tagMatureJamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 07

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 07


The people in this story all came out of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and was not the intent of the author. It is fiction, people. The people in the story do not exist. Hell, if the woman really did exist, I'd be in her bed living the good life, not sitting here in front of this stupid computer. I'm writing it for my own entertainment and I hope for your pleasure as well.

All the characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. There are no minors involved in acts of a sexual nature in my story..



( She sets her trap )

When I finally woke up. It was early Saturday morning. I looked down at the bed and gasped, "Oh my God, the mattress and bedding are totally soaked last night with our combined love juices. By now those juices had dried to a nasty looking scum that went through and through both the expensive mattress and the bed sheets. "They are ruined," I said. I was really upset, at the idea that our carelessness had destroyed an expensive mattress and bedding.

Amber looked at me and laughed. "Don't be silly," she said, " there is a pad between the bottom sheet and the mattress, it can all be washed in the washing machine. The bedding is due to be changed anyway, so there is no problem at all with this."

"I guess you are right," as I breathed a sigh of relief. "I guess they will be fine.

I slid in closer to Amber and gave her a loving kiss on her soft red lips.

"Mmmmmm good morning," she said. "It is so nice to wake up in the morning and have a nice warm male body so close and at my disposal." She grinned an evil grin, " I love to fuck in the morning as well as at night to og course.

I cuddled in closer to her, and reaching up I caressed one of her big breasts.

She stretched out her body like a lazy cat laying in the warm sun.

I was beginning to get a morning hard-on, that only got bigger while I played with her breast. I teased the nipple with my finger tips, causing them to harden like little pebbles. At the same time they grew out about three quarters of an inch.

She playfully pushed my hand away and still smiling at me jumped out of bed.

"Get up lazy bones we can't lay around the bed all day long, we have things to do."

I looked up at her with sleepy eyes and asked her. "I don't see why not." I reach my hand up to cover my mouth while I had a sleepy yawn.

She looked down at me and with a motherly smile said, "Come on sleepy head, Mommy wants you to help make up the bed. It will likely be at the center of our activities all day," she said with a wink and a promise.

I said to her, "I don't see why we can't just pull the bedding off the bed. I'm horny now mommy." I grind and pulled the sheet aside so that she could see my fully erected cock.

"That my friend is called pee-pride," she told me. "It will most likely not hold up while making love," she said. "When you go into the toilet and pee it usually deflates right then and there."

Reluctantly I finally got up and out of bed. I reached for my underwear.

Amber said, "leave them I'll wash them for you baby, when I wash the bedding."

"Well," I said, What do I wear in the mean time?"

"There is a terrycloth robe in my closet," she said. "You can put it on" she told me. "It is a hot pink color and the belt is missing but I enjoy a game of peek-a-boo. Especially when I'm peeking at a nice hard male body," she winked.

I had to laugh at her antics. I never gave it a thought, just how stupid I was going to look wearing her hot pink bath robe.

She walked around to the other side of the bed. "Come on baby help mommy strip the bed down. Later we can strip each other down," she smiled as she got clean linens out of the linen closet.

While she was selecting what clean sheets she wanted on the bed, I stripped the dirty sheet down and tossed them into the hamper.

'Throw your clothes in with them honey' she instructed me, "mommy will wash them too."

"Thank you mommy," I said while I tossed my underwear in with the sheets.

"That's okay sweet heart," she said. "Mommy wouldn't want her baby to go around with smelly under pants."

Then she brought of mid-night black satin sheets over and the two of us made up the bed.

"Now I think it is time for your breakfast, young man. Mommy wants you nice and strong, with lots of extra stamina and vitality," Then as an after thought she giggled. "You are going to need all of that stamina before mommy is finish with you today."

I looked at her a little puzzled, not to sure what she meant by that.

She told me to put on the robe and to follow her down stairs to the kitchen. Then she picked up the sheer robe from her negligee and slipping it on her shoulders turned and walked out of the bedroom door, heading down stairs to the kitchen.

I grabbed the robe out of her closet and soon followed her down stairs.

When I walked into through the kitchen door, Amber was wearing the sheer robe, that clearly showed off all of her charms and was already putting the frying pan on the burner.

"How do you like your eggs baby," she asked me, just as I walked into the kitchen.

I was instantly turned on at the sight of her body in the robe. I just stood there with my mouth open not saying anything. I thought I must have looked like an idiot.

