tagFetishJack's Surprise

Jack's Surprise


My name's Jack, I'm forty-eight years old. I have been happily married for twenty years and we have two wonderful children. My wife and I have had fantastic sex since the very first time we met. Joan has a great body and is a wonderful lover. I think we have both matured quite nicely together and as a couple, especially when we look around us. She is full figured, big gorgeous breasts and delicious nipples. Of course I love her ass and pussy too. Me? Well, I'm 6'3" tall, weigh in at 230 lbs., in pretty good shape for my age, and happily endowed.

During the first couple years of marriage we both went through some changes and adjustments but our sex life was always hot as hell. And even now after all these years we are both still interested in each other. We love variety and to spice things up and are always looking at expanding our experiences. One night I was feeling a bit kinky and put on a pair of Joan's panties as I got ready for bed. Then I went into her dresser and also pulled out a sexy little top to one of her baby-doll numbers and slipped it over my head. I pulled the panties up tight into my crotch, and then I walked into the living room where my wife sat.

Joan glanced up from her magazine and gave me a big wink and smile, "Why hello there sexy! What can I do for you? Is there something you wanted to say?"

As my stiff prick peeked out of the waistband of the panties she dropped her reading material and with a big grin, knelt down in front of me. Leaning forward she flicked my swollen cockhead with her tongue. She took my balls and sucked them into her mouth along with the panties, sucking and soaking them. The smooth wet material clung to me, cooling my balls as she pulled back and once again sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth. Soon we were all over each other on the floor, where we sucked and fucked each other long and hard. Afterwards, Joan asked me what possessed me to put on her baby-doll? I told her I had always been turned on at the thought so I decided to take the plunge tonight and hoped for the best. She smiled and told me that she loved me.

About a week or so later, Joan left a pair of sexy panties under my pillow as a surprise, but she told me I could only wear them when she told me to. Well, to my surprise she pulled them out and handed them to me the following morning as I got ready for work. She told me I had to wear them all day to get the full experience. I came home that afternoon sporting a huge hard-on which Joan sucked off through the precum stained panties.

This went on for sometime and each day when I came home she'd ask me how it felt wearing women's panties, or being pantied as she like to called it, at work. I always told her how hot and horny it made me, but I think my stiff cock said volumes more about that. Over time she bought me several pairs of my own to wear, and even a few sexy nighties and slinky outfits. But I loved it best when I put on the warm, soiled and scented ones she'd just taken off.

One day Joan laid out a really fancy pair of panties along with a matching camisole for me to wear. I worked late that night and as I usually do when I work late, I stopped by the local bar for a quick beer on my way home. I was sitting at the very end of the bar watching a hockey game when I happened to notice a guy at the other end of the bar staring at me. I wondered why he kept looking my way at first, but then it occurred to me that he may be able to see my underwear. Shit I have to be more careful I thought to myself as I sat there nervously trying to figure out where I was showing. I stayed focused on the TV set above, feeling his eyes on me. Annoyingly, his constant glances started making me feel like smiling, in fact I suddenly found myself getting turned on, being watched by another guy.

In between periods he got up and came over, and sat on the stool next to me. He said a friendly "Hi....the names Ron.....so who's gonna win the game?"

We talked hockey and other stuff for a bit and had a couple more beers together before saying good-bye and going our separate ways.

When I got home Joan was waiting for me, as usual. But before she plopped my cock into her mouth for yet another of her luscious blowjobs she wanted to hear all about my pantied and camisoled day. I was so horny and turned on that I blew my load in no time at all. Joan asked why I came so quickly today and I told her about the guy I met at the bar and how much he reminded of a high school friend with whom I'd had oral sex with on several occasions. I admitted that while I was talking with him I felt the same old curiosities and desires come rushing through me.

For the next couple of weeks I stopped at that same bar quite often hoping to see Ron again. One evening, just as I was about to leave, he came in. I said hello, and he smiled and asked if he could buy me a beer if I wasn't leaving. I accepted his offer and we sat at the bar and talked. I could feel my cock stirring, stiffening inside my black frilly laced panties. After a couple of beers I got up and went to the men's room. I had to try and calm the raging storm in my panties and hoped a good piss would help.

