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Janelle's Force Fuck


I knew that I had breached the line of friendship. I sat in my living room staring at the two creatures performing on the screen. I had secretly taped my neighbor and friend as she made love to one of her girlfriends. Janelle and I had been friends for a number of years. We would leave each other our keys whenever one of us had to leave town on business. I had always had the hots for Janelle but she wasn't interested in men. Her lust and excitement came from the touch, taste and tongue of a woman, along with other parts and toys. As I watched, I stroked the hard black shaft of my throbbing dick. Janelle thrashed on the bed as the beautiful woman with her slowly worked a fat dildo in and out of her pussy.

The woman would take it out and Janelle would eagerly suck it clean. Then the woman would put it back in and work her some more. Before long, Janelle was begging and pleading with the woman to fuck her and make her cum. Oh how I wished it were my dick that teased her so? One reason it was so easy to imagine the dildo being my own dick was because it was dark brown. Janelle could have bought a nice pink, flesh colored one but she chose to buy a black one. And seeing the fat vein swollen circumcised head made it look a lot like my dick.

I did what I did out of sheer frustration. I had tried to hint at how much I wanted her but she only saw me as a good friend. Well this friend wanted to fuck her soft white body more than I wanted to breathe. The closer Janelle came to cumming the closer I got to shooting my load. The woman had fastened on a strapon cock and was slamming into Janelle's dripping pussy. Even from where the hidden camera sat, the juice dripping from her cunt was visible. Janelle was moaning and begging the woman to fuck her harder. In the room the sensitive microphone of the camera was picking up all the sounds. It even picked up the sound Janelle's pussy made as the other woman fucked her. I couldn't believe how wet and squishy Janelle's pussy sounded.

Three weeks later I was turning the key in Janelle's lock. She had gone to visit a sick relative and like always I was going in to water the plants. The first thing I noticed was the sound of a radio playing. I had not turned on her radio the other day when I came in so I walked lightly as I went from room to room. I'm in pretty good shape so I figured I could handle myself as long as there was only one burglar. When I drew close to Janelle's bedroom, I heard soft moaning. The door was slightly ajar and I looked in. I could see most of the room thru the mirror on the dresser. My heart stopped at what I saw. Lying on the bed, her shoulder length blond hair covering part of her face was Janelle. She was totally naked. Janelle had her hand wrapped tightly around the base of the dildo. She stroked in slowly in and out of her dripping cunt. From where I stood, I could see the neatly trimmed blond hair of her pussy.

I grabbed my pants where my hard dick poked against it. I rubbed it as I watched her. Then Janelle began to talk softly as she fucked herself. "Oh yea Sam! I'll fuck myself while you watch, just don't spank me any more. No! I'll be as nasty as you want me to be. Yes! It did hurt when you spanked my ass and pussy. My nipples do hurt from your pinching and pulling. Oh Sam, be my Sam. Fuck my pussy Sam. Show me how to be your good girl." Looking at her nipples, they were hard and red as they sat atop her white tits. I knew that she must have been pulling and pinching them to make them look like that. I pushed the door open with my foot. Sensing the movement, Janelle's eyes flew open. Her hand stopped in mid stroke. Our eyes met and for a few breathes neither one of us spoke. Then suddenly she jerked the dildo from her pussy.

"Sam! My goodness, what are you doing here?" I lifted my eyes from her cunt to her pretty face. "I'm getting ready to water the flowers. I didn't know you were home. I didn't expect you home till Saturday." Janelle threw a robe on and jumped form the bed. Embarrassed, she pushed the dildo under the pillow. "I, I came home early. I left a message on your machine." I haven't been home yet. Sorry I scared you. I thought you were a burglar." As I walked in the room, I kept talking to her. "Every time I tried to talk to you, you threw it in my face that you like sex with women instead of men. And yet, you lay here and work a black dildo into your pussy as you call my name." I shoved my hand inside her robe. Janelle gasped as my fingers touched her pussy. "Is your pussy wet thinking about another cunt or about my dick?"

Janelle begins to stammer as she tried to answer. Stepping back, she sees my wet fingers as I bring them to my mouth. I taste her pussy juice. Janelle looks into my eyes. "You know that I like women Sam." I grab her bathrobe and pull it open. Seeing her ivory skin, the swell of her tits and the soft blond down on her pussy excites me. "You are a big fuckin phony. You tell me how much you love fuckin other women and yet I walk in and find you fucking your pussy and calling out my name. I think that I should teach you a lesson on making a choice." I grab Janelle by her hand and pull her into the kitchen. Janelle had a butcher-block table in the middle of her kitchen. I push her over the table and hold her there with my hand in her back.

