Jeff & Sue Special Valentine's Day


Sues face lit up and we started talking, just like old times, or just like online. We sat there for another hour just talking, catching up. Finally I glanced at my watch looked at Sue "Do you still like dancing?" I asked her, the smile on her face was enough of an answer. I paid the bill, and we walked hand in hand down the street to a bar that had dancing.

We danced and had a few drinks, having a great time. The first slow song that played, we danced and her body melted into mine for the dance. The curves of her body melding with mine perfectly. I am not embarrassed to say that it caused a bit of a stirring in my slacks. The second slow song I reached down and kissed her and that kissed lasted throughout the song. By the time they closed the bar down, I had made it to second base on the dance floor (maybe that sounds immature for someone at my age, but it was amazing).

We left the bar when they closed it, and were walking down the street with our arms around each other. I did not ask, I just led her to the hotel. She just looked at me as I walked by the front desk and led her past the front desk to the elevator.

Once the elevator door closed, I shoved her against the wall and grabbed her wrists and pulled them over her head. I leaned in close and kissed her, my tongue sliding between her lips. Our tongues battling as my leg moves between hers, my thigh against her against her pussy lifting her slightly.

I collected both of her slender wrists in one of my hands as the other slid down her body, caressing her cheek and neck gently before sliding down her dress and under her bra to cup her breast. I pulled her right breast free from her dress and started to massage it. My hand was working its way to her nipple when she started riding my thigh as we kissed, her pussy rubbing back and forth and I felt the heat radiating through our clothes.

I quit playing with her breast and reached over and pushed the stop elevator button; I was not sure if an alarm would go off, but at that moment I did not care. My leg pulled away from between her legs and my hands pulled her dress up as we continued kissing. Once her dress was up around her waist, I slid my hand to her panties and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Her panties were wet before my fingers started rubbing, and they quickly got wetter as I rubbed.

I pulled my hand up and slide it into her panties. I was surprised to feel that her pussy was bald. I am not sure why, but it was not when we were together so it sort of caught me off guard (I know it was 2 decades ago, but that's what happened). Her pussy felt incredible I thought as my hand slid down her bare pussy, a finger parting her lips. She gasped loudly as my finger rubbed over her clit. I actually recall wondering if there was a camera on the elevator, but again at that point I decided I did not care.

My finger started rubbing her clit, gently at first, but quickly increasing pressure as her body responded. I concentrated on her body, her movements, her breathing, her moaning, and I adjusted the tempo and pressure to keep her excitement up. It did not take long before her legs were spread wider and her hips were rocking in time to my fingers on her clit.

It did not take long for her to cum, I never penetrated her, just rubbed her clit for that first orgasm. I started to pull my hand from her panties, but she pulled her hands free from my other that held them over her head still and wrapped around my wrist on the one in her panties, holding it there. "Please don't stop" she moaned as she rubbed her pussy on my hand.

I started rubbing her clit again, her hands still wrapped around my wrist as she rocked her hips back and forth on my hand. My other hand reaches up and caresses her face, then slides down and my hand reaches around her throat. I held her neck firmly as my other hand played with her hot, wet pussy.

It only took a few minutes and she was cumming again, calling out my name as she did. Once her orgasm had passed, she kept her hands firmly grasped around my wrist and kept rubbing. She did not say anything, just moaned and kept rocking her pussy on my hand. Taking her lead, I continued rubbing her pussy and almost immediately she screamed out with another orgasm. She let go of my wrists then, and I could feel her start to collapse towards the floor. I pulled my hand from her panties and wrapped my arm around her to support her. It took a minute or so before she whispered in my ear "Oh my god that was amazing Jeff, thank you" as she slowly stood up.

I realized how long it had been since I stopped the elevator and sort of panicked and pulled the stop elevator button back out. I noticed her pulling her sliding her dress back down and pulling her bra over her breast out of the corner of my eye as I was pulling the button. I turned to her and pulled her tight to me as I reached my hand around her head and grasped her hair and pulled it back causing her to tip her head up. Keeping a firm grip on her hair, I bent down and kissed her roughly. My lips smashing into hers as my hand held her hair firmly.

Hearing the ding of the elevator, I turn as the doors open. Grabbing Sue's hand I lead her out of the elevator and down the hall. We passed a few people in the hall as we walk to my suite and I noticed them staring. Glancing back at Sue and I noted she seemed to be in a bit of a daze and was just following me; her hair was a mess, her dress down exposing her bra and she seems to have lost one of her shoes someplace (we got it back from the front desk the next day). I guess I did not really blame people for staring, but we were close to my room so I did not stop.

Once inside the suite, I turned to her and pull her to me and give her a hug. Kissing the top of her head I reached back and unzipped her dress. I step back from the kiss and pull her dress from her and it falls to the floor.

