tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJen-Hewitt's Lover Ch. 03

Jen-Hewitt's Lover Ch. 03


The following story is a direct follow-up to 'Jen-Hewitt's Lover 1 and 2'. If you haven't read those and don't want to, or if you did and need a refresher, this is what has happened thus far: Angie was trying to set up Carl, her cheating husband, by plotting to trick him into thinking her new friend, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, wanted to have an affair with him. She snuck a video camera into Jen's hotel room to catch him in the act for evidence to be used against him in any eventual divorce settlement. While Angie kept Vinny--the man Jen was expecting to get a late night visit from--busy, Jen actually found herself to be quite enjoying her time with the dominating husband, Carl. In the morning, after Carl left and a regretful Angie went to see how Jen was and to retrieve the video camera before she got caught, Jen showed up as if nothing was amiss. Angie was confused about what had happened in Jen's hotel room. She needed the camera to find out, but also to cover her ass. But she was forced to delay, and ended up taking Jen to breakfast first...

Now they have just returned to the hotel room, and are surprised to find themselves not alone, as Angie tells the story...

"Oh! Jesus! You scared me!" Jennifer called out when she saw the black woman standing in the back of her room.

The woman was wearing a hotel maid's uniform, so we both calmed down a little upon recognizing that, but it was still wrong for her to be in there. Jen had left explicit instructions that no one was to enter her room to clean until after she'd checked out. She knew that plenty of sickos out there would pay top dollar for her panties, or anything else a rogue hotel employee might be able to wrangle up.

Turns out that was exactly what this was. But I saw right away that the worst possible scenario--one I hadn't considered--had become reality. The maid was holding my video camera.

"We need to talk, Jen-baby," the maid said. She seemed cool considering the seriousness of this confrontation, but she also spoke as if she'd been rehearsing it for an hour. "I have your tape. It's in a safe place."

Jennifer skipped the obvious question about what this woman was doing here. She knew, at this point, that it didn't matter. "What tape?"

Of course I knew, but nobody knew that. And while Jen had no clue about the camera, her face paled noticeably when she realized, if that camera had been in here last night and was recording, what was on it. Not having seen the tape myself, I was even more curious as to what went on after seeing that response from her. Until now she'd been acting like nothing odd had happened.

"Two hours of video," the maid said. "Some pretty sick stuff. Handcuffs...a leash..."

Jen started shaking. So did I.

"What do you want for it?" Jen asked. "How much?"

"I don't want money," the maid said coolly. "The paparazzi will pay me more to see it than you will to keep it a secret..."

Jen shook her head. "No. I promise you that isn't true. I will beat anything they offer. Millions. I will pay you millions. Please!"

Even though this was entirely my fault, I felt angry at the maid for blackmailing Jennifer. She was just a casualty of war in my plot, but the maid had turned her into the enemy. It wasn't right. "You so much as breathe a word about that tape to anyone," I said, "and you'll be sued for defamation of character and arrested for breaking in here--"

"No," Jen said, holding me back. She gave me a look that told me I was out of my league here. And it was true that I'd never had to deal with someone like this before, whereas she probably had. "Don't threaten her," Jen said. "This isn't about the money anyway, is it?"

The maid shook her head. "You're right. It isn't. Do you know my name?"

We both tried to read her name tag from across the room, but she caught us.

"I'll spot you my first name, Jen-baby. Charlotte. You can call me Char."

"Do I know you?" Jen asked.

Char grinned and shook her head. "Guess not. I was just the president of your biggest unofficial fan club a while back. Until you snubbed me on the red carpet. Twice. And when you were in town last time, I came up to you to ask you what your problem was--"

"And I had my bodyguards take you away. I remember you now. But they never told me your name. And I see lots of people on the red carpet--"

"Too late to explain yourself, Jen-baby. Too late. The tape is going out."

"Then why are you here? There must be something you want," Jen asked.

This seemed to catch Char off guard, and she broke eye contact for the first time, evidentially to think about what she had come here for. I had a feeling she knew, but maybe she just hadn't figured out how to ask for it yet, because so far everything she said seemed like it had been written in a script.

