tagIncest/TabooJake's Sisters Ch. 05.1

Jake's Sisters Ch. 05.1


(Author's note: Ok guy's here is the first part of the fifth Chapter of Jake's Sisters. I don't really know weather I'm going to continue this story it all depends on the feedback and public comments this chapter gets. I have other stories I want to work on, and lately I have zero motivation for writing Jake's Sisters. So if the feedback is very good then I'll continue this one.)


They had stayed out late that night and Michelle ended up sleeping at Jake's, in his bed, even though they did not have sex again.

Jake had the best night's sleep he had ever had and supposed it was the comfort of Michelle's body against his. However when he woke Michelle was gone and there was a note taped to his clock.

It read:

Thanks for a wonderful night. I snuck out before your family woke up. See you at school.



Jake frowned to himself. She had signed the note "Love" and that kind of puzzled him. She's already leaving love notes, but they did have sex so maybe it was just a girl thing. He didn't want to get to far into a relationship with her, not yet at least.

Jake got dressed for school and went down stairs. On Tuesday's all his sisters had early classes and Lindsey had one class in the evening, so Jake was usually on his own.

He was surprised to see his Mom home and in the kitchen drinking coffee. She smiled as he came into the room

"Hi, sweetie how was your date?" She asked.

"You knew about that?" He asked.

Janet nodded. "Jessica told me, and I heard her leave this morning."

Jake blushed. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring her home we were just out so late."

Janet shook her head. "Don't be sorry, you're at that age. Next time just tell her she doesn't have to sneak out. Besides I'd really like to meet her."

Jake fixed himself a bowl of cereal and ate quickly. "Why are you here so late Mom?" he asked as he began to clean up his bowl.

"Oh, honey I have to go back out of town." She said.

"Again? You just got back." Jake cried.

"Yeah, well the Supreme Court Justice got into another case, because he get caught with his pecker out. So, of course, I have been elected to defend him." She sighed. "Why can't men keep their rocks in their socks?"

"Rock in their socks?" Jake muttered.

"Anyway I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, I left Jessica some extra cash so you guys can do something fun for spring break."

Jake nodded. "Well alright."

Jake packed up his backpack and headed for school. It was a very hot dry day and the half-mile walk left Jake thirsty. Before he did anything else he visited one of the many vending machines on campus and bough an Artic Chill Powerade.

"You know those things have a lot of sugar in them." A voice said behind him.

Jake turned to see his friend Chris grinning at him will his backpack hanging off of one shoulder. Chris was a tall skinny guy who only got respect because of his drumming skills. He wasn't as good as he bragged to be but her knew how to market himself. He got more girl than Jake ever got because of it but Jake was now doing the hottest girl in school so he no longer cared.

"Hey Chris what's happening?" Jake asked, sipping the drink.

"So everybody's talking about you taking Michelle Branton out last night." Chris said.

"Wow how did that start going around so quickly?"

Chris shrugged. "Hey man I always have an ear out for news. I heard Michelle talking about you, very highly I might add, with those cheerleader crackhead friends of hers." Chris elbowed Jake playfully. "So what's the deal man? Did you get some? Cause it sure sounded like you nailed her good by the way she's just glowing today and all."

Jake thought for a moment. He and Chris had been best friends since first grade. They knew everything about each other. Could Jake tell him about what's happened to him over the past few days, with his own sisters? Chris wouldn't rat him out but how would he react when he found out that his best friend was an incestuous piece of shit?

Jake quickly glanced around and made sure that no one was around to hear the conversation.

"Okay come her." He grabbed Chris and pulled him to the men's room.

Chris grinned. "Oh, this must be good." He chuckled and clapped his hands.

Jake quickly checked the bathroom and made sure that it was empty. "Ok, but look you can't tell anybody this." Jake said.

Chris zipped his lips. "I'm like a locked safe man, lay it on me."

Jake sighed and began to tell Chris everything. He told him about Jessica's little lessons, he told him about the trip to the strip club, he told him everything about the last few days. He even told him about the night with Michelle.

After he was done, Chris just stared at him with an amazed look on his face.

"You must think I'm a scumbag." Jake said looking at the floor.

Chris shook his head. "No, I think you are the luckiest guy in the fucking world!" He cried laughing.

"What?" Jake said. "You're not mad?"

