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Jedi Stowaway Ch. 01


Because of the main character's age at the beginning of the story there are no sexual relations at all in this chapter; the main character becomes 18 before this chapter ends. Only time will tell what will happen to him as the story continues.

All feedback is welcome, let me know where you'd like it to go but most importantly don't forget to point out how I can improve


Young Achilles was found as a baby with an extreme connection to the Force. He had green eyes that looked like emeralds; he kept his blond hair cut short almost bald. His birthplace was kept from him during his training at the Jedi temple. The Jedi Masters treated him with slight caution, believing his life was shrouded in mystery. They had focused on patience, believing that they could mold him into their ideal Jedi.

It was going to be his 13th birthday soon; it signaled the last chance for a Master to call upon a youngling as an apprentice. If no one picked him by his birthday the youngling would be cast out of the Jedi order to be a farmer or some other non Jedi path on some unknown planet.

Many days were filled with training, today marked the last chance for young Achilles. His last sparring session, the young boy could only hope A Jedi Master had come to watch him fight. Reaching out the young boy could sense many Force sensitive beings watching, but couldn't make out who they were.

Blindfolded; he held his lightsaber tight between his fingers. Focusing the living force around him, he reached out to feel his opponent. No doubt faced with another student hoping for a worthy Jedi Master to be watching him/her fight and impress. Their blade hissed through the air. Achilles barely had enough time to dodge with his thoughts distracting him. The heat nearly burned his skin; it came too close for comfort.

He listened intently for the sound of his foe's lightsaber, for breathing, the scrape of a shoe. Such sounds echoed loudly in the small training room of the temple. His foe was rushing forward motivated by irritation and fatigue, for the fight had been going on for quite some time. Achilles raised his weapon and rolled to his right as his opponent's blade slammed down into the floor beside me. The saber crackled and buzzed, the sound echoed loudly. Leaping back, Yshomatsu heard the sing of the lightsaber; his foe attempted another hasty strike.

Sweat trickled underneath Yshomatsu's blindfold, making his eyes sting. He tuned it out along with all feelings of his aching body. Allowing the Force to tune into every muscle, it moved through him. Giving him the agility and speed needed to continue dodging attacks one after the other. Achilles swung his blade up to block the next blow. Leaping high, somersaulting over his attacker's head, and thrusting his blade down where their heart should be.

"Aargh!" The other student howled in surprised rage. If they had been using Jedi Knight Lightsabers it would have been a killing blow. However apprentices in the Jedi Temple used training sabers set at low power. A blow from such a blade would only singe the skin. At the very worst they would need a healer to attend the wounds.

He could sense the Force flowing around him, within him. He could feel the living Force in his opponent, the dark ripples caused by their anger. Focusing all his might on holding back his own anger, Achilles assumed a defensive stance. They were trained to protect the weak but never to let anger fuel them. For long moments, he fought as if in a graceful dance, leaping away, dodging or blocking attacks, never striking.

His muscles ached. Sweat drenched his tunic. His opponent fought desperately, as though their life depended on it. His foe's blade hummed as it angled toward his throat. A touch there would signal a killing blow and he would lose the fight. Thinking this was his last chance to become a Jedi Knight, he gave in to his impatience and pushed forward in an aggressive attack. He could feel his foe's surprise and used their uncertainty to aim a sizzling attack.

Instead of waiting to gauge a response, Achilles attacked suddenly, nearly forcing his opponent to drop their lightsaber. He brandished his saber in both hands, swinging brutally. His foe tried to block a second time and fell back; their lightsaber switched off and skittered over the uneven floor out of reach.

Achilles posed his saber at his opponent's throat, the fight was over, he had won... He sensed disappointment from among those watching. He had given in to his anger and went against the Jedi code, their way of defense, defeating your opponent by tiring them out. Rather than how he had handled the long fight.

The next day Achilles had turned 13 and with the Jedi order busy at war with the Sith Empire, no Jedi Master had called on him to be their apprentice. The time for his judgment had come.

Achilles walked down the long hallway of the Jedi temple. On his way to the round table; the High council would decide his fate. The walls were decorated with long parchments, ceiling to floor. Boasting the Jedi Order with their symbol stitched into each one.