When I got back Ron suggested that perhaps we should sit in a booth to be more comfortable. I agreed. As we talked he told me he was an executive with a large corporate firm in town. He had been happily married for fifteen years and then showed me a picture of his family. Reaching for my wallet I showed him pictures of Joan and the kids. As we admired each other's photos he got up and went to the washroom, and I ordered us another round.

He surprised me and slid onto the bench beside me when he returned. As we continued to talk Ron smiled and told me that he and his wife were bi-sexual. His words sent tingles to my balls and made my cock twitch. I smiled back at him and he placed his hand on my thigh. The warmth of his touch and the gentle rubbing and squeezing had my cock hard instantly, and it soon strained against my lacy panties once again. His hand found the tab on my zipper and he pulled it down a few notches. Stopping for a second, he looked me in the eyes and asked if I had any objections with regards to his intentions.

"NO!" came firing out of my mouth immediately, and I shrugged myself down in my seat realizing how loud I'd been.

"WOW!" was his reaction once he found the top of my drooling cockhead, and then felt the frilly waistband of my panties.

He asked if I had a car with me and if I'd like to follow him back to his place, telling me that his wife and kids had gone out for the evening. I called Joan and told her I'd be a little late getting home.

When we got to his place Ron got us both a beer and then proceeded to give me the grand tour of his house, purposely leaving out what he so anxious and excitedly referred to as The Playroom. As we sipped our drinks and he led me through his house he asked me if I was gay, bi, or just straight and curious. I told him that my wife and I had a very satisfying sex life but were always experimenting. I went on and told him that I'd had several experiences with men during my school years but none since then. While I told him this I could see by the bulge in the front of his pants that he liked what he heard. He agreed with me and said that he too was happily married and again stressed the fact that he and his wife were both bi-sexual. He said they were both free to have encounters outside their marriage and would even go as far as to show each other videos and pictures they'd taken with other partners in the Playroom.

Ron told me he was looking for a safe, long lasting relationship. He said that he only showed the Playroom to someone he felt comfortable and safe with, and then went on to say that he was getting that feeling from me. I told him I felt the same way too, before we could talk or act on our instincts Ron's family came home. After a brief introduction to his lovely wife and children Ron walked outside to my car with me. He apologized about everyone coming home so soon and asked if I 'd like to come back to see the room that we missed. I laughed and said I'd love to! We made arrangements to meet again the following week.

When I got home I told my wife all about meeting up with Ron again. She listened intently and was getting turned on by what I told her. Joan sucked my cock intensely, nibbling and raking her teeth along my throbbing shaft until I finally filled her mouth with hot cum. She sucked and licked every single drop of my sweet load after hearing my hot story. She told me it was obvious how horny I got when I talked about Ron and told me when the time comes I should just be myself and do what comes natural. She said Ron sounded hot and she wished she could be there to watch us.

The week passed slowly, but finally the day came when I got to the wear panties and stockings that Joan had bought for the occasion. I sprayed some CK on and gave a quick squirt into my panties, slipped on my stockings, slid into my jeans and T-shirt and headed over to Ron's place.

He was glad to see me. While he went to the kitchen to fix us a couple of drinks, I slipped off my jeans and T-shirt. I stood in the middle of the living room clad in only my sweet nothings when he returned. His eyes were wide open as he handed me my drink and kept staring at the bulge in my panties. After a quick gulp of his drink he said that it was definitely time he showed me the Playroom. We walked down the stairs to the basement and he opened the door to the room. It was about twenty feet by twenty, mirrors everywhere, making it look even bigger. In the middle of the room was a huge round bed with black satin sheets and eight huge pillows. Ron asked if could take a few pictures of me, telling me how much he liked my new outfit. I was reluctant at first but with Ron ogling me up and down and telling how delicious I looked I couldn't refuse.

He proceeded to take shots of me from every angle imaginable. He had me bend over and spread my legs apart, he had me lay down and roll around on the floor, he even convinced me to play with myself while he clicked away with his camera, and even video taped me just for posterity.

