tagErotic CouplingsJack's Education Ch. 19

Jack's Education Ch. 19


Author's Note:

This story was previously posted as "Jack's Surprise - The Aftermath" and is the penultimate chapter in the series "Jack's Education".


The following day Jack went to school with a lot on his mind. He was wondering how he would react when he saw Miss Hamilton again, as the memory of his hot session with her the previous afternoon was still etched in his mind, especially the look on her face as she came with his cock buried deep in her pussy. Not only that, his mind was still on Mary, Jeff's virgin sister, and how close he thought he had recently come to claiming her cherry! A further complication was Heather, the new girl at school, who had been flashing her panties at him in class and which had led to him being in Miss Hamilton's private office in the first place!

He didn't see Miss Hamilton during the day, which was not so surprising as she had not been teaching any classes on his schedule for that day. He did catch a glimpse of Mary just at the end of the lunch break, but wasn't able to get to talk to her before he had to go to afternoon classes. What was more surprising, however, was that Heather wasn't at any of his classes during the day and he wondered if she had stayed home in shame, after being placed in the embarrassing position of being forced to strip naked in Miss Hamilton's office and having her pussy groped by Jack. On the other hand, she hadn't seemed to be embarrassed at all by it and didn't show any reluctance to stroke Jack's cock when ordered by the teacher. Indeed, she complied without hesitation and did it with the confidence of a girl who had done it before. Jack concluded that she just hadn't been feeling well and had stayed home for the day. He hoped that was going to show up for the sex ed class after school, though, or else they both could get in trouble with Miss Hamilton again, although he felt he might have an advantage in that department.

Soon enough classes were over for the day so, after a brief chat with Tim and a couple of his other friends, he made his way over to Building Five, so as to get there in good time to get a good seat for Heather and himself. When he got there he was surprised to find that there was no one waiting in the hallway, as there were always some students who liked to hang out there before going into class. When he got to the door he soon understood why, for there was a notice on the door announcing that class had been cancelled that week as Miss Hamilton was unavailable. Jack was slightly disappointed that he wouldn't see Miss Hamilton as he'd become intrigued as to how she would react to him after yesterday. After that first reaction, he wondered if Heather had already been there, seen the notice and left.

After thinking about it, realizing he was quite early for the class, he decided he would hang around to see if she would turn up. He was quite anxious to talk to her and to explore the possibilities of them getting together as she was obviously attracted to him, and he wanted to take advantage of that situation if he could. He found that the door was unlocked and peeked inside and saw the room was indeed empty. He went back outside to wait for Heather and while a couple of younger girls turned up for class, it seemed that most of the students had either already been and gone, or they'd already heard class was cancelled and didn't bother to show up. Jack waited around for a few more minutes and when it got to ten past five he was about to give up and go home, when he saw Heather coming round the corner. He quickly snatched the notice off the door and stuffed in his pocket before she saw him. When she recognized him, he motioned her to hurry up, so she ran up to him, saying, "Oh, god, I'm not too late, am I?"

Jack smiled and simply said, "Come on, we'd better go in!" He pushed the door open and ushered her inside, locking the door behind them.

Heather suddenly realized that there was nobody else in the room, so she wheeled around to face Jack, a quizzical expression on her face. "What happened?" she asked, "Where is everybody?"

Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out the crumpled notice. "It's OK," he said, "We're off the hook for now."

Heather looked at the notice and then gazed back at Jack's face. "So why did you bring me in here? And why did you lock the door?"

"Don't be alarmed," Jack said, "I just needed to have a private talk with you, and I didn't want us to be disturbed." He indicated a couple of chairs nearby saying, "Let's sit down, shall we?"

Heather nodded and sat down. "So what do you want to talk about?"

"You and me."

"What about you and me?"

"Well, you know I should be mad at you for getting me into trouble with Miss Hamilton yesterday."

Heather looked down, rather shamefacedly, and then back up at Jack. "I know. I'm really sorry about that, even though I didn't intend to get you into trouble." She leaned forward a little and put her hand on his knee. "Are you really mad at me?"

Jack looked at her for a while, a serious look on his face. Eventually he spoke, "I am, in a way."

