tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJames and Rachel Ch. 05

James and Rachel Ch. 05


James got home from work to find Rachel had used the spare key he gave her and gave her a kiss as he passed the couch on his way to the bathroom to shower away the sweat from the day's work. Rachel followed him into the bathroom and they discussed their day as he washed up. Soon, Rachel joined him and washed his back and gave his cock a careful scrub. Once they were done, they got out and dried off as they wandered into the bedroom.

Rachel stood in front of James as he lay down on the bed with his towel wrapped around his head, completely obscuring his vision. With a giggle, she quietly dropped to her knees and took her favorite phallus into her mouth. She sucked all of him in, licking around the head and as much of the shaft as she could. Rachel loved feeling her man's member stiffen in her mouth and today wasn't an exception. She also loved the quiet moans James let slip as she did so.

James was in bliss feeling his meat being lovingly devoured by his lover. Being unable to see was a slight turn-on, but it was more of an irritation, as he loved watching a dick get sucked. He threw the towel off just as he reached his hardest point and much to his dismay, Rachel stopped and stood up. "Hey, I was enjoying that!" he said.

"Oh, I'm sure you were, dear, but I don't feel like finishing you off right now." Rachel turned around and went back to the bathroom to get her clothes. "I've got to get home soon; my mother wants help with dinner." She called out to him. "Maybe we can talk online when I'm done?"

"Yeah, sounds good I guess," James let his disappointment seep into his voice as he got up and pulled on some boxers. "I gotta figure out dinner too. Maybe I'll have ramen or something simple and quick tonight." He turned as Rachel came back into the room for her hug and kiss and of course her quick teasing grope and stroke before she said good bye and went home. James wandered out to the kitchen to prepare his dinner.

Rachel closed the door behind her and got into her car to head home. She felt bad about leaving her love and his poor shaft in such a state, but she had other plans for him tonight. She drove home quickly to get everything she needed to do done, and then shot a text to James. She was excited for this. It was something he'd mentioned a while ago but they hadn't had a good chance to try it out. While she waited for her man to text her back, she checked her social networking sites and email to idle away the time.

James heard his phone making noise in the other room while he was washing the few dishes in the sink, finished up and went to check it. It was a text from Rachel telling him to get on IM and on cam. He went back out to the kitchen, where his laptop was on the table, connected his webcam and signed in. As he waited, he replied to the text saying that he was logging in. Shortly, he was on and IMing with his lover. They chatted about how dinner was and what each of them was doing at that moment for a while. Then Rachel said she had to use the bathroom and that she'd be right back.

Rachel stepped away from her laptop and off cam. She could feel the wetness building between her legs. Quickly, her thong and bra were off, leaving her in yoga pants and a loose halter top. She slid back into her chair and into frame. "Back" she typed, "Did you miss me?" She couldn't help but smile as she watched James concentrating on some point on his screen, probably working on writing that dirty story he had been writing. Soon, she saw his face lighten from his serious concentration as he typed his reply, welcoming her back and stating that he did miss her.

James clicked back over to his story and continued working, keeping Rachel's webcam image in a corner where he could still see it. He loved technology and how it allowed them to see each other when they weren't even on the same side of town. He paused and watched as Rachel's image got darker then brighter as she went from page to page doing whatever on the internet. After a while he noticed she was still being illuminated fairly well and seemed a little flushed in the cheeks. Every so often a finger would creep into her mouth where she would lightly bite and suck on it. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

Rachel was startled by the sound of the new IM as it brought her out of her lustful reading. "I'm fine," she typed. "Just reading. ;-)" She smiled as she sent that message and went back to reading the previous chapter that he had finished and uploaded to literotica. She loved his writing. It was so descriptive and could almost make her feel like she was there. She shuddered in excitement as she finished reading. "James, love..." she sent.

"Yes?" was his reply.

"I'm really horny right now. Why didn't you make me stay so we could have had sex?"

James sat there dumbfounded. "Babe, if I'd known you were horny, do you really think I would have just let you leave me sitting here with my dick hard?" He saw her smile.

"Well, I guess not. Guess what?"

James thought for a moment, but couldn't come up with anything. "What?" he typed. Rachel had this really sexy smile on her face as she typed her response.

"My pussy is really wet."

The familiar throbbing began in his groin again and he could feel the beginning of his cock getting hard. "Oh? And why is that, dear?"

