tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJennifer and Julie Ch. 01

Jennifer and Julie Ch. 01


I had been watching her grow up since she was about 14. Julie's 18th Birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. I had seen her do more adult things for a while now. My view into their backyard gave me the clues I needed. Her mom had led the way. Drinking, wearing provocative clothing, smaller than normal bikinis, Jennifer had shown Julie how to attract attention from before I lived there.

Jennifer was in her late 30's. She always wore short spring dresses that showed off her massive breasts and high heeled wedges and sandals. She believed in dressing up for her man, even though she had been divorced for almost 10 years.

I had moved into the neighborhood about 4 years ago, and had my first time with her was one night at a neighborhood BBQ not long after I moved in. She was tanned, a bit drunk and was showing off her tits in a small bikini top and shorts, I wasn't looking for a relationship but wanted to get with her. I cornered her between our houses as she was returning to the party with a fresh drink, and blocked her from leaving. I pressed against her and starting kissing her. I felt her tongue inside my mouth and pulled her in closer. My cock was swelling against her thin shorts. As my hand felt her ass and I pulled her closer, she grinded against me a bit, and my hard cock pushed against her soft pussy mound. I moved my hand up her back. I untied her bikini top strings and the tiny top fell to the ground, exposing her tanned tits. I was surprised to learn they were completely tan. She must tan topless in her backyard. (I would later learn, Jennifer and Julie tanned topless and I could watch them) We were a bit hidden from the street, so I decided to fuck her right there. I continued to kiss and tongue her mouth as I unzipped my shorts. The booze from her mouth was strong, but understood that was probably helping my cause. My cock was raging hard at this point. I dropped my shorts to the ground and slowly pushed her down to her knees.

I had her against her house, down on her knees and I was looking down at her massive tanned tits. I wanted to cum right then, but knew to hold off. I quickly slid my hard cock into Jennifer's mouth. I put my hand against the back of her head which was now pinned against the side of the house. Keeping her on her knees and against the house I began pumping my thick cock slowly in and out of her mouth. I could see neighbors walking by, but it was getting dark and no one was looking down the narrow path next to our houses. I was so horny, and Jennifer was gobbling my cock like a good girl. I thought briefly about her young daughter who was running around the neighborhood and what she would think if she caught us. I felt Jennifer's big tits against my legs and ordered her to unzip her shorts. I kept pumping her wet mouth with my cock as she slid them down. She had on a tiny thong bikini bottom under her shorts.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth just before I would have cum. I got her to stand up. I could tell now how drunk she was, but I was determined to finish fucking her. I slid her shorts all the down and she stepped out of them, but left her tiny thong and her high heeled sandals on. I turned her around and had her face against the house, and pulled her ass out a bit. My fingers reached around and quickly slid inside the front of her thong bikini, down to her mound. She was shaved and smooth as I reached her wet pussy. I fingered her for a brief moment as she bent over further. Her ass was tanned too, but with tiny thong tan lines. My cock pushed against her ass and I slid between her cheeks. As I fingered her she moaned and I wasn't going to waste any more time. She wanted my hard cock, and probably hadn't gotten a good fucking in sometime. I reached under her tan ass and moved the tiny string aside and guided my hard cock into her moist tight tunnel. She was surprisingly tight for having a daughter, but I figured I might have been the first cock she's had in sometime.

As I entered her, my cock swelled. I was fucking my hot neighbor right outside with many of our other mutual friend's right nearby. I quickly began pumping her faster and my hands reached around to her now hard nipples. As I fingered them, she began to pump her hips faster and bucking in sync with my thrusts. She moaned as I pinched and twisted the nipples gently. Feeling her massive tanned tits as she pumped and grinded against me was driving me crazy. My hot hard cock was throbbing as it grew closer and closer to explosion. Fucking faster now, I was close to cumming as she began moaning, "fuck me faster"...I knew she was close to orgasm as well. With one hand on her tits, my other moved to her mouth, I wanted her to taste her own pussy juice. I slid one of my pussy fingers into her mouth as she licked it and sucked it. "Yes...Yes, YES"...louder she begged for me to cum. Neighbors still walking nearby, I covered her mouth so they would not see us. She was now pumping and bouncing on my cock uncontrollably as I could feel her body tighten into a massive orgasm. Her pussy walls clenched against my cock as I could not hold it any longer. She was shaking from the orgasm shockwave through her body, At that moment she begged for me to pull out. Just as I started to explode, I pulled out, holding my hard cock as it spread my cum on her pussy lips. One blast of cum on her shaved mound, and another, then a blast on her tiny thong triangle on her ass. She turned around and dropped to her knees and slid my still oozing cock into her mouth and then rubbed it on her tits. This was a naughty, slutty women that had not had a cock for a long time. She milked a bit more cum out of my cock and looked up at me. I was still so fucking horny, I probably could have fucked her again right then.

She slowly stood up and first reached for her bikini top. I helped her into that, but her tits were still barely contained. She just picked up her shorts, not bothering to even put them on, and started walking to the front of her house. I tried to stop her but it was too late. She walked out in front and moved to the front door to go inside. As moved out from the side myself. I could see a few neighbors that saw her in her thong bikini, shorts in hand, then the spotted me following her from the side yard. We were caught red handed. But just then I noticed, who was just across from the house and had seen both her mom and me come out from our fuck session, her young daughter Julie looking right at me, knowing what just happened. Busted.

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