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My name is Hunter. I know; it's a tough name for a guy to grow up with. Kids are brutal and I was teased mercilessly. My parents tell me that it was a very popular name nineteen years ago when my birth certificate was filled out. I never ran into another 'Hunter' all the way through school.

I'm between my freshman and sophomore year at the State University now and I know of at least two other 'Hunters' in my class. I have a partial scholarship to play football and at 6'5" and 195 lbs with a ripped physique, I am not bullied or kidded about anything, including my name, anymore. I have kind of a Nordic, masculine face with square jaw. I don't have the thick brow and neither of my parents have any Norse lineage. I wear my dark brown hair short. The total package has thankfully allowed me to fare pretty well with the female gender through my teenage years.

I am not a virgin but I wouldn't say that I have much experience. I have had a few girl friends and I had sex with the girl I was dating toward the end of my senior year. We were both virgins and we had no idea what we were doing. I thought it was great. She apparently didn't. We broke up shortly afterward. That was over a year ago and I haven't had sex except with my hand since. I figure that I must have set the Guinness World Record for masturbating during my early teens. A normal day would include six or seven ejaculations.

I didn't know that it was weird but I could always get an erection whenever I wanted, even right after cumming, as long as I had some king of visual stimulation like a magazine or something. When I saw my first porno movie on DVR, I jerked off eight times; during the movie. I saw my older sister naked once and I probably jacked off ten times that day. I'm not as prolific these days but most days it's at least two or three times. This 'condition' can be a problem when I come face to face with attractive females. I have always worn tight briefs as underwear to help with embarrassing moments.

I haven't had much time to date since I started college. I study hard because the Engineering courses are hard and I'm not naturally inclined toward school work. I also work part time during the school year and I'm starting my own pool cleaning business this summer.

My parents are blue-collar and they have always worked hard to give me every opportunity in life. I love them very much and have always been appreciative of their efforts. They loaned me money this past spring to allow me to gear-up my van with pool cleaning equipment and parts as well as various chemicals to get me started. I work alone and with a little legwork I have a couple of clients to get me started. I love working outside and my skin is sun-bronzed as a result. My work uniform consists of sneakers- no socks, nylon athletic shorts with the University Logo on the left hip and a smile. I never wear a shirt when I'm working. It's just too hot.

My biggest client is the town's public pool. My dad is a councilman and he pulled a few strings. I start my day there every day at 8:00 AM. I took two hours to clean that pool. It was huge. There was hardly ever anyone there at that time of day, but one day as I was vacuuming the sides and bottom of the pool I noticed a very attractive woman standing by the gate watching me.

I used my mirrored sunglasses to look back at her without her knowing. She wasn't wearing any sunglasses and it was obvious she was staring right at me. As I worked my way down the pool toward her I could see that she was actually stunningly beautiful. She was about 5'7" tall and had enormous breasts. I figured that with a body as slim as hers, that the tits were probably enhanced. 'So what? Nothing wrong with that,' I thought. I guessed that she was in her late twenties. I could see the glitter of color from her enormous diamond ring on her left hand, so I knew she was married. She had platinum blonde hair down past her shoulders. I wasn't close enough to make out eye color but her mouth was, in a word, sensual. Her lips were plumped like Angelina's and she had incredibly white teeth that flashed as she smiled at me when she was sure I was looking back. 'Her lips were probably enhanced as well. 'Again; who cares?'

She was just standing there in her tight mid-thigh skirt and fitted blouse that attempted to diminish the size of her tits. She was classy and I figured she was a 'rich-bitch' that lived across town in a gated community of mansions. As it turned out, my guess was correct.

She pushed herself off the fence and walked very sexily toward me. I watched her coming and I stopped pushing and pulling on the long aluminum pole to acknowledge her approach. She pushed her hand out toward me as she stopped a couple feet away. She flashed her blinding white teeth with a big smile. I took her hand and applied the same pressure to my handshake as she was applying. I smiled back at her. She looked even more beautiful the closer she got.

She said, "Good morning, my name is Olivia." I released her hand and she moved it into her other hand and held both at her waist.

I immediately thought, "Olivia. What a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.' I said, "Hi, my name is Hunter. What can I do for you?"

