tagRomanceJeff & Sue Special Valentine's Day

Jeff & Sue Special Valentine's Day


This is my first attempt at writing a more romantic story. It has a bit of buildup, but there is some sex in it. You just will have to get to know the characters a bit before you get to the sex.


Two days until Valentine's Day, believe it or not that is our anniversary. Well, not really our wedding anniversary, but the day of our first date. And well I guess that will officially be our anniversary next year as we are getting married on Valentine's Day this year. I bet you are wondering why anyone would want to get married on Valentine's Day, well it is a special day for us. Let me explain, I can remember it vividly regardless if it was five years ago.

I remember where it started, well for me at any rate. I sat staring at the computer screen, hardly able to believe that I was staring at her. It had been years, decades really since I had last seen or heard from her. I had thought she was my soulmate, or one true love, or whatever you want to call it. After her I never found another love, or true love. I often wondered if it was because she broke my heart, made it so I could not trust another. Or if it was because my heart knew she was the one.

I had always wanted to spend a few years traveling around the US after high school. But my parents wanted me to start to college immediately. As a compromise I spent the summer after I graduated living with my uncle on the other side of the country. It was an amazing experience, being from a small town and moving across the country to live within an hour's train ride from one of the largest cities in the nation, much less the world.

I met her at work. I had gotten a job as a dishwasher at a small restaurant on the beach. It was not glamorous work but it provided me money to explore and live. She was a waitress and still in high school; well one night after work her mother was not able to pick her up on time so she would have to hang out for a couple of hours. I offered her a ride home and she accepted. How could I not offer? She had blond hair that she kept shoulder length, deep blue eyes, firm B cup breasts (I found that out later), great legs, and a wonderful personality.

After that first ride home, we went on a few dates (which is where I made it to second base and learned about those breasts). But then she cut it off, she said she was beginning to like me too much and that because I was moving at the end of the summer she did not want to get any closer. Although we did remain friends, hanging out and getting to know each other, we just never progressed physically.

Over the next few years became very close friends. Let me tell you, it was different back then, we had to hand write letters and mail them and "chatting" involved making a telephone call which back then it was expensive as they charged long distance charges. Amazing how times have changed.

I had dropped out of college and was working for a smaller construction company building houses. I tried the college thing for a couple of years, but it had not gone well. Sue on the other hand was still in college and loved it, she was working for some environmental degree. She did not know what she wanted to do, but she wanted to save the earth. The year before she graduated we decided she should come visit over summer vacation. I had bought a bed and fixed up the second bedroom in my house for her and was excited to have my closest friend live with me.

Well the spare bed did not get much use, within the first week she was sleeping in my bed and we were falling in love. At the end of the summer she returned home and that started one of the longest years of my life as we maintained a long distance relationship (remember there was not free phone calls, no video-calls, just good old fashioned letters and occasional phone calls). She graduated the following year and I flew across the country, helped load her belongings in her car and we drove 'home'. What a trip that was, the places we saw, the places we had sex, the things they had done; it was one of the best road trips of my life. We took our time, spending three weeks to get across the country.

I was in love, I signed back up for college so that I could get a better job to support her and what I assumed would be our family. Within a month of arriving, she left me. She decided she needed room to think. I heard she had a new boyfriend about a month later. She broke my heart, she ripped it out and crushed it.

I worked for the same construction company all through college and after college I stayed on. Shortly after graduation I was managing special projects. I became close with the owner, and by the time he was ready to retire, I was ready to buy the company from him. The once strong company grew stronger and larger. Becoming the go-to company for custom homes and custom remodels. I was selective in who I hired, each employee was like a family member. It grew to be a very large family over the next decade.

I had gotten married, looking back it was more a marriage of convenience. We loved each other, we had similar goals, we both wanted children and had a "happy" life. But we divorced shortly after the kids moved out. We still loved each other and remained close friends, but we were not 'in love'. She had gotten married approximately a year before and I had built them a custom home as a wedding present.

But I had not met anyone, all of my friends and employees fixed me up with lots of wonderful women. I had met and dated a number of women, but there was never that spark. Finally I decided to take a "sabbatical". I loaded up my old truck and traveled the country for 14 months. I kept in touch with the project managers with my company and helped with anything that needed my input.

My company had been very successful and I did not need to work while traveling so was able to move when and where I wanted. I rented small apartments and often found work as a handyman as a way to stay busy and meet people. I met some wonderful people and made lots of friends, I saw a lot of things, and in general enjoyed myself. But the longer I was gone, the more that I realized that I was lonely. I wanted someone to share my journey with.

After about 14 months I made my way home. I had not told anyone I was coming home, figuring I would get settled in and catch up with everyone after the weekend. The first night home I was not able to sleep and found himself online at an online dating site. I had signed up on it ages ago, had a profile on it, but had almost forgot it was there. Scrolling through a list of "compatible" women I saw her face; I knew the face, knew those deep blue eyes. She was 20 years older, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was her, it was Sue. The site did not share names, rather users were given an id number and were able to message in the program. It was up them whether they wanted to share their name, email, or other personal information.

