad daylight right out in front of the house, and I could see the effect it was having on her.

Her pink nipples were hard and swollen, like small pebbles pointing the way.

Her breasts swayed heavily in front of her with her movements. Following the logical path, my eyes trailed her bare midsection, taking in her smooth mound and protruding pussy lips...already swollen and moist with the excitement of exhibiting herself to the neighborhood.

The muscles danced tantalizingly under the creamy skin of her bared thighs...and her naked ass pulled my cock to the front of my jeans as I watched it move. No matter how many times I see my beautiful wife reveal herself in public, it never fails to make hot enough to fry an egg on my forehead.

Totally naked on the sidewalk, save for the tennis shoes of course, she looked like sex on fucking stick.

And I hoped she would be later.

Opening the car door for her as she slid in, I took stock of the neighborhood again. The surrounding driveways were empty. It didn't look like anyone had seen her.

"You know babe," I said, starting the engine a moment later, "I'm not sure what to say if the neighbors see you naked on the sidewalk."

"Oh, I'm not naked remember?" Jackie chuckled at me. "I'm wearing tennis shoes."

"Of course," I laughed loudly again at the joke. "How could I forget?"

She smiled that wicked little smile of hers once more from underneath her bangs, and ran the seatbelt between her bare melons...clicking it into place.

The thin, black belt divided her breasts lewdly, making them look even bigger. Against her skin, the contrast was stark...pronouncing the fact that she was nude in the car seat.

God she was hot.

God my dick hurt.

Swallowing hard, I dropped the car into gear.

"So babe, where we headed today?" I asked, clear of the neighborhood.

Recently, she'd begun to surprise me, as was the case with our last adventure at the home improvement center, where she'd masturbated to a squirting orgasm, totally naked in the parking lot in front of another couple.

"Well the car's dirty," she stated flatly...teasing a nipple again.

It was true. The car did need a wash.

"I was thinking maybe we could wash it," she smiled.

"You want to go to the drive-through carwash?" I asked...knowing better.

"Well, I thought we could go to one of those do-it-yourself places," Jackie answered quickly. I noticed the hand in her lap creep closer to her crotch.

"Carwash it is then," I agreed as we slowed, stopping at a major intersection.

On our right, a car containing two young men rolled to a stop. Noticing Jackie, the driver jerked his neck in her direction, before nudging his buddy to do the same.

From the level of the passenger's door, I knew that they couldn't see that Jackie was completely naked...still the swell of her large breasts over the edge of the window gave them a pretty good indication that her breasts were bare.

Rolling her window down, Jackie yelled at them.

"Hi guys!" she waved.

"Are you...naked?" The driver asked wide-eyed.

"No, I'm wearing tennis shoes..." Jackie laughed, heartily, just as the light changed.

I pulled off, leaving the boys gawking after us. As they caught up with us, Jackie waved at them again, turning both of their heads as they passed.

I slowed and turned into the carwash on the left.

The place was pretty crowed; the single open space was on the far end, and I pulled into it and shut the engine off.

"Okay, babe," I said, pushing the door open, "I'll get some change."

"K," she smiled back, naked from the passenger's seat.

No matter how many times we did this, I still couldn't believe it at times.

My cock throbbed in my jeans as I fed the bills into the machine for tokens.

When I got back to the stall, my jaw hit my chest, and my cock swelled hard.

My beautiful Jackie was standing by the driver's door in her tennis shoes, spray gun in hand, conversing with a youngish man dressed in jeans and a work shirt.

"Hey babe," she smiled at me, "this is Chris."

"Hi Chris," I said, offering a hand, which he took.

"Chris is in the next stall over," Jackie giggled, holding the spray gun across her breasts, pushing them together with her arms.

Looking a bit embarrassed at my arrival, but polite nonetheless, Chris smiled. "I was going to get some tokens," he began, sounding a bit shy, "and, well...I saw your wife there...."

His voice trailed off.

"He's been a perfect gentleman, haven't you Chris?" Jackie giggled again, coming to his rescue.

Twirling a strand of dark hair in her fingers while she spoke, she pulled it down to her bare shoulder. Her nipples were swollen hard, jutting straight out.

Watching my wife tease had my cock pounding in my jeans, begging for release. A quick, stolen glance at the front of Chris's jeans revealed the same.

Dropping the tokens into the timer, I stood back as the spray gun came to life in Jackie's hands. She walked around the car, her big naked tits swinging in front of her as went about spraying, as if there was nothing at all unusual about it.

"Does your wife always go naked in public?" Chris asked, sounding somewhat awed, devouring Jackie with his eyes.

"I'm not naked Chris," Jackie answered for me...holding up one foot for his benefit. "See? I'm wearing tennis shoes."

