tagGroup SexJennifer Ch. 08

Jennifer Ch. 08

byMark Singer©

Chapter 8: The Weekend

Jennifer's engines were still running hotter than they ever had as the three of them walked through the breezeway. She glanced to the corner where she'd been with Todd Bridges that morning. She squeezed Dan's arm as she remembered how Todd had felt coming in her hand.

She definitely owed Dan an extra exciting time. She'd left him hard all morning long, while she'd taken pleasure in making two other men come with her hand. She definitely owed him an extra good come. And it wouldn't be with her hand this time. Her mouth was going to do the work this time, and she would let Dan decide where to shoot his semen. She knew that she would enjoy his choice...wherever that would be.

Squeezing her boyfriend to her, she glanced over at Shannon, wondering what thoughts were going through the young blonde's mind. She was about to ask her, when the toot of a car horn made the three of them look up.

"Shit!" Shannon cursed. "It's Randy..."

Randy was Shannon's steady boyfriend. At least for the past few weeks. He was a running back for the football team, and the type of guy the girls fantasized about. And, even though Shannon loved to be with him, her mind was more on being with Jennifer and Dan right then. Shrugging her shoulders, she asked them to wait as she walked over to Randy's van.

Her mood improved as she approached the van. Randy was leaning out of the window and smiling at her, and the way his eyes moved over her body made her feel sexy and hot. She also knew that Dan and Jennifer were watching her as she walked to the van. Her hips began to sway with a bit of extra effort, and as she neared the van, she clasped her hands behind her back, pushing her breasts out against her blouse.

Shannon loved to turn Randy on. She loved the fact that she could make him hard and panting with just a certain look, or a certain position of her body. And, in the mood she was in at the moment, she was into turning him on as much as she could. In fact, in the mood she was in, she could be convinced to turn on and service as many boys as were put in front of her. And actually, it wouldn't have been the first time. Shannon had never serviced the entire football team, as some of the stories about her attested, but on more than one occasion she'd delivered blow jobs to a number of guys in an evening.

The first time she'd been drunk, and really didn't fully know what she was doing. But the last time, during this last summer, she was entirely sober as she sucked off Randy and eight of his friends at a beach party. That time, she was fully aware of what she was doing, and enjoyed every wet moment of it. She still considered it one of her best achievements. Like she'd said to Dan....it was her thing...

Reaching the van, Shannon stepped up on the chrome side-stepper and leaned inside the driver's window. She could feel the hot sun on her thighs and ass, and knew that Dan and Jennifer were getting a nice view from their vantage point. As she kissed Randy, she noticed a second person in the passenger seat. It was someone she'd never met, but as her lips met Randy's, she noticed a peculiar resemblance to her boyfriend. Older maybe, but with the same rugged good looks and muscular body.

Curious, Shannon kept her eyes fixed on the stranger as she kissed her boyfriend. He sat smiling at her, and she winked at him as she slid her tongue inside her boyfriend's mouth. When he finally broke their kiss, she leaned back with a grin. Her chest was already heaving from his kiss.

"Wow!" she breathed. "That's my kind of "hello"."

Randy grinned back at her, running his fingers through her thick hair as he turned to his passenger.

"Did I tell you she was hot, or what...?" he chuckled to his friend. Shannon wondered exactly what her boyfriend had been telling this guy and looked at Randy quizzically.

"Shannon West, meet my brother Steve..." he said, in answer to her look. "Steve, this is Shannon...the lady of my dreams and the hottest thing on two legs."

"Your brother..." Shannon cried with a smile. "From Phoenix?"

"One and the same!" Steve replied. "Pleasure to meet you Shannon. Randy's description of you doesn't come close to doing you justice. Even though he did say that you were the most beautiful girl on campus." He offered his hand for her to shake.

Shannon grinned brightly at the compliment, and leaned inside the van to take Steve's hand. As she leaned across Randy, she felt his hand move up to cup her breast. She gave Steve a dazzling smile and held her position, holding his hand a little longer than necessary as Randy's hand moved over her tits. When she saw Steve's eyes drop to watch his brother fondle her, she grinned and winked at him, slowly sliding her hand away. She wondered just how much Randy had discussed her with his brother.

Nevertheless, she held her position, letting Randy continue to feel her up as his brother watched.

"So, what are you boys up to this afternoon?" she said teasingly. "Looking for trouble, I'd guess..."