I updated my profile, taking a selfie and updating my profile picture. I had stated I was a construction worker; I did not want women to know that I was wealthy so kept things vague. I had quickly learned after the divorce that there were a lot of gold diggers out there. I sat in front of the computer and started a number of messages to her, but did not send any before and I finally shut my computer off, drank a few beers while I thought about Sue and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning was Sunday and I woke early and decided to go into the office. I was absorbed in my work when I was startled by someone behind me speaking in a loud voice "Sir, keep your hands visible and stand up." I started to turn to see who it was, turning just far enough to see that I was being addressed by a police officer, and that the officer was drawing his gun. "Sir, I said keep your hands wide and stand up!" the officer said again.

I spread my hands wide, stood slowly and faced the officer. There was another officer behind the first, his gun also out. "Sir, what are you doing here?" asked Officer 1, his gun still out, but not pointed at me.

"I am working, what does it look like?" I responded, as I noticed Beth back behind the officers, her face starting to turn bright red as she stared at me. "Beth, what is going on here?" I asked her

"Jeff?" she said in an unsure voice.

"Yes, what is going on?" I asked again.

Beth's face is bright red as she told the officers that she had made a huge mistake. She informed them that I was in fact the owner of the company and that I had been gone for over a year and she did not know that I was home. The officers left a short time later and Beth spent a while trying to apologize to me.

Apparently I look a lot different with a years' worth of beard and longer hair. Not long after leaving on my trip I had decided to quit shaving. I had shaved pretty much daily for nearly my entire adult life and on the trip I decided he did not need to worry about my appearance.

Beth had come in to the office to put some final touches on a design project that was going out to a client on Monday. She had seen the lights on my office as she pulled up and a large bearded man in the office at my computer. She did not recognize me at all and assumed that I was a burglar or something and rather than come in to confront me had called the police.

One can hardly blame her I suppose, she is maybe 5'6" and petite and I am 6'2" and not petite, having spent much of my life swinging a hammer. Even though I am the owner, I did not give up the physical work. I swung a hammer all through college and built a strong physique, and I still worked and did a number of outdoor activities that helped me remain in such good shape.

I had intended to go to the barber later that day and get my beard chopped off and my hair trimmed up. Once she realized I was not upset, we laughed about it and talked a bit to catch up before getting back to work. She must have made some phone calls, because by the afternoon many of my employees had arrived, bringing food and firing up a couple of barbecues and having an impromptu party.

Everyone had heard about this morning and 'Beth's mistake', but most agreed with her, even employees who had been with me for over a decade did not recognize me at first. Needless to say, I did not make it to the barber as by the time I left the office it was pretty late.

That evening as I sat at my computer responding to some emails from friends and family. Once done, I found myself drawn back to the dating site. As soon as I log in I see that there is a message in my accounts inbox. I had never had a message, and had never sent one so was somewhat surprised.

Opening it, I was even more surprised to see that it was from her, Sue, well online she was not Sue rather she was simply member #73456. Her message was relatively short, stating that she saw that the system had listed us as a potential good match. She had read through my profile and agreed and wanted to know if I may be interested in getting to know each other.

I sat there and stared at her picture on the screen for a long time, wondering what to do. I wondered if she recognized me, her message did not indicate that she had. After all it had been approximately 20 years since we last saw each other. I guessed that after nearly two years of inactivity, last night when I updated my profile (and added a new picture) maybe the system moved me up as an active account and put my profile out there. I could not think of another explanation as to why she had suddenly messaged me.

Part of me was intrigued, she had broken my heart, but I could not find it in myself to hate her or even resent her. I remember the feelings I had for her, but I also remembered what it felt like when she left me. Well if nothing else I decided, I would like to find out how her life had gone, so I responded. I told her that I was intrigued by her profile as well, but I neglected to tell her who I was.

She responded nearly immediately and we chatted back and forth a bit. We decided that until we get to know each other that we would not share our real names. We decided to just call each other John and Jane.

I went to the barber Monday morning and found that I had a change of heart. I decided that perhaps I wanted to maintain my animosity for a time and had the barber trim the beard and hair. I had decided that maybe I did not want Sue to know who I was immediately and that my beard and longer hair was a decent disguise. . Maybe I would not ever let her know, maybe just find out how she is doing and how her life had gone and quit messaging with her.

Over the next couple of weeks we conversed online a lot, getting to know each other. I told her I had been married for nearly 20 years and had two children that were off at college and worked in construction. She told me that she had been married twice and did not have children. She was a professor at a local college teaching environmental sciences.

I kept meaning to stop or let her know who I was, but I found that I did not want to drive her away. I looked forward to her messages and checked my messages a few times a day. She seemed to do the same as we messaged each other through the dating system a few times a day (or more).

Before I knew it, we decided to meet. I could not believe I had let it go this far, but I just could not find it in myself to stop it. But we found it nearing Valentine's Day and neither of us had a date or anyone special to spend the day with. So rather than spend the day alone we decided to meet for dinner.