"Sam, don't do this, please!" I raise my hand and let it land on her soft white ass. Immediately the spot I slapped turns pink. "Oww! No Sam!" I smack her ass again. "No Sam! I didn't mean it!" both her cheeks are bright pink. I pull my belt from my pants. Janelle sees this and becomes very frightened. "If you move before I come back, I will use this belt until you can't sit down. Do you understand me?" I can tell that seeing me this anger frightened her. She nods her head yes. I stalk off into her bedroom and rummage around until I find what I need. I return to the kitchen and find her still draped over the table. When Janelle sees what I have in my hand she straightens up. "No Sam, you can't. I won't let you tie me to this table." I smack her across the ass and then shove my fingers against her cunt. Janelle is even more wet than before. I finger her pussy and she trembles against my hand.

I push Janelle back over the table. First I tie her wrist to the table legs. Then I tie her ankles. Janelle is now totally at my mercy. She is tied hands and feet and this leaves her spread wide and helpless. I take my hands and rub them over her soft ass. I can feel the heat from the spanks I have given her. Then I dip my hand down to her wet pussy. "I'm going to give you something those women can't. I'm going to shove my hard black dick up into you. But I'm not going to give it to you in your pussy, I'm going to shove it into your tight puckered asshole." Janelle begins to struggle but the stockings I used to tie her up hold her tight. "No Sam! You can't do this. This is rape. I'll have you arrested." I laugh at her. "I think that by the time you feel the tip of my dick touching your asshole, you'll be begging me to fuck you."

I walk around to the front of her and Janelle lifts her head up to look at me. I reach under her and my fingers find her nipples. I take her sensitive nipples between my fingers and begin to roll them. I apply more pressure, pinching and pulling them until she moans in pain. "When I walked in, your nipples were red and hard. Were you pinching and pulling them as you called out my name?" Janelle doesn't answer me. She just bites her lower lip. I pinch hard. "Answer me Janelle or I'll make these nipples so sore you won't touch them for weeks." "YES! But I was only enjoying a fantasy. I don't want any man's cock. I love women." I unzip my pants and take my hard dick out. "You walk around swaying your fat ass. Do you know how much it teases me to see you? Knowing that only women get to suck the juice from your pussy? Well, I'm gonna teach you that you have to pay for teasing me."

I take my dick and push it toward Janelle's mouth. She turns her head away. "You are in no position to deny me anything Now Janelle. I'm going to make you pay for all the nights I beat my dick thinking about you." I walk around behind her and slide my finger up into her cunt. It gets coated as I slowly fuck her pussy with it. Janelle moans as I find her clit and tease it. Then I take it out and rub the juice around her tight puckered hole. "Please Sam, not in my ass. You can fuck my pussy if you must." I push my finger deep inside her ass. "No Janelle! I'm gonna fuck you in this sweet asshole and there's nothing you can do to stop me." I slowly work my finger in and out and Janelle begins to twist and turn her ass to try and dislodge my finger.

"Oh Sam stop, please stop. It's so nasty. I never let anyone touch my asshole." I laugh at her pleas. "I'm not only going to touch it, I'm going to rim it with my tongue and then I'm going to ram this hard fat dick deep into it." I pick up one of the vibrators that I got from her bedroom and begin to rub it across her slit. Janelle is soon moaning and humping her pussy against the table. When I place it against her clit, Janelle's hot juice begins to run down her thighs. "You juicy slut! You let women suck this pussy and you deny me. Well I'm gonna suck it till your cunt is dry." I get down on my knees and pull her thighs open even more. Then I stick my tongue out and lick her slit. I can't reach her clit with my tongue cause of the way she's tied but I can lick directly into her hole. In no time, Janelle is pushing her hot pussy back against my tongue. I can't believe how wet her pussy is getting.

I stop licking her and get the vibrator. Turning it on, I run it up and down her spine. Each time I get to her crack, Janelle moans. I had found an anal extension at the back of her night table. I stop rubbing her with the vibrator and open the fridge. I take out a tub of margarine and dip the end of the extension into it. Then I rub it up and down the crack of her ass. "Please Sam, don't put it in my ass. I'll let you fuck me, I promise." I use one hand to spread her open. "I'd like to believe you Janelle. Truly I would. But I have been thinking about this pussy for far too long. Now I'm going to have it my way." I take the vibrator and slide it up against Janelle's clit. Janelle moans and presses down trying to get the vibrator into her cunt. At the same time, the tip of the anal probe finds her tight puckered hole. I push it in until she has taken about two inches.