"In a way? What do you mean? Are you mad or not?"

"Well, yes and no."

"Yes and no? Jack, you're not making any sense."

"Let me put it this way. I was mad at you for getting me into trouble and I really should be mad at you for that! On the other hand my trip to Miss Hamilton's office led me into something good, so I'm not so mad any more." He paused and looked at her before asking, "So where were you today?"

"Oh, I didn't feel so good this morning, so I slept in. Then I decided I'd better come over for this class since I didn't want to take the chance of having to stand naked in front of the class! Miss Hamilton is kinda rough isn't she?"

"You just have to know what her limits are, is all. You're new here aren't you?"

"Yeah, my parents split up a couple of months ago, and my dad came over to Florida from San Diego. I've been living with my mom ever since, but she doesn't like my boyfriend, so they made arrangements to ship me over here to graduate high school, and then I'll be going to FSU in the fall."

"So your boy friend is far far away, huh?"

"That's right. I really miss him, but we can't do anything about it right now."

"Well, you know what they say about that, don't you?"

"What's that?"

"If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with!"

"Very funny, Jack!"

"So yesterday was your first day here in school?"


"And you get in trouble the very first day making eyes at me?"

"Yeah. Stupid, eh?"

"Well, the only thing is, you have good taste!" Jack teased. He looked at her more closely, and then ventured, "And good tits, too!"

"I'll take that as a compliment, coming from you."

"So how did you feel standing bare-ass naked in Miss Hamilton's office yesterday?"

"Something like a fool at first, but it was much better when she made us feel each other up. That felt great, and I gotta say, Jack, you have a really nice cock!"

"Thanks! So what were you really trying to do in class yesterday?"

"I was just trying to get your attention."

"Well, it worked! So now you have my attention, what do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

"You want to make out a little?"

"All right, we can make out for a while, but I don't want to get caught in here. Can't we go some place else?"

"The doors locked and we're quite safe here. What's wrong with your boyfriend that they had to move you from the other side of the country to get you away from him?"

"The problem is that he's actually quite a bit older than me and works in my Dad's factory."

"Were you sleeping with him?"

"Sure. Look, I'm no idiot. What would a guy like that want with an eighteen year old except to screw her?"

"I guess you're right. Was he the first guy you had sex with?"

"Not really, although he gave me my first orgasm."

"What do you mean, not really?"

"I'd fooled around with boys before and one time I had a little too much to drink, and went all the way. It didn't take him long to come and I never got off. Then I was so scared I might have got pregnant. Boy, I was never so happy to see my period! Since then I've been on the pill, so I don't have to worry about that now."

Jack thought about all she had been saying and realized that his chances of getting in her pants were still good. He decided to continue their conversation and try to make her talk more about sex, hoping that she might get turned on enough to let him fuck her, which he badly wanted to do, so he asked, "So how did you meet this guy?"

"My parents were out shopping one Saturday just before last Christmas. I'd just turned eighteen during the week before and on Friday night I'd had a great party to celebrate. I must admit I'd had a lot to drink and wasn't feeling great. I was supposed to go with them, but since I didn't feel up to it and they needed to get out to finish their shopping they went without me. They been gone about half an hour and I'd just finished having a hot shower to try to revive myself when the door bell rang. I threw on my robe and went to answer the door. I have to say the robe was kind of skimpy and it hardly covered my nakedness."

"I can just imagine that!" Jack said. "So who was at the door?"

"It was him. Mike's an electrician and we'd needed some rewiring done in the kitchen and I guess my dad had forgotten he'd arranged for him to come that day. He offered to come back when my dad was home, but that meant the work wouldn't get done until after Christmas, so I told him it was OK to go ahead. He was dressed in cut-off jeans and a T-shirt and I could see his muscles beneath the shirt. He had the bluest eyes I've ever seen and as he talked to me he looked at me like I could be his next meal. I was both intimidated and attracted at the same time. I showed him to the kitchen, and he prepared to start work, I went up to my room to put some clothes on. It was quite a warm day for December, so I decided to put on a bikini to go out to the pool. I was lying out in the sun and started to get hot, so I took a dip and after refreshing myself, I lay back down on the chaise-lounge and took off my bikini top to let the sun dry off my breasts."