Looking down to Steve's lap, she could see his cock growing in his pants as his eyes devoured her chest. And even though her mind was still focused on Dan and Jennifer, she began to wonder what kind of trouble she could get into with these two studs.

"Steve surprised me this morning." Randy replied. "So I cut classes. We're thinking of partying a bit and thought you might want to join us..."

Shannon smiled sexily at Steve, then turned in Randy's arms, looking up at him. Her change of position, allowed both boys a clear view of her breasts pushing against the thin cotton of her blouse. She saw Randy smile as his eyes dropped to her tits, and thrilled at the thought of Steve watching her from his seat. She was beginning to enjoy this, her mind racing with possibilities.

"I don't know..." she teased. "It might be dangerous to be in a van with two handsome men... You'd probably ply me with liquor and try to take advantage of me..." She looked at Steve and winked again.

"Oh...we'd never think of such a thing!" he protested, although his eyes were already ripping her clothes off her body. Shannon smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Well, I'll tell you what..." she said, turning back to Randy. "I've already promised Jennifer Grayson that I'd help her do some things this afternoon. If you guys can wait until later, I think I might be convinced to join your little party."

She saw Steve look behind her and focus on Jennifer. His approving look made her smile.

"Maybe Jennifer would like to join us." Randy said. "We could go down to the beach and party. Build a fire...drink a little tequila... A real beach party...you know...?"

Shannon looked at him and smiled, knowing that he was referring to the last time she'd done tequila at a beach party. She wondered if Randy had told his brother about her little escapade.

"Well, I'll ask her..." she said thoughtfully, "but I think she has plans with her boyfriend tonight." Steve's look of disappointment was obvious, and made her grin. Randy, though, came up with a solution.

"Hey...he can join us too if he wants. I know Dan. He's a pretty cool guy. C'mon...it'll be fun..."

Randy's tone was almost pleading. Shannon could feel his hard cock pressing into her side, giving her an idea of what he meant by "fun". She had an idea that Jennifer would love to join the party, but Dan might be another thing. He already had plans with both of these ladies. The thought of sharing his fun with two other guys might dissuade him.

Shannon knew though, that she would be able to convince him to play. She was an expert at convincing.

"I'll see what I can do..." she said finally. She pulled her body out of the window, sliding her arm across Randy's hard-on as she smiled at him. "Why don't you pick us up at my house at five o'clock. We should be done by then and it'll give me a chance to change my clothes."

Randy was disappointed that the party wasn't going to happen immediately, but nodded his agreement.

"Don't change too much..." Steve said with a grin. "You're looking pretty good already!"

Shannon grinned and tossed her hair behind her back, looking at him with a sexy gaze. "Trust me..." she said, "You'll approve of my beachwear... See you at five..."

She blew a kiss to Randy and turned to where Jennifer and Dan were waiting for her. Dan had gotten his car and he and Jennifer were talking in the front seat of the convertible. Shannon walked slowly towards them, feeling the eyes of Randy and his brother on her ass as she let it sway sexily.

Jennifer saw Dan's eyes as he watched Shannon approach. She slid her hand up his thigh, then let it drift over his hard-on.

"Looks like the party's still on..." she whispered, squeezing his cock gently. She could see the look on Randy's face as he watched his girlfriend walk towards the car. The lust that poured from his eyes gave Jennifer that much more respect for Shannon's ability to turn guys on.

She opened her door and stepped out, holding it for Shannon. The two girls exchanged knowing smiles as Shannon got into the back seat. Leaning against the back cushion, the cheerleader blew another kiss to Randy and waved. Smiling, she turned to Jennifer.

"Let's go..." she breathed. "It's getting too hot in this parking lot!" Jennifer laughed and slid into the front seat. Looking over at the van, she waved to Randy. She laughed flirtatiously as she also received a wolf whistle, and then turned to Dan. He shook his head and smiled as he put his car into drive and pulled slowly from the parking lot.

As they drove towards Dan's house, Shannon told the others about the beach party that night. The look in Jennifer's eyes told her that her friend was definitely interested, but the response from Dan was more lukewarm. She winked at Jennifer, knowing that they'd be able to change his mind.

