tagFetishJekyll & Hyde: A Panty Sniffers Story

Jekyll & Hyde: A Panty Sniffers Story


It's one of my favorite things to know a woman has cum and her sweet honey is then trapped in her panties. I'll retell you one of my favorite panty stories, and probably the one that maintains my fetish to this day. Knowing the intimate smell of a woman is probably one of the most erotic concepts that my little brain can fathom. I don't want to wear them, I don't want to steal them for a long period of time, I just want to get a smell and possibly a taste of that musky, sexy, and amazing scent that only a woman can provide. Now don't get me wrong kind reader, I am not one to assault strange or known women and cheat on my loving girlfriend at the same time. I've never really considered the act of panty sniffing a form of cheating. Though you know how that whole justification deal works. But hear me out and maybe you will better understand the fetish, or maybe you already are a fetishist of this nature and get a kick out of it.

My relationship with panty sniffing is a long one, and one I like to call a Jekyll and Hyde type of behavior. I want to smell the essences of women I meet, but in no way do I want to violate their trust and personal property. I want to know them in this amazing way that you can only know when you have their pussy so close to your face. But I also want to respect their space. Hence you see why I call it so. I often argue with myself about the act, sometimes Jekyll wins, and sometimes Hyde wins. Ohh who am I kidding? Hyde almost always wins.......yes I almost always win.

A few days ago my girlfriend Lisa received a phone call, and between watching my computer screen and picking up a few stray bits of conversation, I began to surmise that we were going to have a houseguest. My cock twitched lightly in my pants and I could feel my pulse slightly quicken.....maybe her sister in law, her slutty hot friend from work, or any number of random beautiful bitches she knows who's scent will dance in my brain. My mental struggle began once again. Could I leave her items untouched, her privacy her own, and not break into her room to get my prize. Would I give in, like I typically did, and meticulously pick through her dirty clothes in order to find myself a prize? I think we all know the answer.....we always know

Lisa told me that her friend from college, Sasha was in the area for a conference and wanted to know if they could catch up. It was obvious that Lisa had invited her to stay with us, citing that it would be silly to waste the funds for a hotel, etc etc. Who was I to abandon this friend in need?..... Certainly not a panty sniffing pervert who was more focused on a new scent to consume than any inconvenience that a simple houseguest could provide.

Sasha arrived on a Friday afternoon while I was at work. I had asked Lisa a few questions about her, but was only given brief answers. Finding no good reason to pry, I waited to meet this woman, and a deep part of my brain throbbed ....you must taste her. As I pulled into the driveway, I quickly shook my head trying to clear these standard prurient thoughts. Though in reality, I knew they would win in the end, and I'd find myself in the guest room clutching a clammy panty gusset to my face while my brain sent fireworks off and my cock preformed its own little explosives show. Lisa had planned a night out for them, and I would be staying home to catch up on a little work. Mostly I didn't want to interrupt her time with her friend....and possibly I could be alone with Sasha's items.

Sasha was a fairly beautiful woman. She was shorter in stature and thick in all of the right places, the kind of woman who is no supermodel, but all woman and proud of it. Her personality is as wonderful as the rest of her, she is boisterous, fun, and just a little on the loud side. This kind of fearless strong woman is something that has always gotten my blood up. Sasha has ample breasts, proudly on display in a low cut top, and skirt which was just tight enough for me to ascertain that there were a pair of bikini panties underneath....why isn't the slut wearing a thong? Only good girls wear bikini panties. Thongs get bunched up between those beautiful pussy lips and wick off that sweet sweet honey. But bikini's have a large gusset and can collect more.

We spent an hour making small talk as Lisa showered, changed and dressed for their upcoming night out. It turns out that Sasha was actually a pretty great gal. This sad fact clouded my mind a little, maybe I should leave this one alone. She's such a nice girl. I shouldn't violate her trust. I heard Lisa yell from the bedroom. "Shower's all yours Sash"...see her behind the closed door of the bathroom. See her stripping down to those panties and rubbing a hand gently over her swollen lips while the other hand pinches her nipple? See the beautiful and slowly growing damp spot begin directly over her opening. Push her down and plant your mouth over that wet spot and suck her clit through her panties. Make her lose control, make her squirm, and cum, and scream your name.

I retired to the couch to begin catching up on some office work that I had brought home, while trying to keep the tickle in my stomach and groin repressed. The tickle knew what it wanted. ...Why deny it? What could go so wrong? No one would be hurt. We've done this before, we know how to act. Why fight, just enjoy yourself..... Stupid fucking tickle.