By now, her body was wet from the spray, making it shine and glisten in the stall. Her dark hair stuck to her skin in strings, and her entire aureole was swollen hard with the excitement of showing herself to a stranger.

We watched in silence, as she bent forward, sticking her bare ass out at us...periodically laying on the hood, mashing her gorgeous breasts into it.

I want so badly to touch myself.

It was obvious that Chris felt the same, as he rested one hand, seeming unconsciously, close to his crotch.

Far too soon, the timer chimed, protesting the lack of tokens and jerking me back to reality. Finished, Jackie holstered the spray gun on the wall, and faced us, smiling.

"That was hot..." she said, her breath coming quicker. Her breasts rose and fell with her excitement.

Suddenly, a car appeared behind us, lining up to use the stall. In it, sat a couple, a man and woman. Their eyes went big and their mouths dropped at the sight of Jackie, standing there in the stall, wet and naked, right in front of them.

"What the hell?" the woman said, shocked, from the passenger window.

Realizing the potential danger of the situation, I figured we better leave. There were people everywhere.

Jackie waved at the couple and smiled.

Opening the car door, the woman got out. Ignoring us, she went right to Jackie, as the man watched, stunned from the driver's seat.

"Why are you naked?" she demanded, stopping a few feet from my wife.

Smiling, Jackie pointed at her shoes.

"I'm not naked," she said matter-of-factly, "I'm wearing shoes," stopping the woman in her tracks.

"Babe," I started, wanting to diffuse what seemed like a growing confrontation... I was getting worried now.

Jackie's nipples pointed straight at the woman. She was breathing hard, and her naked pussy lips swelled purplish. In spite of the situation, she was very excited.

Gaping at her nudeness, the woman fell silent.

Jackie stood before her, growing more excited by the moment.

Suddenly, the woman laughed.

"You're wearing shoes..." she said simply.

"Yup," Jackie retorted, smiling. Performing a small twist, she shook her breasts and returned the woman's laugh.

Softening, the woman smiled. "Do you always go naked outside?" she asked, finally.

"Well, "Jackie began, running a slow hand over her bare mid-section, "I've recently just started."

"Why?" the woman pressed quickly, sounding genuinely interested.

This was too much. My cock threatened to burst from my jeans. Glancing at Chris, he looked equally incredulous, and smiled.

"Mike," the woman called to the man in the car, "come see this," she said, motioning at him.

Exiting the car, the man called Mike approached, and stood by Chris and me.

"Hi," Mike said meekly to the group, eating Jackie's pussy with his eyes.

"She goes naked in public..." the woman told him, incredulous.

My wife was visibly trembling from the sudden attention.

Her upper body was flushed red as one hand went to a nipple and tugged at it; the other continued its journey across her mid-section, slowly diverting towards her now dripping snatch. Her cunt lips were dark, and swollen, as her clitoris protruded slightly between them.

"God that's hot..." Mike stammered.

"So you like being seen huh?" the woman pressed again. "You like being naked while other people watch you?"

"Yeah..." Jackie breathed, pulling harder at her nipple in front of us.

I noticed the woman's own nipples protruding from her t-shirt as she watched Jackie.

"Aren't you afraid of being arrested?" Mike asked Jackie's tits.

"I...," my wife was having trouble getting her words out now, as her fingers reached the outer edges of her wet cunt.

"Wow," the woman said, now sounding a bit stunned, "she's playing with herself."

Spreading her legs slightly, Jackie parted her outer pussy lips with her fingers, and hefted her big, naked tits higher, with her arm underneath them, lifting them.

Stepping in, I stood next to my wife for support.

"Babe," I whispered, "you okay?"

Turning her head, she looked at me with glazed eyes, as she slid two fingers into her hot box, and smiled.

This was one of her biggest fantasies and I knew it. As long as the situation remained safe, I was going to let it happen.

Taking stock of the group, I saw that Chris and Mike were lost...totally engrossed in watching my hot, naked wife masturbate, out in a public place, right in front of them. As for the woman, whose name I did not know, and was not offered, she stared at Jackie, unable to tear her eyes from Jackie's fingers now moving inside of her exposed, bald pussy. Her own nipples pointed lewdly from her t-shirt. Jackie's effect was more than obvious on everyone.

"That's it babe," I said, encouraging my wife.

Reaching behind her, I gently rubbed her bare ass cheeks, as she fingered herself in front of us.

"Oh god," Jackie breathed, "look at me..."

We were.

Rubbing her ass harder, I felt her skin warming to my touch. Grabbing one bare cheek in my fist, I squeezed, shaking it lightly.

"Look at you sweetheart," I teased into her ear. "Look at you all naked in front of everyone; playing with yourself...everyone's watching you...we can all see you jamming your fingers into your naked cunt..."

