tagRomanceJazzmyne Ch. 03

Jazzmyne Ch. 03


The sounds of buzzing filled the room as Tony (Saul's personal barber and tattoo artist) sheared off a small remainder of my thick hair. Looking into the mirror, it wasn't half bad- actually, half of my head was shaved, and the hair that remained was tightly braided and dyed with purple, yellow and green highlights. I had on my dozen earrings on each ear, my brow rings (and my tattooed eyebrows) and a nose ring.

"Looks good, Jazzmyne" my barber, Tony said. In actuality, I loved my hair the way it was, but Saul, being the controlling son of a bitch he was, forced me to get one to look "better for the customers". I was virtually his slut, his whore to deal out to the highest bidder. Today, however, was my break from the chaos of my work- I had turned 21 today, and the haircut, along with a couple of tattoos, were my gifts, courtesy of Saul.

The tattoos were, of course, Saul's decisions- a tattoo of a skull on my neck, "Saul's Bitch" on my left tit, the traditional Chinese character for "Love" near my crotch, and a naked angel on my back with a skull for a face. I've had tattoos since I was at least 14, but never would I have guessed I would have been covered in them as I was now.

I got up from the table, completely naked, and dressed into my tight, shiny leggings that showed off my curvy yet skinny figure, a long-sleeve white v-neck (that was so tight that my disproportionally large breasts was literally ready to burst out of the shirt), a cheap leather jacket and a pair of old heels. I quickly put on some purple lipstick and some eyeshadow and mascara. Grabbing my purse, I left the tiny shop and into the warm night, planning to head to a club to dance (and possibly fuck) the night away. I wanted to take advantage of my free day the best I could.

Before heading to the club, I decided to at least roll a joint or two of some of the kush that Saul had given me earlier that day. I headed to a dark, secluded alleyway, opened my bag and hastily rolled a joint. I flicked my lighter several times before it finally came to life, and inhaled as much of the good stuff as possible. A wave of euphoria overcame my senses as all my problems whisked away into nothingness, just like everytime I smoked a joint. I fell onto the concrete ground as I laughed almost maniacally. I thought I saw other people staring as they passed by, but I ignored whatever I saw. When my first joint was spent, I wanted to roll another. I certainly had the time.

I reached into my bag to reach for more weed to roll, but I couldn't find the damn bag. Fuck! I must have lost it when I was high as fuck. I couldn't even find the damn lighter. I decided to ditch the act and just get some regular smokes at the nearest gas station, so I walked about a quarter mile to a tiny gas station nearby a vacant lot. Entering the small store, I picked up a pack and went to the register, handing him Saul's credit card. He declined the card, saying the account was frozen.

"You can't be fuckin' serious!" I almost yelled.

"Cash or nothing" the man said. Fuck!

I didn't reply, and he snatched the smokes from my hand.

"Wait! Wait!" I stammered, but he remained noncompliant. I was about to turn around and leave before I heard a strong voice resound behind me: "I'll pay for her" it said.

Turning around, I saw a lean, muscular black man. Fuck, he was hot- chiseled body, tall in stature, firm jaw, a bit of stubble; everything a girl could want. And he was going to pay for my smokes. I had to get to know this guy.

Handing me my cigarettes, I thanked him, my voice slightly quivering.

"It's nothing" he replied in a much calmer tone as we headed outside. I took a cigarette, but I realized I still had no lighter.

"You got a light?" I asked him, and he silently complied by taking out a bic and lighting the end of my cigarette. We talked for a bit while I smoked, and I offered him one but he said he didn't smoke.

"Why do you carry around a lighter then?"

"There are other uses for a lighter than smoking... miss?"

"Just call me Jazzmyne"

"Jazzmyne... nice" he said. "Sexy name" he said, and I laughed in reply. I was really liking this guy. We talked for a good hour about things that I usually didn't talk about with strangers- movies, exercise, dance- things that I actually loved, not the usual talk of sex, money and drugs. I was beginning to think I had found my true love. He was sexy, kind and cool- everything I was looking for in a guy.

"You single?" he asked, quite abruptly. Shit, he just had to ask.

"Umm... no. No, I'm not" As much as I hated to say it, I had to. Though Saul was technically not my boyfriend (though he may consider be to be his "side bitch"), he would kill me if I was caught with another man.

