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Jealous Husband


I admit it. I'm the jealous kind. But when you've gota wife as beautiful as mine, who always seems to attract the attentions of every man at every party we go to, well, it's not hard to be jealous. I'm not saying my wife looks for the attention, or that she's ever responded to it – I'm sure she hasn't, in fact – but I know she enjoys it. And it drives me crazy.

Last week it all got too much for me. We were at a friend's birthday party, and the whole evening she was surrounded by other men. Jenny, my wife, is 34, but she looks more like 24. She's blonde, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a real woman figure – she's not one of your stick insects. And she's in great shape, with great tits, lovely rounded hips and a sensational firm butt.

As the night wore on, I got more and more irritated. She was laughing and chatting and being a real cock-teaser with all the guys, and I thought, okay, if that's what she likes, maybe it's time someone taught her a lesson. A big lesson. One she'll never forget.

I'm a lawyer and I come across a few very dubious characters now and then. No, let's be honest, I represent some real scum. I'd recently got three young guys cleared of a charge of robbing a 7 Eleven store – they were guilty as sin, but it was my job to clear them, and I did my job well. They were all around 20 and during the trial I'd gone to the bathroom at the same time as two of them. I was taken aback when we all stood at the urinal – these two guys were huge.

Well, I thought, okay darling, if you like to cock-tease, maybe you should see what happens if the cocks start to tease back.

I met up with the three guys and made them an offer. I'd pay each of them $500, and all they had to do was rape my wife. That's right, I was gonna pay these guys money to do forcefully what I'd kill her for doing voluntarily. But that's how angry I was with her.

Well, they were a bit suspicious at first, but then I spun them a line – hey, I'm a lawyer, it's what I do. I told them it was a birthday present for my wife, that she'd always had a fantasy of being raped, and I was going to help her fulfil that fantasy. I also explained that my wife would fight and scream like it was a real rape – that was part of the fantasy – so not to worry about anything she said or did.

So they agreed. I told them exactly what to do. Thursday nights I play basketball with a company team. I was going to be out for two or three hours, my wife would be home alone. I would leave the side gate to our house unlocked, and the back door unlocked. They had to wear balaclavas. My wife would be watching TV. They had to sneak in behind her, grab her, blindfold her, then strip her naked and rape her.

I was also very specific about what they had to do. First they had to take it in turns fucking her – and they had to fuck her hard, nothing gentle. Then, because she's always hated anal sex, they all had to fuck her ass. Also, because my wife has never swallowed my cum, I told them to make sure they all shot a load right down her throat. And to round it off, I wanted them to fill all her holes at once – to give her a major three way fuck, pounding her cunt, her ass and her mouth all at once.

They took the money and that was that. On Thursday evening, I kissed my wife goodbye and went off to play basketball. I didn't play very well – I had started to think that maybe I had gone too far. In fact, I began to feel very guilty. After all, she had never had an affair or anything. The cock teasing was all harmless fun. And it finally occurred to me that I had thrown my beautiful wife to the mercy of three young guys that I knew were capable of almost anything.

I rushed home, breaking just about every road rule and speed limit in the book. I parked in the driveway and ran into the house, expecting to see my wife a sobbing wreck. Imagine my relief when I realised that the three guys hadn't lived up to their side of the bargain. My wife was watching TV, just the way I'd left her. My three young crims had taken my money and run. Jenny gave me a lovely smile and asked if I'd like some coffee. I have never been so relieved in all my life.

After that, I still got a little jealous now and then, but I'd learnt my lesson. I just laughed along with all the other guys, and finally started to appreciate the fact that I got to go home with the girl that everyone else wanted to fuck.

A few months later, the inevitable happened. One of the young guys who'd taken my money was arrested for yet another 7 Eleven robbery, and once again I got the job of representing him. During the interview, I joked that I should also have him charged for running off with my $500. He looked at me funny. I said, "Don't worry, I'm happy you and your friends didn't go through with my wife's fantasy."

But then he said, "Hey, that wasn't our fault. We did our part, but your wife isn't much of an actor – she didn't resist us at all."

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