tagInterracial LoveJacob the Bull

Jacob the Bull


Jacob walked up the block towards the hotel, a smile on his face. He had been talking with Jessica online for a long time, and he was looking forward to finally meeting her. She was visiting the city just to see him, and to hopefully get a special gift to remember him by.

Jacob had been in the bull lifestyle for a few years now, and had successfully bred with quite a few women. Some of them even sent him pictures of the children once they were born. It turned him on to know that he had given a woman the child that she really wanted, and filled him with a sense of power when he thought about her a husband was raising the child that he created.

Jacob reached the hotel and walked through the lobby to the elevators. Jessica was expecting him around this time, and should be ready. He had given her explicit instructions on how to greet him, and he was hoping that she followed them.

When the elevator reached the appropriate floor, he stepped out and, following the arrows on the wall, walked down the hallway to the proper door. He took a deep breath and knocked. There was a shuffling on the other side and he heard a scraping against the door as someone used the peephole to see who he was. The door was then unlocked and pulled open. On the other side stood a beautiful white woman with red hair and green eyes. She had full pink lips and a wide shiny smile. Jessica stood there in a black silk robe that was unbelted and slightly open, showing peeks of her smooth skin and just a hint of her cleavage. After a moment, Jessica said to him, "You must be Jacob. Please enter, my king." She bowed slightly, and Jacob smiled as she followed the instructions given to her. He walked into the room and heard the door being closed behind him. Jessica then stepped in front of him and took him by the hand, leading him to the bed.

"Please sit, Sir, and let me take care of you."

Jacob sat on the bed and watched as Jessica knelt down in front of him and slid his shoes and then socks off. As she was down there, her robe slipped open a little more and gave Jacob a peek of her right tit. Her pink nipple was a little hard, and Jacob smiled.

"You are doing very well so far," Jacob said to her.

"Thank you, Sir," Jessica replied. She then looked up into his eyes and said, "Do I have permission to remove the rest of your clothing?" Jacob nodded and then watched as Jessica unzipped his pants. He shifted his weight and allowed her to slide his pants down, revealing his muscular, chocolate-colored thighs. Jessica's eyes lit up as she took in the sight of the bulge in Jacob's boxers. Her hands slowly slid up his legs and lightly brushed over the bulge as she grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head. His muscular chest turned her on and caused her to breath in deeply.

With Jacob wearing nothing but his boxers, Jessica pushed the bottom of her robe to the side just a little bit and straddled Jacob's lap. She felt the bulge if his cock pressing up against her pussy. Jacob reached up and slid his hands under her robe, cupping her tits. He felt her heartbeat through her firm b-cup tits. Jacob started playing with her nipples, feeling them get hard in his hands. He moved his hands up and slid Jessica's robe off her shoulders. She shrugged, letting the garment fall to the floor. Jacob leaned forward and placed his lips over her tits, kissing them all over. Her heard Jessica moan in his ear as she gripped his back. Jacob sucked and licked on her nipples and ran his hands down her smooth skin. He loved the contrast of his brown skin against her light peach complexion.

Jessica asked him, "Do I have permission to ride your cock, Sir?" Jacob nodded, not wanting his mouth to leave her tits. Jessica reached between them and pulled his hard black dick out of his boxers. She then sat up a little and placed her wet cunt at the tip of his dick. Jacob felt her hold her breath as she slowly slid down, her pussy wrapping around his head and then thick shaft. Jessica let out her breath in a moan. Jacob's dick felt so good filling her tight pussy. She began riding up and down slowly, feeling every inch of his cock slide in and out of her. The juices from her cunt coated Jacob's dick in a milky white coating.

"Do you want my cum, bitch?" Jacob asked her.

"Yes, Sir, please give it to me," she said, the longing in her voice. "I need that thick seed of yours. Please give me your cum," she begged. Jacob lifted her up and, his dick still deep in her pussy, turned around and dropped her on the bed. Jessica put her legs around Jacob's back as he knelt over her, placing her feet on his ass. Jacob started pounding her cunt, his balls slamming against her lips. Jessica began moaning loudly, pleading for him to cum in her pussy. Jessica's body convulsed, overtaken by waves of pleasure. Her intense orgasms caused her to lift her back off the bed. Jacob grabbed her tits hard and used them as holds while he plowed deep into her. He grunted loudly as he felt pressure building up in his balls. Jacob rammed his cock deep into her pussy and shot his hot load. His dick jumped, his seed filling her. Jacob stayed over her for a few moments, waiting for his cum to stop pumping before he pulled out of Jessica's cunt, a thin trail of semen clinging to his head.

Jacob collapsed on the bed next to Jessica, the both of them breathing heavy. Jessica turned towards him and began stroking his chest, her nails lightly trailing up and down. She looked up at him and said, "Damn, Sir, that was great."

Jacob met her eyes and smiled. "It will be even better if I give you a nice mixed baby to carry and take care of," he said. Jacob felt her hand wrap around his semi-hard cock.

"And if not this time, we can keep going until I do," he said with a wink.

Jacob then got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. He turned on the cold water and splashed a little on his face, letting it wash the sweat away. He then dried his face with a towel and went back into the main room. Jessica was laying on the bed, her eyes following the swinging of Jacob's cock as he walked. Jacob sat next to her and was about to say something to her when there was a knock at the door.