"My boyfriend and I have grown apart, though. He was a bit of an asshole" I said calmly. I wanted to grow closer to this guy. Maybe he could bring me to a better life. We stood there in awkward silence for a while, before I felt his hand grab mine; not harshly, but softly. It was a kind touch, a loving touch. Slowly but surely, he brought me in his embrace, and his lips approached mine. He was a bit taller for me, but I could handle it. He kissed me passionately, and we held it for what seemed like thirty minutes. His tongue grasped my pierced tongue, licking my teeth and gums and sucking my breath. The kiss was intensifying with every moment, electrifying every part of my body. I felt my pierced nipples get hard, and he knew it too. His free hand moved towards my chest, not grabbing it like most men I've fucked have, but stroking it slowly. He ran his finger over my nipple through the tight fabric of my shirt, then roamed his hands over my tight belly, then over the slippery fabric of my leggings. He kneaded my ass cheeks softly, and briefly touched my cameltoe, causing me to moan in pleasure.

"Mmm.. Oooh. ohhh"

"You sound excited" he said. I chuckled lightly in response, and out of instinct we both rushed into the bathroom to further our passions. It was a filthy bathroom but our emotions were too high to really care. We occupied the last stall, locked it and continued our intense kiss.

I took off my jacket, throwing it to the ground while he grabbed my ass and breasts, arousing me. I felt the hardness of his dick against my thigh, and I reached towards his pants to unleash his beast. Unbuttoning his jeans, his massive erect cock sprung out. Grabbing it revealed that it dwarfed my hand, which somewhat scared me, even after experiencing getting fucked by bigger guys. My heart was racing, no foreplay was necessary. I bent down slowly, licking the tip before engulfing the entire thing into my mouth. His head sprung up towards the ceiling, and he moaned as I swirled my tongue around it. My mouth was filled, and I wasn't even halfway down the shaft!

"Fuuuuck..." he groaned, his deep voice echoing against the walls of the bathroom. I continued to push his dick deeper into my mouth into my throat, gagging myself with it as I attempted to house its full length. I made choking sounds, and spit began to drool from the corners of my lips. My right hand grasped his shaved ballsack while my other hand stroked my pussy. I was getting so horny.

In a matter of moments, the entirety of his dick was inside of my mouth, and he was surprised at my skill. His dick literally reached the back of my throat, I swear I thought I was going to pass out with how long it was. Though I've fucked bigger guys, I've never deep throated a dick this long! I continued to gag and drool all over the place, before I finally gave in and expelled the dick (and a lot of spit) from my mouth. I gasped for air, my face red with exhaustion and my forehead was shiny with beads of sweat.

"You are amazing..." he said, gasping. I continued to gasp for air, but in my horny, almost animal-like state, I told him something that I have never asked for.

"Fuck me in the ass" I've done anal countless times in my youth, but never have I consented to it. I wanted it this time.

"What?!" he sounded surprised.

"Fuck me in the ass!" I demanded again. "Fuck me!" I stood up, pulled down my shiny leggings, and bent over the toilet, my hands to the wall. I exposed my juicy ass to him, tattooed with the words "BUTT SLUT" on each cheek. He was absolutely speechless, both in shock and excitement.

"That is some fine ass you got, girl!" he said laughing. His enormous dick still hard, he decided to go through with it. I felt the tip enter my tight asshole. Pain overflowed my senses, but I knew that the tip was only the worst part. Few more inches... Agh! The rest was history for me, and before long the entire 10 inches were deep in my ass. I swear I felt him in my bowels by then.

"AAGGH! FUCK! YES FUCK! FUCK MY ASS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He began to pump, in and out and in and out. I screamed each time, but after he picked up speed and fucked my ass at a regular rate I began to moan in pleasure. My true sluttiness overtook me, as I continued to tell him to fuck me harder and harder. I was drenched in sweat, with one hand on the wall and the other furiously fingering my wet, pierced pussy. I felt his balls slapping against my pussy, echoing against the walls along with his moans and my violent screams.

"Shit! FUUUUCK! FUUCK! HARDER!" I yelled. He went faster than ever, pushing deeper each time and making my asshole burn, punishing my walls with his girth. What felt like mere seconds passed before he announced he was going to cum.

