tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJasmine's Puppygirl Pt. 03

Jasmine's Puppygirl Pt. 03


Carly panicked, this was too much, screw the plan, screw Jasmine, she was out of here. Well, at least she thought she was. Five seconds after she had tugged at her leash, Jasmine set off her shocker collar and she was back to rolling in the dirt. All the commotion caught the labrador's attention and he woke out of his nice nap to come and sniff at the strange looking bitch rubbing herself into the dirt. Carly desperately tried to stop her shuddering body and scramble away from the dog as tears streamed down her eyes.

Jasmine was happy with how Carly reacted to dog, she was catching on quite quickly to who held all the power. The dog soon lost curiosity and sleepily walked back to his bed.

"Bitch, this is Max, he is a purebred black labrador that was the son of my childhood dog. Max is here as an example for you. You will look up to him and learn how to be the bitch you were born to be. You will become a dog, just like he is'. I would advise you to never test me, as I will chain you up with him without a second thought," Jasmine said with a stern gaze that caused Carly to turn her eyes away.

"To teach you a lesson on not looking at your Mistress when she talks to you, I'm going to leave you chained here, 10 feet away from Max while I'm gone. He won't be able to touch you, but you'll be able to see him and reflect on your actions until I get back," Jasmine stated.

Wrapping Carly's leash around a fence pole, Jasmine grabbed her Bitch's pale pink pussy with a pinch, leaving Bitch squealing as her Mistress's beautiful ebony hand twisted it back and forth. Finally letting it go, Jasmine laughed as Carly grimaced in pain and pleasure at the same time. Watching her white ass cheeks burn bright red from embarrassment, Jasmine smirked and strutted away.

As she walked towards her car, Jasmine turned her head to see Carly trying to hide herself from the dog and pull out her leash at the same time. She shook her head in laughter as she opened her car door and turned on the engine. Driving between her trimmed hedges, Jasmine left Carly to her new biggest fear, Max.

Carly was losing her mind, she had no idea what to do, much less what to think, she was losing everything. All she could hold on to was the notion of survival as a human. She must do absolutely everything in her power to remain human. No matter what Jasmine tried to make her believe, she must hold on to her humanity. She tried desperately to remember everything she could about her past. She thought about the vanilla cake she ate on her 7th birthday, the red comb she broke when she was 14, and the broken down car she proudly bought when she was 17. She closed her eyes and thought of all of these things, clinging to the memories.

A cold breeze blew across the tops of the trees, ruffling their pinecones and needles. And as it drifted across the forest it came upon Carly's naked shivering body. Blowing across her frozen ass and ice cold back, it scooped underneath her solid breasts and burst out across the yard. The wind took with it the memories Carly was trying to keep. The memories of her childhood and past life floated with the breeze, blowing away in front of her. And as Carly panickedly attempted to reach out and grab them she looked down and saw her hand in a bag. Because it wasn't a hand anymore. It was her paw.

NO!! She must not think such things, it was her hand. Her HUMAN hand. Jasmine had done this to her. Jasmine had done this to her. Jasmine with her sick and twisted imagination. Jasmine would go to jail for this cruel, this heartless, this sick...

Carly paused as something cold fell across her back. A some prick of cold as it slowly melted and dripped down her ass and pussy. She looked up at the white sky as the snow began to fall and her mind fell with it. Something inside her mind snapped as the snow fell. Something changed inside her. She was no longer completely Carly. The cold snow falling on her naked body reduced her stressed mind to that of an animal nature. For the first time that day, Carly sat down and waited.

Jasmine arrived home late that afternoon, parking her blue mini cooper beside her pink jaguar. She carried her plastic bags full of groceries out of the garage and across the snowed on walking steps to her front door. Climbing up the steps to her red wooden door, she entered the keycode and strutted inside. Tossing the bags of food upon her granite island, she picked out the refridgateables and organized them into the stainless steel fridge. It was only after she placed the tomato sauce into the cabinet next to the kitchen window that she saw her yard covered in a foot of snow. She realized that she had literally walked through it on her way inside and chided herself for not noticing.

Running outside, she slammed the door behind her as she rushed to where she had left Bitch. Owning a puppygirl was a huge responsibility and she had already dropped the ball big time. Bitch was probably frozen to death in the snow and it was all her fault. Rounding the corner of her house, Jasmine scanned around for Bitch's body near the fence. Surprised and taken aback, Jasmine saw Bitch calmly sitting down with her pink ass planted in the snow.

"Good girl Bitch, come inside with me now, let's get you out of this cold," Jasmine whispered as she ruffled Carly's hair and untied her leash.

Uttering complaining groans, Bitch stumbled to wakefulness as she was walked through the freezing snow and wind to inside Jasmine's house. She barely blinked her eyes as Jasmine rubbed her down with a towel to warm her up, and set her in a puppygirl bed near the roaring brick fireplace. Jasmine hurried back to the kitchen to open a drawer which contained the can opener and went to work on grinding the lid of a multicolored can.

Bitch said nothing as she stared into the warm fire and felt its heat wash upon her, turning her pale body pink with heat flush. She didn't even move when Jasmine walked back from the kitchen to her doggy bed and set a bowl of pet food in front of her.

"Eat up now, my pet Bitch, it's the healthiest and tastiest pet food money can buy, and you'll get to eat it everyday my lucky Bitch." Jasmine said as she petted Carly's matted with dog sweat hair.

Bitch made no motion to eat the food but continued to stare into the fire, the flames glowing against the cold snow frozen on her face. Jasmine started to worry about her when Bitch slowly turned her head back to Jasmine and tears began to fill her eyes.

"Shhhhhh, there there my pet, don't cry, everything is alright," Jasmine shushed as she held Carly's crying face to her chest.

Carly sobbed as she slowly regained control of herself and stared back at Jasmine, wet snow dribbling down her cheek. Jasmine released Carly from her arms and smiled a friendly smile as she pointed at the pet food. Carly hesitated for a brief second before she dipped her head down and took her first bite. Immediately Bitch tried to throw it up as her body convulsed, but she held it down and looked up for any signs of pride from Jasmine.

Jasmine looked down with a smile and petted her puppygirl's hair once again. Watching Bitch take another bite, and another. Soon Bitch had polished off the bowl and burped out loud. Picking Bitch's leash up, Jasmine led her out of the dining room, down a hallway to the left, to her bedroom. Reaching around the corner of the door, Jasmine flicked on a light switch and walked Bitch over to a small puppygirl bed at the foot of her massive King sized mattress. Bitch's eyes lit up as she shook her head to make sure she was seeing what she was seeing. Jasmine's bedroom...it looked exactly like Carly's bedroom.

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