As the girls rushed out I waited for a few moments. The tickle was persistent. It knew it would win. It always wins. And sure enough I found myself tiptoeing into our guest room where Sasha was staying. The tickle was now a warm throbbing haze all around my chest and flooding down to my cock. Her small travel suitcase lay at the foot of the bed and I spent a second or two memorizing where the zippers were placed before I opened them. Inside...was nothing. The haze lifted, the tickle gone. I realized glumly that she was wearing the same panties that she came in....Noooooooooo, why would she not leave this gift for me?

Telling myself it was for the best, I went back to the couch to begin working. My cock was deflated and I actually felt good about myself. But there was only one reason that I knew I was ok with not getting to smell her....yet. Her scent would be amplified by time spent out drinking and telling stories with her friend. Would those memories be of a sexual nature? Would they be of nothing sexual at all? Would there be a stranger at the bar she would dance with who would brazenly stroke her ass and send a flood of her come straight into her panties.

The girls made it home a few hours later. I had just put my laptop away when their ruckus of arrival had alerted me to their arrival....which was nice....if they're loud I could hear them coming and am less likely to get caught. Both women were looking stunning, and slightly red about the face as it was obvious that they had been drinking. As these types of scenarios often play out, both girls began telling old and new stories about each other to a very amused me.

Mostly I enjoyed the story of how the hot bartender kept trying to get a look down Sasha's blouse, and how she made it around the bar to cup his ass on a dare. The conversation drifted around and finally settled on sexual matters. Nothing to bold, but the standard conversation of some 20 something's about sex: men being selfish lovers, women who love to give head, women who hate to give head, good lovers, bad lovers, porn, dick size, breast size, and fake orgasm. You've all had these conversations, they're just enough of a tease so that the people in them are so antsy by the end of the night that they grab the person across from them and take them home for a good bout of fucking. The kind of talk that is just slightly awkward, but stirs your cock or clit just enough to make it twitch now and then. It also helped that Lisa was giving me the occasional squeeze under the table while the stories continued.

Around 2 am after a full night of the girls drinking and reminiscing, we all decided to call it a night. Lisa was obviously feeling horny, as per all the under table molesting, whispered in my ear "I want your cock in me". God bless the straight forward woman that she is, I ought to marry her. Sasha stated that she was going to go pass out in her room and dream of the bartenders ass and said "i'll try not to masturbate too loudly" she giggled and staggered off to the guest room. .....They'll be so fragrant...I want to taste her.. I want her scent to wash over and through me.

I was so happy that Sasha had chosen to sleep in our guest room in our thin walled apartment at that moment. I closed the place down for the night and Lisa roughly pulled me into our bed room, she was down to a bra and panties in a heartbeat and i got to see one of my favorite things..a little wet spot at the crotch of her gray panties.

I don't know why the wet spot is such a point of arousal, but it is so amazing to me that a woman get's aroused and her beautiful cunt seeps something so sensual in anticipation of getting fucked. It's just mind boggling and causes me to go into an instant sexual lust. I spun her around and jammed a hand down the front of her panties and said "only horny sluts get so wet they soak their panties when their best friend is in the room next door". She groaned quietly but the hot and slick folds my fingers found quickly were fair evidence that I was correct. Lisa spun out and whispered "i just want to fuck and cum. I don't want to go long, just pound me...quick..hard..and as quietly as possible"

I took that as a personal challenge. She invites her hot girlfriend over, get's all horny, and DOESN'T want her to hear as fucking. In my head i though....I'm sorry hon..but after being teased all night, you're going to get fucked..and your friend is going to hear it...because i want her to cum listening to us....because I want to know the smell of her fresh girl cum.

Like I said, I took this as a personal challenge to prolong her agony by bringing her to the edge a few times on my tongue. She was always down for oral so I made myself comfortable and she said..."just get me wet enough to fuck. I just want to cum with your cock in me. I don't want her to know we're fucking".

I spent a minute or two licking from clit to asshole while she pulled my hair as she repeatedly whispered "get me wet enough to fuck, just enough to get it in me", then I switched to little flicks across the top of her clit. She loves this as always but i wanted her to edge a few times so I kept a nice steady circular pace around the tip of her clit. At this point her hips started bucking and she was grunting "FUCK!!. make me cum and then pound me!!" in breathy little whispered gasps.... always so hot to hear her lose control a little.