She shoved me against the wall in the hallway and started unbuttoning my shirt, ripping a few buttons off in the process. She started unbuttoning at the top and her lips start to kiss my chest, following her fingers down to my belly. Once my shirt was unbuttoned she stood before me and started kissing and sucking a nipple as she started pulling my shirt off, her nails scratched down my back as they slid the shirt down and dropped it to the floor.

She bit my nipple suddenly causing me to wince but before I could do anything about it she dropped to the floor and was kneeling at my feet. Her hand reached up and started rubbing my cock through my slacks as she stared up at me. Her hand sliding up and down my shaft as her other hand reached back and unfastened her bra. Her eyes fastened on mine as she slowly pulled her bra out from her chest exposing her breasts.

Her breasts were definitely fuller than they were than they were decades ago, they sagged a bit but that did not bother me one bit as I am a fan of natural breasts. I recall when my eyes caught the glint of silver at on her nipples and thought to myself, 'nipple rings, now those definitely there 20 years ago, I think I will need to inspect them much closer'.

She dropped her bra and smiled at me, then her eyes focused on her hands as they unhooked my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled my zipper down and pulled my pants down my legs. She knelt up a bit and kissed my cock through my boxer briefs, and wrapped her hand around it and stroked it gently through the fabric. It did not take long before precum was visible through fabric and her tongue flicked out to lick it.

I was surprised as I moaned quietly, not at my moan as my cock had not had much attention lately, but that she moaned, and loud enough I heard it over my moan. Let me tell you that was an incredible turn on. Not that her tongue flicking my cockhead was not a turn on, but that moan caused my cock to twitch.

Her long thin fingers reached up and slid my briefs down, my cock being pulled down with it, until it sprung up when free. She untied my shoes and slid them off my feet, then pulled my slacks and briefs off along with my socks. I stood before her naked and she stared into my eyes as she knelt back up and ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. Once she was at my cockhead, the circled it with the tip of her tongue.

The circles getting smaller as they moved to my pee hole. I do not know what the technical term may be, but I do distinctly recall her tongue on it. The tip of her tongue was pushing into the tip just a bit, holy shit that was a new experience. I was just wondering what I thought of it when her mouth opened and she engulfed my cockhead. She closed her lips around my shaft and started to slowly push her head down; her lips tight on my cock, her tongue pushing against the underside as she kept pushing.

I mean she kept pushing, I felt my cock head enter her throat, and she kept going. I have never had anyone take my whole cock into their mouth, well their mouth and throat. My eyes were closed and I just concentrated on the feeling of it, until I felt her tongue slide out of her mouth and run over my balls. I opened my eyes and looked down at her in amazement and lust as she just sat there with my cock head in her throat and her tongue out. The she started turning her head side to side slowly. I could feel her throat on my cock head as she did this; the things she was doing to my cock was building me to an orgasm very quickly.

Then she pulled off my cock, spit and cock juice streaming from her face to my cock as she gasped and took in a few deep breaths of air. Almost immediately her mouth was wrapped back around my cock and her head started bobbing. I would like to say that I held out, made her work for it. But in all honestly my orgasm reminded me of losing my virginity, it was almost that quick.

She took my whole load into her mouth, not letting a drop slide out. Keeping her lips wrapped tightly around my cock after my orgasm, she pulled off me. She looked up at me and opened her mouth to show me my load in her mouth. Then she closed her mouth, smiled at me and swallowed.

I was not about to be outdone, I was going to show her. I reached down and pulled her to her feet. My hands reaching back to cup her ass cheeks, I lifted her and pulled her to me. She wrapped her legs around me, her panties clad pussy rubbing against my semi hard cock as I walked towards the bed. Her hands wrapped around my neck and she tipped her head up as we started kissing. The kissing was soft and sensual, our lips gently touching, our tongues dancing and exploring.

hen my knees hit the bed, I gently laid her down. She backed across the bed and I followed her. Once she was fully on the bed she lay back and I lay over her, holding much of my weight off her as we started kissing some more.

My kisses started to trail down her face, to an ear. I remembered that she used to like my tongue in her ear, so experimented and sure enough, my actions got a pleasant moan from her. I kissed my way to her other ear and copied the actions, then kissed my way down her neck to her chest.

My hands started massaging her breasts tenderly as I started kissing them. My kisses and fingers circling them, not touching her nipples. My eyes catching on the nipple rings I caught sight of earlier. There was a small silver hoop in each nipple, which I found intriguing.

I slowly made my way to her areolas, kissing my way around them. I could see her nipples getting firmer as I played with her breasts. Then my tongue slid out and I circled her areola with my tongue, a couple times, the third time my tongue grazed her nipple causing her to moan quietly. A fourth time around, my tongue firmly circling her nipple this time, the feeling of the silver ring was interesting.