Jen slowly approached the woman, and I followed. I looked Char over, hoping to not find a gun or a knife, and I was pleased when I didn't. But as we got closer, I found that Char was still an intimidating woman. She looked to be in her mid-20s. Her skin was a dark chocolate color, and her long, thick hair was so black that it shimmered. She was over six foot tall. She wasn't at all skinny, but not fat, either, and if it weren't for her wide, curvy hips, huge bubble ass, and big, fat breasts, I might have considered her average size. When she had been talking to Jen, she looked angry, but now she just seemed shy and worried. I half expected her to run away.

For the next five or so minutes Jennifer pleaded with Char not to release the tape. She offered all kinds of money and apologized profusely for not being kind enough to her "biggest fan". But Char wouldn't hear it. She was adamant on releasing the tape. The whole exchange made me think that maybe my husband had fallen into my trap after all. And he must have really worked Jen over if she was this desperate to keep it a secret. But why, I wondered, would she be protective of that footage? If she was going to use it to go to the police and go after my husband for what he'd done, she would be wanting the tape back, but in reality Jen was just trying to bury it. And there was no reason she should be protecting my husband Carl, so the only one left to protect was...herself.

And as I tried to figure it out, I wondered, impossibly, if maybe Jennifer wanted to hide the tape because it didn't show her--as I first suspected--being manhandled by a creep. Maybe it showed her enjoying being dominated and humiliated.

I was still trying to convince myself of this unlikelihood when something Jen said snapped me out of it.

"That's right," she said. "If you're so adamant on ruining my reputation, let me give you a different tape to turn in. Something just as damaging, but not so embarrassing. I'll give you a nude tape. Six hours of me naked. That's better than your two hours."

"No it isn't," Char said.

"I'll give you tape of me masturbating. Having sex with another celebrity! How about that? Anything but what is on that tape. Please! I'm begging, you Char. You must have a little love left for me. Give me this one thing. You'll still make me pay for how I wronged you. You'll still get your paparazzi money. Just please leave me with a little dignity!"

"All right," Char said, and she had said it so fast that neither Jen nor I could believe it. She'd accepted the compromise.

It was then that I saw that my video camera in Char's hands was on. She had been covering the recording light to hide it, but her finger slipped just enough for me to see. She was recording this conversation.

"If you're going to make this deal," I said to Char, "then you have to erase everything you've taped since we came in here."

Jen saw that the camera had been recording, then gave me a nod of thanks for picking up on it. Char agreed and instantly stopped the camera and rewound the tape.

"So what is it you want?" Jen asked. "What do you want me to do and when do you want it?"

"Oh I want it now, Jen-baby," Char said as the tape rewound. "How about a lesbian scene?"

Jen's eyes went wide, while Char's eyes found mine. She didn't want a tape of herself with Jen. She wanted a tape of me and Jen. When Jen figured this out, she looked at me with a horrified expression.

I know Jennifer isn't gay or bi, and though the idea wasn't the least bit interesting to me either, I felt obliged. This was, after all, still my fault. And rather than wait for Jennifer to give me a cliché line like "I can't ask you to do this", I just agreed straight-out before she had to.

"No," Jen said. Then to Char, "This doesn't involve Angie. Let me pick someone else."

The last thing I wanted was to bring another innocent person into all of this, and I knew Jen felt the same.

"No," I said. "I'll do it. If you promise to hand over the original tape, I'll do it. There's no reason to get anyone else involved."

"Well, get started then, baby," Char said, lifting the camera back onto the entertainment center, concealed by some flowers--the same place I had hidden it the night before. "And make it look real, like you don't know the camera is here. Now...Action!"

We had no time to get into character, but fortunately Jennifer Love-Hewitt is something of an expert in those matters. She started chatting about nothing, as if this was just a normal day. She was so good that I found myself thinking we were actually having a real conversation just a few seconds into it. But apparently even Jen didn't know how to turn the conversation into a sexual advance, so she started the physical thing out of the blue, which surprised me. She came right up to me and hugged me, her back to the camera and her eyes on me. They showed fear, reflecting my own feelings.

"I'm going to kiss you," she said, sounding unsure of herself and whispering too softly for the camera to pick it up. "Are you sure this is okay?"

