tagIncest/TabooJenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 05

Jenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 05


The warmth of her father's body relaxed Jenni as he carried her in his arms across her bedroom floor. She licked her lips and smiled as she tasted his cum. Just a few minutes ago he had held her head in place, as she struggled to get free, fucking her throat until he pulled his cock out to come over her face. For a few moments Jenni had panicked; fear induced by his vice like grip on her head and by her inability to breathe. But that fear had subsided when she looked up and saw his face. In that moment he was not the Daddy she had grown up adoring, he was a man using a woman. A man who needed release. And she wanted him to have it.

When his come had splashed onto her face it had startled her. It was the first time she had ever watched a cock spasm and shoot come. The feel of it, the pure force, as it hit her skin had surprised her. It had also aroused her and now as her Daddy carried her to the shower she could feel hot wet the material of her robe was.

She had become so aroused her cunt had flooded and soaked her robe. His forced use of her mouth had scared her and also aroused her. As he had thrust into her throat she had ground her cunt hard onto her heel, feeling the hardness ease her need enough to allow her to concentrate just on his pleasure.

Jenni blushed as she thought of a recurring fantasy she had once had. Being forced to submit. She had always been a "good girl" and being forced took away her responsibility for whatever happened. Of course, she had never been in such a situation. She was too cautious and sensible for that; but the fantasy had always been there.

And tonight her Daddy had; albeit unknowingly; fulfilled that fantasy, at least in part. She nestled into his chest, her face pressed to him, his heart beat in her ear. She sighed contentedly and rubbed her face against her father's chest. He chuckled as she moved, "Feeling good baby?"

Nodding, Jenni smiled happily. Her father reached the door of her en-suite and pushed open the door to the small room. Setting her carefully onto her feet in the middle of the room he stepped back from her and smiled into her eyes.

"Are you sure you are ok, sweetie? I was pretty rough with you out there." His voice cracked slightly as he recalled his selfish use of his pretty daughter.

"Yes Daddy!" Rising onto her tip toes Jenni kissed him softly on the lips. "I already told you that!" She smiled into his eyes, wanting him to understand that whatever he did was perfect with her.

Smiling down at her, seeing her sparkling eyes and soft lips, he couldn't resist reaching out to brush a stray tendril of her honey blonde hair from her face. She was so precious and he was so grateful for the gift she had given him. The gift of herself. He felt tears flood his eyes, emotional that she was giving herself so freely. It had been a long time since his wife, Jenni's mother, had even smiled at him, never mind been intimate.

They just couldn't stop fighting. It was getting worse and when he had told Jenni earlier that he should leave he had meant it. But he had also meant it when he asked her; in response to her frightened question of whether her meant it, how he could leave now. He knew he could never leave Jenni, his Jenni.

Looking to the side he lifted Jenni's hair brush and smiling at her teasingly said, "Now young lady, turn around. Your hair is a mess!" Giggling Jenni obeyed and stood still while he started to run the brush through her slightly tangled mane. He marvelled at how soft it was, how it seems to sparkle and shine like spun gold in the light.

Jenni felt the brush on her hair and sighed as she let her Daddy take care of her. It felt so good to have him brush her hair. It felt so good to be so cared for. She moaned softly, enjoying the tingles that ran from her scalp over her body as the brush worked out the small tangles and brushed her hair to a shine.

After a few moments her father felt a twinge in his crotch. He shook his head as he mocked himself mentally. "There is no chance bud" he thought to himself. He swatted her right ass cheek gently with the back of the brush before setting it aside to put his hands on his daughter's shoulders. He gently started to massage her shoulders. He knew that the position she had been in on the stairs had put pressure on her shoulders and neck and he wanted to ease it.

Gently his fingers worked out the knots that had built up in her muscles. He felt her react to his touch, a slight jump as he found a tender spot, a slump when he worked it free. Smiling, he worked gently, enjoying the sounds of her moans and mews.

He slid his hands down her spine, the silk of her robe slippery under his fingers. He moved his hands around her waist, enjoying the feel of her as she stepped back against him. Deftly he untied the loose knot holding the sash of her robe open and stepped back, chuckling as he heard her groan of protest, and eased the robe from her body.