I gently worked my palms under her butt cheeks which is typically how i hold her into my face when i'm really working her little clit over. This always makes her cum really hard, and she is doing very little to resist me....she wants her friend to hear the pleasure she's getting...she wants her friend to know how good she's getting fucked.

Lisa's body tensed with the anticipation, but this was going to be different....if she wants it so do I....I want to her Sasha cum..and I want to sample that cum later.

I brought her to the edge and put my thumb pads right above her cute little asshole. I can always feel it tense and then relax when she's close to cumming. It's very erotic to feel her PC muscles contract spasmodically when she cums, so i make it a practice to do so. Plus the extra pressure makes the muscles stretch a bit more and feels great to her. She grunted loudly this time and began to slip into her typical sexual noises. This was going to be more fun than i thought :-)

As Lisa got louder and louder, my cock was getting harder and harder. I could feel a cool spot on the sheets where my pre-cum had left a spot. The alcohol had loosened her tongue and inhibitions, and my tongue had loosened her cunt. I'm pretty sure the only thing on her mind was getting off. Lisa twitched once and got a serious look on her face as her mind came back for a second. She pulled me up to her face forcefully by the ears "you dirty fucker..you're doing this on purpose". I smiled and then went back down to pleasure her, unhindered, in fact I felt the pressure of her hands on the back of my head. After a few moments more i decided to let her cum....she will come and so will Sasha....they will enjoy it even if they won't admit it.

Lisa's hips bucked hard into my face and a rhythmic grunt deep from her chest matched what her cute pink asshole was doing to my thumbs and her slippery swollen cunt was doing to my tongue. Her hips were raised up from the bed and getting those last spasmodic little air humps in as I pulled my mouth away from her sensitized clit, and then they crashed back down causing the mattress springs to sing. "ohhhhhh fuck" Lisa groaned a little too loudly. "shhhh" I whispered to her, "you don't want your friend to know what a dirty girl you are" as I finished my words, I blew a sharp stream of air over her exposed clit. Her body jumped once more and she gave a loud bursting yelp which caused her to clap her hands over her mouth.... Can you hear those short sharp squeaks through the wall...it's her....she's coming with her.

"You bastard!" Lisa huffed behind mirthful eyes. I knew she wasn't really angry. It's hard to be angry when you're coming.....that should be on a t-shirt.

"Get up here and fuck me!" she said in a quiet but forceful voice.... A voice loud enough for Sasha to hear...A signal for Sasha to begin rubbing her slick button again and filling the gusset of her panties to the brim with her exquisite ambrosia..

Sliding up her lithe body I slowed to catch a rock hard nipple between my teeth. Only to feel hands grasp my sides and urge me upward.

"No.. I need your cock in me now...no more teasing".......there that noise again...was that Sasha's orgasmic vocalizations...can you hear the slapping of wet fingers to wet cunt?

And she was right, it was no longer time to tease, it was time to fuck. Lisa's hand grasped the base of my cock and rubbed the head up and down her slick folds. Our combined lubricants coated my cock and I pressed forward to enter her liquid heat in one solid stroke. I reached a hand under her to tease her asshole again and pull her violently into my pounding cock. Her breath rushed out as my pubic bone contacted hers and our fucking began. I would love to tell you that I fucked for an hour, my wonderful girlfriend spasming in countless orgasms under me, but it would be a lie. We fucked hard and both came violently in a matter of moments. The sex was great just knowing that her friend, if she hadn't passed out, was listening to us fuck. I made no special effort to quiet myself and when i came, i made sure it was known.

The next morning the girls went off shopping and I did a bit of sleuthing..... I looked in all the obvious places, but finally found the treasure. A little pink bikini panty that was stuffed deeply into the pocket of her bag. The crotch was cold and damp still, i put my warm breath through the material to bring out her smells and after the initial cool damp material was warmed by my breath the smell of her sex hit me. She had the kind of pussy that smells spicy, earthy, and just reeks of sex. The smell was ambrosia and just knowing that it had to be that wet because she was masturbating to us fucking, was so hot. I will tell you that i did shoot at least 3 loads that morning. I did put it back eventually, as stealing is not right. It was one of the hottest panty sniffing adventures i'd ever had. Lisa confirmed later that Sasha had heard us fucking, but the matter beyond that was kept between them..... But I knew...

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