tagRomanceJaime and Chris Ch. 02

Jaime and Chris Ch. 02


I was dreaming ... once again; dreaming about that nameless, faceless guy who made me feel as if I was the most precious thing on the planet. We were making love, and I was sitting on top of him, grinding my hips against his, my nipples hard as they rasped against his cotton polo shirt. Except, this dream was different from before; this time, I knew who he was. As I had this thought, I heard myself moan and realized that the rough material against my breasts was real.

My eyes snapped open, and I found myself looking into Jaime's sightless, wide-open gaze. I sat stock still, my breath coming in gasps. I wondered how long I had been grinding my sopping wet cunt against his jeans. I could see my wetness on the front of his pants. After all, the only barrier between those jeans and my pussy was a thin patch of pink satin panties, made even thinner by my streaming wetness.

I continued to breathe deeply, still just staring, until I couldn't just sit there any longer. Jaime hadn't moved; I think he was afraid to touch me, lest I change my mind and remove my half-naked body from his lap. I began to edge away from him, placing my hands against the back of the couch to push myself off of his lap. His chest was rising and falling quickly, and his hands came up to grasp my thighs tightly, urging me to stay where I was.

"Don't leave, baby," he said quietly. "...please. I'm sorry."

I knew that was a lot for him. He wasn't the type to beg for anything. Most of the time, he didn't even ask ... he just did everything for himself. I smiled slightly; then, remembering he couldn't see that, I placed my slight hands on top of his darker, rougher ones and ran my fingers lightly all the way up to his shoulders. I heard his intake of breath and smiled evilly at my effect of him. It was nice to have the upper hand, if only for a second. I knew that, as soon as he started talking again, I would be back in the passenger seat, so to speak. His voice was like something out of a romance novel. It had always sent chills down my spine, and when he called me baby, it was all I could do not to jump him. And now, I had the chance. I'd been holding back for years, not even knowing that I wanted him so much. But now we both knew it, and I knew that I wasn't going anywhere. I was going to take this opportunity to live out my fantasy.

I started my journey by running by hands back down the front of his chest, slowly, with my fingers bent so my pink-tipped nails scratched the polo material against his muscular chest. I reached the bottom and started to go back up. I could feel Jaime's chest moving with his deep breaths. He was still just sitting, his hands on my thighs, his sightless gaze pointed toward my nipples, which were still exposed. I inserted my hands under his shirt, placing my soft palms flat against his hard, hairy stomach, running them in small circles up to his nipples. I heard him take an even deeper breath as I tweaked them between my thumbs and forefingers. I think that's when Jaime decided I wasn't having all of the fun without him.

"Damn, baby," he said, and once again, I felt goosebumps rise all over my body. "I have to taste these," he said as his hard hands came up to cup my breasts. "I've waited so long," he said, almost talking to himself, his only focus on what was right in front of him.

I gasped as he leaned forward and finally, after all those years of waiting, my hard nipple was covered by the one hot mouth that I had wanted there for so long. I whimpered and my hips started grinding of their own accord, pushing against him in time with his sucking on my left tit and his big hand rubbing on my right one. "Jaime...," I said, in a breathless little plea. I knew he knew what I wanted, but he just increased his pull on my tit and growled against my nipple, pulling another whimper from me. God, how had I not known, all of this time, that it was him that I wanted ... wanted to love me, wanted to hold me, wanted inside of me. My pussy was sopping wet, and my grinding was creating a matching dark spot on Jaime's jeans.

I was so caught up in the pull of his hot mouth on my tit that I didn't notice his hand creeping down to cover my soaked cunt through the thin panties. "Please ..." I whimpered this time, wanting his hand on me so much. My pussy was clenching, just waiting for his touch, his hard, long fingers to fill me.

I heard and felt his mouth release my tit. I looked down to see where he had suckled so hard that I was branded, my nipple still hard as a rock, but now with a dark red stain in the shape of his mouth. I didn't have time to contemplate it any further, but my pussy became a little wetter after just seeing his mark on me. I was still grinding, only now his hand was between my wetness and his jeans; his palm was cupping me, and I was grinding away, reaching for what I knew was so close. I felt Jaime's middle finger start to press inside me, pushing the now-see-through satin against my open wetness. I was breathing so hard, my hands clenching his shoulders, my breath coming out in little wanting whimpers. I wanted it so much. I wanted him to make me cum so bad. "Jaime ..." I said again; and again, it was a plea - a plea for more, to have more of him inside me. He leaned closer, his mouth against my ear, and my nipples hardened even more when they started rubbing against his shirt as I bounced on his hand.

He stuck his tongue out and lightly licked behind my earlobe before he said, "Tell me, Chris ..." His voice was much rougher and deeper than normal. I felt him grasp the thin sheath of satin covering my pussy and pull it roughly to the side. Then, his long digits were pushing inside me, two hard fingers slick from my own wetness pressed into my cunt, causing my mewling to turn to gasping. "Tell me," he said again, his thumb moving on my clit, but faster, then slower, torturing me, giving me what I wanted and then taking it away. His teeth pulled on my earlobe, and he growled deep in his throat before his hand stopped moving completely. Tears were rolling down my face by this point, I was so frustrated. I leaned forward, trying to press myself harder against him, grinding my tits against his shirt, and pushed my tongue into his mouth, needing him so much. Jaime took control of the kiss, just as he was controlling everything else. His tongue entered my mouth, pushing mine out of the way and giving him full access. He had full access to all of me, and I had no control. I pulled my mouth away and gasped out, "Jaime, I need ... please!" I begged, still grinding against him. "I need you to ... uhhhhh, please!"

"Tell me, Chris," he said again. I cried out in frustration, not knowing what he wanted, but wanting him so much I would say whatever it was. His fingers slowly started moving again, my hips now basically pounding against him.

"I've wanted this forever, Chris," he said. "And you're going to have to ask for what you want, baby. So go ahead, ask me, and I'll give it to you. Just ask me, baby."

"Oh God, please," I said again, and in that instant, I realized what he wanted me to say. "Jaime," I ground out, my hips pumping against his fingers, my own hands holding my tits, pulling at my nipples, "please ... I want to ... to ..."

"Yeah, baby?" he questioned as his own left hand covered mine on my tit and his fingers move faster than before, pushing inside of me and rubbing my hard clit.

"... to cum, please!"

"That's right, darlin'" he said. "Cum for me, baby."

"Yes," I whimpered, my pumping, grinding hips pushing even harder, my back arching as I reached for it. The "yes" became a mantra, my pussy clenching around his fingers as I came and my wetness soaked the front of his jeans. I fell against him and felt his lips brush my neck and his arms wrap around me gently, as if I was the most precious thing in his world.

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