"Fuck no man! If anything I'm jealous as a motherfucker. Do you have any idea how fucking luck you are? Your sisters are like on the top of every guy on Earth's 'Wish I Could Bone' list." Chris laughed and clapped Jake on the back. "You know what you have to do right?"

Jake eyed him. "What?"

"You gotta get me a piece of your sisters. You know, share the fucking wealth."

Jake gasped. "What? Are you out of your mind?"

"Don't go high and mighty on me incest boy. Think about it man, if your sisters are that cock hungry about you then you can make them do whatever you want. And it's only fair that you should share wish your best friend. Besides I've had a crush on Sarah since we were twelve." Chris said. "Come on man, please?"

Jake sighed. "Fine maybe I can get them to do something for you."

"Great, how about we do a little swimming the Saturday and that way you can set up the perfect scene." Chris said.

"I can't believe I agreed to this."

"Hey fuck you man you already said you would."

"Alright, alright." Jake said waving his arms.

As the left the men's room Michelle and her two sidekicks came up to them. All of them were smiling at him. Jake groaned to himself, obviously Michelle had told Tammy and Amber about last night and now, like his sister, they were enamored with him.

Chris ducked quickly behind Jake to avoid the glare of the trio, who never liked Chris, and avoid a problem.

"Hey Jake." Michelle said with a heavenly voice. She pressed herself close and kissed him firmly.

Chris watched in awe as his best friend, a guy who had never had a girl in his life, neck with the hottest chick in school. At least he now knew Jake wasn't full of shit about the whole thing. That mean that he was actually going to get one of Jake's sisters. He couldn't wait to get his hands on Sarah's perfect body.

Michelle pulled away and smiled. "Thanks for a great night last night. You were utterly amazing."

Jake smiled. "Uh, sure anytime. In fact, I'm having a little pool party this Saturday, care to join me?" He asked.

"I wouldn't miss it." Michelle smiled. "I got to run, see you Saturday." She turned and started to walk away.

Amber and Tammy followed her. "Bye." Amber said with a little wave.

When they were gone Chris nearly leaped through the roof. "AWW man! This is going to be great! Dude did you see the way they were looking at you? You got them in the palm of your hands." Chris cheered.

Jake had to smile. Chris was right, it was like these women where his at the mere rumor of him and to top it off his collection of women seemed to be growing by the day. Life was only getting better.

After he got home Jake told his sisters about having a pool party to kick off spring break. They all, of course, agreed quickly and the next day at school Chris was told to be there at noon.

Jake had to admit that he was excited about the party and was actually anxious to see just how much control he had over his sisters and Michelle to top it off. The days drug on and on and seemed to be filling him with frustration, since his sisters were getting a pretty heavy load of work from school before the break Jake wasn't able to get off his energy or his rocks.

Yet the day of the party finally came and it couldn't be a better day for it. The sun was shinning in a perfectly clear day and it was quickly warming up. Jake and his sisters spent the morning setting up the pool area. They fixed a few snacks and drinks under an umbrella covered table and Jake brought out his stereo and a collection of CD's.

His sisters never looked sexier than they did today. The twins wore identical white two-piece suits that barely covered what needed to be covered. Jake had pinched Sarah's ass when no one was looking, although it didn't matter if anyone was. Sarah would just giggle and let her hand "accidentally" brush Jake's crotch.

Lindsey had been going absolutely out of her mind the last week. She was so cock hungry by Saturday that it took every last ounce of will power not to throw him in a pool chair and fuck him silly on the spot. She had been taking birth control pills as well, she had only been taking them for two and a half weeks now and the box said to wait at least two weeks before the pills could take effect. Now that the wait was over she found herself aching for a load of her brother's cum in her tight pussy.

She had resolved to seduce him in the hot tub at some point during the day. She wore a black two piece suit that pushed her breasts up and only covered a thing line of her ass. Most of her underwear showed less. She fought with herself on how to wear her hair and had finally decided to just let it fall naturally.

Jessica however would turn out the sexist of all. She wore bikini bottoms but no top. Instead she wore a white T-shirt that once wet would reveal her breasts and upper body and drive her brother crazy.

The fact that Chris and Michelle and her friends would be there to see didn't even cross her mind.

Jake had just started up the stereo to a little Dream Theater when Chris showed up. Chris was grinning from ear to ear as they clapped their hand and greeted each other.

"Dude I think this is going to be the best day of my life." Chris said.