"Sam, you nasty fucker, take it out of my ass right now." I slap her hard across her ass. Then I smack the other cheek. "If I take it out, I'll replace it with my dick. Think you can take it without my opening you up a little?" when she starts to answer, I push it in another two inches. "Oh shit! Please Sam, this is so nasty." I push the vibrator up into her cunt and fuck her for a few strokes. Janelle is slowly humping her pussy against the intrusion. I lean in and whisper in her ear. "No you lesbian slut, Nasty is if I pull it out and make you suck it clean. I'm going to punish you for all the times you told me how much of a woman lover you are. You lied to me. You lay here and fuck your juicy pussy while calling out my name. I'm gonna spank your hot white ass and then I'm gonna spank your sweet tender pussy. Then my fine hot cunt, I'm gonna fuck every hole you have."

I pull the vibrator out and push the probe in even deeper. Then I begin to smack Janelle across the ass. I smack her until I hear her cries. Then I jerk the probe from her asshole. "Are you going to be a good obedient girl or do I have to punish you some more?" Janelle whimpers as she lays her head on the cold table. I get behind her and drop to my knees. Then I begin to lick and kiss her soft ass. I can smell the scent of her dripping pussy. I spread her cheeks and lick up and down her crack. Each time my tongue tip touches her asshole, she moans. "Is this nasty Janelle? Do you want me to stop?" Janelle can't help herself. She pushes her ass back against my probing tongue. "Is it nasty when a woman does this to you? Do you think it's nasty when you're shoving your tongue into some sweet girl's cunt and ass?"

Janelle doesn't answer me. I take the vibrator again and begin to tease her pussy. Each time she tries to push down on it, I move it away. Soon she is begging me to push it all the way into her cunt. "Please Sam, make me cum. Just push it in deep. I'll cum right away." I continue to tease her pussy. "Is that how other women fuck you? Do they make you beg for it?" I slide it up and down her slit. "Sometimes. Sometimes I had to beg them to fuck me." I push just the tip in between her pussy lips. Janelle moans and I feel her body tremble. I pull the vibrator out and she groans in frustration. "I was almost there. Please Sam!" I reach between Janelle's thighs and using my fingers scoop a big gob of her thick pussy crème "Do you like the taste of pussy crème Janelle?" I have the tip of the vibrator against her asshole. "Yes Sam, I love to eat another woman's pussy."

I grab Janelle by her blond hair and jerk her head up. "Since you don't want to suck my dick just yet, lick this." I push my hand to her mouth. Janelle looks up at me as her pink tongue licks out. She knows exactly what she's licking. With her eyes boring into mine, she slurps all the crème from my hand. I'm so hot I can't stand it. I grab my hard cock and begin to stroke it in front of her. Looking directly into her eyes, I feel the first jet of my load fly from the tip of my dick. It hits Janelle directly on her nose. The next shot hits her lips. She licks it off. Seeing her licking my crème but refusing to suck my dick enrages me. I grab her and yank on her hair. When Janelle opens her mouth, I push the tip of my dick in. "If you bite me, I'll cut you another asshole. Now suck it before I get real mad." I know she's afraid. I wanted her afraid. Slowly Janelle begins to suck the tip of my dick. The sensation of her hot mouth as she sucks me almost makes me blow all my hot cum into her mouth. But I have a lot of pent up frustration for her to work off. I pull my dick from her mouth.

"You like it. All this time you lie to me about your women lovers and you like sucking my dick. Admit it." Her eyes blaze into mine. "Fuck you Sam. I hate sucking any man's dick. You're all pigs. Only a woman can satisfy me." I swing my hand back as if to smack her face. Janelle cringes in fear. "We'll see just how much you hate it." I untied her wrist but before she can move, I tie them together. Then I untie her ankles. I grab her nipples and pull her into her bedroom. Throwing her down on the bed, I grab her wrist and tie them to the head of the bed. Then I retie her ankles. She is spread wide from the hips. I slowly begin to undress. When Janelle opened her eyes, she had closed them when I threw her on the bed; she sees just how helpless she really is. I climb between her thighs. "Did I ever tell you that licking the sweet creamy thighs of a juicy white woman turns me on? I'm going to take my time and give your pussy the attention you deserve. And you're gonna like it or else. And Janelle, I'm still going to spank this pussy."

The scent from her excited pussy is like an intoxicant. My head spins with the thought that she can do nothing to stop me. "Tell me about the women you fuck. Do they ever make you drink more than just their sweet cum?" I begin to lick her pussy. Now I love eating cunt. I love to take my time and really give a woman a good cunt licking. I wanted to especially make Janelle enjoy it. I used my fingers to spread her cunt open wide. Then I let my tongue start at the bottom of her slit. Slowly I licked upward. Over and over I licked her this way. Occasionally I thrashed her excited clit with the tip of my tongue. Before long, Janelle was humping her ass of the bed trying to push my tongue in deeper. "Oh Sam! Please Sam! Lick me! Eat me! Fuck me with your tongue!" I lifted my head up and looked at her. Janelle's face was a mask of naked lust. "That should hold you for awhile. I'll be back in a few minutes."