As Dan pulled onto the road to his house, Shannon leaned forward and looked over their shoulders. Her eyes dropped to Dan's lap and she smiled as she watched Jennifer running her fingers up and down the large bulge in his pants. She couldn't wait to feel that big cock sliding into her mouth. Turning to Jennifer, she noticed that the brunette had undone her top few buttons of her dress. From her position behind her, Shannon could look directly down the front of Jennifer's dress.

Shannon's focus had always, for the most part, been on boys, but as she gazed at Jennifer's large breasts and hard nipples, she felt her mouth begin to water. She imagined how it would feel to roll her tongue over those nipples and bury her face between those firm tits. In the past, she'd fantasized about making love with another woman, especially when she saw how scenes of that type turned Randy on when they watched x-rated movies together. And as Dan pulled into his driveway, Shannon thought that today might be the perfect time to experiment....

And using her thumb on Jennifer in the lab had been one of the most erotic experiences of her life. When she'd felt Jennifer's pussy gripping her thumb and soaking it with her cum, Shannon had felt her own pussy throb in the throes of orgasm. Although Dan's fingers inside her had helped...

Parking his car under the carport, Dan's heart began to pound heavily. His cock felt as if it was going to burst through his pants and his balls felt full and heavy. Jennifer had done her best to keep him hard and ready during the ride, teasing him with her fingers and he knew that it wasn't going to take much to get him off.

To be honest, he was a little nervous about having two willing females with him in this condition. He was afraid he was going to come as soon as the festivities began. Jennifer knew what he was feeling, though, and moved to relieve some of his anxiety.

As soon as the door to the house swung shut behind them, she folded herself into Dan's strong arms, kissing him hotly and pressing her pussy against his throbbing cock. She began to pant as his tongue moved in and out of her mouth and his hands moved over her ass. Breaking their kiss, she turned to Shannon who was watching them intently. Smiling at the cheerleader, she backed away from her boyfriend.

"I think that's what Dan's been thinking about doing with you all morning, Shannon..." she breathed. "He's a great kisser...see for yourself..." Stepping aside as Shannon grinned and moved into Dan's arms, she watched as the blond tilted her head back.

Dan sighed as his lips met Shannon's. He'd fantasized about kissing those full pouting lips for years and his fantasy was coming true. Shannon also sighed as she pushed her tongue between Dan's lips. As he kissed her back, forcing her tongue back with his own, she pressed her hips against his hard-on, moving them sensually from side to side. Sucking on his tongue, she moved her lips up and down his mouth muscle, making him groan.

Jennifer was getting hot watching them make out. She stepped forward, pressing her body against their sides and raised her face to theirs. Extending her tongue, she joined their kiss until the three of them were intertwining their tongues.

The three of them stood in the living room, the air filling with heated moans as their hands began to roam. Dan and Shannon were still pressed tightly together, so Jennifer let her hands move onto their backsides, fondling both of their asses at the same time as their kiss grew more and more heated.

Sliding her palm over Shannon's ass, she slipped under the blonde's short skirt and over her tiny lace panties. Shannon mewled as she felt Jennifer's fingers slide under her panties and begin to caress her naked ass. She relaxed her thigh muscles and groaned into Dan's mouth as Jennifer moved her fingers into the crack of Shannon's ass and moved lower, teasing the tight ring of her asshole before exploring further.

Shannon bent her knees as Jennifer neared her wet pussy. As she felt her friend's finger push between her lips, she broke the kiss and let out a long low moan. Stepping back slightly, she bent over, inviting Jennifer's fingers deeper inside. Jennifer smiled at the wanton way Shannon was moving, and pushed her middle finger deep inside the blonde's pussy, feeling her shudder and grip the digit with her muscles.

The jingle of a belt buckle made her look between her two friends. Shannon was deftly undoing Dan's belt, and Jennifer watched as the cheerleader quickly undid his pants and pulled his zipper down. Both girls sighed as Dan's cock sprang from the tight confines of his pants. His sigh of relief made both of them giggle.

Jennifer smiled proudly as she watched Shannon curl her fingers around Dan's shaft, staring intently as the shiny pole slid through her hand. She looked up at Dan and winked.

"You're really close, aren't you, Dan...?" she whispered. Dan looked at her apologetically and nodded his confirmation.

"Oh...don't be sorry about that, lover..." she reassured him. "We both know that it'll get up again..." She looked at his cock, then back into his eyes. "In fact, I want you to come fast... I want you to show Shannon how much hot cum shoots from your big cock..."