She looked at me with a sly smile on her lips. She was enjoying teasing me. She knew full well what she was doing to me and she was loving every second of it. "Well," she asked?

I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn't even remember what she had asked me in the first place. "Ahhhhh well what?" I lamely asked.

"Your eggs silly. I just asked you. How do you like your eggs cooked?"

"Oh scrambled," I said, "But it really does not matter. I like then done almost any style."

"I only have bacon this morning, but if you like sausage I can get some for you at the grocery store the very next time I'm there."

I smiles a delighted smile. The reason was that her statement implied that there would be a next time. Maybe many more next times.

I offered to help but she shooed me away to sit at the breakfast nook.

Right now mommy has breakfast all under control," she told me.

I watched her move around the kitchen in that tantalizing robe. My mouth was still open so I took a napkin from the rack and held it to my mouth yes I think I was even drooling.

Unnoticed by me my robe had fallen open and I was sporting a very big hard-on, clearly exposed for her observation.

She took some dishes and coffee cups out of the cabinet and set out place settings for two. Then she came over and pored me a cup of coffee. When she did so she bent forward this caused the neck line of her sheer robe to drop down slightly exposing her beautiful breasts even more then they were exposed before.

When I reached up to touch her breasts, she pulled back with a teasing giggle. She was without mercy. Amber was having a great time mercilessly teasing, and taunting me at my expense.

Finally all the food was ready and she brought it to the breakfast nook and sat down opposite to me.

While we ate she made small talk but her words sounded like they can from the far side of a long tunnel. The words just went around and around in my head, none of it was bring picked up by my brain.

I was just sort of picking at my food and then I felt something strange. It started at the bottom of my inner leg the moved up to the inside of my thigh. Then it moved very slowly, inch by tantalizing inch up and around my crotch. When I looked down I saw a feminine foot with the red painted toenails playing with my cock. The erotic sensation was making me nuts. My entire body was like a live wire. My hips involuntarily moved back and forth with her toe action.

I looked up at her face but, Amber just continued with her pointless chatter like nothing was happening. Only thing that I did notice was the coy smile on her lips and her bedroom eyes gazing into my face. God the woman was hot.

My forehead was beginning to perspire and I was completely bewildered. I knew that if she didn't stop and stop soon, I would surely blow my load of sticky while cream all over her clean kitchen floor.

My cock was getting harder and harder and Amber knew it. "Oh please mommy, if you don't stop that wonderful foot action, I'll blow my load all over your kitchen floor,"

I begged. "I just won't be able to stop myself."

Then suddenly she stopped her foot teasing and sat up. It was so strange. Her demeanor was like absolutely nothing was going on. We were both finished eating.

I could see she was turned on by her foot teasing herself. Her chest was rising and fall and she had a look of lust in her eyes as she looked strait into my eyes.

Finally she stood up and started carrying the breakfast dishes to the kitchen sink. Her back was to me while she was rinsing off the dishes and putting them into the dish washer.

I quietly stood up and walked up behind her. Once there I reached around her gorgeous body and cupped both her luscious breasts in my palms. Then kissed and nuzzled the back of her slender neck.

She slowly turned toward me, took me into her arms and kissed me passionately on my lips. Then she ground her hips into my groin. She moved her hips back and forth into my already erect cock. She gasped,"why don't we both go back up stairs and get into the shower and wash all this stickiness off our bodies from last night." Smiling a wicked grin she said, "I know some interesting water sports, we can play in the shower if you are game for it," she teased with a sparkle, along a sort of promise look in her eyes.

Amber knew that she was taking a big chance that I may cut and run, from the water sport she had in mind. But if she could get me horny enough before she pushed for it, I may just be willing to do her bidding.

Not even stopping to wipe her wet hands, she grabbed me by the hand and practically dragged me up the stairs and into the master bathroom.

We shed our robes and then we both went into the shower room and she turned the water on. She adjusted the temperature so that it was warm and comfortable for the both of us.

Backing my naked body under the shower water she took the big sponge and handed it to me. "I'll wash your back if you'll wash mine," she laughed. She handed me a bottle of soft-soap body wash with the sponge and waited, under the water spray turning her back to me.

She almost swooned like a teen age girl at the touch of my big strong hands on her body. I started around her shoulders soaping her up good and worked my way down the back to her heart shaped ass. There I lingered, washing out the crack with extra care.

"Oh yeah honey, clean out my ass real good. I love the feel of your hands on my body, but especially down there." My hands worked gently, despite their obvious great strength.