Seeing her naked ass he chuckled once more. "No panties, my sweet one?" His fingers slid up her stomach, pulling her tank top over her head. He smiled as she obediently raised her arms, without speaking, to let him remove her clothes. Resisting the temptation to cup her breasts as she pressed her ass into his throbbing crotch he tutted at her softly and pushed her forward a step before running his hands down over her stomach.

He loved the way her soft skin felt so warm and smooth on his fingers. He loved the feel of the little diamante belly stud as his thumb dragged over it. He slid his hands around her waist and down over her round ass.

His body reacted to the feel of her ass cheeks cupped in his hands, tingles and shivers running over him and his cock spasming in his jeans. Shaking his head at his wishful thinking he ran his hands up the length of her spine and back to her shoulders and neck where he concentrated on making sure there were no tender spots or knots.

"I am going to massage you constantly baby."

Putting his mouth down to her ear he continued, "I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel." His tongue flicked over her earlobe and traced the outline of her ear as his fingers dug a little harder into her tight muscles. He licked her earlobe gently then blew on the moisture, teasing her and getting a little moan of need in response. He chuckled lightly and moved his mouth from her ear.

Throwing her head back Jenni let out a moan as her father's magic fingers worked out all the pressure in her shoulders and neck. "Mmm Daddy, that feels so good." Her whole body was relaxing in response to the activity of her father's fingers. He smiled as he kissed the top of her head.

Finishing his massage Jenni's Daddy ran his hands gently over her shoulders and back, down to her sweet ass. He really couldn't get enough of his daughter's ass, he reflected. He squeezed her ass playfully and then took his hands away, only to lightly swat her right ass cheek.

Jenni jumped and yelped in mock pain, turning to face her Daddy. "That hurt!" she pouted, batting her eyelashes at him. He shook his head as he laughed at her antics. She made him so very happy, in so many ways he thought.

"Right, missy!" He pretended to scold her. "You have been a very dirty girl tonight and I think you need a good wash!" He made to grab Jenni and missed as she squealed with delight and darted out of reach to the other side of the bathroom. She stood there naked, giggling, no trace of self consciousness. She felt no need to hide her body from him. She loved him and knew he loved her too. And she enjoyed watching his eyes roam over her.

Looking stern he moved across the room and captured her in his arms, lifting her from the floor. She kicked and struggled, playing with her Daddy as he carried her to the shower cubicle. Jenni giggled and protested as he dumped her unceremoniously into the shower. She watched as he turned the water to cold, her eyes widening.

"You wouldn't! Would you?" The certainty in her initial statement waning with her question. She was answered with a sudden, shocking jet of icy water. Jenni screamed in protest, her skin pimpling and her nipples peaking instantly. She tried to move from the jets of cold water pounding down onto her body but was held in place by her Daddy.

He chuckled as he watched her squirm and struggle; turned off the cold water with one hand as with the other he shucked off his shirt and jeans. Jenni standing shivering as she watched him undress. She shuddered with cold as he stepped into the cubicle beside her. He turned the knobs controlling the water temperature and warm water flowing gently over her body.

He reached up to angle the shower head so the water landed on her forehead, just on her hairline, as he tilted her head back and kissed her hard. The kiss totally distracted her and she melted into his arms. Both her arousal and the warm water raising her body temperature.

The stream of water flowing onto her hairline made her shiver, sending tingles throughout her body. Her father's tongue probing her mouth, arousing her. Slowly he broke the kiss and pulled away. He smiled at her and lifted a large, natural sponge from the small bench. He rubbed it over her belly, in small circular motions; the water soaking into the dry sponge making it soft as it was trailed over her stomach.

Jenni closed her eyes and stood enjoying the sensations of the water tingling over her body, the way it hit her hairline was so relaxing and the movements of the sponge adding to the hedonism of the moment.

Moaning softly she felt all tension melt from her, the shock of the cold water, just moment earlier, made this even more erotic and she smiled as she felt her Daddy moving the sponge up over her breasts.

"Baby I am going to wash you, every inch of you." Her father's words coming as he opened a bottle of body wash and holding it over her breasts dripped the contents onto her skin. Jenni opened her eyes to watch as the white, creamy liquid dripped slowly onto her breasts. She watched it start to flow from the bottle, coating her breasts; her nipples peeking through the slick covering.