Jake shrugged. "I don't know man. I said I would try, I never guaranteed anything."

"Oh, don't worry man, based on what I saw in Michelle's eyes the other day, these hotties will do anything for you." Chris assured.

"If you say so." Jake said turning the hot tub bubbles on and locking the timer so they wouldn't turn off.

Sarah came out into the back with the volleyball net that was to be hooked up over the pool.

"Hi, Sarah." Chris said.

Sarah smiled. "You gonna help me with this or what Chris?"

Chris leaped into motion, taking one end of the net while Sarah took the other end to the other side of the pool. They set the net firmly in place and Sarah tossed the ball into the pool.

Jake was showing off his new guitar to Chris by the pool when Michelle and her gang came into the yard.

Michelle wore a pink suit that put Lindsey's to shame. Jake felt his balls tingle at just the sight of her. She came and gave Jake a quick hug before diving into the pool. Amber and Tammy followed Michelle like a couple of shadows.

"God, it's like being in a supermodel training camp." Chris said.

Then his sisters came out, diving into the pool one after the other.

"Come on guys we're gonna play some volleyball." Michelle cried eagerly.

Jake and Chris took one glance at each other before running and diving in.

"Alright what are the teams?" Jake asked.

Sarah glanced around. "How about five on four? We have five girls over here so you, Chris, Amber and Tammy can be the four over there."

"That's not fair." Chris protested.

"Oh quit whining short stop, we can beat them, Michelle doesn't even count anyway." Amber teased.

"Hey!" Michelle cried.

"Well I've seen you play. You're lousy." Amber said sticking her tongue out at her friend.

"You want to make a bet?" Michelle taunted.

Amber spread her arms. "Bring it on."

Sarah smiled and chimed in. "Alright how about this, for each point the team scores one person on the losing team takes off a piece of clothing, that way the first team nude loses. And since you guys are wearing way less clothes, every fifth point you score we lose two piece of clothing. Sound fair?"

Of course this had all been planned earlier in the week by Michelle and Jake's sisters. The goal was to seduce Jake and they knew it would work. They just didn't know what to do about Chris; Sarah supposed someone would end up doing him, to keep it fair.

Michelle had bumped into Sarah while sneaking out on Monday night and instantly recognized her as the gal who had peeked her interest in Jake in the first place. Sarah was quick to explain herself and Michelle found it surprisingly hot to imagine Jake with his sisters. And she wanted to watch him fuck one of them. So they began to plot the pool party well before there even was going to be a pool party.

Jake and Chris glanced at each other wondering if Michelle or Amber would agree to such a bet knowing that they would be gawked at by the guys.

"Sounds good to me." Amber said.

Michelle nodded. "Bring it on."

Jake and Chris laughed and clapped.

Sarah tossed the ball to their side. "You guys serve first. Remember only the serving team can score and outside the pool mean out of bounds."

Jake took the ball. "I got it."

Chris was up front with Amber and Jake was in the back with Tammy. On the other side, Sarah and Sandy took the rear, Lindsey took a middle position and Jessica was up front with Michelle.

Jake serve and the game was on. In a matter of minutes the score was four-zero and everyone on Michelle's side except Jessica was topless, but Jessica didn't matter cause her shirt was soaked all the way through anyway.

The view gave both guys hard-ons which effected the way they played and Amber and Tammy both lost their tops. Tits were everywhere and Jake and Chris's vision was almost lost.

In another ten minutes everyone except for Jake and Chris were nude. Tammy and Amber cheered and hugged each other then hugged the guys.

Jake felt Amber's body press against his. He could feel her tits against his skin and he knew she could feel his hard cock pressing against her cunt through the material of his trunks.

Chris wrapped his arm around Tammy and kissed her. Tammy got caught of guard because, like all the other girls, she was planning on doing Jake. But she resided to doing Chris and in seconds had him pressed against the side of the pool kissing him furiously. Chris was in heaven as he felt Tammy's hand reach under the waistband of his trunks and began to stroke him slowly.

Jake released Amber from the hug and she moved away only slightly. He glanced at Chris and saw him necking with Tammy. He turned back to Amber as Lindsey wrapped her arms around him from behind.

Amber watched as Lindsey kissed his neck and whispered into his ear. "Amber's hot isn't she? Look at her, she wants you Jake. You know that right? She wants your cock bad, just like I do. Do you want to touch her?" She asked. "Touch her Jake. We're all here to be your toys. How does that sound to you?"