"Oh, lordy, I wish I'd been there!" Jack interjected, with a mischievous grin.

Heather laughed, saying, "I bet! Anyway, as I was lying there topless, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun, I forgot that I was in clear view of the kitchen window and that Mike was in there, unbeknownst to me probably getting a good eyeful! After a while I started to feel thirsty and got up to get a cold drink. I still had my top off as I got up and had the shock of my life when I saw Mike leaning nonchalantly in the kitchen doorway! I hurriedly tried to cover myself up, but he had already seen my bare tits, and I guessed that he'd been watching me for some time. Adding to my confusion was the fact that he had taken his shirt off while working and that his well-muscled hairless chest was glistening with sweat!"

"So what happened next?"

"He gave a low whistle and said, 'Very nice! Very nice indeed!' I was so shocked that I couldn't say anything. I guess I was really embarrassed but also flattered to receive a compliment, if not a pass, from a grown man. I passed by him to go into the kitchen, having managed to put my top back on. I gathered my senses enough to look back at him to ask him if he'd like a cold drink. He said that he would, at least to start with, but I wasn't sure what he meant. I soon found out though."


"I put two glasses on the counter and was just filling them with iced tea from the fridge, when he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I was so surprised I almost froze, and then he brought his hands up to cup my breasts. I tried to resist, telling him to stop, but his response was to kiss me on the back of the neck, telling me I smelled so good! He was holding me close to his body by then, and I could feel his hardness between my ass cheeks. I tried to wriggle free but he held me tightly with one arm, while he used his free hand to untie the strings of my bikini top. Now he was holding my bare tits with his hands, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs! It felt so good, yet I knew it was wrong and I tried to get away from him, but he held me firmly against his body. I told him he'd better stop, because my parents would soon be home from the mall. He laughed and said that was unlikely with all the crowds of shoppers and the heavy traffic."

"So did you get away?"

"No. The next thing I knew was that he dropped his hands down to my bikini bottoms and pulled those strings, and it dropped on to the floor. I started to scream but he clapped his hand over my mouth, and said in a much rougher voice than before, 'Look, bitch, I know you want it as much as me, and I'm going to give you what you want, OK?' "No, no!" I tried to say, but couldn't get the sound out because his hand was over my mouth. Then he said, 'OK, listen to me! You're either a hot bitch or a damned prick-tease, and I don't care which! You've been flaunting that hot body of yours since I got here, and I'm going to get me a piece, you hear? You got that?' I nodded and he went on in a softer tone, 'If you promise not to scream, I'll take my hand from your mouth, OK?' I nodded again. 'But if you scream, I'll have to gag you. Is that clear?' I nodded again, and he took his hand off my mouth and put it on my shoulder. I only made a whimpering noise when he did. I was really scared now, but in a perverse way I was also beginning to get turned on."

Jack was getting turned on himself, and his cock was causing a big tent in his pants. He wanted to hear how the story finished, so he asked, "It sounds scary! What happened next?"

"With one hand on my ass and the other on my shoulder, Mike spun me around to face him and then clamped his mouth on mine. I tried to pull away, but he was holding me tight and I couldn't budge. He kissed me hard and then he broke off the kiss to look at me. There were tears in my eyes and I started trembling. It was clear that he was about to rape me but I was really scared that he might even try to kill me. Then he smiled, looking at me with those piercing blue eyes of his. 'Come on girl, loosen up, you know you want it!' I shook my head and pleaded, "Please don't hurt me. I've never done anything like this before!' hoping he would leave me alone if he thought I was a virgin. Of course I wasn't really even though I'd only done it once!"

"Did it work?"