I nodded, though I wasn't convinced I was ready for this. And then Jennifer Love-Hewitt kissed me on the lips. It was a soft, quick peck, and even though I'd probably given my girlfriends and even members of my family the same, innocent peck, it was much more frightening to know this was only the beginning.

"We'll take things slow," Jen whispered to me. "Maybe we won't have to really do anything too wild to make her happy."

And then we kissed again, a little deeper. I felt her tongue in my mouth, and I gave Jennifer mine. It was slow and soft, wet and warm. She hugged me and I hugged back. Because of Jen having told me she was going to try and take things slow, I expected the kiss and hug to merely linger, but suddenly she was kissing me even harder and her hands were everywhere, really groping me. Her tongue went so far down my throat that I suspected I could have swallowed it, and then, just like that, everything stopped. Jen pushed herself away from me and turned to the camera, hanging her head low, her face in her hands.

"Dammit," she said. "I can't do this." She looked to Char through the camera. "There must be something else."

I could see she had lost it. I could also see that Char had no pity. The sadness on her face seemed only to be from not getting the lesbian scene she wanted. It had to be this. Now I knew Jennifer must have really humiliated herself on that tape, and as I was the one who had set it up, I took it upon myself to see her through this.

In college, I had once been talked into interviewing for a soft porn modeling agency to pick up some extra cash. I was ready to sign myself away when the guy asked me if I was okay kissing other women. I told him no and walked out. Yet here I was, years later--and married--and about to make love to Jennifer Love-Hewitt who, herself, had so little interest in bisexuality that she couldn't bring herself to try it even if it meant saving her career and reputation. I was a straight woman tasked with seducing another straight woman. It seemed impossible, yet it had to be done.

"I'll help you," I told Jen. "Come here."

Jen knew it was helpless, and slowly came to me at the foot of the bed. Char again rewound the tape so she could start from the beginning. Right before she pushed record, she gave us some instruction that only made things worse.

"I want to see everything. Kissing, pussy eating, 69, everything. Or no deal."

Jen looked at me with fear. "Can you do those things...just for me?"

I nodded but didn't make eye contact as I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it back, revealing her terrific breasts clad in a blue bra.

"Then," she said, and paused as if struggling with the question. "Could you do them for me...with her?"

I looked up, confused beyond reason. "What?"

"Charlotte, hold on," Jen said. "You don't want video of two girls having sex, do you? You want to have the sex yourself. Right? Isn't that what this is about?"

The look on Char's face said it all. She'd been caught. "Yeah."

"But you don't want anybody to know about it, do you. That's why it's come to this blackmail bullshit. Right?"

Char looked at the floor. "Yeah. I'm sorry, Jen-baby."

"If you have sex with me, everyone is going to know. Even if all three of us kept quiet about it, these things have a way of getting to the public. Like maybe some guy walking by my door will hear a girl moaning my name, and a rumor will start, and people will find out you were missing during those two hours, and they'll know you're gay or bi or whatever you are. You'll be all over the news. Everyone will know."

"I don't want that..."

"I know," Jen said. "But if you must have something in return for that tape, I can offer you something else. Or someone else."

And then, to my amazement and horror, Jennifer looked right at me.

"How about you have sex with Angie?"

I was so stunned that I couldn't even speak. My jaw dropped to the floor. Char, on the other hand, seemed instantly keen on the idea.

"You can have sex with her, and I'll tape it for you so you can watch it over and over," Jen explained. "Angie doesn't want anyone to know, and since neither of you are celebrities, nobody will care enough to find out. It'll be your secret, and you'll get everything you want. How does that sound for a deal?"

I couldn't believe I was hearing this. Jen had always seemed so sweet and caring. Now she was throwing me under the bus!

"You said you'd do it for me, right?" Jen asked me, as if my honest answer didn't matter.

I wanted to tell her off for handling it this way, but I was too nervous to come up with a better resolution and again, I kept coming back to that fact that the Char problem was entirely because of my evil deed. I guess I did owe her, even if I was going to hate her for it afterward. I even hoped, for just a moment, that I would get my hands on that tape and see how much I could get for it from the paparazzi, though I quickly dismissed that option.