Dan groaned at his girlfriend's words, making her grin as she continued her teasing.

"I want Shannon to make you come..." she whispered, watching Shannon stroking his cock. She appeared fascinated with it, running her fingers up and down as she stared at the huge prick. She seemed especially immpressed with the way his pre-come pooled at the tip each time she gathered his foreskin around the head. Her fingers glistened with it as she spread it over his shaft.

"You want Shannon to make you come, don't you, lover..." Jennifer was getting hot as she watched Shannon jerk her boyfriend off. She stepped closer to the cheerleader and ran her hand softly over her face, using one finger to trace the blonde's full lips. She smiled as Shannon poked her tongue out, rolling it in circles around Jennifer's finger. Jennifer pushed her finger between the blode's lips and began to slide it in and out of her mouth as Shannon began to suck on it.

Loving the role she was playing, Jennifer removed her finger from Shannon's mouth and moved her hand lower, unbuttoning the blonde's blouse as she moved. Reaching the button on her skirt, Jennifer quickly undid it and pulled the short zipper down. Her short skirt slid down her thighs to a pool at her feet, and Jennifer undid the last two button of her blouse.

Pulling the flaps to the side, she heard Dan groan as Shannon's body appeared in front of him. Her tits were gorgeous. Firm and full with a slight upturn, her nipples stood up from nickle sized aereolas. Jennifer sighed and used her hand to cup each breast in turn, surprised at how much this girl was turning her on.

Shannon had to release her hold on Dan's cock for a moment as she felt Jennifer pulling her blouse off from behind. She looked up at Dan and smiled sexily, then returned her hand to his shaft. Still smiling into his eyes, she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him, then dropped her eyes to his prick, running her tongue over her lips as she stroked him.

Jennifer smiled and knelt beside Shannon. Looking up at her boyfriend, she thrilled to see him as excited as he was. She stared as Shannon continued to stroke Dan's cock and undid the buttons on her own dress. Pulling it off her shoulders, she tossed it over to join Shannon's blouse on the floor. Completly naked except for her heels, she smiled at Dan.

"Shannon's going to make you come, Dan...." she whispered. "Just like your fantasy... She's going to make you shoot your hot thick cum all over her... You want that, don't you...?"

Dan groaned and nodded. His balls felt as if they were going to explode before he could come. Shannon's fingers were driving him crazy, and the hungry way she stared at his hard cock made it throb in her fingers.

Jennifer used her finger to trace the outline of Shannon's lips again, smiling as the girl's tongue slid out to meet her.

"I think Dan wants you to use your mouth on his cock, Shannon..." Jennifer teased. "Would you mind that? Would you mind sucking my boyfriend's hard cock...?"

Shannon smiled at the brunette without answering. She knew that Jennifer could answer her own question. She drew Jennifer's finger into her mouth and began to move her lips up and down, her eyes locked on the other girl's.

"I didn't think so..." Jennifer smiled. "You are a cocksucker, aren't you, Shannon...?" Shannon grinned around her finger, loving the way Jennifer was using her words to turn Dan on. Fact is, it was turning Shannon on also. She sucked on Jennifer's finger and nodded. "Um Hmmm..." she intoned.

"I know you are..." Jennifer laughed. "I can tell because I'm a cocksucker too... And Dan loves cocksuckers...don't you Dan....?" Dan groaned. He didn't know how much moreof this he could take. He did know it wouldn't take a lot! Jennifer saw this and decided to let him go.

"Suck his cock, Shannon..." she said in a husky voice. "I want to see you suck him off...make him come in your mouth..."

Shannon smiled at Jennifer and winked. She opened her mouth wide, letting Jennifer remove her finger, and leaned forward. Jennifer and Dan both groaned as they watched Shannon's lips close around his cock. Looking up at Dan, she continued to move forward. Jennifer looked on in amazement as inch after inch of Dan's long cock disappeared between Shannon's lips. With one smooth movement, she took his entire length into her throat and held him there. Jennifer could see her throat muscles working as she moved her tongue against the underside of Dan's cock. She was definitely impressed!

Dan was also impressed, almost crying out when he felt his cockhead push into Shannon's throat. Shannon was definitely an expert. And definitely proud of her talent. She stared up at Dan as she worked her throat muscles around his cock. She wanted to make him come quickly, and knew from experience that this was the was to do it. Already, she could feel his hard-on throbbing in her throat.

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