tagIncest/TabooJenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 10

Jenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 10


Jenni lay on her back, dumbstruck, as her father closed the door. He wanted her to go down and watch a movie with her mom and him. How did he think she would be able to sit still in the same room as them both after what had just happened?

Shaking her head, knowing that she would do exactly as she said she stood on shaky legs and went into her en-suite, the bathroom adjoining her bedroom, to take a quick shower. She felt the water hit her skin and bring her back to full arousal as it flowed over her skin, every nerve ending jumping with arousal as she leant against the cool tiles for support as her legs threatened to fail her.

She poured a generous handful of body wash into the palm of her hand and started to rub it over her body, her nipples aching and reacting to the sensations of the water and soap and the caress of her palm.

She closed her eyes, imagining her Daddy's hand on her breast, remembering how he had both gently caressed and roughly grabbed her breast flesh. Just the thought of how he had plucked viciously at her sensitive nipples made her pussy flood. She slid her hand down her belly, pausing as her fingers felt the hard stud of her belly piercing. The touch of the metal brought back to her mind how she had felt when she thought her Daddy was displeased by her piercing, how she would have done anything to make him happy again.

She remembered how he had told her she was not to touch herself without permission, how she was not to orgasm without his permission.

She groaned loudly, her body screaming for release and her mind full of the certain knowledge that her father had been more than aware of her need to come and how he had deliberately left her frustrated before telling her to come downstairs. He wanted her to be desperate for an orgasm and maybe, she hoped, was going to give her release later. He had mentioned those little Ben Wa Balls again.

Her mind full of resolve that she would obey her father's orders; even though she was alone she grabbed the sponge and quickly washed all traces of her arousal and his release from her body.

She turned off the water and after pausing for a moment, reached forward to turn the cold water on full blast. Biting her lip her stifle a shriek of shock she jumped as the needles of cold water bit into her heated flesh.

Shivering she stepped out of the shower and wrapped her body in a towel, using another to furiously rub at her dripping hair. As she pulled her paddle brush through her tangled hair she smiled as she remembered how her father had brushed her hair so tenderly yesterday. Warmth crept over her chilled body, heating her as she became aroused at just the thought of her father.

Shaking her head at herself, Jenni dropped the towel wrapped around her and walked, naked, into her bedroom. The dim light of the bedside lamp the only illumination as she tried to decide what to wear.

Trying to find something that would not cause her mother to raise her eyebrows but which would cause her father's heart to race was more difficult than she had at first thought.

Tossing several things aside, letting them fall carelessly on the floor, she giggled as she suddenly realised that she was putting more thought into this outfit than she had for her last date.

That was something she wanted to talk to her Daddy about. She was sure that he would no longer want her to date boys from school but her mother would surely question it as though Jenni had not been a prolific dater she had been out with several boys.

She was nineteen, and though no raging beauty, was pretty enough to attract several admirers. But before her Daddy no-one had attracted her enough to allow them more than some kisses.

Smiling she realised that just the thought of her Daddy had her heart racing and her blood pumping. He aroused her in ways that she had never thought possible. She had never known feelings like the ones he had awoken in her.

She had never before felt such devotion, such a desire to please. She knew that she would do anything her father asked. She was his in every way.

Feeling her heart racing she knew that she needed to control herself or her mother would wonder what was going on. And her Daddy had already told her that this had to be a secret.

She knew herself that their relationship was one many thought taboo. Most people would not understand that the love she had for her Daddy was pure, many would look at him as though he was abusing her. But she was no victim. She was just Daddy's girl.

Finally Jenni decided that, due to the time, her wide legged pyjama bottoms and a tight spaghetti strap top would be a good choice. She knew that her Daddy's favourite colour was blue so she knew that he would appreciate her choice, just as she knew that her top would cling to her curves, allowing him to see the outline of her full breasts. She also knew that her hard nipples would be enough to make his cock swell for her.

Smiling she slipped a short satin robe over the top, leaving the belt loose, and went downstairs to the family room. As she entered the room she saw her mother sitting on the couch, at the end furthest from her father in his chair. Smiling tentatively she stood for a moment, trying to decide where to sit.