Jen and Char switched places. Jen started the camera and Char, apparently too nervous about fulfilling her lesbian desires, stood there waiting for me to make the first move. I thought, she doesn't want to have sex with Jen--just to be treated like her. So once again I was going to be playing the seductress, even though I was the straight one!

Up close, Char looked much prettier than when she stood angry in the shadows, so at least I wouldn't be totally repulsed, I thought to myself. Her skin was smooth and the sweet scent of her body and perfume was intoxicating. Up close, she had very big, beautiful eyes, but they looked at me as if she didn't give a damn that I was an unwilling participant in all of this.

Like I had done with Jennifer, I began to unbutton Char's blouse when I had yet another shock. She yelled at me.

"Not my clothes, bitch!" she said. "Take off yours. Shoes. Socks. Shirt. Pants. In that order!"

I was startled, but didn't want to be yelled at again, and so I obeyed quickly. When I was standing there in just my underwear, I could feel myself shaking. I hoped Char couldn't see that she'd scared me, but I hoped Jen could see what she'd offered me up to.

"That's nice," Char said, and she rubbed her hands all up and down my curvy body. Her hands were warm on my milky skin, and though definitely feminine in shape and feel, they were large, her fingers spreading wide. After a moment I saw her staring down at my cleavage. I have very robust C-cup breasts--much smaller than Char's who looked to be in the E category, but mine were better shaped. I decided it was my great form that she was admiring since she was obviously used to seeing bigger.

"Take off your bra."

I did, slowly because my hands were shaking too much to unclasp it faster. My fat, pink nipples were unexpectedly hard as Char bent down and took first one, then the other, between her full lips. She sucked gently, then brought in her tongue to swirl around me, gradually opening her mouth wider and wider until she had as much of my tit in her mouth as she could get. My spine, neck, thighs, and even my pussy tingled from the attention, but I knew it was only from the physical stimulation. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that I was with a man; someone young, eager, inexperienced and appreciative--all of what Char was, except female.

After sucking both my breasts individually, Char licked and rubbed her face between them. Her hands were on my ass, so I used my hands to help squeeze my tits around her face, thinking the sooner she was satisfied, the sooner this would be over.

Maybe she mistook my participation as enjoyment, or maybe she was going to do this anyway, but suddenly she licked up my neck and then kissed me full on the mouth, slipping into me the second woman's tongue in the course of a few minutes. I found it strange that, even though I wanted nothing to do with the kiss, I actually had to concentrate on resisting, as if my tongue wanted to follow an instinct to kiss back. But I succeeded and held back any kiss, and soon Char had pulled her face away from mine, apparently not offended or she'd been too excited to have noticed.

"Take off your panties," Char ordered.

I slipped them off my hips, let them fall to the floor, and did my best not to hide my bare pussy without putting it on obvious display, either. I knew Char would lick me there next, but I didn't want her to think she was invited.

But Char didn't bend down to lick me after all. She just stepped back and sat on the end of the bed.

"Play with yourself."

I was so relieved I was actually excited to get started. Maybe Char's shyness was getting to her. Maybe all I'd have to do was masturbate and that would be enough. I put my hand on my pussy and began rubbing myself. I told myself to move slow, and closed my eyes to concentrate. If I couldn't get myself off, Char might come up with something else, so I needed to push away all the fears and stage fright and just do it.

It wasn't long when I'd worked myself wet, and I damped my fingers by drawing them further and further inside me before pulling out and teasing my clit. Soon I was very wet, considering the situation, and I decided to go for broke. I worked my wet fingers against my clit fast. My thighs tensed and weakened, and I had to turn around, spread my legs, and grab the top of the entertainment center with my free hand to give myself balance. Doing this turned me so my backside faced Char instead my front, but thankfully she didn't care, because she said nothing. In fact, my stimulated breathing was the only sound in the room.

I opened my eyes as I worked toward climax and gave Jennifer, just four feet to my left, a glance. She still held the camera on me, but she was apparently entranced enough to not watch through the viewfinder. Her eyes were right on me, wide with surprise. Her face, though, was pink with what I guessed was embarrassment. Maybe she felt sorry for me. Maybe she was just sorry she had to watch. Either way I didn't care because I was getting closer and closer--

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