Finally I moved on, washing the sensitive area between her ass crack and her cunt. Ignoring the sponge I used my finger tips on this area teasing and playing with her soft feminine body.

She sucked in a sharp breath when my hand barely touched the bottom of her vagina, sending a thrill through her already aroused body. I kept going down her soft inner thighs and then the rest of her beautiful smooth skinned legs until I reached her tiny feet, while I was on my hands and knees behind her, I bent and kissed the crack of her ass.

"Mmmmmmmmm!!!!" she purred, "That was nice, baby, I liked the feel of your lips on my bum." She was fantasizing how fantastic it was going to be, when she talked me into probing inside her bum chute with my tongue. That was only one of the depraved acts that she intended to teach me. There would me a lot more activities what she wanted to get me to perform on her body. Then maybe some of her very special friends.

I then stood on my feet and turned her around until she was facing me. Her breasts held a special fascination for me and I spent an extraordinary amount of time washing and playing with them.

Her breath came in short unsteady gasps as my fingers lightly brushed back and fourth over her nipples. Then they became rock hard like two pebbles on the side of a country road.

While I played with her nipples I looked up into her lovely face. Her eyes seemed to just sparkle, lighting up her whole face. "Oh Jamie your touch is setting my whole body on fire baby," She breathed. "You seem to have a natural touch that women only dream about.

The water was warm, but she was shaking from head to toe, from shivers of passion.

If you can do this to a woman after being completely without any experience as of only the last twenty four hours. You are going to have woman going crazy to rip your cloths off. Once you do have some real experiences in how to please them.

I could not resist her sensual full lips, so I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately.

She responded by moving her hips back and forth. She reached her hand down between the two of us. She touched and caressed my cock, and pressing her firm breasts into my chest.

I wanted to take her, right there on the shower room floor. But I sensed that Amber was not through playing her games just yet, so I waited.

I moved on down her body, lathering her flat tummy, and button-hole navel. I pressed forward and stuck my tongue into her navel, wiggling the tip around it.

She responded with a high pitched squeal and jumped back a few inches and I knew I had found one of her ticklish spots. I looked up into her smiling face. Her fingers were curled into my hair. She blew me a kiss, then gently pushed my head down to her pussy.

Her pubic mound was wet both from her passion and the shower water. I rubbed my nose into her bush, inhaling her aroma.

I then tentatively put my tongue tip out, just barely touching the outer lips of her cunt. I hesitated. I wanted to tease and play with her body for a little while.

Amber grew impatient, and decided the issue for me. With her hands on the back of my head, she pulled my head forcefully, mashing my lips and tongue into her dripping cunt. She held my head in place and I started licking her pussy unencumbered.

I was surprised to find just how fresh and clean her pussy tasted. The body scrub had a slight sent of lavender and this blended with her natural aroma made licking her cunt more like being in a field of scented flowers.

I threw caution to the wind and started to eat out her cunt in earnest. Licking and sucking her to climax after earth trembling climax.

"Oh yeah baby that's the way to do it," she gasped. "Where did you ever learn to lick a pussy like that." She fucked into my face like my nose was a second penis. "Oh honey just keep going.

She was like a bucking bronco. Just to stay in contact with her slippery cunt. I had to reach around and hold onto her bouncing ass cheeks for all that I was worth. Faster and faster she went.

Finally after one giant heave she couldn't take anymore, so she pushed my mouth away from her gushing and spraying cunt slit.

"Enough," she gasped and collapsed onto the shower bench.

She lay there not saying a word until she regained some of her composure. She was gasping for breath, and her heart was going piter-pater...piter-pater for all it was worth.

It took her quiet a while but at last her heart regained it's normal pace and she could breath naturally again.

"Now it's your turn," she said while getting up off of the bench. She was a little wobbly, but at least she didn't fall flat onto her face, as I feared she would.


This ends part 07 of my story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it, then please write to me and let me know. We all need encouragement. And I admit I love having my ego stroked as much as any man. Also I would love to hear about any ideas you may have to use in my stories. This story came from a reader's ideas and would not have been written without her input. There are more chapters to this story in the works. I'll try and keep it going until you, the reader stop sending me mail asking me to go on with it. So just like my story's hero I'm yours to command. This is the only way a writer can know that someone else besides his girlfriend is reading his work. Oops didn't mean to sound chauvinistic. Okay boyfriends of some of you lady writers.


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