Her father began to slowly move the sponge over her breasts, the lotion lathering as he made circular movements. The suds slipping down her body with the flow of water. As he moved the sponge over her body Jenni mutely followed his directions; raising her arms one by one, then turning as her Daddy washed her back. The sponge, nudging between her legs, drew a moan from her as she felt her Daddy slide the sponge over her pussy lips and down the skin of her inner thighs.

Every moment was both pleasure and torture.

Every moment filled with the weight of their unspoken words, heavy with their joint desire. Smiling gently at his daughter as he carefully washed her beautiful, young body he reached down and kissed her tenderly on the top of her head.

The sponge held in one hand, still moving it over her body, he reached between her legs with his other hand. He used two fingers to hold her slit open as he eased a finger up and down between her folds.

He watched her eyes glaze over as he ran his nail over her clitty. He felt her body jerk in reaction to the stimulation of his finger as he teased her swelling bud. Smiling to himself as he enjoyed her instantaneous reaction to his touch he continued to circle her clitty before moving to press his finger hard onto it. She gasped as she started to come under his finger. Her legs buckled and he caught her in his arms, supporting her as the spasms of her orgasm weakened her.

Feeling her calm he ran the sponge over her body once more, enjoying watching her reaction to the sponge.

Finally he set the sponge aside and watched as the water flowed over her soapy body, rinsing her clean. He smiled as he watched her blink as some water got into her eyes and he reached a thumb out to wipe the water from her eye. Tenderly he turned her to face the wall, pulling her nakedness against his. Wrapping his arms around her he whispered words of love and promise. He reached for another bottle and poured some of the liquid onto his palm before carefully applying it to her long hair.

Lovingly he lathered the shampoo, washing her hair, his fingers slipping through it as he made sure to take care not to get any into her eyes. Jenni leant against his chest as she enjoyed every second of this attention. His chest felt so broad and strong against her back. She didn't want the moment ever to end. Letting the water wash the suds from her hair her father sighed as he felt her body pressed tight against his. He slid his hands onto her shoulders and down over her arms, loving their shape. His hands caught hers and their fingers entwined as they stood leaning against each other in the stream of warm water. Pulling away slowly from her again he reached for the conditioner.

Filling his palm with the thick crème he ran his fingers through her hair, pausing as he came to a tangle, feeling her tense as though afraid he would pull her hair. Making soothing noises he worked the tangle out gently and ran his fingers through her hair again to ensure each strand was coated.

Once more Jenni's Daddy held his daughter close as the water rinsed her hair of the lotion. He closed his eyes, inhaling her scent as he allowed his hands to blindly move over her body. Trying to ingrain every curve and plane of her form into his mind.

He struggled with his thoughts. He knew that what they had shared was wrong in the eyes of society. He knew that he should never have known his daughter this intimately by the rules of the culture they lived in. But it had felt so right, so natural. It did feel so right. As Jenni had said it felt as though it was meant to be. It felt as though it had always been destined. He shook his head as he laughed at this notion. He had never believed in destiny. But, yet, this felt so good. Surely something that felt this good couldn't be wrong.

He sighed. He knew that Jenni had meant it when she said she was his forever. He knew that she would not end this. He knew that if it was to end it would be up to him to do so. It would be his responsibility to break his daughter's heart. That very notion made his heart clench. His fingers bit into her waist as the thought of hurting her in that way struck him. He couldn't do that to her. He could never hurt her that way.

He couldn't hurt his little girl so badly.

He also acknowledged that his self control wasn't strong enough to be able to resist her charms. Not now he had tasted them; not now he had tasted his daughter.

For better or worse, now they had started this, it would continue.

Smiling grimly to himself, he acknowledged his decision. One of the hardest he had ever had to contemplate and one he wasn't entirely sure was right. But his body, his heart, his soul told him it was right, that this love was right. It was right for him and right for his daughter.

Hugging her hard he leant down and whispered in her ear that it was time to get out of the shower.

Jenni looked at him over her shoulder, pulling a face as she protested his decision. Chuckling at her expression he flicked her nose gently with a finger before turning off the water. Stepping out of the shower he lifted a huge bath sheet and holding his arms open wrapped her in the warm towel.