Rachel giggled as she played her little game. "Because I just finished reading that last chapter you uploaded. ;)" She watched James smile as he as he typed, asking her how she liked it. She thought carefully about her answer and typed "Does this answer your question?" She clicked send as she lowered her cam, pulled down her yoga pants and spread her legs, showing him her wet lips clearly. To tease him more, Rachel slid a finger down each side of her clit and pulled her lips apart, showing him more before aiming the lens back up at her face.

James smiled. "Now there's a great way to show your appreciation for my work. :D" He could feel his dick getting harder and pushing against his boxer briefs. "Hang on, I should close the blinds before someone sees me sitting here with my cock bulging out in my underwear." As he stood up, with his dick at level with his cam, he heard his IM ping. He leaned down to read the message.

"No, leave them open. And take those off."

He looked towards the windows before typing a response. "What if someone sees me?"

He saw her smile as she said, "Then they'll be really lucky that I'm not there to kick their ass." James laughed as he pulled the waistband down, his cock bouncing as it sprung free.

Rachel licked her lips as she watched her favorite pussy pleaser jump into view. "Mmmmmm. I like that." She was getting hornier. "Stroke it for me. I want to see you cum, baby." She watched as James wrapped one hand around his thick member and typed with the other.

"I'll only stroke it if you're going to play with your wet pussy for me to watch." She smiled.

"Idk, I think you should just do it." She pouted as her boyfriend's hand fell away from his shaft.

"Nope. I'm not going to do this alone. Besides, don't you want to get off too?"

That wasn't a question that needed asking, but she responded anyway, "Well, yeah."

"Well, you show me how you make yourself cum and I'll do the same then." James slid a couple fingers up and down the underside of his member, teasing himself as Rachel's cam was moved so it was positioned to give him a perfect view of her pussy. He watched and continued teasing himself as she started rubbing her clit, every so often dipping her fingers into her wet hole a few times then going back to her nub. He could see her juices leaking out and he longed to be driving his cock deep into her. James wrapped a hand around himself again, slowly sliding it from base to tip and back.

Her fingers were doing their job and feeling great on her clit and in her hole, but Rachel wanted more. She wanted that cock she could see being stroked on her screen. She wanted to feel those hands on her body. She wanted James to fuck her. But they were apart at the moment, separated by a city. Suddenly, she could hear James' moans in her ear buds. "JAMES!" she typed in surprise.

He laughed and kept stroking. "I know you love hearing me, so I thought I'd let you listen while you watch." She could feel her clit and pussy getting that familiar sensation and asked James if she could cum. "No. Bring yourself close and keep yourself there." She realized he was going to torture her again.

"Baaaaabe, please?" She had to slow her fingers to keep from cumming, her breathing was fast and heavy, the need for release became so urgent. "Please let me cum?"

James kept stroking, watching Rachel finger herself and squirm to his moans and the live video feed of his hand sliding up and down his fat pole. His balls had started to tingle, but he wasn't quite there yet. "No, not yet, not until I say you can cum." Ignoring more messages asking him to let her cum, James focused on how wet she was, thought about how hot it is to watch her getting herself off for his eyes only. He was there. "You can cum now. Cum with me baby, cum for me, let me watch you have your orgasm."

Rachel's hand went into overdrive, rubbing her clit hard and fast as her other hand found both her asshole and her wet entrance. Then, she was over the edge. Rachel's orgasm hit her strong and she moaned. As she watched, James' cock suddenly shot cum out. Straight at her it seemed. James was moaning and called out her name which made her shudder with pleasure in wake of her orgasm. She watched as her lover stroked the last few droplets of jizz out of himself before he told her he needed to get a damp paper towel to clean up his keyboard. "Lmao! Way to go, babe!" she typed to him as he walked away to the sink then came back, his semi-hard rod bouncing along. She watched him moving about, cleaning up his mess then sitting down, still naked.

"Well, what prompted that?" he asked her.

"Well," she started, "I remember we talked about it once but we never had a chance to do it. I thought that tonight would be good since our actual time together was cut so short. Was I wrong?"

He chuckled, "No babe. That was pretty good timing after how you left me earlier." He looked at the time. "Damn! It's already one in the morning." He could see the surprised look on Rachel's face too.

"Wow." She said. "I need to go to bed, I have class in the morning." James agreed, saying he had to work first thing.

"Good night love," he said, "I'll see you after work."

Rachel typed back, "Okay, sleep well, handsome."

Both of them signed out and went to bed to dream of all the sexy things they do together.

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