Her father's words solved her dilemma, "Hey honey." He sounded surprised to see her, even though just fifteen minutes earlier he had told her to join them.

Jenni looked at him, her confusion evident in her eyes, "Hey Daddy."

"Your mom and I were about to watch a movie," he continued, his words belied by the double take from her mother as he spoke. "Why don't you sit in the middle of the couch and I will come join you both?" His voice was light as his eyes slid over her body, darkening as his body reacted to her.

Smiling to her mom Jenni sat on the couch, curling her legs under herself as her mom asked her what movie she would like to watch. Jenni's mind was so full of confusion that she couldn't even think of what DVDs they had, never mind which she would like to watch.

As her father settled onto the couch beside her Jenni heard her mother let out a sigh of exasperation.

"Are you not going to put the movie on? It was your idea after all." Her tone was sarcastic and full of contempt for her husband.

"Oh," he replied lightly, pretending not to notice the malice in her words, "I thought that Jenni would do that for us."

Jenni stood up, turning to look at her parents, one on each end of the couch, "What do you want to watch?" Her question was aimed at both.

Her mother shrugged in answer and her father appeared to think before suggesting a movie that Jenni knew had several raunchy scenes. Hearing her mother's tut of disapproval Jenni flushed as she turned to walk to the shelves where the movies were neatly stacked. Searching for the movie her father had suggested she heard her mother hiss at him in muted tones that his choice was hardly suitable. She glanced over her shoulder to see her mother glare at her father as his grin widened.

Knowing that her father was enjoying his small moment of triumph over her mother Jenni quickly slotted the disc into the DVD machine and settled back into the middle of the couch.

As he pressed the play button on the remote control her father gave a theatrical shiver and reached for the throw over the arm of the couch which he opened up and tossed over his legs.

"You look cold too, sweetie," he said solicitously as he spread the warm, woollen throw over her legs also, leaning over to loosely tuck it around her shoulders.

Jenni flushed as she felt him touch her breasts and legs as he tucked the throw securely around her body. She glanced guiltily at her mother and saw her eyes were fixed on the screen. She heard the sounds of the movie theme tune and turned to watch the activity on the screen.

Starting to relax she felt herself sink into the comfortable upholstery of the couch.

After a few moments she became aware of her father's leg against hers. The warmth of his firm thigh felt so good and she slowly shifted so she could lean against his side. As the movie played on, her mother studiously ignoring her father she heard him chuckle gently as his hand started to draw lazy circles on her leg under the throw.

Sighing happily Jenni shifted her position; resting her head on his shoulder as his fingers drew patterns on the material of her pyjamas, her skin reacting by pimpling and warm sensations coursing through her. Yawning loudly he stretched and moved to put an arm around her shoulders, pulling Jenni closer to him as they sat pretending to watch the movie. Jenni looked towards her mother, sitting just inches from them on the couch. Her mother had her gaze fixed on the screen, but Jenni could see that she was not happy with the situation, having avoided spending time with her husband over the past months, their relationship growing increasingly strained, and their different reactions to the death of their son driving them apart.

While she was furtively watching her mother Jenni felt her father's hand creep down over her shoulder towards her hardening nipple. Darting a glance at his face she saw he was seemingly intent on the screen, paying absolutely no attention to the plea in her eyes.

Slowly his hand crept over her thigh until his fingers were running gently up and down her inner thigh, his hand forcing her legs further apart until he was drawing circles around her swelling clit, his other hand cupping her breast.

Gasping slightly Jenni made to move away from him, feeling that her mother was certain to see what was happening underneath the throw as they sat right beside her. She felt his hands shift suddenly to hold her in place as he whispered to her that she should stay exactly where she was.

Her face flooding with the heat of both her arousal and her embarrassment at the situation she was in Jenni did exactly as he told her and was rewarded with a sharp pinch of her tender nipple. Stifling her yelp of shock and pain Jenni jerked slightly and glanced towards her mother once more. She was relieved to see that her mother was completely engrossed in the movie now, despite her obvious reluctance earlier to enjoy anything that her husband had suggested.