Jenni's shivers stopped as the warm towel enveloped her and her Daddy hugged her tightly. He moved away and quickly rubbed his body dry before pulling on his shirt and jeans. She smiled as he lifted her in his arms, pausing to lift her hair brush, to carry her through to her bedroom. Giggling, Jenni wiggled in his arms.

She loved the way he carried her so easily, as though she weighed no more than a feather. It made her feel so small and so safe. Her Daddy made her feel so good and she was so happy to be held in his arms.

Grunting, her father staggered mid-way across the floor causing Jenni to yelp with surprise as he dumped her onto the bed. She watched as he staggered for another few moments before falling onto the bed beside her. Through wide eyes she looked at him, worry flooding through her, before letting out a scream as he leapt to his feet and started to tickle her.

The sound of her scream made them both freeze. They listened to hear if there was any sound from the next room, their eyes locked on each other. There was only silence. Jenni's father fell to the bed once more, this time with relief, before he turned to her and fixed her with a stern look.

"You're going to have to be quieter in future young lady! That nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"It serves you right Daddy! I thought you'd had a heart attack and I was so worried."

He looked at her carefully, his eyes taking in her slender form, "Do you think I am so old I can't carry a tiny thing like you without having a heart attack?" His voice full of his laughter.

Indignantly Jenni fixed him with a glare as she retorted, "You are not old!" Her vehement emphasis of the word 'not' calming his laughter.

"I am baby." He spoke in a low voice, "We have to face facts. I'm not just old enough to be your father; I am your father."

They both paused, looking into each other's eyes. The words hanging in the air between them. Jenni's father saw a dark shadow pass over his daughter's face and he felt every muscle in his body tense, felt his heart clench. This was it, he thought to himself. This is where she realises this has been a mistake. He blinked hard, determined not to let the tears coming to his eyes fall.

He took a deep breath, opening his mouth to speak. Knowing that he had to be the strong one, that he had to make this easy for her. "Daddy... I know you are my father. But that doesn't make you old." Through the film of tears in his eyes he watched his daughter move towards him, her hand caressing his cheek as she whispered, "I am your girl Daddy, I love you. I will always be your girl."

As her soft lips touched his a single tear trickled from his eye. Jenni tilted her head to one side and smiled before pressing her lips to the tear, kissing it away.

Overwhelmed, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his lap. Shaking his head he excused his sentimentality as exhaustion, blaming her for dragging so many orgasms from him. She laughed lightly as she laid her head against his shoulder. Her hair, still wet, brought him back to his senses and he took the towel and gently rubbed her hair dry.

Jenni sighed happily as she felt her Daddy pull her hairbrush through her damp hair. It was such a lovely feeling to have her hair brushed. It was many years since anyone, barring her hairdresser, had brushed it and she felt the hypnotic effects of the repeated action driving everything but the sensations of the brushing from her mind.

Holding her on his lap her father slid the brush over her hair, removing the slight tangles, smoothing it into a long, straight curtain. He kissed her head gently, set the brush aside and cradled her, rocking slightly as he felt her nestle into his chest.

"It's late baby and we both need some sleep. Get dressed and I will tuck you in. We can talk tomorrow." His voice betraying his reluctance to end the moment, to leave her.

As she answered with a yawn he laughed gently and watched as she walked to the dresser and pulled out a short nightie.

"Very cute sweetie" he murmured as he watched her ease the short lilac nightie over her head.

"Do you like it Daddy?" Jenni smiled at him as she twirled before him, showing off her nightie and long, pale legs.

"Oh yes! I like! I like a lot."

"Daddy! I meant the nightie!" Jenni giggled as she saw his eyes on her legs.

Chuckling he replied, "So did I baby!" Mock reproach in his voice. "What did you think I meant?" A smile before adding, "Now get into bed!"

Jenni grinned at her Daddy as she climbed into bed. She sat against the head board as he leant down and kissed her forehead. They locked eyes and he let out a groan as he sank to sit on the bed beside her. They moved together and their lips locked in a passionate kiss. His tongue invading her mouth, her moans muffled by the kiss. His hand stroked her cheek, his thumb rubbing small circles as they kissed.

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