Jackie moaned and pressed her palm into her mound, spreading her legs wider.

All around us, the sounds of a normal, busy carwash in the middle of the day were taking place.

"Oh wait," I said. Bending over in front of Jackie, I gently tugged at her left shoe, removing it for her as she stepped out of it, and then did the same for her right one.

"Now, you're totally nude babe," I whispered again, handing her shoes to Chris.

Looking down at herself, Jackie made a strange sound from the back of her throat.

Rubbing at herself hard, she lifted her eyes, looking at each one of us in turn. The light of her situation crossed her face, and she moaned...closing her eyes, unashamedlynfingering herself and pinching at her throbbing, swelled clitoris as we watched.

Leaning back, she rested against the car and spread her legs wide...standing on the balls of her bare feet.

The group closed in, forming a semi-circle around her...shielding her from view between the car and the other end of the stall.

In that moment, I realized that what had started out as shock and awe had grown into something more intimate. Jackie was the only one naked in the group, out in public, and we were all a part of her fantasy as she fucked herself against the car...living it out right in front of us.

By forming the semi-circle around her, the group was protecting her, allowing her to continue...we all wanted to see her make herself cum.

"Oh jeezus...yes..." she moaned loudly, grabbing at her the soaked spot between her legs.

Using her knuckles on her clit, Jackie pressed hard into clit, rubbing up and down over it. With her free hand, she lifted a heavy tit to her mouth and licked and sucked at a nipple...pulling it hard and clamping it between her teeth.

"Fuck..." Chris said.

Mike was speechless.

"Oh my fucking god..." the woman stammered.

"That's it babe," I said, standing next to my bare wife. Pushing her hips forward, she stuck her pussy out at the group and slapped at it...filling the stall with sounds of her masturbating.

Mike's hand was at the front of his crotch, slowly squeezing along the length of his obviously hard cock as he watched.

My own cock throbbed and jumped in my jeans.

Chris was breathing hard.

"God you're so hot," the woman said to Jackie, "I can't believe you're doing this..."

Jackie's moans grew louder as she masturbated fast and hard in front of us. Jamming her hand into her cunt, she bent forward slightly, making her tits hang like pendulums in front of her...they shook wildly with her movements.

Bucking her hips, she closed her eyes and fucked herself as her cunt ate her fingers...swallowing and releasing them over again.

"Oh god....fuck....look at me...watch m...me..." she stammered, lost in ecstasy as she hammered herself fast and hard.

No longer able to help myself, I looked at the woman with Mike and grabbed my crotch, squeezing and pulling at it.

She smiled lewdly, and reached between her own legs.

Suddenly, Jackie's eyes flew open and she dropped. Squatting, she spread her knees wide. Rocking back on her bare heels, she thrust her hips, jamming her burning box into her fingers, moaning loud and long.

"I'm...oh god, "I'm...I'm gonna...cum..." she breathed hard, stammering and stuttering to get the words out.

Her tits hung, swinging in front of her.

"Cum...." The woman hissed hotly, "make yourself cum for us...cum right in front of us..."

At her words, Jackie's head rolled back on her shoulders and she bit into her lip hard enough to draw blood.

My own hand was inside my pants, openly stoking my cock. A glance at Mike and Chris confirmed the same.

As Jackie's orgasm began, she rocked forward. Reaching out I grabbed her hand, to keep her from falling.

With her knees spread as far apart as she could get them, she turned her fingers underneath herself, jamming them hard and fast between her thighs, up into herself...as she held onto my hand.

Suddenly, she yelled, and came...hard.

"OH...GOD!..FUCK! I'M...CUMM...ING...!" she practically screamed in the stall.

Turning her fingers over in her cunt, she pressed upwards.

Suddenly, great, long streams of cum-juice erupted from her crotch, jetting far out in front of her, landing at Chris's feet and wetting the ground in front of them.

Over and over, she squirted her orgasm out in front of us, rubbing her soaked pussy furiously and moaning loud.

"OH GOD...OH GOD..." she cried out..."LOOK AT ME...I'M CUMMING..."

With one hand in my pants, and the other holding on to my wife, I came hard...spraying the insides of my underwear and soaking the front of my jeans. Rocking back on my heels, I moaned, hanging onto my Jackie for dear life, I closed my eyes, riding out my own orgasm.

All around me, I heard the sounds of moaning, both male and female, as the group jettisoned into their own orgasms.

Finally, after a moment, I opened my eyes.

Still holding my hand, Jackie knelt, head down in the water on the floor, naked and spent. Her tits hung, heaving in front of her as she tried to breathe.

Chris and Mike, both, leaned back against the stall, with stained jeans.

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