Olivia said, "I have been looking for someone to take care of my pool. I thought that I would come down here to the public pool to see who cleans it. I hope you don't mind but I have been watching you work for a while. I would like to hire you if you're available."

"I am available. I have worked for other pool cleaning outfits when I was in high school. I am trying to establish my own clientele. When would you like me to start?"

She said, "As soon as possible. I'm afraid we are getting behind on the water chemistry. It is getting cloudy. I live at 35 Oakridge Drive. I'll leave word at the gate." She smiled her blinding smile and pushed out her hand to shake mine. This one felt like it was to consummate a contract. I smiled back at her. I held her hand a little too long I guess because she looked down at her hand in mine. I got the message and immediately released it.

As she began to turn away, I said, "I should be done here in another hour or so and I have one other this morning. I could come over after that."

She turned back and said, "Actually, I have some errands to run this morning. Can you come by at 2:00 PM?" I nodded. Olivia did an obvious quick scan from my feet to my head and then smiled before she turned away and walked back through the gate to her black Mercedes SUV.

I watched her walk back to her car and my dick surged in my nylon shorts. The sway of her ass from side to side was incredibly sexy. I watched until she drove away and then went back to work. I thought, "Yep. Oakridge Drive was one of those streets were the one-percenters lived. Getting a client in there is a major coup." I pumped my fist in the air and said out loud, "Yes!"

At 1:55 PM, I pulled up to the gate at "Olympic Estates". I showed my driver's license to the guard and he told me to go right in. He gave me directions. When I drove around a corner and could see the homes in this community, my jaw dropped. "Holy Shit. Look at these houses," I said out loud to myself. I drove slowly as I just gawked at each one as I drove by. I turned onto Oakridge Drive and saw the big "Thirty-Five" written in fancy cursive gold-leaf on the mailbox. The house sat on a rise above the road which contributed to the massiveness of the house. 'Mother-fucker,' I thought. It was probably ten thousand square feet. I drove up the cobblestone driveway and parked in front of one of the five garage doors.

Olivia walked out to meet me as I climbed out of the van. I was wearing a tee-shirt with my company logo on the left breast. She said, "Let me show you the pool and she motioned for me to follow her. We walked around the end of the garage. The pool deck went from immediately behind the garage all the way to the other end of the house. It was over a hundred feet if it was ten. A high privacy fence surrounded it.

I looked at the water and knew immediately what the problem was. I told Olivia that I could treat the water and it should be crystal clear by tomorrow. She seemed delighted. She asked how often I would need to work on the pool to keep it that way. I said, "Probably every few days would be enough."

"Could you possibly come every day? My husband entertains here and he would be very embarrassed if the water ever looked like this," she said as she pointed at the pool.

I smiled at her and said, "I could do that but it could get expensive." In my mind, I'm pumping my fist again.

Olivia said, "Money is not an issue Hunter. Charge me twice what you normally would just so I can get your prompt attention if necessary." She went back in the house and I went to work. I backwashed the filter and it was obvious that that hadn't been done in a long while. I vacuumed and treated her pool water and put everything back in the van. I was done for the day.

I was back the next day at 2:00 PM which she said was the best time for her. It was a particularly hot day and I was sweating profusely. I hadn't noticed Olivia standing behind her lace curtains watching me the entire time. I was wiping the sweat off my forehead with my arm which was also soaked from sweat. I bent down to scoop some cool water from the pool onto my face.

Olivia came out of the house in a bikini and headed toward me. The top had no business even attempting to corral her huge tits. There was far more flesh out than in. The bottom was a triangle barely covering her pussy. My cock surged to full attention at the sight. In the nylon shorts I had on, there was no way of hiding it. I pushed my hands holding the pole down below my waist.

She walked to the opposite side of the pool from me and said, "Hunter, it is way too hot out here. Come inside and have some lemonade." I said that I was ok but she insisted and punctuated her request with a 'Please'. I nodded and lowered the pole to rest on the edge. I walked around the pool and followed her into the house. Her bikini bottom was a thong and her ass cheeks were the most perfect I had ever seen, even on the porno sites on the internet. There was no way she hadn't seen my cock tenting my shorts. Now it felt like my cock was going to rip right through them. I reached down in my underwear and tried to adjust my raging hard cock. It didn't do much good but it was better.