Finally after the long walk he stood before the massive doors. The last barrier between him and his future, the Jedi Masters within ordered the doors to be opened. The Masters had sensed the young Achilles approach long before he arrived.

He nearly jumped out of his skin, startled by the doors opening the moment he stopped before them. He wasn't well attuned to the Force yet, always worrying about the present. Taking a deep breath, he entered the room. All eyes were trained on him, making him feel awkward and out of place.

"Achilles," one of the Nautoian Jedi Masters spoke. He's an amphibious humanoid native to the Sabion area of Glee Anselm, a world of wetlands. They can breathe underwater and possess thick, rubbery flesh usually green and spotted, with webbed fingers and toes. A crown of long green tendrils that resemble smaller versions of a Twi'lek's in place of hair. These appendages are sensory organs that allow them to read pheromones, or the emotional state of those in their vicinity.

"It is with deep regret that I am to inform you, that no Master is available to take you on as an apprentice." Achilles let out a sigh of disappointment. "As it is the Jedi way, if a youngling is not taken as an apprentice by the age of 13, that youngling will be set on a new path out of the Jedi Order."

"But... I've trained to be a Jedi Knight my whole life, it's all I know!" The boy yelled back rashly.

"Giving in to that anger is not the Jedi way, young padawan learner," insisted the Nautoian Master, rising from his seat. "I am sorry but it is written in the Jedi Code, therefore it must be followed."

"No Master, I will not... I... I did not train my whole life to be a... a farmer." He continued to shout rashly without thinking. He looked briefly to his right, glaring out of one of the many open windows within the round room. He felt a slight tug as if the Force itself was calling out to him.

Another Jedi Master rose to speak, sensing much fear within the young boy. "You have trained your whole life to use the Force young man, and there are many ways to use the Force for good besides becoming a Jedi Knight." She was a Miraluka, a race sharing common genetic histories with humans, the main difference being that they are born without eyes. Wearing head dresses to cover their faces, with the help of the Force they developed the ability to see the energy that forms the world around them.

Achilles turned back from the window with a smirk upon his face, "I will be the greatest Jedi Knight this galaxy has ever seen." And with that he took off in a full sprint for the window. Electing a gasp from everyone in the room save one, a small, yet wise Jedi Master with green skin and pointed ears. For he alone foresaw what was coming and secretly was proud of the young boy. The old Jedi Master was part of an unknown species that many years in the future would be known as 'Yoda's Species.'

Leaping into the air into a summersault, Achilles reached out with the Force. His willpower latched onto a Jedi Master that sat quietly, closing the Force around the Kel Dor's Lightsaber. The Kel Dorian race had greatly developed extrasensory organs at the base of their skulls. Most had intense black eyes, but Force sensitive ones are born with silver eyes. Their skin could range in color from peachy orange to deep red. When off their gas filled homeworld they wore an antiox breath mask and goggles, without them the Kel Dor would suffocate. Achilles pulled the lightsaber to him before flying out the window, attaching the Lightsaber to his utility belt.

Wind gushed past him as he free fell from the high tower of the High Council. The Force flowed threw him with a white hot heat he never felt before. Guiding him down safely avoiding the passing speeders and shuttles, he followed the will of the Force. Achilles used it to twist his body around in the air, avoiding close calls until he sensed the Force telling him to focus on an approaching shuttle. He reached out to the shuttle's internal control panel, opening the side door, with the Force guiding his body into that opened space. He slid to a halt on his knees before being greeted by a blaster pointed in his face.

Quickly Achilles rolled backwards, kicking the blaster up on his way back onto his feet. Rising he grasped his newly acquired Lightsaber from his utility belt and activated it. He was shocked by its power, so used to the training sabers at the temple. Glowing bright the Lightsaber added an orange tint to the darkness in the room. He had a connection with the lightsaber's owner but the boy didn't understand what the feelings meant.

"What's going on back there?" called out a voice he could only assume was the spaceship's pilot. The man before him lowered his gun into its holster.

"It seems we've got a Jedi stowaway who so graciously slid on board," replied the man. "It's alright son, we aren't going to hurt you." Achilles took a deep breath trying to claim his nerves. The flight down had caused his body to go into over drive and he was now feeling the effects. His whole body was in shock. Slowly he lowered his defense, returning his Lightsaber to his belt before mumbling, "I won't go back."