"Not on your life! He replied, 'Then you're really going to enjoy this!' and before I knew it he lifted me up and swung me on to the kitchen table with my ass right at the edge and my legs dangling down, exposing my pussy to him. He started fingering my pussy and despite my fear, I felt myself getting wet down there. Still with a couple of fingers inside me, he moved round to the side, so that he was standing by my face and had me unzip his cutoffs. I did as he said, deciding that any resistance would be futile. As his shorts fell down to the floor, I was shocked by the size of his rock hard cock, leaping out at me just inches from my face. He put the huge swollen head on my lips and told me to open my mouth, which I did and he pushed it in just a little bit. It was all I could do to get my mouth round it, and he saw that, pulling it back out, telling me to lick it with his tongue. All this time he continued to gently massage my cunt and clit, and in spite of myself I was starting to get really horny! He noticed I was starting to move my hips against his hand almost as an unconscious reaction to the attention he was giving me and he said, 'There you go! I think you're starting to enjoy it now, aren't you?' I whispered, 'Yes, it's nice!' I'd noticed how gentle he'd been with me since he'd put me on the table and though I was a bit worried about a dick of his size fitting inside me I'd already decided I'd like him to fuck me! He said something to the effect that he thought I was ready for him, and I think I really shocked him when I yelled out, 'Yes, come on you bastard, take me! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore!'

"So he did it?"

"Yes, he did. He pulled his cock away from my mouth, and swiftly moved round the table to position himself in front of my pussy. He moved his body up closer to mine and slowly inserted his giant cock into me. Surprisingly it didn't hurt, and his cock felt as if it was made to fit in my pussy. It filled me right up and it felt great! Then he slowly pulled it out, or almost all the way out and then slowly back all the way in, then out, then back in. The third time in he leaned forward over me, putting pressure on my clit, another completely different sensation. He kissed me, gently this time, and I let his tongue enter my mouth to play with mine. 'Now doesn't that feel good, babe?' he asked. I nodded yes, completely surprised at how he had suddenly morphed from rough to gentle. He pulled his prick back out and in again and I lifted up my legs as I was uncomfortable with them hanging over the edge of the table. I crossed them around his back, trying to get him deeper in me. 'Come on, do me faster, do it harder,' I pleaded with him and soon he was pounding away deep into my pussy."

"Oh, god, Heather, this is making me so horny," Jack said, leaning forward to kiss her.

Heather smiled at him and put her hand on the swelling in his pants. She unzipped them, pulled out his engorged cock and started to gently stroke it. "You really have a mighty nice cock, Jack," she said.

"So you told me already," he said. "So what happened next?"

"I was starting to feel something I'd never felt before. I was getting a little dizzy yet everything was still in focus. I pleaded with him to fuck me harder and he obliged. Suddenly my body went tense and I felt this wave of pleasure sweep over me. He had actually given me my first orgasm! I guess he felt it because he pulled completely out of me and moaned as his cock jetted its hot load of cum all over my body, some spurting over my tits."

"Hot!" Jack exclaimed, still enjoying Heather's slow stroking of his rock hard cock.

"Yeah! I was hooked now. I loved how it felt and wanted more! After the last drop had splatted on me, Mike leaned forward on me, kissed me tenderly and whispered, "See, babe, I was right! You're one hot chick and you loved it.' I smiled back at him, saying, 'OK, you were right! I want more!' He laughed and said, 'OK, but I think we both need a shower, and then we can find somewhere more comfortable, all right?' I agreed with him, so we went upstairs to take a shower together and then spent the rest of the afternoon fucking like rabbits! So that was how it all started and we started getting together at his apartment whenever we could. I've learned a lot from him, especially how to please him orally and I don't regret at all having an older man. I guess if it was up to me we'd be together for ever, but somehow I don't think that'll happen. But whatever happens I'll never forget him and my first experience of fucking. I loved how his big cock felt inside me!"

Jack was feeling really horny now and said softly, "Don't you want to feel mine up there, Heather? As you can feel, I'm ready!" He ran his hand down her leg, slipped it under her skirt, pushed her panties aside and rubbed her cunt lips. She was so wet already his fingers slid right in her pussy. She started to move away but Jack pulled her back to him, running his other hand over her stomach and up to her tits, pinching her nipples. He pulled his hand from her cunt, and started massaging her clit. Heather started moaning, grinding her ass on the bench.

"Was this what you were thinking about in class yesterday?"

"Yes!" she moaned.

With his free hand Jack rubbed her clit and rolled it with his fingers.

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