Then I wrapped my lips around the nipple and started sucking on it, my tongue playing with the ring on her nipple as I sucked. I wrapped my hands around her tit, and squeezed it as I continued sucking, the tip of my tongue flicking her nipple. My thigh was between her legs, and she started rubbing her pussy on it as I sucked. I smiled as I was glad to learn that her breasts were still such an erogenous zone with her.

I released her tit, and moved to the other, treating it the same as the first. By the time I was done with that, she was not just rubbing her pussy on my thigh, she was humping it. I decided that I should move down her body and provide her some relief. So I kissed my way down her stomach, to her panties. I then started kissing her pussy through her panties, then licking (or actually rubbing her pussy with my tongue).

I pulled away suddenly, and she moaned out "Nooooo" loudly as I yanked down her legs and settled my face between her legs. My tongue sliding between her pussy lips and up her slit. Another lick up her pussy lips, this time my tongue grazing over her clit. One more time, this time my tongue firmly licked over her clit and she moaned out loudly.

I moved my head down and drove my tongue into her pussy, then pulled it out. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue, driving it in and out, and twisting my tongue it while inside her. My fingers parted her pussy lips and I drove my face into her pussy, licking as far into her pussy as I could. Her hips were gyrating with my tongue action and my face was wet with her juices.

I pulled away from her to catch my breath, slowly sliding a finger into her tight pussy, feeling her pussy slowly expanding to accommodate my finger. Once it was fully in I pulled out slowly and started to slowly finger fuck her. It did not take but a few strokes until I was finger fucking her quicker as my fingers worked in time with her hips.

I glanced up and her head was back and she was staring straight at the ceiling. I loved the look of pleasure on her face as my finger slid in and out. Wishing I could watch her face as I moved my head down and drove my tongue between her lips and started rubbing her clit with my tongue. I envisioned her face changing from a look of pleasure to a look of ecstasy as my tongue rubbed and teased her clit and my finger pumped in fiercely.

I felt her hands in my hair, gripping it as she tried to hold my head in place over her clit. A few minutes later her legs clamped around my face, holding me tight. I continued licking her clit as she screamed out as she came. She came long and hard, but kept her hands in my hair as she continued to move her hips.

I pulled my finger from her pussy, then pulled my head away from her pussy and she moaned in frustration. I saw her glance down at me and I smiled at her, my face coated in her juices, as I moved my body up. I guided my cock between her pussy lips, sliding it back and forth a few times, my cock head rubbing her clit as I did.

Then I guided my cock into her pussy, just entering her, I loved the feeling of her pussy stretching around my cock. I slowly drove in, back and forth until I was in her pussy about three inches. Then I pulled back and slammed in and buried my cock in her in one hard motion. She screamed out in what sounded like a bit of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure.

Holding my cock in deep as her pussy adjusted to it; once she started rocking her hips I started to fuck her with deep strokes. We continued to fuck, the tempo picking up until I was slamming into her as fast as I could, her hips coming up to meet mine.

I stopped and pulled out of her, grabbing her hips, rolled her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Grabbing her hips firmly, I pulled her ass in the air and stepped between her legs and drove my cock into her pussy. Keeping a firm grip on her hips, my fingers digging into her skin as I pulled her back into me as I slammed into her pussy.

It did not take long before I felt her pussy contracting around my cock and she was calling out louder. I concentrated on the feelings, knowing she was close. I continued fucking hard until I heard her scream my name. I slammed into her a few more times as she was in the midst of a long orgasm before I released deep inside her. Pulling out a bit and slamming in again to release another load into her.

After my orgasm, I collapsed onto the bed beside her. As she felt my cock slide out, she had collapsed as well. We lay there, not able to talk, just looking into each other's eyes as we drifted off to sleep. We got up a few hours later and took a long shower together before laying down and having another round of sex. The second round of sex was a lot more sensual, with a lot of kissing and touching.

We stayed the weekend in that hotel, leaving to eat a few times. But while out to eat a few times, we found places to sneak away for a quick suck even a fuck in a men's room in a fancy hotel. It was a crazy weekend, like we were trying to make up for not being with each other for 2 decades in one weekend.

It took a year of dating before she moved in with me, both of us taking things slowly, well emotionally at any rate.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/01/18

Ending seemed a bit rushed

But other than that, I liked the story. I would have appreciated another page or so that filled in how they (especially she) spent the intervening years. And I still don't understand why she left him -more...

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by Matttster02/01/18

Could be a good story

Thank you for the comments. I originally wrote it in 3rd person and part way through decided I liked it better in first person. I tried to go back fix this but I am sure I missed some.

The originalmore...

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by Anonymous02/01/18

Could be a good story

This has the makings of a good story but needs more work. The lack of an editor shows, there are some inconsistent changes from first to third person and the chronology is difficult to follow at timesmore...

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by Anonymous02/01/18


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by Matttster01/31/18

Animosity vs anonymity

Oops, makes a big difference: animosity vs anonymity!! I am between editors right now, so if that is the worse I did, I feel pretty good.

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