I got up and began to dress. Janelle eyes grew big as saucers. "You're not going to leave me like this? Sam you can't do this to me. I'll scream!" I bent down and grabbed her by her chin. I pressed my lips hard on hers. "If you scream, I'll gag you. Now you will lay just like this until I return." I went to the door and let myself out. I ran to my apartment and gathered up a few items. Then I ran back to Janelle's apartment. When I opened the door to her bedroom, Janelle had twisted herself over. Her legs were crossed and she was stuck. I took my belt off. This time I spanked her across her ass until she screamed into the pillow. Then I flipped her over. I spanked her pussy but not as hard as I spanked her ass. I reached down and grabbed one of her nipples. "Please Sam, let me go? I promise I won't tell anyone, and I won't have you arrested." I laughed at her. I reached out the door and Janelle cried out. I had brought my video camera back and set it up at the foot of her bed. Janelle didn't know I still had the one hidden in her bedroom that had already captured her begging me to fuck her.

I pulled her nipple up until she whimpered. Then I attached a nipple clamp to her sensitive bud. Then I did the same thing with the other nipple. I knew it hurt. "Now you cunt licking slut, it's my turn to have fun." I took the vibrator and began to slowly fuck Janelle's pussy with it. I would pull it out and place it against her clit. The sensations began to get to her. "Sam! Oh Sam! Please fuck me." I lay down between Janelle's thighs. Once again I licked her juicy slit until she begged. "Make me cum this time. Oh Sam, my pussy is throbbing so hard." I placed the tip of my finger at her asshole. "Gee Janelle, I'd like to help you but you haven't asked me the right way." Janelle whimpered with frustrating submission. She knew just what I was waiting to hear. "OK you bastard! You want to hear me beg?" I laughed at her. "No Janelle, I want to hear you tell me what you really want."

Janelle was pumping her pussy up into the air. "Sam please put it in me. Shove your finger deep inside my asshole and fuck me with it." Hearing her whimper I laughed even harder. "Oh Janelle, you are so pathetic. First you want to tell me you're a lesbian and you only love women. Now you're begging me to fuck you in your fat white ass. I'm gonna spank you for being so sad." I had taken a thin belt from her bedroom. I used it to snap it at her open pussy. Each time it connected, Janelle moaned. I knew the type of woman Janelle was. This humiliating treatment was turning her on. "Now you cheap slut, you cunt drinking bitch, I asked you if you ever drank anything besides cum from your lezzie bitches cunt?" I snapped the belt at her pussy and the tip connected right against her open naked pussy. I knew this time it did hurt.

"Yes! Oh shit yes! Sometimes when I'm sucking on their pussy, I know it's more than just cum they make me drink. One girl even makes me lay on my back and drink directly from her hot dripping pussy. Please shove your dick in my pussy. Shove it up my ass! Make me suck it, anything. Just stop the throbbing in my pussy. Oh Sam, please!" this time when I got between her thighs I sucked her pussy in a very special way. Sucking her clit hard, I pulled it until she screamed. Suddenly she began to buck her ass off the bed. "SAM! OH SAM!" Just as the first squirt shot from her pussy, I shoved two fingers deep into her ass. Janelle fucked my fingers as hard as she could. "Yes Sam, I'll be a good girl. I'll do anything you tell me to. Fuck my ass harder Sam. Suck my pussy harder Sam. I'm peeing Sam. I can't help it." I let her finish as I sucked her pussy till she stopped humping her ass. Then I lifted my face up to look at her.

"You nasty slut! You pissed while I sucked your nasty pussy. Now I'm gonna fuck that ass. I'm gonna teach you how to behave. From now on you can fuck your girlfriends. But when I call you, you'll come over to my place and be my little daughter slut." I reached up and untied her wrist. Then I got up and untied her ankles. I pushed her over on her stomach. Then grabbing two pillows, I made her lift up so I could place them under her. This left her with her ass pushed high in the air. "Do you want me to tongue fuck this asshole first? Do you want it to be nasty slut?" I slapped her hard on each cheek. Janelle turned her head and looked at me. "Yes Sam. Spank my ass then tongue-fuck my little hole. Get me ready for you fat, juicy black cock. I know I've been bad and you'll make me cry and scream but I need it so bad."

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