Relief flooded over Jenni and she relaxed against the warmth of her father's body, hearing his low, soft chuckle as his fingers felt the dampness of the material between his daughter's legs.

Smiling broadly he looked into her eyes, "Enjoying this, Jenni?" His question designed for both the listeners.

Jenni nodded, "Yes Daddy, I really am. I didn't think I would, but it really is good."

Seeing her mother glance towards her Jenni fixed her eyes on the screen and commented on the dress that the main character was wearing. Her mother nodded in agreement and settled back to watching the screen.

As the action on the screen heated up, with the two main characters falling into bed passionately Jenni felt her father's fingers move faster between her legs. With her head on his shoulder she was able to make out his muttered words as he reminded her that she had been told always to wear skirts.

Her eyes widening as she remembered his earlier order Jenni let out an audible gasp as her father pressed his fingers hard against the seam of her pyjamas just over her opening and ripped the material open, his fingers probing the hole to find her hole.

Her mother's eyes flitted to her as she gasped and thinking fast Jenni made a pretence of finding watching a sex scene with her parents embarrassing. A pretence that was not hard to display as she was indeed finding this situation difficult.

Here she was, on the couch between her mother and father, watching two Hollywood celebrities simulate passionate sex whilst her father had ripped open her pyjamas to probe her pussy with his fingers.

But she was loving it. Loving the way her Daddy was rubbing his fingers up and down her increasingly wet slit, pausing from time to time to rub her swollen clit then sliding up and down again before dipping his finger into her wet opening.

She was growing increasingly wet, with every passing second her body was becoming more and more aroused. Her nipples swollen and erect, every touch of her Daddy's fingers making her want to moan and squirm. Her pussy was wet and greedy for his touch, her lips puffy and her clit long and tender.

Longingly she looked into her Daddy's eyes, no longer caring that her mother was just inches away, wanting him to fuck her cunt hard with his thick fingers. He smiled softly at her then looked towards his wife.

"Jenni, your mother and I have actually been wanting to have a chat with you." His smile was full of innocence as his wife looked towards him and grimaced, trying to silence him.

"Yes, your mother was telling me that she thinks you have had boys in the house when we are not home." Her mother's face was now furious as she glowered at her husband, totally unaware that whilst he spoke his fingers were driving harder into his daughter's gaping hole.

"Uh, I don't..." Jenni's words faltered as she fought her need to thrust against his hand and to moan her need.

"This is hardly the time. Don't you agree?" Her mother's question more a statement of fact as she stood up. "In fact, I think I am going to go to bed now. You can sleep down here again." Without waiting for a response she strode to the door and opening it delivered a final blow, "Your timing always did leave something to be desired!"

As she slammed the door shut Jenni's father threw the throw from their bodies and slammed his fingers through the torn hole in her pyjamas deep into her greedy cunt. He laughed gently as he watched his daughter turn from the demure girl of moments before to a wanton slut thrusting her hips onto his hand as he fingered her.

"Good girl." His words of encouragement driving Jenni to greater efforts as she slammed her hips against his hand, wanting her Daddy to fill her needy cunt.

Chuckling with pleasure at the sight of his daughter so desperate for him Jenni's father pulled out his wet fingers and pressed them to her lips. She suckled his fingers desperately into her mouth, sucking her own juices from them as he started to press them in and out of her mouth. He enjoyed the sight of her plump pink lips tight around his fingers, though, he reflected, he enjoyed it more when watching them tight around his thick cock.

Pulling his fingers from her mouth he pushed her shoulder. Still bucking her hips Jenni fell from her position leaning against his side and lay on her back on the couch, her legs spread wide, the ripped opening in her pyjamas showing him just how wet her cunt was for him.

"Oh yes, that is a good girl," he almost growled his words as he saw her soaked lips.

Thrusting his fingers into her open cunt he heard his daughter mew and moan with arousal, not caring that her mother had only just left the room.