While I stroked my cock and pulled on my aching balls, my drooling cockhead got it's first taste of Ron's tongue. His tongue stiffly licked and probed the leaky hole on my throbbing head. Slowly licking along my shaft to the base, over my tummy, Ron kissed his way all the way up to my rock hard nipples. Chewing and pulling on them he sucked and slurped his was back down, lifted my legs up and kissed my smooth, quivering ass cheeks. He licked over my tender hole quickly and then sucked my balls into his mouth. I shook from head to toe when he took my cock into his mouth. He settled into a good long suck session, and expert blowjob. I hadn't had my cock sucked by another guy since high school and I'd forgotten just how great it felt. Ron was quite obviously well practiced the art of giving head and seemed to know all the tricks to make this a truly mind-blowing experience.

At long last, while he sucked hard on my cock, tugging and pulling my balls, an unbelievable orgasm rocked my entire body. My hot load of cum exploded into Ron's mouth, filling him up quickly. He sucked and swallowed, but the corners of his mouth sprung a leak, dribbling onto the satin sheets. Ron sucked and licked me clean from front to back and then back again before taking my hand and leading me into the shower with him. We soaped each other up and rubbed each other's bodies. My hands shook when I finally had his wonderful cock in my hands and felt the weight of his sweet bag and hefty balls. It had been far too long yet it seemed like only yesterday. We embraced and let the water cascade off our backs.

Ron whispered in my ear, he asked if I would let him shave me. He asked if he could shave my entire body. I though for a moment but then agreed, figuring it would grow back soon enough. With great excitement he proceeded to shave my pubes, my ass and asshole, my chest and armpits and finally my legs. Once he was done he rinsed me off and then dried my body. His hard cock was stiffly bouncing up and down back and forth with every move he made and he was pretty horny from rubbing my smooth shaved body. I dried him off too, rubbing and spending extra time at his balls and asshole. His cock stuck out in my face and I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took that glorious knob in my mouth. It felt so good, it throbbed deliciously. I sucked and sucked and sucked and gave him a long slow delicious blowjob. I felt his balls tighten and relax, his throbbing shaft expanded. My first taste made my eyes light up and had me grinning from ear to ear while his cock pumped and filled my mouth with his hot, sweet cum. I sucked his dick and squeezed his nuts until he was done. I wiped my mouth off and licked the cum off my hands, "Delicious!" I told him.

Ron held his hand down to me, "Thanks...."

After we got cleaned up again, I put my panties, garter belt and stockings back on and we got back onto the big round bed. We whispered nasty and dirty things in each others ears and brought our cocks back to life, and shortly after that I lost my panties for a second time. We sprawled and rolled around on the bed in a 69 when all of a sudden the Playroom door opened unexpectedly. In walked Ron's wife hand in hand with Joan, my wife! I almost swallowed Ron's cock whole when they both said, "Okay boys, you've had your fun, move over it's our turn now....if you're done that is!"

The two of them watched Ron and I as we brought each other off one more time. Then they told us that we were more than welcome to stay and watch their session.

So naturally we did, and Ron played the tape from earlier on of the two of us. I was totally turned on my Ron's wife and how she took charge and started in on her seduction of my wife.

"Lie down on the bed, but leave your clothes on sweetheart!" Susan said in a deep sultry voice as she began taking her own clothes off. First her jeans fell to the floor, and then she slipped her top off over head, revealing her taut and beautifully tanned torso. Her tits were smaller than Joan's but nicely shaped. She had a tattoo down along her thigh muscles, a long twisted vine braided with roses.

"Mmmmmmm, you feel so good...." she mumbled with approval as she sat down next to my wife. She began rubbing her bare legs and slowly gliding over Joan's body. Her hand moved slowly along Joan's thigh, disappearing under her shorts and I knew my wife was getting turned on by the way she started licking her lips and the way she was breathing faster.

"Please! Either take my clothes off or let me take them off! Please? I want to feel you touching me, feeling me, please? Before I explode!" Joan whimpered and pleaded under Susan's touch.

Susan laughed and gladly complied with Joan's request and had her naked in seconds. As soon as her thighs we free Joan parted them, pulled her knees up into her chest and gave us all a wonderful view of her wet pussy and throbbing asshole.

We all just stood there and started at her for a moment, watching Joan's copious juices dribble down out of her pussy, onto her ass.