Before relaxing the man closed the side compartment door. "No one's forcing you to do anything, my name is Nicholas Fury, a trooper on an important smuggling assignment with my friend up there flying." He pointed behind him to the cockpit. "His name is Anubis or at least that's what he insists on everyone calling him."

"My name is Achilles; I have been training to be a Jedi Knight my whole life."

"It's nice to meet you, young Knight."

Nicholas took a moment to sit down, reaching over flipping a switch to turn on the compartment's lights. "What brings you on board, if you don't mind me asking?" The light shone in the room, allowing Achilles to see the Trooper's war torn face. Many scars and burns marked his right side; even his eye was damaged and glassy.

Achilles sighed lowering his shoulders in deep regret. "I turned 13 and no Jedi Master was available to take me as an apprentice. The High Council was going to send me off to be a farmer." Taking a seat in the far corner before continuing, "But, I refused and jumped out the window." Thinking to himself that the Force guided him here, he only needed to find out why. His body had finally stopped shaking.

Nicholas spoke up, "I'm sorry to hear that, however if you so choose it; you're in luck."

Puzzled young Achilles looked up at the man, "what?"

"We need another hand for our mission, we're on our way to the nearest spaceport in search of someone," he replied.

"I don't know much of the galaxy or the current war with the Sith Empire; I've never left the Jedi Temple until now."

Nicholas laughed, "Your connection to the so called Force will help us more than anyone else we could find. As for everything else, we'll teach you."

A wide smile filled the young boy's face, his path had been set before him, the Force didn't lead him astray, "I accept!"

"Welcome aboard the Arcadian Fist."

Five years later...

Achilles had learned much of the galaxy within the past five years in their smuggling missions for the republic. He had learned of the suffering war has brought around all the poor folk on many planets. Bringing them food and medical supplies, sneaking past the Sith Empire as best they could. It had been a few months since his 18th birthday.

Their ship was in Hyperspace on its way back to Coruscant, returning from a successful mission. Anubis sat back in his chair, feet up on the console. 'beeeep... beep...' A message was coming in through the ship's nav-computer. Anubis nearly fell out of his seat, completely relaxed; the sounds scared the living crap out of him.

Mean while in one of the ship's small compartments... Achilles sat cross legged in the center of the room's floor. In deep meditation, he hardly noticed the spaceship suddenly leave Hyperspace. He always found his center while meditating, a feat he strived to master even while in combat. Everything within the room was floating, circling him. Concern entered in the corner of his mind when the ship came to a complete stop. He sensed a slight disturbance in the Force. Then he felt it like a bee sting to his forehead. Startled he quickly rose to his feet, and everything fell to the floor with a crash as the compartment door slid opened. Nicholas and Anubis slowly entered the cramped space.

"We've got bad news lad," Anubis said. "I just received a report that the Jedi Temple has been destroyed and the Sith Empire has taken over Coruscant. They have forced the Republic to sign some Treaty." Nicholas' face was full of sadness, awaiting the young boy's response.

"What... That's impossible!" Shocked by the news, his legs all of a sudden felt like jelly, his knees buckling before he stumbled to the floor. Emotions flooded his mind, memories of all his friends, the Masters and their teachings. It was too much, too fast; Achilles' vision became blurry, struggling to breath.

Nicholas Fury rushed to the boy's side as he fainted. Grasping his head between his rugged hands before the kid bashed it on the metal floor below. "You had to just blab it out didn't you Anubis..."

Letting out a small chuckle, "I thought he'd take the news bad, but not that badly; ha-ha..." He couldn't hold back his laughter any longer.

"The boy might have just lost the only people he knew growing up and you think it's funny? What the sithspit is wrong with you man! I knew you were twisted but damn." Anubis shrugged before leaving the compartment. He felt slightly sorry for his actions but was glad the boy didn't see it. Anubis dealt with death differently than most, reasons he wouldn't share with anyone.