"I hope you don't mind, but I ordered some room service," Jessica said while she began standing up. She was about to take her robe off the floor when Jacob told her to answer the door naked.

"Yes Sir," she responded, walking to the door. Jacob watched her firm white butt as she approached the door. Jessica looked through the peephole and then opened the door wide. Jacob saw a young white guy standing on the other side, a tray of food in front of him. The young man's eyes went wide when he realized that Jessica was standing in front of him, her nude body on display. His eyes looked her up and down, stopping briefly on her cunt, a little cum dripping down her smooth, shaved lips. Jessica stepped to the side and let the man push the tray into the room, his eyes still on her.

The bellhop pushed the tray into the middle of the room and started turning when he noticed Jacob sitting nude on the bed, and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He started to stammer an apology when Jacob smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. Neither me nor her are the least bit shy." Jacob's eyes then gleamed as an idea entered his mind. "Do you have to be back to work right away?"

"Not really," the bellhop responded. "I can be gone for a few minutes without them worrying about me."

"Good," Jacob said. He then looked at Jessica, who was still standing by the slightly open door. "Baby, why don't you kneel in front of this young, hard working man and give him a proper tip?"

Jessica nodded and walked towards the bellhop. Red coloring started spreading over his face as he understood what was going to happen. Jessica knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled them and then his boxers to the floor, letting his dick flop out. she grabbed the cock in her hands and lifted it up a little. She began slowly stroking the shaft while she stuck her tongue out and began licking his balls. The young man let out a moan as a tingle spread across his body. Jessica bought the cock to her mouth and teased the head with her tongue. She licked up the drop of precum that leaked out. She then opened her mouth and slowly let his cock slide in, her tongue rubbing back and forth against the underside of the shaft.

The bellhop placed his hands on Jessica's head and started stroking her red hair. He felt her lips grip on his cock as his head reached the back of her mouth. Jessica then inhaled deeply and let his cock slide back farther. Her throat flexed around the head of the man's dick, causing him to shudder. Jessica stroked the cock more and, with her other hand, started gently massaging his balls. The bellhop let out a loud moan and started moving his hips, fucking Jessica's throat. He was amazed that he wasn't choking her. Jessica expertly let his cock slide out a little bit so she could take in a fresh breath and then pushed it deeper again. The bellhop could hear the squelching sound of his cock being deepthroated. He began ramming his cock into her mouth and moaning louder. Jessica felt his dick tighten and slid it out just a little bit, right before the bellhop released into her mouth. Stream after stream flowed into her mouth as she kept milking the shaft. Not one drop slipped out of her mouth as she swallowed it all. The bellhop shuddered as the pleasure washed over him. Jessica licked her lips and looked up into his eyes.

"Mmmmmm, you tasted good," she said with a smirk. Jessica then reached down and pulled up his boxers and pants. She stood up as he fixed his shirt and then fastened his pants closed. When he was done, she took his hand and placed it on her tits.

"I hope that was a good enough tip for you," she said into his ear.

The bellhop nodded as he began walking to the door. Right before he walked out, he turned back to Jessica and said, "Thanks again." He then nodded at Jacob and left.

Jacob then looked at Jessica and asked her, "Did you enjoy that?"

"A little bit, Sir," she replied, "but mainly because I knew it would bring you pleasure, seeing me follow your orders and suck his cock."

"Well then come over here and give me some more pleasure," Jacob said to her, spreading his legs and displaying his hard cock. Jessica walked over to the bed and stood in front of him. "Turn around," Jacob said to her. She complied, giving him a good view of her ass. Jacob spanked her ass firmly, causing her to squeal. Jacob then stood up behind her and pressed his hard cock against her ass. He reached around and squeezed her tits, her nipples getting hard in his hands. He then took one of his hands and pressed it against her back, making her bend over. Jessica spread her legs a little, knowing what was coming next. She used one of her hands to spread her pussy lips as Jacob put the head of his cock at the entrance to her hole. He then slid it in hard, their earlier cum easing the way in. Jacob grabbed her hips and started pounding away, his groin slamming into her ass. Jessica began moaning loudly, telling Jacob to fuck her good. Jessica reached down and started playing with her clit, moving her fingers in circles around her pleasure button. Jacob began spanking her ass, leaving red marks on her cheeks. Jessica worked her hips, pushing her pussy back into Jacob. She could feel his balls slapping against her.

"Yeah, bitch, I'm gonna give you a good looking mixed baby," Jacob said in between grunts. "You are gonna take this seed and carry my baby."

"Yes big daddy," Jessica responded. Her moans grew louder and louder until they became squeals of pleasure. "I want your baby. I want your baby," she kept repeating over and over. Jacob gave her the long stroke, sliding his dick out until just the head was in, and then shoving it back in deep. He could feel his head hitting the back of her pussy. Jessica's pussy pulsed as her orgasms kept coming, one after another. Jacob let out a long, loud grunt as he climaxed, his cum filling Jessica's pussy. He let the orgasm flow, his hands wrapped around her waist. The both of them fell back onto the bed breathing deeply. After a few minutes, Jacob decided to see what Jessica ordered as she lay on the bed, her hand placed longingly on her stomach.

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