"Good girl, show Daddy just how much you want to please him." He pulled his own fingers from her wet hole, the sound of her wetness clinging to him, trying to keep him inside her audible as he shoved his soaked fingers into her eager mouth.

Sucking desperately, tasting her own juices Jenni couldn't keep her hips from bucking and thrusting towards him in her need.

"Show Daddy just how you finger your dirty little cunt for him." His voice full of his own desire as his cock strained against the material of his jeans.

Sucking harder on his fingers, her eyes burning with her lust for him, Jenni reached both hands down to her ripped crotch and tugging hard ripped the material completely exposing her swollen pussy lips and slick thighs.

Grinning broadly her father leant back against the arm of the couch as he watched Jenni slide the middle finger of her right hand up and down her soaked slit, using her forefinger and third finger to hold her lips wide open. He watched as she flicked the nail of her middle finger over her swollen, sensitive clit, watched as she arched her back as her orgasm neared.

Jenni tossed her head involuntarily from side to side, the excitement of her arousal heightened by knowing that her Daddy was watching her busy fingers. Feeling the waves of orgasm approach and both wanting to prolong the moment and remembering that she was not to come without his permission she moved her finger from her clit. Looking into his face, seeing how aroused her Daddy was as he watched her masturbate, she smiled her finger sliding up and down her wet slit once more as she whispered in a husky voice, "Please Daddy, please may your girl come for you?"

His eyes fixed on her fingers, her wet gaping hole so beautiful to him; he nodded as he spoke, "Yes baby, you may come for your Daddy."

As her fingers started to move faster, the fingers from her other hand now moving to her pussy, she slid one finger into her open hole.

Her muscles spasmed, trying to grip her slim finger, but it wasn't enough. She needed more.

Jenni closed her eyes as she drove three fingers into her cunt as with the middle finger of her other hand she flicked her nail hard over her twitching clit.

Watching his beautiful daughter so exposed to him, her clothes ripped open and both her hands busy in pleasuring herself Jenni's father felt as though he would explode. His cock was straining at his jeans and he wanted to free it, to plunge its length into his daughter hot depths.

But he restrained himself, knowing that later this evening he would take her that he would fuck her hard and long into the night.

For now, he would watch, despite his need he would maintain his control over himself as well as over his daughter.

Jenni's three fingers were starting to slide more easily in and out of her gushing cunt, her juices coating her fingers and allowing them to slam deep into her needy hole. Moaning her need to come Jenni added a fourth finger, groaning as the width of her fingers stretched her opening, causing her pain.

Pain that she craved. A craving her Daddy had shown her when he had first hurt her.

Grunting with the effort of fucking herself so hard Jenni slammed her fingers in deeper, pulling them out only to ram them back into herself.

Watching her fingers, her father felt the seed of an idea form in his mind. He watched as her cunt took her four fingers and it took all his control not to pull her hand out of the way before plunging his cock into her.

"Do it for Daddy, Jenni. Do it for your Daddy." His words were all the encouragement Jenni needed as she rammed her fingers hard and deep into her gushing cunt and allowed her orgasm to take her.

As she started to scream, her senses overwhelmed, her father slammed his hand over her mouth, aware that his wife was well within hearing distance. He watched as his precious daughter writhed and leapt in orgasm, her fingers no longer inside her cunt as her juices gushed from her body, soaking her thighs and pooling on the couch under her ass.

Her entire body was leaping and jumping, her head held in place by his hand but every other part of her free to move as wave after wave of orgasm crashed over her.

"Oh yes, baby. That's a good girl for Daddy. Come for me, baby. Come for me, Jenni, come for your Daddy." His every word increased her excitement and made her come harder.

She was coming for her Daddy. She was coming as her Daddy watched. Jenni's mind was full of the excitement of her love for her Daddy.

As she started to calm she felt his hand caress her cheek, smooth her hair from her face.

"Jenni, you are so precious to me, baby." The truth of his words demonstrated by the love in his eyes and the tenderness of his touch.

Hearing a muffled sound from the hallway outside the door Jenni looked at her father with terror in her eyes. Standing up he draped the woollen throw over her and with a gesture of his finger told her to be silent.

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