Achilles had fallen into a deep trance his mind reeling from the news they had given him. Images came and went faster than his mind could grasp. Until finally settling on a memory the boy didn't know he had. A young baby with stunning green eyes was carried into the Jedi Temple by a hooded man wearing a breathing mask. Many younglings gathered around followed by a small Yoda like Jedi Master. The masked Jedi tossed a small golden orange crystal to the short green Master. 'Keep safe, this I will' Achilles could hear the Master say as if he was underwater, the sounds mumbled by the cloudy vision of his past.

The vision jumped to Achilles' departure from the Jedi Temple, realizing that the Jedi he stole his saber from resembled the hooded masked Jedi that brought him to the Temple. Perhaps it was no coincidence that the Force prompted him to take that Lightsaber in particular out of all those in the room. The orange color of the blade was the same as the crystal the masked Jedi brought with him. His focus turned to the small green Yoda like Master, who had a grin upon his face while Achilles dove out the window.

"Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed that I, train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." He heard in his mind while gazing at the Yoda like Jedi Master. "Secret have for you, I do." The small Jedi Master closed his eyes and nodded, Achilles' spirit surged forward into the Master's mind. The boy was shown where that crystal was hidden within the Jedi Temple. "Return to find, you must. Learn the ways of the Jedi, you will." Better late than never he thought to himself.

His mind cleared, waking suddenly his body soaked with sweat. Attempting to rise out of his bed quickly caused his head to scream in pain. He fell back into his pillow while the room spun around before him. Nicholas Fury still sat in the room awaiting the boys return to reality. "We must go back to the ruined Jedi Temple; there is something I must get." The boy said to the battle hardened Trooper.

Hours later their ship entered Coruscant space... "Never thought I'd say this but. The Arcadian Fist is beginning her first stealth entry into Coruscant," Called out Anubis from his seat. Nicholas Fury tightened the straps to his armor before grabbing a blaster off his rack. Achilles already stood restless at the ship's hanger door waiting. His hands twitched with his 'borrowed' Lightsaber.

"I sense so much dark and evil. So many people suffer on the planet, it brings pain to my heart and there's nothing I can do about it." The young boy slammed his fist into the Spaceship's metallic wall.

"Easy now boy, this isn't our fight. We're to get in, get what you need and get out. That's it ok? Run away to fight another day, it isn't noble but rushing off and getting ourselves killed won't do any good." Nicholas stated the obvious hoping to calm the boy's nerves.

The com-link in Fury's helmet buzzed. "Nearing the temple, get ready," called out Anubis through the com-system. Achilles nodded, hearing the alert with aid of the Force.

The door opened, a vacuum was created as the two jumped out onto the ruined ground below. The Arcadian Fist flew off; they hoped no one was watching. "Lead the way, let's make it quick son," shouted Fury over the sound of their ship's engines. They made their way into the Temple, climbing over downed pillars, statues and debris from the nearby shuttle still lying in the center of the Temple's entrance. Hidden in the shadows a hooded figure with feminine curves watched the two explore the ruined temple.

He came to the spot he saw in his vision. He lowered to his knees before opening a hidden compartment.

Reaching inside he pulled out a pouch, it felt like there were more things within than just a crystal. Opening it up, he saw what looked like the many pieces to a Lightsaber. 'To be a Jedi, create your Lightsaber you must' he heard echo in his mind. A slight glow caught his eye; he reached in grabbing it between his fingers. It felt warm to his touch. Filling his heart with hope, replacing the fear and pain he felt. Looking up quickly, at a disturbance in the Force, "Look out!" he called out to Nicholas.

Too late

A hooded figure soared threw the air, sending out Force push with one hand. Nicholas was thrown into the air, mere moments later the hooded figure sent a burst of lightning from his other palm. Smacking Nicholas square in the chest, electricity spread out to his entire being before he let out a horrifying scream. The trooper's body slammed into a still standing pillar, splintering it to a thousand pieces before he crashed to the ground beside it, gasping for breath.

Surprisingly fast Achilles threw the crystal into the air, with the help of the Force it flew undetected by the hooded Sith. The dark Sith landed on the floor, turning to the young man about to say something... 'THUD' the crystal inserted itself into his eye socket, the lifeless body collided to the ground. Achilles recalled the crystal, wiping off the blood and placing it back in the pouch before rushing to Nicholas' side.

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