"Damn... AAGH! I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum!" he said furiously panting. He was still violently fucking me, but as he approached his orgasm, I was approaching mine as well. Never had this happened in my life- everytime I got fucked, I either cummed first or never at all. Never at the same time. Now it would possibly happen!

"Aaagh! Aaaagh! AAAGH!" he screamed at the top of his longs, beginning to squirt precum into my asshole. At the same moment, I exploded in orgasm.

"SHIT! FUUUUUUUCK! AAGH,, GAAH!" I yelled. My ears rang and I saw white for a brief moment before squirting all over my hand and the toilet. Fresh, smelly piss went everywhere; all over my leggings, hand and even all over him. But neither of us cared, being too engrossed in the moment. Within moments, he cummed too.

"GAAH!" He finally squirted his semen deep inside of me, filling my asshole with warm, sticky cum and thrusting into me one last time, deeper than ever. What felt like gallons of cum flooded my insides, filling me to the brim as some even leaked from the edges of my asshole. He continued to cum inside of me, before, finally expelling the last of his semen and growing soft inside of my asshole.

His breathing began to slow, and after a few minutes he pulled out slowly, leaving some sticky strands of cum in my asshole. My asshole had been expanded greatly, I could feel it, but it soon returned to its normal size. It burned like hell, but I loved it. I squeezed my middle and index finger into my loose asshole, scooping up some of the cum, and licked it clean from my fingers, making sure he could clearly see me. It did not taste good at all, in fact I was pretty sure I could taste some of my shit, but I was so horny I couldn't have cared less. I pulled up my leggings, put on my jacket and opened the stall door.

I looked into the mirror- I was drenched in sweat and spit- my nipples could be clearly seen through my tight shirt. I washed up my face. I heard him tell me he would meet me outside, and left. When I got outside, he gave me another light and I smoked a few cigarettes. We talked about stuff again, unrelated to the intense sex we just had.

"So where you from?" I asked him.

"Well I grew up in Philadelphia but I just moved here from California. You?"

"Arkansas" I replied plainly. "Actually, I was born in Detroit but I moved to a small trailer park in Arkansas with my step dad when I was in high school"

"Hmm... Trailer park girl.. I like it!" We laughed at his comment, before he came closer to me and held my hand.

"How about we head over to your place?" he asked. I had hoped he wouldn't ask to come to my place; my apartment was shitty and it would definitely be a turn off, but I complied and said, "Sure". So, we walked the few miles to the dilapidated projects where I lived. We got there at about one o'clock in the morning, maybe two. He was surprised when we got there, especially when we got to my tiny basement level room. To him, it was probably dirtier than the bathroom where we just fucked.

"How could a beautiful girl like you live in a place like this?" he asked, looking around the place. Used condoms, broken bottles, dusty clothes and used needles were scattered on the cold concrete floor; spider webs and dust were in the corners and near the sink and toilet, and an old, soggy mattress lay in the corner near a radiator was where I slept.

"It's what I've been given" I told him innocently. I lived like Saul's slave. I began to change in front of him, taking off my shirt and peeling off my leggings and changing into an old shirt and some dusty yoga pants.

"You can't possibly live like this" he said, holding my hands. I wanted to move from this hell, but I couldn't. Saul would hunt me down, as I was one of his primary sources of income. He couldn't find someone as slutty (and submissive) as me, and to be honest, he was all I had before now.

"I can't leave, I'm sorry. I'm too committed" I replied. He embraced me, and before long we were kissing again. It was just as passionate as the first time, we held our hands tight together. It wasn't long before we fell onto the filthy mattress and fucked again, this time he fucked me in the pussy and finished it off with a nice facial. We lay there for a good hour or two, sweating and exhausted, and got to know each other more. I told him my real name, Noore, and essentially my life story, from my childhood to recently.

"Why didn't you use a condom? I told you I've fucked plenty of guys" I asked him.

"I dunno... I guess I trusted you. I think.. I think we might have something" he replied in his soft yet confident voice. And he was right- there was definitely something between us, and those words started a new journey in my life. My life of being a slut for Saul and all those other people was over. Or so I thought.

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