I figured I would just go into the kitchen and quickly drink a glass of lemonade and then get back to work. I was embarrassed because I was shirtless and covered from head to toe in sweat. The cock sticking out in front of me didn't help any. Olivia seemed oblivious as she went to the refrigerator and pulled out a pitcher and poured a tall glass. She walked over to me as I stood in the doorway and handed me the glass.

Then she shocked me. As I was drinking the lemonade with my head tipped back draining the glass, Olivia reached out and wiped her fingers through the sweat on my chest and rubbed it around between her thumb and index finger before she shoved both into her mouth and licked them clean. She then looked down at my tent and then back up to my face. She smiled and said, "Hunter. It looks like you're in some discomfort. Let me help you."

I was frozen in place. I mumbled out a series of "ummms" and "eerrrrs". I watched her move her hands over my chest and over each ripped abdominal muscle and down to my waist. It was like I was watching someone else. Her finger-tips moved into the edge of my shorts and pulled the elastic out as far as it would go and then down over my rock hard cock. It sprang out and hit Olivia on the arm. She bent at her waist and pulled my shorts down to my knees. It fell from there to the floor. I was speechless. She looked back up at my face and giggled.

Olivia said, "Hunter, you're terrified, aren't you?" I tried to be cool and tell her 'no', but it was pointless. My cock had never been harder than it was right then when she wrapped her hand around it and squeezed. My cock, like the rest of me was wet with sweat. She seemed to like it. She pulled herself in close to me and kissed my chest and dragged her tongue down over my ripped abs. She moaned, 'mmmmmm' as she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and then licked her lips.

She moved her tight grip all the way down to my balls pulling the skin tight and then back up to the glans again. I shot a thick rope of cum all over her tits and stomach. She quickly bent down to push my cock into her mouth. The next shot hit her in the face. The rest of them shot into her mouth and she gagged at the sheer quantity. I was so embarrassed I could have melted through the floor. When I shot my last shot into her mouth, I thought, "Really? One jerk and I blow my load? You've got to be kidding me."

Olivia was holding my cock at her lips as she ran her tongue around them and then all over my cock collecting cum from anywhere she could find it. She looked back up at me and smiled. She said, "Oh my God that is yummy. That was perfect. We got that first load out of the way quick. Now we can do it right." She grinned and stood up and licked more sweat from my chest.

'What does doing it right mean," I thought. She stretched up on her toes and kissed me with a smoldering passion. I kissed her back.

Olivia dropped back down and then bent down and scooped up my sweaty shorts. She took my hand and led me through the house to the curving stairway to the second floor. I was terrified, like she said, but I was following her. At the end of the hallway, she pushed a door open and pulled me into the most opulent bedroom I had ever seen. It was huge. I looked all around. My eyes must have been as big as dinner plates.

Olivia dropped my hand and stepped back and reached around behind her had untied her bikini top and made a big show of pulling it off to reveal her G-cup tits. They sagged only slightly. Gravity could not be totally denied. Her nipples were large and were extremely erect. She pulled my hands to her tits and held them there as I lightly ran my palms around on her nipples. She groaned loudly. She untied the bows on each hip and let the tiny bit of material fall to the floor. Her pubic area was as hairless as a baby. I could see the top of her pussy. There were no labia showing, only a vertical slash that disappeared between her thighs.

She grabbed my still bouncing cock and pulled me across the room toward the king sized bed. She pushed me down to sit on the edge. She pushed her lips against my still sweaty chest and kissed my nipple. She dragged her tongue all the way down my torso sinking her body to her knees. Her tongue dragged across the topside of my still rigid cock across the glans and all the way down the underside. She sucked one of my testicles into her mouth and pushed it around in the ball-sack with her tongue. She took suction with her mouth and pulled herself back and the testicle popped from her mouth. She repeated this on the other testicle.