"Oh boy! I am so going to take my time eating you baby! You just lie back, enjoy and let me do all the work!" Susan said. She dipped her finger inside Joan's wet pussy and scooped out a helping of cunt juice. Staring in Joan's eyes she licked her finger clean. My wife was shaking and trembling, anticipating Susan's next move. Spreading her pussy lips, Susan leaned forward and attached her mouth over top of the wide open hole and proceeded to suck my wife's cunt like a vacuum cleaner.

I turned my head to see Ron sitting on the edge of the table across from me stroking his cock and squeezing he dangling balls. I walked over to the other side of the table and reached out for his hard cock. Ron lay back on the table as I grabbed his dick, rolled to one side and sucked my dick into his mouth. With a quick hop, and with Ron holding my cock between his lips, I lifted myself up on the table beside him.

Moving over top of him, I straddled Ron's face. I dangled my cock back and forth and then shoved it deep down his hungry throat. I leaned forward and took his throbbing meat into my mouth and we both moaned out loud. I sucked and sucked his delicious pecker until it was long and fat as I could get it. I licked his swollen balls, pulled and stretched his soft wrinkled sac and squeezed his ass cheeks, shoving him deeper down my throat.

Susan was noisily sucking and tugging on Joan's swollen cunt flesh, and had her crying out loud with pleasure. Her fingers were probing Joan's most secrets places, her soft wet cunt, the sweetmeat between her pussy and asshole, and of course her sweet, tight asshole too. Excitedly, Joan pulled and held her ankles up over her head, exposing her pussy and ass completely for Susan to explore and enjoy. Susan pulled back her ravenous mouth and stared into my wife's wide open wet cunthole.

"Good God Girl!......you are so beautiful! That pussy all shiny and wet.....Mmmmmmm.........open so wide and so loose for me! I could eat you all night long sweetie....Mmmmmmmm I love a nice juicy, wet cunt.....it's one of my favorite meals!" Susan proclaimed with a sexy, shiny grin on her face.

My wife's head fell back on the pillow and she let out a loud sigh as Susan continued her oral assault on her pussy.

Ron had his cock buried deep down my throat, and I was loving every second of his throbbing hardness. Susan was really going at my wife now, pushing and shoving her legs apart even wider, licking her with nice long lashes of her tongue that started at her asshole, trailed through the wet folds of her cunt and ended up on top of her quivering clit. Dipping a finger in, Susan sloshed around and twisted her hand until she found Joan's G-spot. Immediately Joan's posture changed and her body tensed and tightened.

Ron was pumping his throbbing cock harder and faster into my mouth. I felt his balls tighten and his cock twitched in my mouth. A minute later I was tasting his hot cum for the second time, at the very same time that Joan exploded into Susan's mouth! I watched while Susan got the surprise of her life when Joan exploded and gushed out an ample serving of clear sticky fluids, that washed out all over her face. Susan struggled gleefully as she tried to suck and lick up every last drop. Ron blew into me and I started to shudder myself. My boiling load percolating in my balls and coursing it's way along my throbbing shaft and into Ron's hungry mouth. Joan let go of her legs and collapsed in surrender, tossing her head from side to side while Susan's relentless sucking and eating frenzy continued.

Ron tenderly sucked my cock and squeezed my balls, draining me and licking me clean. His ample load was enough to float a boat in, but as I licked my lips clean, and it somehow wasn't enough!

"You see this guys? Check this out......." Susan proudly exclaimed, "I've got her pussy so swollen, so wet and open so wide! Wow look....you can see right inside! Mmmmmm so nice and mushy.....makes you wanna jump right in there!

Ron and I joined the girls on the bed. He sat beside Susan and I sat beside Joan. We relaxed and talked for a bit, giggling and laughing about the events of the evening. The more we talked the more things we found that we had in common. Unavoidably, hands began to roam. It started off with rubbing and massaging of hot exhausted muscles and turned into petting and cuddling.

After a while we ended up pairing off, Ron with Joan and me, naturally with Susan. We got into kissing and feeling each other up, getting acquainted. Susan was the first one to make a sound, moaning out loud as she started to heat up.

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