Jake could only nod as her words turned him on to the highest possible setting.

Chris was sitting on the end of the pool. Tammy had her lips tightly around his cock, bobbing her head furiously. He felt so good with Tammy running her tongue around his knob. He thought it couldn't get any better until he opened his eyes.

Right across the pool from him Sarah and Sandy were laying on the cement on top of each other kissing. Majorly kissing! Sarah and Sandy's tongue were going at it like starved animals. He saw Sarah glance his way with a look so hot he almost lost his load into Tammy's warm wet mouth.

He looked down at Tammy who was looking up at him. She worked the tip of his cock around her lips and lapped at it with her tongue.

Then he felt hands on his face turning his head. Jessica was there turning him toward her. She kissed him, her soft lips pressing against him. He thought he would die in heaven; with making out with Jessica and Tammy eagerly working his neglected cock.

Jessica got into the water and moved next to Tammy. Chris watched as they kissed, Tammy spitting a bit of pre-cum into Jessica's mouth. Then they began to suck on his cock together. Chris tossed his head back and groaned. Tammy began working his balls while Jessica sucked firmly on his rod.

Michelle had moved next to Amber and they posed in front of Jake in all their nude glory. Lindsey had moved him backward slowly into the shallow side of the pool. Now his waist was well above the water and when Michelle and Amber dropped to their knees before him they were perfect level to his cock without water getting in the way.

Lindsey pressed her body against him, the feel of her flesh against his was wondrous. Jake's fingers ran between Lindsey's thighs and slowly to the already wet slit. Lindsey whimpered and pressed harder against his body. Jake turned his head and kissed Lindsey deeply as she moaned into his mouth.

Meanwhile Michelle had tugged down his trunks to reveal his magic wand. Once again face to face with his wonderful rod she found herself a bit breathless.

Amber however was drooling in shock. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open. Michelle smiled and grabbed Jake's cock and put his tip to Amber's gaping mouth.

Amber snapped out of her daze and attacked his cock with fury. She sucked his cock rapidly moving her head back and forth along his shaft. She tasted the skin of Jake's cock, amazed a person could have a cock like this.

Michelle pulled his dick from Amber's mouth and into her own. She tasted Amber's spit and Jake's flesh. She took the cock into her throat and then back out. She felt Jake groan and tighten his fists.

Lindsey cried out as Jake slipped a finger inside her tight cunt. Her body trembled as his finger moved around inside her hole. Her hands locked onto his shoulder and she really whimpered into his neck.

Sandy didn't know how she got into this. Incest was something she had only fantasized about since Jessica mentioned Jake's weapon, but she never thought she would act on it. Yet here she was making out with her twin sister while her brother goes off with her other sister, and all those girls all on top of just two guys. It was sheer madness. But she wouldn't dare stop, it felt too good.

Sarah had wrapped her lips around one of Sandy's breasts and was teasing the flesh with her tongue. Sandy found it hard to stay still, her back arched in pleasure and her hips were working back and forth.

Chris was dying under the blowjob assault. He watched Sarah finger Sandy across the way with her ass in the air. Sarah was who he really wanted but Tammy and Jessica were great too and if the blowjob didn't end soon he would be done.

Fortunately Tammy and Jessica stopped their assault and Tammy grabbed the side of the pool and stuck her ass out into the water.

She looked up at him with pleading eyes and gave her tight ass a little wiggle. "Will you put it in me now? I need to be fucked." She asked.

Chris glanced at Jessica, who smiled and ran a finger along the line of her breast. "Don't worry you can fuck me next." She said.

Chris quickly hopped into the water and moved behind Tammy who giggled excitedly. He grabbed his cock and lined himself up with her slit, which was hard to do because of the movements of the water. His cock however could see fine and he felt it meet Tammy's hole.

As Chris eagerly pushed into her Tammy let out a satisfied sigh. She felt water and meat fill her, and although Chris wasn't her first choice to fuck, he really wasn't bad. His cock felt rather nice inside her. Once he started moving in and out of her in a smooth rhythm she quickly resolved to just take it and enjoy it. Chris found he couldn't move too fast because of the restriction of the water. But it didn't matter he could feel Tammy's cunt holding his cock gripping him tightly.

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