She wrapped her mouth along the length of my cock like she was playing a harmonica and licked her way up to the glans. She pushed the head into her wide open mouth as her tongue swirled all around the head and down the shaft. Then she shoved my cock into one of her cheeks. She was looking me right in the eyes the whole time. She closed her lips tight around the ridge and began giving me an incredible blowjob, "mmmuummpphhh." She used both hands to counter-rotate along the shaft that happened to not be in her mouth. She coordinated the mouth and hand attack and I was thinking, 'Oh my God. I'm going to shoot again.' I was trying desperately to think about anything but what she was doing to me. It was no use. I blew another load into her mouth. She kept up the blowjob action until my last shot drooled into her mouth. She smiled up at me around my cock.

Olivia swirled the load around in her mouth mixing it with her saliva to help swallow it. It went down with a gulp. She got on her toes and pulled herself up to kiss me passionately again. When she pulled back she smiled and said, "I just absolutely love your cock."

I said, "I just absolutely love your tits," I paused a second and continued, "And your face, ass, legs, arms and hair." She leaned her face into my chest and giggled and pulled her body into me inhaling the odor of my sweat and slid her tits all over my torso. She pulled back again and said, "I love the smell of man-sweat. My husband is an executive and god-forbid he does anything that might cause him to sweat. He hires others to sweat for him. He doesn't even sweat when we fuck, which is getting rare. He just lays there and I have to do all the work. He was an athlete in college when I met him. He was sweaty all the time and I loved it." As if to put an exclamation point on this statement, she leaned in and licked my nipple and ran her hands all over my chest, face and stomach and then licked off her palms and said, "Mmmm. Yummy."

Olivia pulled me off the edge off the bed and grabbed my cock like it was a rope and pulled me toward a door to what I presumed was the bathroom. It turned out to be a door to an adjoining bedroom. She climbed up on the bed and pulled me up with her. She looked up and said, "Hunter? Please eat my pussy. It has been so long since a man ate my pussy."

I gently laid her down on her back and she pulled her knees up and spread them wide. She reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide. I didn't hesitate. I pushed my face right in and began licking her pussy with my broad tongue. She was soaking wet. The moisture was a little oily and slippery feeling. I liked the taste. I burrowed my face in deep trying to push my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. I'd never done this before. None of my few girl friends ever asked me to. I was going by sheer instinct and silently praying that I didn't fuck it up too bad. I really wanted to please this woman.

The second I touched her pussy with my tongue she tensed every muscle in her body and groaned, "UUUNNNNGGGGHHHH." I thought I had hurt her so I pulled back. She said, well yelled really, "Get back in there and don't stop." I did as she instructed and she groaned again.

Somewhere along my travels in her groin, I discovered a blood engorged nubbin sticking up above her vagina. I flicked my tongue on it and her hips instantly fired up into my face. She screamed, "YYEEESSSS. THAT'S THE SPOT. OOOOHHHHH FFUCCCKK. YESSS, DO THAT." I flicked the spot again and got the same response. I went back to tongue fucking her pussy and without warning I would flick the 'spot' that I assumed was the clitoris, with my index finger. She was just moaning and moaning and grunting and groaning.

Suddenly, her hips fired up again and I could feel her pussy clenching on my tongue pushing me out. I just pushed right back in when the clench released. Olivia clamped her knees tight on the side of my face and her hands came down on the back of my head. I was trapped in heaven. I did need to breathe though so I had to turn my head a little. She was bouncing all over the bed. Every muscle was knotted. I tipped my head up a little and looked up between her tits that had lain over toward her sides a little. Her head was pushed back into the pillows so hard that it lifted her chest off the bed. Her mouth was open. She was seething air between clenched teeth. She had stopped breathing regularly. After what seemed a long time she inhaled in a gasp and yelled, "OOHHH FFFUUUCCKKK. YYESSS. OOOHHH MMMYYYY GGGOODDDDDDD." On the word, "God", she collapsed every muscle and fell to the bed. Her knees sagged off to the side and her arms fell by her hips.

I looked back down and was fascinated by her pussy, which was clenching and releasing. I looked up to her face as she recovered enough to acknowledge my presence. She looked down at me and said, "Holy shit, Hunter. That is the first orgasm I've had, other than self-induced, in many years. Jesus Christ. God damn it, Holy fuck."

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