I made reservations for a nicer restaurant downtown. I also decided to get a room, actually I got a nice suite at a nice hotel a short distance from the restaurant. Depending upon how dinner went, I thought there may be a decent chance that I would end up going to a local bar and getting drunk and did not want to worry about having to get myself home. I knew that I had to tell her who I was, and I was not sure how that would end up.

I checked in to the hotel and relaxed for a while in the Jacuzzi tub before getting dressed and walking to the restaurant. I dressed in slacks and was even wearing a tie. I could not believe how nervous I was to meet her in person. Well not so much meet her as wondering how she would react to finding out who I was.

I arrived a bit early, ordered a drink and sipped it as I watched the door and watched people. She arrived not much after me, early as well. As soon as she walked in the door our eyes locked and she smiled at me. I admired her beauty as she walked towards me, she had the same shoulder length blond hair and those same deep blue eyes. Her breasts appeared larger than I remember, probably a large C cup now. She appeared to take care of herself and exercise as she looked, well she looked very beautiful.

She was wearing a nice dress, showing her cleavage, but still classy. The dress fit her form well, accentuating the curves. As I watched her hips sway, I had a hard time not thinking about what was between those legs, and the times I had spent there.

She comes up to the table and I stand as she gets there. She walks right up to me and pulls me into a hug, which catches me off guard. But nothing like what she says next, as she holds me tight, her arms around me she whispers in my ear "I have missed you so much Jeff." I pull away and sit down staring at her, shocked and well I don't know and what. I had not told her my name. She knew who I was, but she was still here, I was a bit dazed.

She stands there staring down at me as I stare back. After a moment she asks "You know who I am don't you Jeff, you know I am Sue?" I nod back, still reeling a bit, still processing. "Do you want me to leave?" she asks.

I shake my head and quickly stand, "No, not at all" as I pull her chair out for her "please have a seat Sue." I watch as she sits down and I return to my seat and watch her as the waitress comes and she orders a drink. Once she leaves, her eyes turn to me and I ask her "When did you realize it was me?" I ask her.

She stares directly at my face as she responds. "I always knew it was you, I knew as soon as I saw your picture. I would look at it daily and it took me months to get the courage to message you. Then when I saw you update your profile I decided to do it, I messaged you that night. I did not think you would respond, then when you did I assumed you did not recognize me. But over time of messaging I started to believe that you knew it was me, that you were talking to me rather than member # 73456. At least I had hoped you did."

I respond "I knew it was you from the start as well. I was not going to message you, but then you messaged me and I wanted to find out how you were. Then once we started messaging, I could not force myself to stop. I had intended to, but I just couldn't."

She reached across the table, her hands reaching for mine as she looks me in the eye questioningly. I pull my hands back and fold them across my chest. "I do not understand why you wanted to talk to me though. You seemed to make it clear a bit over 20 years ago what you thought of me, or at least a relationship with me." I respond.

Tears come to her eyes as she looks at me, staring for a time. I took a large sip, ok a gulp, of my drink and held it up as the waitress looked my way; she nodded and headed to the bar to get me another drink.

After my drink comes Sue starts talking "I was scared 20 years ago, you know my history, so I assumed you were too good to be true. I decided I needed to leave you before you left me. I don't know if I was right or wrong that you would leave me, but I have dreaded the decision ever since. I have married twice, and both turned out just as I expected everything to turn out." She takes a long drink from her glass before continuing "I finally went to counseling and with the help of my counselor I more or less determined that my relationships were bad because I knew they would be." She stops for a breath, taking a sip of her drink.

Her eyes lock on mine as she starts talking again "My conclusion is that I drove you away, the one good chance at real happiness I ever had. I decided that I was drawn to men that I knew would hurt me, or were not worth shit because then I would not get hurt. I do not know if that makes sense, but it is kind of what I have concluded. Jeff, I have never stopped loving you. I don't know if you want anything to do with me. But when I saw your face on the site, I had to try to reach out and see if there was a chance that we could start over. If nothing else, if you would be willing to be my friend again."

I sat there and stared at her, my mind in a cloud. Part of me wanted to take her up in my arms and hug her, to carry her away and live happily ever after. Well to be honest, all of me wanted to do that. But there was that a large part that was not sure I could trust her. I know you may think that this would be a great time for revenge, to get her back. But that did not cross my mind, I wanted her, I still loved her. She was always that one true love for me, but could I stand my heart breaking again.

All through dinner I did not say a thing, my mind going through scenarios, wondering, lots of what ifs. When the waitress came and cleared our plates she if we wanted dessert; I had not said a thing all through dinner as I was thinking. I glanced at Sue and smiled as I answered the waitress "Yes, as a matter of fact we would like to share a slice of cheese cake." That had been our dessert when we went out, we always (when possible) split a slice of cheese cake after dinner.

Sue looked at me, a smile coming to her face as I reached my hands across the table and took hers in mine. "Sue, I have never stopped loving you. I have always been your friend, if you would have ever needed anything I would have helped in any way that I could. The thought of being more than friends scares me, a lot. But the thought of not trying, that scares me more. So I would like a chance to get to know you better, and see what happens."

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